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only reason I know is I literally just looked up that team to see how it compared with my ginobili team this time.  I thought I had beat uva twice to win that one...
5/21/2013 6:05 PM
Too bad we cant get league chaining..
5/21/2013 6:07 PM
Ash the season that you beat 98average didn't he have the homecourt advantage and your team won game 7 in his house?
5/21/2013 6:35 PM
He had hca.  Don't remember series score but will look it up later if I remember.
5/21/2013 7:20 PM
congrats to mikee1 on winning the 52m XL championship....wilts reign of terror on this league continues
7/22/2013 2:17 PM
I believe i beat mikee1  for my championship.
7/22/2013 3:14 PM
Planning to put 16 points on Kareem's scoring record with Wilt this season.
7/22/2013 3:42 PM
I predict 46ppg.
7/22/2013 3:42 PM
and 46 losses
7/22/2013 4:00 PM
nate, good luck building around the 500lbs gorilla. Its a hugh challenge, played in many of scuds 500lbs gorilla theme leagues. Caps were always lower than 52m very hard to get the right mix of players to surround him with. Also,that  Wilt season use to cost 15 million a lot lower now. 
7/22/2013 5:03 PM (edited)
I've been working on numerous options for the last few days and if I stay with all low usage guys then it will be hard not to end up with over 22k minutes. I may take one mid-usage guy, but my OL team with the same Wilt going for 50.4ppg had 10 guys under 13.7, the 3 rookies of course and a long-range guy that was low 17's in usage (under 17.5)

Considering taking 4 guys and using them based on matchups, e,g, maybe a 90D G, a low D high ast% G, a passing big, and a high D boarding big, all of whom would likely leave some minutes on the table since there is just no way to avoid it if I stick with the 50ppg goal for Wilt.

Sounds like my problem is the exact opposite of the old days here. I could easily fill my minutes with the guys I actually want for 46-47 mill.
7/22/2013 5:44 PM
Posted by slymonium on 7/22/2013 4:00:00 PM (view original):
and 46 losses
I have learned a valuable lesson about assists thanks to my current ODL team. Also, even though it isn't 100% applicable I think I've learned something about efg bumps thanks to my HDP team, I have a handful of guys close to RL efg, a couple that are 3-5% below (and were never abused to the point where the individual penalty would explain it) and a set of players that are 5-7% above RL efg. All on the same team, but each subset has spent a majority of their minutes with players that have suffered or enjoyed similar results. There is a very fine line between an ast% efg bump and a lack of ast% aft penalty, at least with my HDP team this season.
7/22/2013 5:57 PM
Thanks for the well wishes (sarcastic or not) and the predictions. And NO, there is not a chance in hell that I'll wimp out and even consider using 3-peat Wilt. What I need with this Wilt can be acquired in the late rounds, IMO what my trade cost me in terms of positioning would make building a winner around 18.5 usage Wilt at this point more of a longshot than trying to with the 50ppg version.
7/22/2013 6:04 PM
congrats to longtallbrad for winning the 52m XLI championship...the longtime vet took a break from the league then came back strong to win his first ever title in this league

nate, as he predicted, crushed the ppg record....the team struggled but you cant fault mvp wilt....just 2 pts shy of 50...didnt think he could average that many

10/5/2013 3:53 PM
conggrats to ltb. and just wondering who was uvasooner and what happend to him?
10/5/2013 3:57 PM
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