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Apparently you are. Otherwise your dumbass rants wouldn't be filling the pages of these forums.
2/15/2013 3:33 PM
Perhaps you should do a better job of enforcing your awesome power. 
2/15/2013 3:41 PM
Wow this is great.

We've got the King of All Devil's Advocates (MikeT23) calling bad_luck the Czar of Everything, which is hilariously on point given bad_luck's tendency to declare things are as he personally sees them to be.

That's it I'm unblocking bad_luck because I want to see how this turns out (and because I know it'll make me laugh harder). Now, bad_luck, don't take this as a reason to think you can get me to respond to your BS - I'll block you again at my leisure, which will happen at warp speed if you can't control yourself.

2/15/2013 3:43 PM
All hail bad_luck, CZAR OF EVERYTHING!!!

Wow this is kind of fun.

2/15/2013 3:44 PM
Hey bis, got any evidence of creation or a young earth? You said you had some. Care to share?
2/15/2013 3:47 PM
Posted by MikeT23 on 2/15/2013 3:41:00 PM (view original):
Perhaps you should do a better job of enforcing your awesome power.'re wrong and I don't have the power to mute idiots.
2/15/2013 3:47 PM
So you're not the Czar of Muting Idiots?   WTF?   Who took that power away from you?

IMO, anyone who can decide what CAN'T be taught in every school in the world should certainly have Idiot Muting powers.
2/15/2013 3:49 PM
Should Czar of Everything, badluck, have Idiot Muting Powers?

Votes: 1
(Last vote received: 2/15/2013 3:58 PM)
2/15/2013 3:58 PM
Oh ok, I get it. I need to quote myself.

"Until there's evidence for creation, it shouldn't be taught in science class, regardless of the age of the students."

This. And it's not like I'm the only one in this discussion with this opinion.
2/15/2013 3:58 PM
Posted by bad_luck on 2/15/2013 2:16:00 PM (view original):
You're welcome to whatever you want to believe. But you can't teach faith in science class.
No, it's this one.

Where you declared what CAN'T be taught in science class.

You see, as I understood it, there are these groups of people, ranging from local to federal, who decide what can or can't be taught.

I have now, as of just less than 2 hours ago, realized that I was mistaken.  That one person, YOU, decide these things.   My bad.
2/15/2013 4:04 PM
Oh no. Yittto mikey can't tell something is an opinion unless the person actually writes: THE FOLLOWING IS MY OPINION.
2/15/2013 4:10 PM (edited)
You don't have opinions.  You have nothing but science-based facts and evidence.   Unless you're talking baseball.  Then you have the Big Book of WAR at the ready.   Maybe FIP for pitchers.
2/15/2013 4:12 PM
I'm glad you think so highly of my opinions that you treat them as fact.
2/15/2013 4:14 PM
I'm glad YOU think so highly of YOUR opinions that YOU treat them as fact.

And it's not like I'm the only one in this discussion with this opinion.
2/15/2013 4:18 PM
No because he'd have mute himself and kill his awesome Czarness

Bah! I was taking a drink when I read this and I had to turn away from my computer or else I would have spit water all over it!

This currently holds the title of "honest to goodness funniest line I've seen on the WIS forums".

2/15/2013 4:21 PM
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Makes me sick... Topic

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