NCIH $52 Million Draft Evaluations Topic

  1) vancem     ----- Wilt Chamberlain. Wilt Should always be the first pick in this draft. Getting the right players to go with Wilt is a bit tricky. Kobe Bryant. The "never used him before" bug bit me here along with my huge ego thinking that I could make it work. I've never seen a Kobe team win this league but none of them had Wilt. Great usage, great defense, good assists and good rebounds for Kobe. Weak EFG% for Kobe and he's no Dwyane Wade. Deron Wiliams. Wanted assists, defense, and just enough usage at a solid EFG% to compliment Kobe and hopely balance him out when he is shooting 8 for 25 from the field. Having a bit of buyers remorse right now with the Kobe pick. A.C. Green. Very good defense and rebounding at SF along with clean play. Very low turnovers and fouls. Most likely going to use the 98% effectiveness version at SF for the extra 20 defense and the 30% CREB. Zelmo Beaty. Adds inside scoring at 55.5 EFG%, good rebounding at 34.5 CREB%, over 500 FTA's at 79% made, and 20.8 usage. I did a lot of play testing and he worked the best out of all of the remaining PFs. Could have waited to take Zelmo but the last 2 picks of this draft are a total crap shoot to predict. The starting 5 is set and no worries about the last 2 picks. Roy Tarpley and Rodrique Beaubois. Tarpley backs up Zelmo for just 7 MPG but good rebounding, 78 defense, 24 usage and 54 EFG% plus lower fouls than his other seasons. Rodrique backs up Kobe for 9 MPG. He has over 24 usage, 59 RFG%, 40% from 3 with 45 made and 70 defense. I really like this squad. More 3s are needed though to keep the defenses from sagging in. l'll do the uvasooner here and not forecast the teams success but it should be a playoff team. Probably my last Wilt team in this league or even a team with a top 5 pick so hopefully it will be a fun season.

  2) ncih (1)      ----- Lebron James. Dominating if used at the PG position. Somewhat weak pick if used at SF.  Robert Parish. Very nice inside player to go with Lebron. Very efficient and rebounds well along with low negative numbers. Parish's defense is a bit of a weakness but I'm sure that ncih will get another great player in round 3. So far so good. Bill Walton. A great pick and Walton does the defense for the front court even if it is for less that 30 MPG. This team should be a contender. Good work here ncih. Wesley Person. A great pick that compliments Lebron very well. Kills it from three, plays very good defense and have extremely low negative #s per 48 MPG. I like one player slighty better here for the higher usage, and more rebounds and more assists. Still this is a grade A pick. Lamar Odom. Decent rebounding, good threes, good EFG% and excellent assists which the team needed. 49 defense is a bit low but not terrible here. Potentially a strong contender. Rebounding help is still needed for Parish for this to be a dominant team. Great job so far ncih. Chris Dudley and Greg Anthony. Two ex Trail Blazers that should always be drafted LOL! Dudley fits well here. His rebounding is great, defense is pretty good considering who was left and isn't the worst foulish big out there at 23 - 24 MPG. Greg Anthony looks to be the backup for Lebron and that appears to be a good choice. Anthony will get some dimes, add some high percentage 3s and plays alright defense. There seems to be a big hole in regard to scoring off of the bench though at this point. There is one player that may have been a better back up to Lebron with 4 usage points. I think this squad will be a playoff team but may have to fight to get there.
  3) xxevilivexx---- Michael Jordan. Excellent pick especially at PG. It could be argued in this league that Rodman is a better choice. Just add one more scorer and you don't need many more points to build a winner. # 18 Larry Bird. It's too early for me to wrap my head around the 3 owner trade that was completed between dh555, natenoy, and evil and come up with a great evaluation but I will do my best. I really like MJ + Bird for evil's team. But this leaves 2 huge holes at PF and C right now for this squad. Most of the great low usage bigs are normally gone by the middle of round 3 so let's see what is left when evil picks next. I like dh555 getting more picks in rounds 2 and 3. dh555 gets # 37 and # 60 for # 18 and a 5th rounder. This works out if dh555 gets a really good player at # 37 and he should. As far as natenoy goes I really don't have a clue what that dude is doing . . . does he??? Going from # 37 to # 46 is a big drop in this draft and getting # 51 instead of # 60 is not that much of an improvement IMO. Nate could have kept # 18 and gotten a great high EFG% guard to go with D Wade or a pretty dominant big man at this spot. After top 40 picks or so that talent pool drops of significantly. In short, the trade grades are: evil--- B + --- weak bigs left will hurt the team somewhat, dh555--- A --- 2 really good 2nd and 3rd round picks in this league means great balance and quality, natenoy--- C- --- picks # 46 and # 51 won't provide the help that D Wade needs to make this squad a winner. Serge Ibaka. A great role player here at about 27 MPG. Awesome defense, low usage at a good EFG%, and is a good fit. At this point in the draft an A pick. Some inside help is still available which the team does need. If the right bigs drop down look out league!  James Donaldson. Love the player in RL. I completely understand it here but hate it all the same. Let's begin with the good stuff---Donaldson is terribly efficient. His EFG% is 58, FT% is 81%, turnovers and fouls per 48 MPG are about the lowest in the SIM and he can play 37 MPG. The bad and the ugly. The bad the defensive rating is 50. The ugly CREB% is about 32 and much better partial season players with 1 and 2 usage points were available that all rebound much, much better. It can also be argued that Amare Stoudamire would have been a better fit in round 5 as a low usage banger or 2 probably would have been there in round 6. But none of those bigs plays a sqeaky clean game like Donaldson so the grade is a D- and not an F. Troy Murphy. Helps out a lot on the defensive boards but not so much on the offensive ones. Great 3 point shooting and he makes a ton of them. Fantastic EFG% at 58. Very low turnovers and okay fouls per 48 MPG. However, the poor defense at 33 will hurt against many opponents. The offensive rebounding for this entire unit is a little weak IMO. This team's giving me a headache kind of like when  I was 16 years old and I saw Motor Head open for Ozzy Osbourne at the Paramount Theater in PDX. Terry Tyler and Chris Anderson. Tyler in an all time favorite of mine and is a perfect back up for Ibaka. Great defense, one stellar 1900 minute season, nice rebounding and tremendous shot blocking. Good EFG% as well. Anderson provides the defense that both Murphy and Donaldson lack up front. Plus, the birdman adds rebounds, nice EFG% and more good low usage minutes. A very intriguing team. Can 1 great pick in round 3 and 2 great picks in round 6 save this squad and propel it to the top of the league??? I kind of doubt it but it will be a great team to watch and may make a playoff run. However, both Jordan and Bird will need to play out of their minds to win the title.

4) tricky24    ----- Dennis Rodman.
Easy to build around in this league. I don't like him at SF in this league but most other owners do. Pretty much a no brainer to take him at # 4. Paul Pierce. I really like this pick. A lot of usage is always needed when you draft Rodman. A good PG can be added later. Rodman will get many of the rebounds form Pierce's missed shots. Great defense, a ton of three's, lots of freethrows and assists too. Very good pick. Mel Daniels. I like this pick. The rebounding was actually still needed and most owners don't draft enough support for Rodman in that area. Daniels can also score a bit and adds some usage that was also needed. Plus, he can play 38 MPG. Great job here. Dana Barros. A good pick. Not  the best pure PG available but a good complimentary player next to Pierce. Great EFG% for Barros and the team needed that from a scorer. I'll give it a B+. Amare Stoudamire. As the great, and hated by me in PDX, Larry Bird once said after barely beating the Pistons in a playoff game years ago, "We was lucky, we was very lucky." Basically, this ranks as possibly the best pick in the entire draft so far. Amare has great scoring efficiency, tremendous EFG%, makes his FTs, and rebounds well enough based on the rest of the roster. When Pierce is jacking up shots with only a 50 EFG% you need a player that will take shots away from him.  Great trick tricky24.This is right up there with the best picks in the draft so far. A+ grade.Spencer Haywood and Archie Clark. It was already a somber day in the PDX and now this??? Haywoods nasty EFG% pretty much negates the advantage that Amare gave the team. How do you fit Haywood's best year, Rodman's best year, Amare's best year and Daniel's best year on the same roster? The answer is you don't. I get it that Rodman is th starting SF but I still don't like the team. Way too many low percentage shots being taken between Pierce and Haywood for this to be a contender. As for Clark he's a decent back up combo guard with okay numbers. Rebounding alone could make it a top 10 team though.

5) mikee1      ----- Kareem Abdul Jabbar. I like another player better at # 5 because of Kareem's somewhat poor rebounding. But a very efficient scorer and can play over 40 mpg which means a lot in this league. Tyson Chandler. The best big left that makes sense here. Rebounding has been addressed to help Kareem. Lots of efficiency. I liked an SF here a bit better.But this is a good pick. Not getting a premier guard here may be a problem in the end. Horace Grant. A great pick here if Chandler wasn't already on the team. At SF he's very good and the best low usage player other than Rodman at this position. I have to rate this a B to a B+ unless some excellent scoring and high usage is added later. If that happens the grade is an A. James Harden. Great EFG%, good assists, pretty good rebounding, makes lots of 3's and makes a ton of FT's, but with weak defense and only 29 MPG per game. Harden also is a 2 usage point player and a lot more points are needed. Overall great EFG% team wise. Kareem needs more scoring help for this team to challenge for the title. Fat Lever. Does a lot of things to help the team--Great rebounding, decent to very good defense, pretty good assists and very low T/Os and fouls per 48 MPG. But without enough offense to take this team to top level in this league. B- for this pick.  Mark Landsberger and Jon Barry. Landsberger will do very well baking up Chandler except of his god awful defense. Barry will do everything well offensively that Lever won't do albeight at about 6 usage% less. Great team EFG%. But let's face it with just one very efficient high usage player and no 4 usage point player as a true second scoring option how far can this team go . . . maybe win a first round playoff series is what I think. Even with Jabbar and Harden this team won't get fouled enough, or make enough free throws to win on the road often enough to contend for the league title.

6) bluenote75----- Shaq. Great offense, okay defense, and a bit poor rebounding wise based on what was still on the board. It never hurts though to start this draft with dominant inside player with very high EFG%. Steve Nash. Not the best choice. High turnovers and terrible defensively. Shad needs big time help on the boards now more than ever. Again mildly shocked that an SF wasn't the pick. This grade is a C- to maybe a C if all of the other picks are super good.Shawn Kemp. I don't like this pick much at all. Kemp isn't a super good rebounder and he fouls a lot. Either an efficient mid usage SF with great rebounding, or an SG with great defense would have been better with this pick.Shane Battier. A nice defensive SG that can make some 3's and get some boards. I like one player better that makes a lot more 3's and has better usage. Not a bad pick about a B grade here. Steve Novak. Probably better as a 6th rounder. Novak can only play 16 MPG max and that means that he's a backup. Sure he can back up Battier but this pick leaves a huge hole at starting SF for this squad. Novak is an awful rebounder for an SF even as a backup in this league. Much better strarting or even back up SFs were available, better combo guards were available and so on. The 6th round picks will need to be stellar for this team to make the playoffs. DeAndre Jordan and Charles Oakley. I suppose that Jordan and back up Shaq but with such a huge drop in usage when that happens i don't see it working very well. Oakley's 21 MPG season will go well with Kemp's 9192 season. Perhaps the plan is for Kemp to back up Shaq for 10 or 12 MPG, then have Oakley back up Kemp for 21 MPG, and have Jordan finish of the minutes at the PF position. I like that plan a lot better. I don't see a stong enough scoring option at Guard to run with Nash to make this work well. But all of the basic parts are there ie EFG%'s, rebounding and three's made and 3PT% to look very good during the regular season. Even if Oakley is used at SF I still don't like it. There aren't enough assists, and FT's, and way too many fouls for this team to win the league.

  7) ncih (2)      ----- Charles Barkley. How high should he go and which season should an owner use? Ask a true draft expert which I am not. My heart tells me that this was a decent pick and to trust ncih's experience to get the most out of this pick and out of the rest of the team. On the other hand there's only 2 to 3 truly great big men left so one of them probably should have been picked here over Sir Charles. Ray Allen. Don't like this pick because I've never seen this pairing work in this league. On paper the offensive potential is great and the defense is shaky at best right now. This looks like a team that will win around 30 home games and lose 25 or more on the road. Early prediction is 47 wins max. This grade is a C- because ncih should know better LOL! Tom Boerwinkle. A nice pick that will help the team with the exceptional rebounding and assists for about 30 MPG. Probably the best big available that fits the teams composition so far. I'll rate this a B to B+ pick. Bob Lanier. The best big man left with fairly high usage and excellent defense. A great fit for this team. Inside scoring that Boerwinkle doesn't do. Okay rebounding since Barkley and Boerwinkle kill on the boards. Makes his FTA's and is very good with assists. I see improvement but the team really needs a great PG. Lanier is only 96% effective at PF so I'll give this pick an A-. Well done. Rajon Rondo. Great pick again. Rondo does everything that the team needed. Killer defense, great assists, and 2 good seasons to use. Great pick.

  8) jakotay     ------ Dwight Howard. I love this pick. Great rebounding and high EFG% combined with a 6 usage point season and very good defense. Only one other player that I would consider at this point based on remaining players. Buck Williams. Builds on strengths which is good. Great rebounding and EFG% between these 2 players at pretty high usage levels. I like the idea behind this pick but wonder if there will be good enough guards left in rounds 3 and 4 to make the most of the great front court. Good enough guards should be there. Alonzo Mourning. Really good guards were available and this was the pick? Mourning only has one or maybe 2 good seasons to use as a backup for both Howard and Buck. I would say that this is the worst pick in the draft so far but I don't want to encourage jakotay. So the grade for this pick is an F+. Kevin Johnson. A nice pick here. A great PG was needed and KJ is a very good player. This adds assists which were needed big time, 3's, and points from the backcourt. If the plan is to still use Buck Williams at SF then I am truly missing something. There are only one or 2 seasons that  I can find where Buck is either 98% of 99% effective at SF and the numbers show that a player like that would have been available in round 5. Trade Mourning and get better team balance and a better chance to avoid drafting Wilt next season LOL. Vince Carter. Very good fit here. Will make a nice backcourt wth KJ. Lots of scoring, plenty of 3's, pretty good defense. Good job! Amir Johnson. Good rebounder and defender for about half a game or so at SF. He fouls a ton but also has an outstanding EFG%. It appears that Amir will be backing up Buck Williams at SF. Beauty really is in the eye of the beholder now isn't it?
  9) coachcroft------- Moses Malone. The right choice here without a doubt. Arguably better than Dwight Howard in this league. Great offensive rebounding, solid defense, solid offense and good FT% shooter. Can be pushed up to 42 or 43 MPG in this league. Usage is lower than you would like in a draft pick this high other than Rodman. Coach knows how to get the right usage. Great pick. Gary Payton. Great defense and shoots a ton of 3's. Fairly low EFG% and another player may have worked better with Moses. However, Moses offensive rebounding will make up for some of Payton's missed shots. Good pick. Somewhat surprised that a SF wasn't the pick. Bobby Jones. Great defense, excellent EFG%, okay rebounding at SF, good assists. 1 usage point most likely so won't help too much with scoring. More scoring is needed most likely from the SG spot but its is still outh there. This is a B+ to an A pick. Don't forget to also add some help up front for Moses.Yao Ming. I like the idea of the inside usage and a scorer to help Moses inside. However, Ming's rebounding is a bit weak and so is Jones. I liked 2 players better if high usage inside scoring was the idea for this pick. Plus. Ming would have surely still been on the board for coach in round 5 and probably been there in round 6. And some really good complimentary DGs were here to compliment Payton. The playoff hopes are starting to fade. Grant Hill. Doesn't work IMO here. Who is PF on this team with the terrible rebounding? OH yeah that would be both Hill and Jones. Hill's high usage and poor EGF% combined with Payton's high usage and poor EFG% have doomed poor Moses. Don't tell me that Hill is the SG, at 98% effectiveness, with awesome rebounding that will dominate the league. The overall very poor OREB% has already condemned this unit. Dan Majerle and Paul Westphal. I really like both of these guys but don't have a clue who will back up who at the guard spots on this team or what years coach has in mind to use each one. Wesphal is the type of player that natenoy should have been looking at to go with D Wade. Nice EFG% for both players and Majerle in particlua has very low negative numbers per 48 minutes. I like most of the pieces but can't get the vision for this team. Please up date us with what years and seasons for each ot the players so that I can do my job better. Thank you very much.  
10) 98average(1)--- Ben Wallace. A little bit too high for me but I love the player. Great defender and defensive rebounding. Goes away from 98's normal big man picks that he likes to draft. I think that I like another big man better at this spot that 98 has used before in round # 1. But on 98's team this is a scary pick because this man knows how to draft consistently winning teams in this league. Mookie Blaylock. Reigns down 3's, plays great D, gets decent assists and has very low negative numbers. A very good pick because I see the high usage players that 98 loves coming to the team soon. Another PG may have been a better fit. Marques Johnson. A really great pick. A great rebounding SF with good defense and the abilty to score some points. Sets up the rest of his selections very well by taking this player at this spot. Tracy McGrady. Normally, I hate this player in this league but on this team with the really good rebounding at SF and PF or C this works okay. I am shocked that another player wasn't taken to give the team some inside scoring punch however. The marginal overall EFG%s of the unit so far does hurt the team so far. Kris Humphries. A wise choice. A pretty clean player with excellent rebounding, 2 usage points, okay EFG% and decent defense. The low turnovers from this team will add up to extra wins. Possible 50+ game winner right now. Antonio McDyess and Kosta Koufos. I like McDyess backing up Johnson, but don't like him as much backing up Humphries or Wallace due to not being such a strong rebounder at PF. McDyess also fouls a lot but that won't really affect the team because the rest of the roster plays pretty clean ball. I really like Koufos as a 12 MPG back up player. Has 59 RFG%, over 35% CREB and 60 defense at 14.1% usage which is a perfect back up for Wallace. The thing that is lacking a scoring big with 4 usage points. This a very effective looking unit for the most part but because of the lack of any really high EFG% players at 55% or better. This is a playoff bubble team.

11) scudmissle ------ Karl Malone. Tremendous pick at this point. Huge usage and great EFG%. Superior defense and makes his FTA's. IMO a much better choice than Barkley was.  Dikembe Mutombo. A great owner makes a great pick. Very good defense, great rebounding, perfect usage to go with the Mailman. Has to be at least an A grade so far. Terry Porter. Terrific pick. Porter should have gone higher instead one or two PGs taken earlier. This team's EFG% and efficiency is off the charts so far. This is a contender. Sidney Moncrief. Great defense, excellent rebounding for an SG, solid EFG%, low negative numbers per 48 MPG, nice assits, some suprisingly good seasons with 4 usage points, but not many 3's. The right SF really wasn't available. This team will be a pain to match up against. Detlef Schrempf. If used as the starting SF I hate this pick. If used as the back up to Moncrief, with Moncrief backing up Porter at PG and I absolutely love it! Schrempf at is 99% efffective at SG and has 21 usage, over 56 RFG%,and over 51% from 3 with over 180 attempts in about 35 MPG. Great rebounding and assists for an SG. Get the right SF in round 6 and this team should challenge for the conference title. Clarence Weatherspoon and Peja Stojakovic. I like another player better to split time with Peja at the SF spot here but that's splitting hairs. This team's biggest flaw is the rebounding and picking Peja from that standpoint was a mistake. I completely understand why this pick was made though more points and more 3 point shooting was needed because Moncrief isn't a pure scoring guard and Schrempf isn't a 4 usage point player. Peja's defense will hurt the team. Malone's rebounding already hurts the team a bit so I would have taken a great defending SF with great rebounding at about 24 MPG and then hoped that the very high 3 point percentages of Porter and Schrempf would have been good enough for that area. Weatherspoon will do a great job defensively and on the boards. If this team can keep from getting beaten on the boards by more that 5 per game it could contend for the division title.

12) natenoy     ------ Dwyane Wade. Too high for this player. 5 to 6 much better choices at the 12th spot. But surrounded with the proper team D Wade dominates games by himself. A bit suspicious though as nate appears to be intentionally drafting players that were on the prior seasons championship teams in both this draft and the ODL. GL trying to match those owners winning formulas! Donyell Marshall. Yes, a great pick and yes it was a bit lucky for a wonderful complimentary SF fall to # 46. So far fantastic defense, great low negative numbers for 48 MPG for Marshall along with very good rebounding at SF, etc. If Nate pulls another one off this good at # 51 then look out league! That pick was an A grade. Swen Nater. Yes, rebounding was needed and Nater will do that in spades. He is very efficient offensively and has good negative numbers. However, the defense here will kill the team when going up against the likes of Wilt, Moses, Kareem, Howard and Gilmore etc. I liked another player or 2 a lot better here. Anthony Mason. A complimetary guard was needed do D Wade or a defensive big man to help Nater up front and neither happened. This is a bit sad. Mason is a poor rebounder at PF and the team already had Marshall at SF. Some very good SG's were there and so were some PG's and some great partial season big men. The grade is an F. Nick Anderson. One of my favorite players. Nice usage and EFG%, great 3's, very good defense and rebounds and assists well. Perfect fit for Nate's plan. A nice complimetary player to go with D Wade and has very low turnovers and fouls per 48 minutes. Nate thinks this is a 7 course meal. . . I think that its more like Hamburger Helper made with Ground Sirloin. Both taste good but one wins the championship and one barely makes the playoffs. Ich Habe Hunger Katernberg! Paul Milsap and Gilbert Arenas. Milsap provides rebounding, some points and some fouls at back up SF and PF. IMO the team would have been better off with a back up PF anc C to spell Nater and Mason with more rebounding. Arenas and D Wade are a toxic backcourt. Gilbert does everything like D wade but on much worse level. Another high usage SG with better defense, rebounding, 3PT% and a ton of 3's made would have been a better pick. Nate you are missing the forest for the trees.Your focus is on all of the small stuff like perfectly balanced usage levels, and usage points, total number of 3's taken and made, etc, etc. After the last 2 picks this team has little hope. The offensive rebounding is horrible, the usage percentage is over 65 combined the 2 worst shooters on the team. I see this unit being out rebounded by 6 or 7 per game and out scored by about 7 to 8 points per game.

13) katernberg ------ David Robinson. Can't argue with this pick at all. This player has it all except for excellent rebounding and that can be added later. Robinson has been underrated IMO in this draft in the past. Definitely should have been picked ahead of D Wade and I like him better than Barkley in this league. Willis Reed. Good to very good defense depending on the season used. I don't like this pick because of one thing: Average to below average rebounding. And also over 20% usage wasn't needed here at this position and the less than 53% EFG # doesn't help the Admiral out. I'm stunned that a top notch guard or a small forward wasn't the pick. Did dh555 pay you to do this? dh555 really doesn't need anymore help and now he will get another great player. Sorry kat but IMO this is the 2nd worst pick so far and a D grade. Gerald Wallace. Great defense and defensive rebounding as an SG. If the team had a great PG already in RD 2 instead of taking Willis Reed I would have loved this pick. IMO Drexler should have been the pick for a lot better offense and assists and FTAs. Plus, Wallace doesn't shoot the three ball very often or very well. The PG for this team will have to be great to make this work . . is that player even out there? A grade of a C at best. Cedric Maxwell. Probably the best SF available but not the best player for this team. A huge need for assists and for a decent PG which was there. Excellent EFG%, very good rebounding at SF, excellent FTAs which were needed, but mediocre defense, and fairly high turnovers and fouls. This is about a C- or a D+ grade pick. A serious lack of assists and 3's will doom this squad and they won't make the playoffs. Charlie Ward. Great assists, great defense and makes some 3's. But very little offensive pop. More points were needed and so was more usage. I like the way the numbers look in some ways because of the percetages and the some of the totals.But there isn't much synergy here and the parts don't really add up to being a great team as a whole IMO. Brent Price and David Lee. More low usage picks and on this team that isn't a good thing. Price can back up Ward and then play spot minutes behind Wallace. Price has awesome EFG%, very good assists, and poor defense. Lee in his best season has about 59% EFG, 39% CREB and very poor defense at 21 MPG. Some nice ideas working but not in concert in my mind. No 4 point usage players in the backcourt hurts this team on the road. They just won't score enough points. Some excellent EFG players though. Robinson will be close to leading the league in scoring and could well be the league MVP. I see 47 wins max and most likely the 6th seed in the playoffs at best.

14) 98average(2)---- Chris Paul. A mild surprise that 98 took Paul here. That being said I really like this pick. I see Paul as arguably the 2nd best PG in this draft. Very efficient and low negative numbers. I've seen Paul on numerous final four teams and championship teams in this league. Nice pick 98. Larry Nance. Interesting pick. Nance's awesome defense and extremely low negative numbers keep pushing him up the draft boards. I like another player better here that probably plays the same position that 98 will use Nance for. But, this looks like a team with very good potential. Clyde Drexler. A great pick. Very efficient player. Adds more defense, lots of points, really good assists and rebounds for an SG. But rebounding and inside scoring are both lacking at this point. This is a grade A pick. Emeka Okafur. A very nice pick here. Very good rebounding, 2 usage points and good EFG%, and 71 defense. A sneaky good team that may surprise in the playoffs. Dan Gadzuric. Perfect backup for Okafur. Great offensive rebounding and very good CREB% of over 41, okay defense, and nice EFG%.  One more big or combination of bigs needed to finish this off. Starting to smell a playoff run here. Joel Pryzbilla & Javale McGee. So Joel starts and Gadzurich is the backup it works. McGee backs up Okafur and that works. These last three picks are what separates the men from the boys in this league. Perfect execution to take the higher in demand Gadzuric in round 5 and gambling on Prybilla being there still in round 6.  McGee's 17 MPG season is a perfect fit behind Okafur. I love this team at this point. It may prove difficult to find a really good back for Drexler for 14 MPG but I'm confident that 98 will find a way.  A final four favorite now.

15) banditone(1)----- Artis Gilmore. A great pick here. Love the EFG%, rebounding and defense. I wish that his usage number for his best seasons were higher but who doesn't? He's the horse inside here but more points are needed for this team to the champions. Good start. Kevin Love. A good pick here. Love's poor defense will hurt but his excellent rebounding, ability to make three's and low neagtive numbers are all big pluses. More points are still needed and I am surpised the a guard wasn't the pick. This pick also removes the need to go for a good rebounder at SF later on. Jerry West. I like this pick for the offense, defense and FTAs. More assists were needed if this is a PG pick. I like another player better because West's EFG% isn't that great, his assist to turnover ratio is a bit high, and he doesn't make a lot of 3's. This is about a B or a B+ pick. Be thankful that Gerald Wallace wasn't availble for you here. Maurice Cheeks. A really good pick here but I liked a simlar player better that makes some 3's. Great defense, very good assists, low turnovers and fouls. A scorer is still needed that can knock down some three's for a playoff run. Toni Kukoc. As an SF Kujoc lacks rebounding and defense. As a backup to West with West backing up Cheeks this is a great pick. Even though Gilmore and Love are great on the boards you would still like more rebounding from your starting SF in this league. A good pick if used at SG. Rick Berry and Jason Richardson. Barry as a 17 MPG backup for Kukoc is pretty clever. I like Barry's EFG% and ungodly usage to use for drawing fouls and then converting FTAs at around a 90% clip. J Rich has one good season to back up West with 10 MPG. I like the 25 usage and amount of 3's here backing up West. With a stronger starting SF this team could make the final 4.  The rebounding which started out as spectacular is now just about average.

16) chris_snid ------- Magic Johnson. This is one of my favorite picks so far. Position dominance is crucial in this league. The rebounding edge that Magic has over CP3 pretty much makes up for the lower D rating and higher turnovers. I've always wanted to be able to draft Magic but have never been able to do it. Nice work chris. John Stockton. This is the worst pick that I have seen in long time. Magic isn't a great scorer and Stockton isn't much of one at all. This team will lead the league in assists and in turnovers. Plus, one of Magics greatest strengths rebounding is now negated by Stockton's terrible rebounding. But this does keep Stockton out of another owner's hands which is a good thing. I'll give this pick a D-. Patrick Ewing. Thanks for breaking 98's little heart! A very good pick for the most part based on what was left. I liked Bynum better here becuase of the better rebounding, higher EFG% and much lower fouls per 48 MPG. Joakim Noah. Assuming this is an SF pick I like it. Very good rebounding for an SF. Good defense low negative numbers and can score a few points too. More points and boards are needed to make the playoff picture but there is hope. Michael Redd. A great fit for this team. Adds scoring and 3's which were sorely needed. Nice three guard rotation going now. Plus, Redd is a great rebounding SG with very low negative #s per 48 MPG. Very nice work here chris. Kermit Washington and Ersan Illyasova. There was a much cleaner big with better offensive rebounding available that would have worked better with Ewing IMO. Ersan is a great pick. I mean 45% from 3, about 33 CREB%, 53 EFG% and low negative numbers per 48 MPG. This team is unique and could make a playoff push.

17) ginandjuice   ---- Kevin Durant. A great choice if used at SG. Some might say that less than 54% EFG is a bit low for such a high usage player in this league because Durant is only 99% at SG. Scores a ton and is excellent on the defensive glass. Defensive isn't great but it isn't poor. Not a bad choice here and perhaps a better player than D Wade. Tim Duncan. The only good pick here. TD has the high usage inside game and Durant has the high usage mid range and outside game. Great Job! Ryan Anderson. A good pick here. Solves the SF issue which is big in this league. Great 3's, good rebounding, very low neagtive numbers and above 20% usage. Jose Calderon. The most efficient PG left on the board. Great assist to turnover ratio. High EFG% and a great pick here. The guards have fairly low defense for this league which will hurt some but the offense is super good right now. One more great pick and this is a playoff team and possibly a top 6 or better team. But, having 2 starters in this league with less than 50 defense is a a bit of a buzz kill. Samuel Dalembert. A fantastic pick here. Addresses a need with offensive rebounding, plays decent defense, shoots well and doesn't foul terribly. The 6th round will determine this team's fate as Anderson, Calderon, and Dalembert are all at 30 MPG or less. Oliver Miller and Carmelo Anthony. Miller has the great defense but doesn't rebound that well, except for one season, and fouls too much. I like another foulish big much better to back up Dalembert. Carmelo solves the backup issue for Durant. But the team really needed a great back up for Anderson that could rebound and defend and at least 2 were out there for this pick. I see the Carmelo pick as being a wasted pick in some ways.

dh555 --- No First Round Pick -------- # 31 Scottie Pippen. Tremendous pick. Defense, rebounding, assists, and scoring. One of the best SGs in this draft. Plus, Pippen makes 3's at a decent rate. &  # 37 Chauncey Billips. What is this the Romney plan where the top 1% just keep getting richer and richer? Awesome 3PT% and almost 200 made. 80 defense, over 31% assists, 4 usage points and extremely low turnovers and fouls per 48 MPG. Plus, 520 FTA at over 89% made. I'm getting sick. The grade is an A to A + so far. Wes Unseld. A good pick based on what was left. 98average may have altered the plan for this pick. Rebounding was needed and usage not so much. Unseld doesn't have the best defense though. Looks like this team is still in the playoff picture. Andrew Bynum. Nice pick. Great EFG%, solid rebounding, very good usage, and low fouls. This one's becoming a contender or perhaps even a top 4 team. The front court defense is little bit weak at this point. Pau Gasol. Adds a lot of positives to the front line. Good EFG%, okay rebounding, good defense, about 12% assists and decent usage. Low negative numbers too. Another top notch pick. Reggie Miller and Kenneth Faried. Normally at this point Miller would be a great pick. I dislike it because another SG was available with some of the same qualities but with much better defense, rebounding and usage. Playing Pippen at 32 MPG at SF and thinking that the rebounding will be okay because Faried is the back up is dicey when Unseld is the only big on the team with a season of over 35 CREB%. Faried was a awesome pick though.But this team is stlll playoff bound and might even contend for the title.

19) jethroeg    ------- Hakeem Olajuwon. Not the best possible pick but not the worse pick either. So-So offensively, great defensively, doesn't make a lot of FT's and fouls more than I like in this spot. Right now this pick is grade of B based on a curve. There was a chance to do better. The # 30 pick must be great jethro or you will be headed back to the top of draft next season. But you will have a chance to make a great pick at # 30. . . Just Do It Man! Elton Brand. At least give jethro credit for knowing who the good defensive players are. Great defense, good offense, good rebounding and low negative #s. Brand also has nice usage and makes his FT's. Keep going on this path jetho. However, keep in mind that you are one high usage low EFG% player away from a complete melt down. Good job so far. Penny Hardaway! One of the best picks in the draft so far and probably your best pick ever in this draft jethro. Good assists, great EFG%, good rebounding for a PG, really good usage for what you needed and one of the best players available. Well done A+ pick. You still need some more assists and some 3's but you will be able to get those later. Kirk Hinrich. A solid pick. Adds 140 3's, lots of assists, 80 defense, and low turnovers. Fouls more than you would like per 48 MPG as a starter in this league. One of the best choices for a backcourt players for this team that fits into jethro's defensive vibe. A solid B for this pick. Playoffs are still in the picture for what is becoming a defensive beast. Maurice Lucas. With both K Humphries and S Dalembert gone this pick isn't so bad. Offensive rebounding was really needed and Lucas provides some of that. 70 defense, EFG% over 50 ( a minor miracle jethro didn't go for a higher usage bigger name player at some EFG% between 42 and 49), and makes his FT's at a decent rate. CREB% of 38 for 33 MPG isn't that bad here. But fouls will be a problem area. Hakeem, Hinrich, and Lucas all foul at pretty high rate for this league. The overall usage is getting too high at about 120% right now. Pretty good though jethro. Now start thinking about players with less than 20% usage in round six as back ups please! Paul Pressey and Caldwell Jones. At least jethro was on the ball pretty good for 4 rounds this time. If the 21 MPG version of Pressey is used, which is the only on the fits behind Penny and Hinrich, than this a a horric pick. I mean 4.4 turnovers and 6.7 fouls per 48 MPG. If anyother version of Pressey is used than the rebounding behind Brand is way to weak. Jones has no good seasons to use to back up Lucas or Hakeem. Defense alone should get this team 25 to 30 wins. . .only if poppapomp's team is in the same division LOL!

20) tarheel1991 ---- Jerry Lucas.
A great support player. Maybe too high for him at # 20 but tarheel1991 will get a great complimentary player at # 29 to go with Lucas.  Really good rebounding, very good EFG%, low negative numbers and just enough usage on a winning team. Good solid pick. Kevin McHale. Intriguing pick here. McHale adds even more offensive efficiency plus some great defense to the front line which was needed. I really like what tarheel is cooking up here. Some special sauce is still needed ie. the right backcourt players with some scoring punch. Chris Mullin. He should work well with this team. Really good EFG%, good usage and scoring, and pretty good defense. This is a team that I would have loved to have see play together in RL. Great job so far. My interest is peaked as to who the PG will be for this team. Walt Frazier. The best player available at PG remaining. A very good pick. Defense, some assists, nice EFG%, good rebounding. But low on 3's and a bit low on assists. Manu Ginobli should have been selected over Mullin in round 3. This still feels like a playoff team though. Rasheed Wallace. A good player but not my favorite pick at this spot with this team. Very good defense, makes some 3's, good not great EFG%, At SF he really helps the front line on defense as Lucas is only about 50. Wallace has about 25 CREB% at best which combined with McHale's 26 CREB% in his best season, and it may not be enough to make this a final 4 team. Mark Price and Anderson Varejao. Price has one good season that fits behind Frazier and Mullin. If you use the 35MPG version of Mullin with the 57 EFG%. Price has good usage, very good assists and 3's, is the best of the lot that filled the need. Varejao has a 12 MPG season that I really like. His most expensive season has about 29 CREB% and that doesn't help this team much. I liked a couple of much better rebounders with less defense for this pick.

21) brick_man  ----- Kevin Garnett. A very good SF in this league. The EFG% is a bit lower than I like. To win this league an owner must have rebounding at SF and defense which KG has. Good pick here. Marcus Camby. Another top role player is taken! A solid pick. High usage players will be available later on. I would have taken a different front court player to give KG some help here. But Camby's defense, rebounding, and very low negative numbers still make him a great complimentary player for KG.
Bob McAdoo. A very good pick in terms of usage, EFG% and defense. Inside points were needed. Rebounding is a bit low and that is why he goes this low. Derek Harper. Another very good pick. Pretty efficient player that has 80 defense, nice assist numbers, hits some 3's and plays a clean game. This team may contend if the SG pick is excellent and the backup for Camby is also excellent. Raja Bell. A good pick in many ways. Very good defense, makes ton of 3's at a very high percentage, EFG% at 56 and has extremely low turnovers per 48 MPG and doesn't foul ton. Plus, he can play 36 MPG. Slight weakness are low assist numbers, fairly low rebounding numbers and just 1 usage point. But, I get a weirdly positive vibe about this unit. This could be one of the best KG teams that we have seen in a while. Joe Dumars and
Clifford Ray. Joe Dumars adds a lot of 3's, plays a clean game, can back up both guard spots and has 70 D rating! One of the best combo guards for this team by far and a fantastic pick. Clifford Ray. Nice back up for Camby. Ray provides excellent rebounding, a good dose of assists, okay defense and isn't afraid to put somebody on their back when the drive the lane LOL! A grade picks in the 6th here. A lack of scoring from the guard spots may hinder the team from getting as far as the conference finals.

22) poppapomp  ---- Julius Erving. Fantastic pick if used at SG and with the highest EFG%. Fairly low negative numbers. Really good usage, and excellent rebounding and defense. Great pick. Oscar Robertson. Must some have evil disease. High octane but not as strong as evil's backcourt. I would have gone big here in round 2. But, I hope that this team and evil's are in the same division. Fun team to watch that's for sure. Nate Thurmond. I understand this pick but I don't like it. Thurmond's usage is too high relative to his EFG% and his rebounding isn't so great except for one season which I would recommend be used here. Low negative numbers per 48 MPG and pretty good defense. But better low usage bigs with much higher EFG% and higher CREB% were available. This pick is a C. Mark Eaton. This has gone from bad to worse in 2 picks. Eaton is a fairly poor rebounder for this league and his offense is horrific. Better bigs were available that would have helped more. Eaton's defense is tremendous but more rebounds and efficient points in the paint were and are still sorely needed. No playoffs for this squad. Jamaal Crawford. I don't like this pick much at all. Crawford has one decent season, with horrible defense, that an owner might even be tempted to look at using in this league. If this pick means the Crawford is backing up DR J and Oscar at the guard positions then I hate this pick. If this pick means that Crawford is a starter, anything other than the 09-10 season is used, and DR J becomes the SF for the team . . . well then pay attention to my picks poppapomp because you are getting WIlt next season! Garfield Heard and Joe Johnson. Heard has one season of over 45 EFG% and has over 31 CREB% in that same season so I suppose he's the back up PF. Johnson is considered too weak overall to take in this league many times. He will score some points here and does shoot over 47% from three which is very impressive. 19% usage which seems to be a good fit. Extremely low negative numbers per 48 MPG. But Johnson rarely shoots FTs so in this league he will shoot even less than normal. Sorry poppapomp but this is just a bad team. There's enough scoring and rebounding to possibly get up to 20 wins.

23) eleibowitz  ------- Shawn Marion. Has 2 wonderful seasons for this league. EFG%, rebounding and defensive are all really good. Low tunovers and fouls too. Nice work. Jason Kidd. Pure genius here only if there are some good high usage players available in rounds 3 through 5 and there should be. Two of the A + rated role players are now on the same team. Carlos Boozer. A very good pick. Great usage, 41 CREB%, over 56 EFG% and about 10% assists. Can only play a little bit more than 31 MPG and is a poor defender. I like another underrated PF/C better. Kidd's and Marion's help on the boards for over 35 MPG each really helps. Mix in the right SG along with a big man that can defend and here's another contender. Manu Ginobli. The best possible pick here without a doubt. A+ grade. Great scoring, very EFG%, makes 3's, plays defense, and adds more assists. This team is very close to becoming the favorite to win the title. But 2 more outstanding picks are needed becuase Ginobli and Boozer both play less than 32 MPG. Arvydas Sabonis. This may be a great pick if eleibowitz is thinking what I am thinking. I only like one season for this player. If the plan is to use that season and then to get some complimentary players; one up front and one for Manu than i am all for this plan. Sabonis has very high EFG%, solid rebounding, good assists, okay defense, makes some 3's all at over 25% usage. The all important 6th round will seal this teams fate. But I'm liking it so far. Gheorghe Muresan and Stephen Curry. I didn't see these picks coming but like them both. Muresan is underrated. He rebounds well enough, shoots around 58% from the field, plays over 60 defense and is perfectly paired with Sabonis. Curry is an excellent choice to back up Manu and then fill in for Kidd. The inside game is very strong scoring wise. The outside game and mid range game are outstanding. What are there like 700 3's made here? Inside defense is a bit weak and the really good Cs and PFs will do some damage. This is a strong contender to win the title. The combined EFG% are almost unheard of in this league and with so much positional balance and balanced usage.

24) sixernuggets --- Bill Russell @ 24 Dirk Nowitzki @ 25. I sort of like this combo and sort of hate it. These two make a fairly strong front court but my gut feeling is that they would be crushing the opponents in the ODL but not in this league. Very low negative numbers and very good defensive rebounding. I liked other players better that were available. Another big man instead of Russell and then taking Jason Kidd intstead of Dirk would have made this an  A+ grade. I'll give it a C+. Brent Barry. I like the pick but a bit more usage would have helped. Fantastic EFG% with a ton of 3's, good assists, and good rebounding at the SG position with this pick.This is a very low fouling and low turnover team so far. Connie Hawkins. A good pick at SF. Decent rebounding. Tons of FTA's for Hawkins which will be a big help. But the EFG% of the top two usage players is probably going to be 52% or less which isn't good. I liked another SF alot better because of Hawkins fairly mediocre EFG% and very low 3's. These 2 combined are a B grade. It may have been better to take a PG with the Hawkins pick, and then go for a better rebounder at that position later. Offensive rebounding is becoming a big priority. But the very low fouls and low turnovers will win some extra games. Tim Hardaway, Adrian Dantley. Jamaal Tinsley. Hardaway an Tinsley take care of the PG spot. Good picks there. Lots of assists and some good 3's. The EFG% between these 2 isn't the best. Dantley adds offense does he back up both Hawkins and Barry? Dantley won't help on the boards or with defense or with 3's. Overall poor EFG% + Poor OREB%= about 35 wins at best.

12/13/2012 10:30 AM (edited)
This team will not be a "copycat" team and ODL team clearly was not. My 6th round usage picks in the ODL is unique and I figured all along who would still be there. Same thing going on here, the player I want in the 2nd should be there at 37 or 46, but I think moving up 9 spots will get me the guy I need in the 3rd who may not have lasted. This will not be a cookie cutter team, it may not result in a top team, but it should be unique. You'll better understand the Wade pick when it is all said and done.
12/1/2012 12:09 AM
Personally, I think Durant's ability to hit 3s makes his EFG even better in the sim in a up-tempo offense. His EFG is 54.7, by the way, not less than 54. 
And of course I'm using him at SG.
12/1/2012 9:22 AM
i think wade is definitely top 12....3rd best guard(best defensive guard too)

now nate gets 2 2nds and 2 3rds(is that right?) to grab elite support guys...could be scary...between all that and evils sick jordan/bird pairing i might have f*cked over the league here haha

12/1/2012 2:05 PM
no nate just has evil's 2nd and 3rd. he traded his 2nd and 3rd to move to the pick in the first place.
12/1/2012 2:14 PM
DH you have nate's original 2nd and 3rd picks.

Nate now has mine.

I take on nate's 5th rounder, he took on yours.

12/1/2012 2:31 PM
Bird and MJ is pretty cool. 
12/1/2012 2:36 PM
I would probably use them as a PG/SG combo and go for low usage rebounders/defense later.
12/1/2012 2:37 PM
that is the plan.
12/1/2012 2:40 PM
I love the sick evil plan of using Jordan and Bird in the backcourt and hate it that dh555 has robbed other owners and screwed the league in the process LOL!
12/1/2012 4:54 PM
Honestly, there are a couple of solid late round rebounders. There are reasons they drop to the 4th and 5th rounds, but he can still get enough guys to at least break even with rebounds. We will have to see who evil picks, but if it was me I would feel confident that I can land at least a couple of the guys I have in mind. 
12/2/2012 11:32 AM
Name Team Pos GP Min Pts FGM FGA 3PM 3PA FTM FTA OReb Reb Ast TO Stl Blk PF
John Stockton 94-95 Jazz PG 82 2867 1206 429 791 102 227 246 306 57 251 1008 267 194 22 215
Magic Johnson 81-82 Lakers SG 78 2991 1447 556 1036 6 29 329 433 252 751 743 286 208 34 223

  Name Team Pos Usage% 2pt%# 3pt%# eFG% OReb% DReb% Ast% Stl% Blk%
John Stockton 94-95 Jazz PG 18.9 57.6 44.7 60.7 2.5 7.8 42.9 3.1 0.5
Magic Johnson 81-82 Lakers SG 20.1 54.1 21.9 54.0 9.1 16.8 25.2 2.8 0.6

def rating Stockton 80  Magic 73

a few # about the combo : a/t  3.1,  steals  over 400, ter 4 usage, per game average 32pts, 12 rebounds, 21 ast , 5 steals in 71 minutes.
need a 25 minute a game  SG that shoots the 3 ball. 

Vance thats a D- LOL... only if i can't find enough hi usage players for stockton and magic to pass to....... 
12/2/2012 11:26 PM (edited)
that's my favorite magic season, chris. don't be surprised to him somewhere in the top 25 rebounders... but 550+ t.o.'s from 2 guys. whew!
12/2/2012 11:08 PM
well scud thats not to bad with the 1750 ast  3.1 A/T ratio.
12/2/2012 11:30 PM
Yeah, but neither of those guys are high usage and as usage goes up TOs usually do as well. Expect 3 point shooters who usually turn over the ball less... but you already have your back court set. One guy I can think of with high quality usage and low TOs may be around round 3. Just saying... a lot of turnovers for guys that won't score enough points.

12/3/2012 12:18 AM
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