NCIH $52 Million Draft Evaluations Topic

I thnk that you are smart to work it this way nate. In this league the top 5 in minutes played don't have to be drafted players. I'll take a look at your roster via site mail and give you feedback. I pretty much have my team figured out except for the back up SF to AC Green.
12/13/2012 10:07 AM
Way too much idle time before we start, found a way to keep Gilbert and adjust different guys to get the orbs, the possibilities are a real headache.
12/13/2012 10:15 AM
I agree that having the final 4 owners from the previous season pick the divisions is a great idea. In this case I would get the first pick, then gin, then dh555 and then was it you nate? I know that tarheel had a great team last season but he was stuck in the same division as dh and in the same conference as me.

The idea from a competitive stand point would be to start by picking the weakest teams first and then add, what we think, are the next weakest  teams to each division as we go round by round. Then by the last round we are picking the other perceived to be contenders. Is that correct? Unless we make a rule that we have to pick what we think are the strongest teams first. I'm good with it either way.
12/13/2012 10:15 AM
I lost in the playoffs, gunner and the Big O took me out. I suggest since gunner did not return that tar gets to replace him since he had the best overall record that did not make the final-4 (pretty sure it was the best overall in the league). Yea pick the teams you think are weak and the people that have two teams cannot be in the same conference. East would be you (#1 pick) and tar (#4 pick). West would be gin (#2) and dh (#3). Serpintine draft just like the player draft. Posted the idea with more detail in the forum for the ODL, will repost under this league if ncih is willing to consider it. Details are still there if you go back to September or so.
12/13/2012 10:28 AM
Changed the name and bumped it, would have to add that once a person with two teams is picked for a conference that 2nd team HAS to be in the other conference. Will put up a vote thread if needed, but maybe ncih is cool with just giving this a try. I think most people are either for this idea or indifferent. Random divisions REALLY suck, and I can't be the only one that sees that. Tar got screwed last time and I won a division with 13 less wins than him. This adds another level of entertainment to the league. The draft is awesome but then the league basically just plays out over 2 months and we come back and do it all again. This adds a lot to the league IMO, from the added rivarly of being selected by someone to the fight to reach the final-4 so YOU can be doing the picking next time. I also think this idea could help us retain more owners.
12/13/2012 10:52 AM
Look let's just keep it simple and do it old school style like back in the day only. Only instead of selecting the best owners teams each of the 4 division captains picks the worst owners teams to fill the divisions first. Forget the serpentine drafting style. The whole point of this is to let the Camp get his first shot at the Chumps LOL.

So the Champ this time around or in other words ME gets to pick # 1, # 5, # 9, # 13 # 17 and # 21. That's the way this should wrok period. And you are not picking by worst owner first you are picking by the worst teams perceived to have been drafted worst. Does that make sense?
12/13/2012 11:54 AM
The idea of drafting divisions had it's one shot and lost.

It's dead.
12/13/2012 12:54 PM
Its your league ncih, but to set the record straight it was put up to a vote in the ODL, not in this league. Ash did a hardcore lobby against the idea which swayed a lot of the indifferent owners to vote no. Why the hell would anyone want to keep random divisions? Because we have always done it that way is about the same logic as keeping slaverly legal or not letting women vote. You really enjoy having three 50-win teams in one conference and a 44 win team take a division?
12/13/2012 3:32 PM (edited)
I'm really not trying to be a douche here, but your position ncih really does perplex me: "its dead because we voted it down for another league, it had one shot, it lost, end of discussion." WTF is that? I'm on this site to have fun, not to let something **** me off, but honestly this ****** me off. Before I was the new guy, but I've put in some time now and been a part of the friendly banter that makes these draft leagues fun. This site is dying a slow death my man, and if you are as close-minded as the above makes you appear to be then you are one of the reasons it will eventually be dead, it will be dead because your actions helped kill it.
12/13/2012 3:29 PM
Ncih I have a feeling that some of the guys here will ignore the Division Vote thread I just posted unless you give them the greenlight to let thier voices be heard.
12/13/2012 4:08 PM
LOL nate let it go...
12/13/2012 4:42 PM
sigh...vance, I had both Beaubois and Tarpley on my squad, you jerk. All the way to the last picks! lol
12/13/2012 6:39 PM
That was the point tarhheel1991. I have 2 other players as back ups on my team that will play slightly more minutes than those 2 guys. But all of the good owners around here know how valuable short minute guys with great advanced stats and very good defensive ratings are. So I just had to take those 2. I don't believe in drafting Mr Irrelevant" players even if it they are the final picks in the draft.

My other 2 guys are lesser known but have been used by others in the past so they will become popular too.
12/13/2012 6:51 PM
I want to give a shout out to Vance, great job on the evals. You stayed up to date daily with the pics it was a good read. Thank you for a job well done.
12/13/2012 8:38 PM
Thanks 98average. This pretty much my hobby and I wanted to do the best that I could with the evals for you guys. Plus, by doing them thoroughly you get a much better look at the players and that makes me  better owner. I'm kind of crazy and over the top with it so what can I say?
12/14/2012 1:28 AM
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NCIH $52 Million Draft Evaluations Topic

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