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For elimination because they are the only ones to get one NBA game, it comes down to rebel/apple and steve/nelson

If TCU outscores Air Force, then nelson and steve are gone, otherwise, rebel and apple are.
2/6/2013 11:08 PM
2/6/2013 11:14 PM (edited)
With 3 NBA wins and the bonus of Baylor in college, I see no way that csudak and tsut don't get the advantage
2/6/2013 11:11 PM
Gutton's squad has 4 NBA games and the lead by my count?
2/6/2013 11:13 PM
69+103+106+67=345 csudak/tsut
69+84+105+119=377 gutton/horvie
2/6/2013 11:17 PM
Which is why I should add these things up.
2/6/2013 11:23 PM
And TCU just passed Air Force, so steve and nelson are definitely out
2/6/2013 11:24 PM
That was a fun challenge. I found myself not sure what to cheer for at different points in the night.
2/7/2013 12:50 AM
How ironic...I'm actually in the Air Force.  Sigh, thank goodness I'm retiring in 5 months.  Thanks for the challenges dubs, fun times!
2/7/2013 1:44 AM
At least I didn't miss a poker challenge this time...
2/7/2013 1:45 AM
Challenge #9

Well, we are down to the Final 4. Hmm,,,,, Seems like a college men's basketball challenge a brewing. So, here's the deal

The No. 1 seed ghutton/horvie will face No. 4 seed rebel/apple
The No. 2 seed tsut/csudak will face No. 3 seed knee/arfy

Winners play each other for the advantage in the Final Three. Losers play each other for elimination.

All 25 teams in the top 25 (as displayed on ESPN) are in action Saturday or Sunday

You must create 5 teams consisting of two guards, two forwards and one center, going by the positions listed for the players on ESPN's site. You must choose one player from each team in the top 25.

Scoring will be thus. One point per each point scored. 2 points for each assist. 1 point for each defensive rebound. 2 points for each offensive rebound. 2 points per steal. -2 points per turnover.

You will designate your teams, Team 1, Team 2, Team 3, Team 4 and Team 5

In the first round, your Team 1 will play your opponents' Team 1
Your Team 2 will play your opponents' Team 2
Your Team 3 will play your opponents' Team 3

Best two out of 3 win

In the second round, Your Team 3 will play your opponents' Team 3
Your Team 4 will play your opponents' Team 4
Your Team 5 will play your opponents' Team 5

Best two out of three win

Tiebreakers: If there is a tie in the first match, the Team 4 match will be the tiebreaker, then the Team 5 match, then first to get it to me
If there is a tie in the second match, the Team 2 match will be the tiebreaker, then the Team 1 match, then the first to get it to me

Advantage to ghutton/horvie: You don't have to use two teams. Which means you can use two players from two different teams or three players from one team.

Deadline TOMORROW AT 11:45 (Georgetown game starts at noon)

2/8/2013 9:36 AM
So Team 3 has an advantage if they win, or at a disadvantage if they lose, being we have to use team 3 twice, is that right?

Also... if a player is listed as a F/C, we can use him at either position, right?

2/8/2013 11:58 AM (edited)
You are using team 3 twice correct, against two different opponents.

F/C can be used at either position
2/8/2013 5:51 PM
Team knee/arfy csudak/tsut rebel/apple ghutton/horvie
Team 1        
G Keith Appling (Mich St) Sean Kilpatrick (Cincy) Kendall Williams (NM) Scottie Wilbekin (Fla)
G Keving Pagos (Gonz) Vander Blue (Marq) Andre Hollins (Minn) Trey Burke (Mich)
F Deshaun Thomas (Ohio St) EJ Singler (Ore) Cody Zeller (Ind) Jack Cooley (ND)
F Jack Cooley (ND) Doug McDermott (Crei) Davante Gardner (Marq) Arsalan Kazemi (Ore)
C Patric Young (Fla) Gorgui Deng (Lou) Steven Adams (Pit) Jeff Whithey (Kan)
Team 2        
G Rodney McGruder (KSU) Rotnel Clarke (But) Sean Kilpatrick (Cin) Vandy Blue (Marq)
G Phil Pressley (Mizzou) Andre Hollins (Minn) Rodney McGruder (KSU) Rodney McGruder (KSU)
F Trevor Mwbake (Minn) Mason Plumtree (Duke) Solomon Hill (Ariz) Lawrence Bowers (Mizzou)
F Cody Zeller (Ind) Talib Zanna (Pitt) Arsalan Kazemi (Ore) Cody Zeller (Ind)
C Kenny Kadji (Mia) Patric Young (Fla) Adreign Payne (Mich St) Reggie Johnson (Mia)
Team 3        
G M Carter Williams (Syr) Marcus Smart (Okla St) Shane Larkin (Mia) Russ Smith (Lou)
G Trey Burke (Mich) Trey Blake (Mich) Phil Pressley (Mizzou) Rotnel Clarke (But)
F Mason Plumtree (Duke) Cody Zeller (Ind) Kelly Olynyk (Gonz) Kelly Olynyk (Gonz)
F Doug McDermott (Crei) Otto Porter Jr (Geo) Jack Cooley (ND) Doug McDermott (Crei)
C Jeff Whithey (Kan) Kenny Kadji (Mia) Andrew Smith (But) Andrew Smith (But)
Team 4        
G Mark Lyons (Ari) Rodney McGruder (KSU) Trey Blake (Mich) Marcus Smith (Okla St)
G Rothel Clarke (But) Keith Appling (Mich St) Russ Smith (Lou) Sean Kilpatrick (Cincy)
F EJ Singler (Ore) Kelly Olynyk (Gonz) Deshaun Thomas (Ohio St) Mason Plumtree (Duke)
F Davante Gardner (Marq) Jack Cooley (ND) Mason Plumtree (Duke) Trevor Mbakwe (Minn)
C Gorgui Deng (Lou) Jeff Whithey (Kan) Jeff Whithey (Kan) Alex Kirk (NM)
Team 5        
G Trey Woodall (Pit) Jabari Brown (Mizzou) M Carter-Williams (Syr) Trey Woodall (Pit)
G Marcus Smart (Okla St) Brandon Tiche (Syra) Marcus Smart (Okla St) Quinn Cook (Duke)
F Otto Porter Jr (Geo) Deshaun Thomas (Ohio St) Doug McDermott (Crei) Otto Porter Jr (Geo)
F JaQuan Parker (Cincy) Solomon Hill (Ari) Otto Porter Jr. (Geo) Deshaun Thomas (Ohio St)
C Alex Kirk (NM) Alex Kirk (NM) Eric Murphy (Fla) Adreian Payne (Mich St)
Tiebreaker Third Second First Fourth
2/9/2013 11:45 AM
April wanted me to share with you that her strategy was to try and win games 4 & 5 no matter who she played because then she couldn't lose, so she has the 10 people she judges as the top 10 players on those two teams.

Also, she still hasn't heard from rebel in three challenges as of yesterday.
2/9/2013 11:49 AM
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Ultimate Team Challenge -- Challenge 10 Posted Topic

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