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"He didn't hit a homer in his last at-bat; he hit a single. He didn't hit in 56 straight games. He married his high school sweetheart and stayed married to her, never married a Marilyn Monroe. He didn't play with the sheer joy and style that goes alongside Willie Mays' name. None of those easy things are there to associate with Stan Musial. All Musial represents is more than two decades of sustained excellence and complete decency as a human being." - Bob Costas

"How good was Stan Musial? He was good enough to take your breath away." - Vin Scully

Cap: $120 million
DH: No
Trades: No
Waivers: No
Clones: Limited. You may clone Stan Musial to satisfy as many of these categories as you wish (except for 2, 22, 23, and 25, but you'll need some pitchers anyways), but you may not clone anyone else.
Ballpark: Any

1.) Pick any season of Stan Musial.
2.) Stan was born in Donora, PA, also the birthplace of the Griffey family. Pick any season of Ken Griffey Sr. or Jr.
3.) Pick any season of a player born in 1920, Stan's birth year:
4.) Stan served in World War II. Pick any player who served during World War II:
5.) Stan was elected to the HOF in 1969 on his first ballot. Pick any season of a first ballot Hall of Famer:
6.) Stan won three National League MVPs. Pick a player in the season in which they won the NL MVP:
7.) Stan won three World Series. Pick any Cardinal from a World Series winner (no twisting): 1926, 1931, 1934, 1942, 1944, 1946, 1964, 1967, 1982, 2006, 2011.
8.) Stan won seven batting titles. Pick any player during a season in which he won the batting championship:
9.) Pick any season from a member of the 3000 hit club:,000_hit_club
10.) Stan enjoyed playing the harmonica. Pick any baseball player with a personal connection to music (i.e., played an instrument publicly; no family members). Here are a couple places to look: and
11.) Stan was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2011. Pick any player who has been awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom:
12.) Stan debuted in 1941. Pick any season of any player who debuted in 1941:
13.) Stan's last game was in 1963. Pick any season of any player whose last game was in 1963:
14.) Pick any season of a player selected to MLB's All-Century Team:
15.) "Stan the Man" is widely considered one of the greatest old-school nicknames in baseball history. Pick any season of your favorite nickname from this AP list of baseball's best old nicknames:
16.) Stan hit for the cycle in 1949. Pick a player in a season in which he hit for the cycle (no twisting):
17.) Stan hit 6 career homers in the All-Star Game, more than any other player in history. Pick any player who played in an All-Star Game in baseball history (no twisting, you must use one of their All-Star seasons).
18.) Stan was converted from a pitcher to a position player in the minors. Pick any player who was converted from a pitcher to a hitter in the minors or majors. Partial list here, and you may use pitching seasons if they have them:
19.) Stan is immortalized in two statues outside of Busch Stadium. Pick any season of a player who is honored with a statue outside one of a major league stadium:
20.) Stan's number 6 was retired by the Cardinals in 1963, the year he retired. Pick any season of a player whose number has been retired:
21.) Pick a player who spent his entire major league playing career with the same franchise (minimum 10 seasons).
22.) Stan was married in 1940. Pick any player season from 1940.
23.) Stan's 50th wedding anniversary was in 1990. Pick any player season from 1990.
24.) Pick a player born on November 21st.
25.) Pick any teammate of Stan's (no twisting).


1.) tjefferson*
2.) pumpkinmcp
3.) bklynbruzer
4.) famous_dad*
5.) alleyviper*
6.) professorjon*
7.) zubinsum*
8.) captmurphy*
9.) zambonijesus*
10.) thaneoffife*
11.) bbondsmvp
12.) koyunlu
13.) devomac*
14.) pick1or2*
15.) liambrady*
16.) euzly*
17.) specsman*
18.) shysters3**
19.) rmdriskill*
20.) nhsteven*
21.) barracuda3*
22.) uublog**
23.) sakensei
24.) happyhours*

*Roster entered and approved
**Roster entered but not yet approved


Sitemail: tjefferson; pumpkinmcp; bklynbruzer; famous_dad; alleyviper; professorjon; zubinsum; captmurphy; zambonijesus; thaneoffife; bbondsmvp; koyunlu; jedijeff; pick1or2; liambrady; euzly; specsman; shysters3; rmdriskill; schwarze; barracuda3; uublog; sakensei; happyhours

Please send me a list of which players match up to which criteria when you enter your team. League number will come soon via PM. If you have any questions, please ask away!


1/31/2013 1:21 PM (edited)
I'm in.
1/19/2013 9:42 PM
I'm in.
1/19/2013 9:42 PM
As a lifelong Cardinal fan, I am absolutely in.
1/19/2013 9:43 PM
1/19/2013 9:44 PM
I'm in
1/19/2013 10:01 PM
Stan is my favorite Ball Player of all time.  IN.
1/19/2013 10:24 PM
I'm in.
1/19/2013 10:48 PM
yeah sure
1/19/2013 10:49 PM
Obviously in.
1/19/2013 11:45 PM
I'm in. Thank you for creating a proper tribute league with actual player stipulations. Have not seen one of these fill successfully in a long time. Hope this one does. RIP Stan the Man.
1/20/2013 12:23 AM
i'm in for sure.
1/20/2013 1:24 AM
I'm in
1/20/2013 7:47 AM
I'll try and get into this just because Stan was my late fathers favorite, my late father-in-laws favorite, my sons favorite autographed player and by the way he is my favorite NL player of all time. This one deserves to be filled and allowed to play out. If we don't get 24 hopefully 16 will be enough to play out. It was long but fun to research "THE MAN". Nicest man I ever met
1/20/2013 9:07 PM (edited)
I'll play.
1/20/2013 11:54 PM
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Stan "The Man" Musial Tribute League (FULL) Topic

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