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1st time suggestion for this game. This game has been around so I'm sure this has already been suggested, but I really think it will strengthen the game experience a lot.

The biggest divide between this game and real life is the stats are so predictable when it comes to production and potential. This removes the blur when it comes to drafing, signing, trades etc. To support this game experience while keeping this obvious flaw in the simulation, there must be a variable based on luck. The DITR system is supposed to deliver that, however it does not.

If there was a overhauled DITR system that really rewarded players, you would be giving more players more options when it comes to hiring coaches, hiring on draft picks and INTL signings, and budgeting. This increases gameplay and experience, and that should be the developer's very goal.

I propose increased chances to get a DITR the higher up the draft board a player goes, but not greater than a certain cut off. Say pick 200 overall and below only has a chance to be a DITR, and the closer a player is to 200, the higher algorithm is awarded to that player. This system should be applied to INTL signings as well based on overall potential rating. Below a certain overall of say 70 there is a better chance to draw a DITR.

DITR also needs to have a minimum of 10 -15 points increase in major stats for that season, prompting players who decide to short change their coaching staff and spend the bare minimums something to think about when it comes to hiring coaches. Also successful teams and teams with high payroll budgets often have little talent in their minors, so they care less. If the DITR overhaul is successful, it should give them a player or two to actually watch and nurture in their system, and would encourage at least the hiring of at least good coaches at 1 level each season. I.e. "I got that 1 guy who will be in AA this season, I gotta get a good hitting coach for AA at least."

In addition to a big boost in stats for the DITR season, all potential stats should be increased so if the player was going to be just 'so-so' before, now it can be said he has had some kind of breakthrough and has the potential to big a Big League player.

Suggestion #2 - In addition, I think coaches of a certain level should have increased chance to 'critically increase or decrease' a prospect's stats a single time by + or - a major stat by 5 based on an algorithm along the players patience and temper stat. If you have a coach with low youth stat, there will be a temper check or chance 1 or 2 times a season where a player with a high temper stat may have an alteraction and one of his stats will be decreased a single time by 2 to 5 points. This player will never be subject to an altercation again if he has one. If a coach has a high youth stat, there should be a patience check where 1 or 2 times a season, a player with high patience will raise a stat by 2-5 points one time during his career.

I think there are a lot you can do with this game still and overhauls like this won't be require more time spent on the game by the player, but will increase his experience tremendously as well as reward the minor league system that is generally seen has a nuisance by many with little reward besides prospects who will definately make their big league rosters assuming no injury.

I offer this suggestion freely and from the standpoint of a coder myself and a huge new fan to WHATIFSPORTS.


12/15/2012 5:21 PM
I'm all for adding some variability but I think this suggestion is almost too predictable in its own right.  It should be way more random.  Say, each player has a 1 in 30 chance of being a DITR each year until he turns 26 or 28.  DITR could see a random or normally distributed bump of say 3-10 pts in the overall.  Every now and again, the same guy will get it twice in his career, turning him from filler to star.  Also, I'm not a big fan of the coaches having so much to do with this.  If it's that predictable, then owners will quickly adjust their strategies.  Make it random, or let the coaching factor in a small bit, like moving your chances from 1 in 30 to 1 in 25 or 1 in 35.
12/17/2012 10:34 PM
There have been a million suggestions on DITR.  Complete randomness is probably the worst.

I've suggested tying into minor league record, coaches and league leaders at appropriate levels(to prevent that 4th year pro being in HiA).   If the "strategy adjustment" is looking after your minors, I'd say that's a good thing.
12/18/2012 10:16 AM

I agree with changing predictability, making the minors more important etc.. but there are a lot better ways to do it. As the game is currently configured nobody should benefit with a low draft choice "randomly" turning into a ML player or being coached into an ML player. Scouting budgets need to matter. If DITR are going to be increased or made more relevant, then realistically it needs to be both ways. I would suggest a  "DYJGS" (Dude You Just Got Screwed) where players ramdomly drop 1 to 10 points in each category after signing because now they don't need to perform to get paid. I'm curious what the reaction to "variability" would be when the $20M, 5 year FA drops several points after signing.


12/20/2012 8:10 AM (edited)
I can tell you.

A flood of "If they don't fix this **** immediately, I'm quitting HBD" threads.
12/18/2012 8:03 PM
I disagree about DITR and relying on coaching, performance or anything other than randomness. Teams in RL aren't doing anything special or innovative when low picks become stars. If they knew that, they would have been higher picks. All of those things can/should/do matter for player development, so you will still greatly benefit from doing those things well. Even randomness will help scouting matter as poor scouts will not reliably evaluate changes to DITR.
12/19/2012 11:33 AM
And the coaching ratings should be unpredictable as well. Just cause he's rated as the best in the world doesn't mean he connects equally with each prospect.
12/19/2012 4:43 PM
Perhaps the game results should be purely random also.   The best team shouldn't win the most games. 
12/19/2012 4:58 PM
Why do you say that Mike?
12/19/2012 9:41 PM
Because, if everything is going to be unpredictable, we may as well flip a coin to determine the outcome of games.
12/20/2012 7:52 AM
Posted by MikeT23 on 12/20/2012 7:52:00 AM (view original):
Because, if everything is going to be unpredictable, we may as well flip a coin to determine the outcome of games.
This is why many coaches soured on GD.    A major overhaul led to too many odd occurrences and unexplainable upsets.
12/20/2012 5:53 PM
The game has some inherent randomness.  The best hitter doesn't get a hit off the worst pitcher every time - the best teams win 65% of the time -- etc etc.

I'm not saying HBD should make any changes to how players develop.  I am suggesting that players making large leaps in their PROJECTED ratings, should be a random process.  There is very little evidence that any major league team is "better" at developing lower round draft picks.  Sometimes, guys like Mark Buerhle or Mike Piazza get drafted late and turn into very good players.  This is a rare thing.  I doubt very much that any rational baseball person would argue that players like these would have failed to become major leaguers if coached by another organization.

12/20/2012 9:01 PM
Yes, adding more randomness doesn't make the game better.

Are you implying that players don't get buried by organizations or that some organizations don't develop players better?
12/20/2012 10:07 PM
The biggest problem with HBD is the lack of attention that is paid to the lower levels by winning/high payroll teams. It is common to see a ML level team win 100-62 and the AAA 12-136, AA 8-140, HiA 21-127,.. That drives me crazy. The game is Hardball Dynasty, not Major League Dynasty. I don't know how to fix this, but this is a MAJOR FLAW! Some owners don't have enough pitchers in the minors to complete a minor league schedule, but they win their division. Any suggestions?  
12/26/2012 2:27 PM
I'm implying that those things should be accounted for in the player development process (ie the process of actual ratings approaching projected ratings). DITR is a change to the players' projected ratings. I would argue that this is largely random and that it can happen across a much wider span of ages and abilities than hbd currently allows
12/26/2012 2:59 PM
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