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1895 Mike Griffin

Played SS and OF but shows up as OF on my roster.  I accidentally drafted him in an optional slot while scouting the entire Brooklyn Bridegrooms roster.  Anyway, he is my Rnd 10 SS pick.
2/15/2013 7:20 PM
1914 Steve Yerkes - apparently SS was a 2ndary position - he when drafted went to util position 1- he's my SS - tho surely in later roundshe was gonna lose that job anyhow
2/15/2013 7:36 PM
I should have named this a Commish's nightmare.

Guys go to bed and I will see you in the morning.

6 pack attack is making his own rules and either needs to get in line with the program or I will have WIS remove him.

See you tomorrow AM.

2/15/2013 9:05 PM
Henderson & Jackson check out for round 13
2/16/2013 9:33 AM
As soon as the owners from round 26 are done we will start round 14

I will send a site mail

2/16/2013 1:10 PM

I am reserving these picks for siphon for now while he works on fixes
Rd 7 1B Pitt Burghers  Jake Daubert
Rd 8  2B  Newark Peppers--Larry Strands
Rd 9  3B  Kansas City Athletics--Vic Power

2/16/2013 6:11 PM
My team picks suck so bad I don't even have to check if someone goes before me.
Nobody would take these losers.
'62 Mets is me.

2/17/2013 9:21 AM
Emilio Bonifacio from the Miami Marlins rd 24 and Bip Roberts rd 25. If on the odd chance that someone wanted Bip I will default to Huston street. Work in the AM and might not be able to get my picks in.
2/18/2013 6:30 PM
Let me sitemail you those rounds back to you
2/18/2013 7:04 PM
Round # 24

King/1---CW Stockings          George Van Haltren
kraft/2---Milwaukee Braves     Joey Jay
YBJ---NY Metropolitans           Chief Roseman
TiD---STL Maroons                     Henry Boyle
Guerra/1---Tor Blue Jays                  BJ Ryan
AK/1---Washington Statesman        George Keefe
Gonzo/2---Brooklyn Superbas          Nap Rucker
JJBBG---Chicago Colts                    Bill Everitt
Randy/1---indianapolis Hoosiers   Otto Schomberg
RF/1---LA Dodgers                           Cesar Ituris
Alex---pitts Rebels                               Ed Konetchy
Zepp---Providence Grays                  Scott Stratton
God---SF Giants                               Rich Aurilia
Girl/2---Boston Doves                     Lew Richie
kraft/1---Brooklyn Dodgers              Joe Black
Guerra/2-Cleve Naps                         Bob Rhoads
Gonzo/1---Houston Colt 45's           Bob Aspromonte
Girl/1---NY Yankees                           Carl Mays
Bajagal---Syracuse Stars                   Tim O'Rourke
Siphon--Ariz Diamondbacks         Jose Velarde                              
AK/2---Brooklyn Dodgers              Larry French
King/2---CW Stockings                   Jim McCauley
6Pack---Miami Marlins         Emilio Bonaficio     
RF/2 ---Oakland A's                   Terry Steinbach
Devil---Tor Blue Jays                         Jose Bautista 
Randy/2---Ariz Diamondbacks       Steve Finley
OHM---Brooklyn Wonders             Art Sunday
JW Houston Astros                       Doug Jones
Morgan---NY Giants                       Bill Terry
Shawn/---Milwaukee Brewers     CC Sabathia
2/21/2013 9:56 PM (edited)
Round # 25

YBJ---Boston Americans       --   Hobe Ferris
Randy/1---CW Stockings               Abner Dalrymple
AK/1---Cinn.Reds                         George Foster
AK/2---Houston Astros                Bob Knepper
Guerra/2---Milwaukee braves           Danny O'Connell
Zepp-- Milwaukee Brewers            Ray Searage
kraft/1---Phila Quakers                      Jack Clements
Gonzo/2---Texas Rangers             Jihn Wetteland
Guerra/1---ATL Braves                       Darrell Evans                              
Siphon---Brooklyn Bridegrooms          Al Mays
King/2---CW Sox                                 Zeke Bonura
God ---Cinn Reds                                Aroldis Chapman
RF/1---Cinn Reds                               Ted Abernathy
Girl/2---Milwaukee Brewers              Paul Molitor
Girl/1---Wild Card Bing Bing Bing   Ecky Stearns 
Gonzo/1---STL Terriers                            Ward Miller
JJBBG---Toledo Maumees                     Bill Van Dyke
kraft/2---Chicago Colts                           Monte McFarland
RF/2---Cleve indians                            Earl Averill
OHM ---KC Royals                                Amos Otis
6Pack---SD Padres                                Bip Roberts
Morgan---Washington Statesman     Tommy Dowd
JW---Chicago Cubs                             Rick Wilkins
Devil---Chicago Pirates                       Fred Pfeffer
Bajagal---Pitts Alleghenys                   Eddie Burke
Shawn/2---STL Terriers                          Babe Borton
Alex---Boston reds                     New franchise / upgrade
TiD---Cleve Blues                               Harry Bemis
King/1---NY Metropolitans                 Frank Hankinson
Randy/2---Toledo Maumees              Fred Smith
2/21/2013 9:57 PM (edited)
At the end of Round # 25
Since the owners left have picks /
Here are the random results:

                                              Random.org order

Siphon # 10                       Gonzo/1 Boston Braves                    Lefty Tyler
AK/2 # 12                            Siphon   Brooklyn Superbas            George Bell
AK/2 # 12                             Alex         Brooklyn Superbas           Jimmy Sheckard
Randy/1 # 24                      Morgan   Cleve Infants                      Jack Lewis
Girl/2 # 26                          Zepp       Cleve Naps                         Neal Ball
Morgan # 17                       Randy/1   Minnesota Twins           Kirby Puckett
Zeppieri #  1                      Girl/1         SD Padres                       Tony Fernandez
Morgan # 17                       AK/2            Texas Rangers            Will Clark
Gonzo/1 # 9                      Girl/2          Buffalo Bisons             Ecky Stearns
Girl/1/# 26                           AK/2           Cinncinatti Reds           Ted Kluszewski
Alex # 21                              Girl/2         Milwaukee Brewers         Paul Molitor
Girl/1 # 20                           Morgan    Pitts Rebels                    John Carney

Please make sure you change these players with your 200K guy if you can

2/20/2013 5:46 PM (edited)

                                         Player released                  ROUND 26 DRAFT             Player Picked
                                                                                    Random.org order

Shawn                         Biddy Dolan                         RF/1    Beaneaters                Tommy McCarthy
Randy/2                       Jack Boyle                           AK/2      Superbas                  Fielder Jones
Alex                            Harry Lyons                           RF/2      CW Stockings          Player upgrade
AK / 1                        Fred Lewis                              Alex       KC Cowboys          Ecky Stearns
AK / 2                          Pete Hotaling                        Gonzo/1    Minn Twins         Dennys Reyes
Gonzo/1                      Ward Miller                           ME         Pitts Pirates             player upgrade
Gonzo / 2                   Rasty Wright                         Randy/2      Beaneaters           Vic Willis  
Guerra / 1                Ed Andrews                           King/2         Calif Angels                   Jim Brewer
Guerra/2                 Ned Hanlon                            OHMorrison   Columbus Solons    Jack Crooks
King/1                    Hub Collins                               Siphon        KC Cowboys
King/2                    Frank Fennelly                        YBJ                Miami Marlins              Randy Chaote
kraft/1                    John Connor                             Devil             Milw Brewers               Ryan Braun
kraft/2                   Tim Manning                            JW                   STL Browns                player upgrade
God                      Tom Seaton                              TIDealer        Boston Doves               None
Randy/1                 Cliff Carroll                             Kraft/2            Cleve Naps                 Willie Mitchell
YBJ                       Mike Hines                                JJBBG           Det Tigers                 Doug Fister
Morgan                 John Carney                            Randy/1         NYY                                     Don Mattingly
6Pack                  Frank Dwyer                             AK/1                Philadelphia Athletics      Harry krause
Girl/1                   Jeff Keppinger                           Guerra/2        SF Giants                          Jeff kent
Girl/2                   Ecky Stearns                             Gonzo/2          Balt O's                             player upgrade
OHMorrison       Art Sunday                                Girl/2                CW Stockings                 Frank Dwyer
RF/1                  Wayne Comer                            King/1              Minn Twins                     Tony Oliva
RF/2                 Paul Hines                                   kraft/1              Pitts Burghers                 Al Maul
JW                    Peaces Graham                         GOD               Rochester Broncos         Bob Miller
Devil                 Arlie Latham                                Guerra/1        STL Maroons                       Unknown Palmer
JJBBG             Dan Casey                                   6Pack           Brooklyn  Gladiators           ANY
TiDealer           Gus Dorner                               Morgan          Cinn Reds                           Heine Groh
Siphon            Jesus Alou                                   Girl/1             KC Royals                          Vince Coleman

That's the lot / Pick a player from these franchises for your team
       If you use the franchise to upgrade you may use the SAME released player for Round 27
          Since you still have 25 players with the upgrade.

Finished and going to league ( load rounds 24 & 25 )
       Create Team Name
       Pick Ballbark
1Zeppieri1             Yankee Stadium I
Barabajagal          Colt Stadium

                                                                           ROUND 27 / Coming soon
                         Need players to be released by 8:00 PM 2 / 21

 Player Released                                                      Random.org Order                 Player Picked

God             Steve Yerkes                                         Devil           Diamondbacks             Daniel Hudson
Devil           Mickey Doolan                                      kraft/1         Brklyn Gladiators          Billy O'Brien
Siphon       Larry twitchwell                                     AK/2           Chicago Whales          Art Wilson
JJBBG       Kid Carsey                                             AK/1           Cinn Kelly's Killers             None  
King/1      Frank Hankinson                                   Gonzo/2    Philadelphia Athletics      upgrade
 King/2     Gene Brabender                                    YBJ            Pitt Pirates                       George Grantham
Girl/1         Omar Infante                                          JW            ATL Braves                Craig Kimbrel
Girl/2         Silver Flint                                              Gonzo/1    Boston Reds            None
Gonzo/1      Claude Berry                                      RF/1          Brklyn Superbas       None
Gonzo/2       Rasty >Wright                                   Girl/2         Houston Astros          Ryan upgrade
OHM          Charlie Carr                                          Shawn     Minn Twins                Jim Kaat
RF/1         Jimmy McAleer                                     RF/2          Phila Phillies              O'Doul upgrade
RF/2         Paul Hines                                            God           Pitts Pirates              Jason Kendall
Guerra/1   Lou Fette                                             Randy/1     Diamondbacks         Byun-Hyun Kim       
Guerra/2     Ed O'Neill                                          6 Pack        CW Sox                    Dick Allen
Shawn        Biddy Dolan                                      King/2         Milw Brewers           Derrick Turnbow
AK/1          Tom O'Brien                                       OHM            Providence Grays          NONE
AK/2         Donovan Solano                                Guerra/1     STL Cards                  upgrade
Morgan     Jack Lewis                                         Guerra/2     Anaheim Angels       Francisco Rodriguez
JW             peaches graham                              Randy/2      CW Stockings               Marty Sullivan
TiDealer   Gus Dorner                                        TID               KC Packers                   Cliff Curtis
YBJ             Pop Smith                                         Siphon        NY Giants                      Freddy Lindstrom
6Pack         ANY Brooklyn Gladiators              King/1           Rochester Broncos     None          
kraft/1        Fritz Clausen                                   Morgan          Wash Nationals          Rafael belliard
kraft/2       Al Maul                                               kraft/2            Chicago Orphans            Buttons Briggs
Randy/1     Wayne Comer                                Alex                Ind. Hoosier-Feds       None
Randy/2        Matt Garza                                    Girl/1             Newark Peppers         None       
Alex            Ecky Stearns                                   JJBBG             Phila Quakers            Ben Sanders
                                                          Round 28

Owner           Player released                           Random.org          Player Picked

Devil          Tom Thomas                                 JW        Cubs                         Lee Smith
kraft/1        Billy O'Brien                                    AK/1     Chicago Whales     upgrade
kraft/2       Monte McFarland                            kraft/1   Detroit Tigers         Harry Heilmann
AK/1         Tom O'Brien                                     RF/2      KC Royals              Jose Offerman
AK/2         Bill Merritt     - Last pick                  Gonzo/1   NY Giants           Earl Battey
Gonzo/1   Ward Miller                                     Randy/2   TBRays                 Donier Navarro
Gonzo/2    Raasty Wright                               Devil         Toledo Maumees     Parson Nicholson
YBJ            Chief Roseman                           RF/1          ATL Braves              upgrade
JW             Charlie Bennett                            King/1      Cinn Reds               Rob Dibble
Shawn      Frank Hoffman                             Shawn      Indianapolis Hoosiers        Thanx but No Thanx
Randy/2     Marty Sullivan                              Morgan     NY Mets                           Jerry Koosman
6Pack       Tex McDonald                               Girl/1         STL Cards                       upgrade
OHM         Charlie Carr                                  Alex            Boston Braves              Sherry Magee
RF/1        Jimmy McAleer                               kraft/2       Cleve Naps                   Guy Morton
Girl/2       Silver Flint                                       jjbbg          Detroit Tigers              Bill Freehan 
RF/2        Fred Beck                                       Siphon       KC Packers                Gene Packard
God         Jim Burns                                      King/2         Oakland A's                 upgrade
King/2      Gene Brabender                         Guerra/2      SF Giants                Rod Beck
Guerra/1      Unknown Palmer                   God             STL Cards                   John Tudor
Guerra/2      Ned Hanlon                             OHM            Boston Americans      Bill Dinneen
Siphon        John Irwin                                  Guerra/1    Brooklyn Dodgers         Pass
King/1          Frank Hankinson                    6 Pack        Columbus Solons         Hank Gastright
Morgan      Yank Robinson   - Last Pick    Gonzo/2     Minn Twins                      upgrade
Alex            Ecky Stearns                               AK/2           Philadelphia Quakers    Pass
Girl/1         Omar Infante        - Last pick      Girl/2        Anaheim Angels              Mike Trout
JJBBG       Kid Carsey                                  YBJ           Boston Braves                   Jeff Heath

                                                       ROUND 29   Down to 22 Owners

Player released                                              Random.org                   Player Picked
JW       Lee Viau                                            Guerra/2          Brklyn Bridegrooms          Pass
AK/1    Frank Foreman                                 Randy/2          Detroit Tigers                     upgrade
kraft/1   Darby O'Brien                                  Devil                FL Marlins                           Cliff Floyd
RF/2    Fred Beck                                          RF/2                LA Dodgers                        upgrade
Gonzo/1   Charlie Hoover     Last Pick      RF/1               NY Giants                            upgrade
Randy/2    Buck Rodgers                            Gonzo/1         Phillies                           Scott Rolen and done           Last Pick
RF/1         Jimmy McAleer                             kraft/2            Diamondbacks                    Tony Clark
King/1      Hank O'Day                                   King/1           Cinn Red Stockings           PASS
Shawn     Frank Hoffman                             Alex                KC Royals                          Dennis Rasmussen Thanx for the words  Last Pick
Alex           Harry Lyons           Last Pick      King/2            Phila Athletics                     upgrade
kraft/2       Buttons Briggs                            Siphon           Wild Card Bing Bing Bing    Robinson Cano  Last Pick
Siphon     Tom Quinn            Last Pick       JW                  Beaneaters                         upgrade
King/2 Gene Barbender                               God               Bos Red Sox                    Fred Lynn
Guerra /2    Patsy Tebeau                             6Pack           Cleve Spiders                 PASS
God              Bob Miller                                   YBJ               Cinn Reds                        Cy Seymour
OHM           Cannonball Titcomb                  JJBBG          KC Athletics                     Octavio Dotel
Guerra/1     Unknown Palmer                      Gonzo/2        Oakland Athletics          upgrade
6Pack         Harry Stovey                                AK/1              Phillies                             Chase Utley
Gonzo/2      Ward Miller                                  kraft/1          STL Cards                    Willie McGee
Girl/2            John Dobbs     Last Pick          Shawn        ATL Braves                 Marquis Grissom
YBJ              Dummy Hoy                                 Guerra/1    Bos Red Sox             Carl Yazstremski
Devil            Bones Ely                                    OHM            CW Sox                       Johnny Mostil
JJBBG        Kid Carsey                                    Girl/2          LA  Dodgers              Juan Samuel          Last Pick
TiDealer    Gus Dorner                                   TiDealer      Providence Grays      Paul Hines

                                                     The FINAL ROUND 30

Down to 18 Owners for the final round

Player released                                         Random                                  Player picked
Guerra/1        Tommy Davis                       Randy/2       CW Sox                             Magglio Ordonez
Guerra/2        Patsy Tebeau                      YBJ                Cleveland Indians
AK/1               Frank Foreman                   God               Colorado Rockies             Andres Gallaraga
RF/1              Jimmy McAleer                    Shawn          LA Dodgers                        upgrade
RF/2              Bill Lange                              RF/1             NY Giants                          Slim Sallee
Gonzo/2        Carlie Hoover                       AK/1              NY Mets                            Robin Ventura
King/1           Gene Brabender                  OHM            STL Browns                      Lu Blue
King/2          Hank O'Day                             TID              Boston Red Sox
YBJ               Mike Griffin / Pick a ballpark       RF/2       Chicago Cubs                 Billy Herman
OHM             Bug Holiday                           JJBBG          Houston Astros                 Wes Stock
Shawn          Alfonso Soriano                   6Pack           Wildcard Bing Bing Bing    Elmer Steele
God               Al Scheer                              JW                STL Browns                        upgrade
6Pack           Harry Stovey                          King/1          Baltimore Orioles             Brooks Robinson
JW                 Lee Viau                               kraft/2           Brooklyn Dodgers            Jimmy Jordan
Randy/2       Buck Rodgers                     Guerra/2       Montreal Expos                 PASS        
TiDealer      Gus Dorner                           King/2           NYY                                      Bill Dickey
JJBBG         Kid Carsey / Pick a ballpark      Guerra/1     Phila Phillies                upgrade
kraft/2          Harry Sage                            Gonzo/2       Beaneaters                         Dick Johnston
When you are done with your pick .
Load all 25 players.
Name your team.
Enter the Ballpark you picked in the beginning( I have the list if you forgot)
See ya there.

2/25/2013 4:26 PM (edited)

I'm not sure how available I will be the next couple of days so....

Here are my picks for Rnds 24 and 25.  If they are unavailable for some strange unforseeable and just plain dumb reason, I will take some equally worthless players.

NY Metropolitans CHIEF ROSEMAN, 1885
Boston Americans HOBE FERRIS, 1907


2/18/2013 8:27 PM
AK 1 George Keefe and AK 2 Larry French
2/19/2013 7:16 AM
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