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I am very curious who vancem thought to be better pick for combo guard for my 6th round. Given the budget crunch, I thought  that was the best choice. Wonder in which places I was wrong.

My 7 year hiatus contributed to poor grade. It seems that EFG% and CREB% are much more important now, where as projected total was more important long time ago. Part of it must be due to how other owners makes their team instead of major changes in simengine. Well, next time I will do better, I hope.

3/4/2013 2:45 AM
"12) xxevilivexx ------  Karl Malone. The player that I wanted after the Admiral was taken at # 10.  An offensive force that plays great D too. One of very few players with over 55% EFG and 30% Usage. Fantastic pick here as he was one of the last, if not the last, game dominator left on the board. The season with over 15% assists is my favorite for this league. Round 2 Dikembe Mutombo.  Great player to par with Malone up front. Very good defense and very good rebounding. The main components of the front line is set for playoff team. Will the guards be good enough to push this team into the top tier? IMO that's a definite maybe. Round 3 Reggie Miller. A very good pick here. Offense was needed. Miller has awesome EFG% along with very low negative numbers and over 41% from 3. 41 defense . . . well that is weak for this league. If the starting PG has less than 80 defense than I see problems on the end of the court. Nice job evil. Hopefully right players will still be there for you to finish this offensive monster. Round 4 Derek Harper. A very sauvy pick here. Harper plays very good defense at 80, assists well enough because Malone has 15% in that category, makes some 3s at 37% and shoots well enough from 2. Pretty low turnovers and fouls. The perfect addition next to Reggie Miller because you need some D at guard spots in this league. Very well done evil. Round 5 Charlie Ward. This could turn out to be a genius pick. Wards defense and assists are stellar. He shoots over 53% EFG wise and makes over 37% from 3. Use Harper to back up Miller and your guards are set. An SF is needed in round 6. Curious to see who is left at that point. The last 2 picks will determine whether or not this team will make the playoffs of make a deep run in the playoffs. I like this unit a lot. Round 6 Clarence Weatherspoon and Andrei Kirelenko. Well those 2 fill the bill at the SF position. I like both picks. Weatherspoon's 2700 minute season fits well and Kirelenko's 16 MPG season is really great. Nice defense between the 2 and Weatherspoons neagtive numbers are very low. Final Grade A."

So with my team, I had never tried Karl Malone and I tthink from what I've noticed, he can be a real MVP contender. That choice wasn't difficult, then I chose Mutombo to add the rebounding that Karl was lacking. I don't like taking guys who have an eFG below 50, so that was my basis for going forward to a degree. Reggie is always hard to determine in terms of draft position, I like to think he never would have made it back to me in round four. I needed the three's, but I needed the scoring punch as well. I didn't want to take a hit on defense, but I had to sacrifice that. The next pick it didn't make much sense to grab a backup and I felt as though the elite SF's were gone. So I had a list of Steve Nash, Maurice Cheeks and Derek Harper. I'll admit I wasn't leaning towards Harper at all. I've never used him before in the sim, but ultimately I added him to the team. I knew Charlie Ward would be chosen, I just didn't know where and wanted to add more defense at the PG spot. With round six, I had Weatherspoon on my radar since I had picked in round four and didn't give it any thought. I went against adding the lower minute backups to Malone and Mutombo and instead filled in the 3 spot with two guys that should compliment one another to an extent. I am fearful of my team turnovers and whether the backups to Malone and Mutombo can be as great as I want them to be. I think I am covered on all grounds, we steal, block, get to the line with a great percentage and shoots a reasonable, yet not ideal amount of three's. The defense should be one of the leagues best.
3/4/2013 9:24 AM
well, we'll see how my team works out. Robbins is either a great pick or an awful one. He's got great rebounding (11/26 for 38 min a game) but isn't very efficient; his usage is pretty low, though, and he shoots FT OK, so I don't think it will kill me. Importantly, he's 96% at SF, which allows me to take full advantage of Nance's 100 defense against PFs and Cs.

So with him, I'll be using the 2400 min 09-10 Gasol, not the 10-11 one - pretty close to the same, except slightly less efficient, and slightly better rebounder, and of course 600 fewer minutes. The 80 def Noah comes off the bench to back him up. Undrafted players will back up Robbins.

Rush is a steal IMO - 60% efg and 120 threes in the last round, along with 75 def, and really low fouls and turnovers. He backs up Nance and Barry (rebounding not great when he's in at SF).

Lebron will be backed up by undrafted players too, I suppose.

3/4/2013 1:48 PM
Amare Stoudemire 07-08 Suns C 28.7 59.9 16.0 59.2 7.8 20.1 5.2 1.0 3.3
Dwight Howard 10-11 Magic C 27.4 59.4 0.0 59.3 12.1 28.8 4.9 1.7 3.8
Jameer Nelson 08-09 Magic PG 23.2 52.6 44.9 58.0 1.7 9.8 23.3 1.8 0.1
Steve Nash 06-07 Suns PG 23.0 57.3 45.3 61.3 1.3 9.2 38.7 0.9 0.1
Horace Grant 91-92 Bulls PF 15.5 57.7 0.0 57.8 13.5 17.1 8.3 1.5 2.6
Chris Andersen 08-09 Nuggets PF 13.5 55.8 19.8 55.1 12.8 20.0 2.7 1.3 7.0
Doug Christie 02-03 Kings SG 12.7 52.4 39.4 54.5 2.4 9.9 17.0 2.9 0.8

this is probably the first time i truly felt i have the best team(so far)....if i get the guys i want for the 27 backup sf/pf mins and 15 mins at sg i think ill have enough defense and rebounding to stop teams from putting up 130 a night on me....fouls and turnovers are gonna be a problem but amare/howard are gonna be getting fouled as much as they give em and i dont really care about turnovers if im shooting 55% every game....christie was the key...needed that lbj/mj/wade/durant etc stopper....i would have loved to take a backup big in the 5th and wait to get him in the 6th but i couldnt take that risk...he was pretty much the only guy left with his combo of skills(80+ d, 3s, assists, low usg,low fls/tos,can play sg/pg) that played major mins....im pretty sure the offense is gonna be unstoppable....guaranteed to lead the league in fg% and probably overall ppg too depending on my division....id just like to take this time to remind everyone that nash still shoots 53/45 from the field at 23% usg and still has a 39% ast....4th round is absurd....hes gonna make all of you pay for that one...im expecting 50 wins and a final 4 spot

3/4/2013 4:11 PM
Yeah dh that team looks pretty great, although defensive rebounding looks a tad weak. Offensive rebounding looks good, but how many missed shots will you have to rebound? My team is kinda a contrast to yours - not nearly the same efficiency, although not bad in that regard, but really low (for me) turnovers and fouls. Defense is a little better for me too. I think it'll be interesting to see how efficient your team really is, cause I have some theories about the SIM and diminishing returns in pretty much every category.
3/4/2013 4:42 PM
I'll send you a site mail as time allows maglor1. Don't take the grade personally. I'm glad you came back. once you get the hang of it you will do well. You know the importance of defense and seem to have historical sense of who the great players are which does help. Too many have left recently. I'm trying to be helpful and have some humor without being too offensive which was an issue for me in the past.
3/4/2013 9:05 PM (edited)
Vance, I'm still using the best Barry season. Rush is backing up the 2 and 3.
3/4/2013 8:59 PM
    LeBron James 09-10 Cavaliers SF 33.7 55.6 33.2 54.5 2.9 17.4 28.0 2.0 1.5
    Larry Nance 91-92 Cavaliers PF 19.1 53.9 0.0 53.9 8.1 16.0 9.4 1.2 4.5
    Brent Barry 01-02 SuperSonics SG 16.2 59.0 42.3 61.1 2.1 13.7 17.7 2.2 0.7
    Pau Gasol 09-10 Lakers PF 21.5 53.5 0.0 53.6 10.7 21.4 11.4 0.7 2.7
    Joakim Noah 10-11 Bulls C 16.9 52.3 0.0 52.5 12.9 21.4 8.9 1.4 2.8
    Brandon Rush 11-12 Warriors SG 15.4 54.4 45.0 60.7 2.1 13.6 6.6 0.9 2.0
    Red Robbins 69-70 Buccaneers PF 16.7 48.7 30.9 48.4 10.8 26.3 6.6 1.1 1.6
3/4/2013 9:44 PM (edited)
My eyes are burning tar.
3/4/2013 9:12 PM
yeah, sorry, I've never been able to figure out how to do this correctly (I use Firefox if anyone has any tips)     
3/4/2013 9:34 PM
go back in and edit out the icons - you can highlight the cell and delete/back space and viola
3/4/2013 9:36 PM
You're a genius, or more likely I'm a moron. I swear I've tried that before.
3/4/2013 9:45 PM
vancem I looked at this roster and your eval is probably right.  Lenard is a Guard and it's already a full house back there.
Oh well this is an expansion franchise so if we hit .500 for season I'll be satisfied.  So much for great expectations!
3/4/2013 11:13 PM
   Team Pos Usage% 2pt%# 3pt%# eFG% OReb% DReb% Ast% Stl% Blk%
  Mookie Blaylock 96-97 Hawks PG 21.9 50.3 36.4 52.8 4.2 10.6 21.2 3.3 0.4
  Alex English 81-82 Nuggets SF 25.3 54.8 0.0 55.1 7.5 11.8 14.3 1.1 1.9
  Donyell Marshall 03-04 Bulls SF 19.7 49.1 40.3 52.5 7.5 21.9 6.1 1.5 2.6
  Zelmo Beaty 70-71 Stars C 20.3 55.7 50.5 55.5 11.0 23.5 5.4 1.1 2.8
  David Robinson 90-91 Spurs C 26.6 55.1 14.6 55.2 12.0 23.2 7.7 1.7 5.6
  Tony Allen 09-10 Celtics SG 19.8 51.6 0.0 51.0 7.1 11.8 10.5 3.1 1.3
  Vlade Divac 97-98 Hornets C 18.8 50.7 21.5 50.1 11.9 21.3 12.7 2.2 3.2

I'm not sure what i've got here. We could be very very good if DRob and English can find a nice balance to thier games and if mookie and marshall hit thier 3's and the Big Z gets his boards and gets to the foul line. Team defense and rebounding should be above average.

The backups Tony Allen provides very good defense and is a good offensive rebounder @ the SG position. I was really please to get Vlade Divac to back up my bigs, he complements both very well.

The real story here will be if my guards can control the MJ's and Lebron's in this league. I'm hoping Alex English brings his A game.

Thanks Vance for another great job with the evaluation. Now who is going to step up and stop the 3 peat.

3/5/2013 1:02 AM (edited)
    Name Team Pos Usage% 2pt%# 3pt%# eFG% OReb% DReb% Ast% Stl% Blk%
    Jason Terry 04-05 Mavericks PG 18.0 54.1 41.9 57.0 1.7 6.5 23.1 2.0 0.4
    Manu Ginobili 07-08 Spurs SG 29.2 49.7 39.8 54.0 3.1 14.2 19.7 2.3 0.9
    Dennis Rodman 91-92 Pistons PF 11.1 57.8 32.0 56.4 17.1 31.6 7.1 0.9 1.2
    Samuel Dalembert 09-10 76ers C 15.2 54.1 0.0 54.5 12.3 29.3 3.9 0.9 4.3
    Patrick Ewing 89-90 Knicks C 29.4 54.9 25.3 55.1 8.1 21.0 6.6 1.0 5.5
    Jayson Williams 95-96 Nets PF 20.8 42.2 28.3 42.4 18.9 27.3 3.6 0.9 1.8
    Walter Davis 78-79 Suns SF 29.0 59.1 34.8 58.6 4.9 11.0 14.3 2.3 0.6

I feel good about my team. I will always have a 6 usage guy on the court, EFGs of 58.6, 55.1, and 54. All three score in different ways, making it tough to adjust D. I'll still need to stack 3s and assists, but a certain PG I almost drafted in round 4 has a perfect season to back-up Terry with plenty of assists. 

And like I said in the draft forum, when Williams and Rodman are on the court at the same time? Good luck getting boards. This team has an identity, beast on the boards with some superstar scorers.
3/5/2013 7:30 PM (edited)
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