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I think this could possibly be the most realistic progressive league ever put together.  Been pondering it for a while now.  Here's the layout:

Career league setting w/ 16 total teams (2 divisions in each league, 4 teams per division)
Players are exclusive (only one of each)
Players can only be used for years they were active + years they may have served in WW2

For example, Ty Cobb played from 1905-1928.  He would be draft elgible preceeding the 1905 season, play through 1928 season and then be retired.  Ted Williams would still be elgible for 1943, 1944 & 1945.

$80 million cap.  This is plenty of money for career settings but would still guard against stacking teams.
Snake draft to start league, beginning in 1901.  All players active for 1901 season will be elgible for draft.  
Normal draft for all years after based upon previous year's record.
You can pick your city & mascot & any stadium, but no duplicate stadiums.  Could be fun if everyone choose the city they currently live in, but that's up to you.

If you're interested, pick a city, stadium & mascot below.  Once we have 16 I will set up a draft.  First come first serve.  Also, feel free to post questions below, but I won't be interested in too many funky changes.

2/26/2013 11:58 AM (edited)
Here's an idea.  Build your own stadium.  Again, each will be exclusive.  But as you claim a team, you can claim any stadium you want regardless of era and that will be the one your team builds for the 1901 season and every season after.  For example, you could claim Wrigley Field as there was nothing stopping someone from building a stadium with the same dimensions earlier.  But you could build it in Des Moines, Iowa, instead, and call yourselves the Des Moines Tornados or something equally awesome.
2/26/2013 12:42 AM
I will play. Sounds like a fun league
2/26/2013 8:54 AM
Will select my city and ballpark soon
2/26/2013 8:56 AM
I've never used the career settings, before. Count me in.
Question about the ballparks---You said the ballparks must be in "actice use", but then you suggested building Wrigley Field in 1901. Which is correct?
2/26/2013 10:25 AM
hey cards, that's something i'm pondering.  I may have to go back and edit because i decided it would be cool if everyone could "build there own ballpark" by selecting an exclusive ballpark based on the dimensions they desire.  so even though modern ballparks didn't exist in 1901, there's no reason why someone couldn't build one with the same dimensions, right??  the dimensions are the only part that comes into play anyway, so it won't be like you really have a retractable roof or train running over the outfield fence.

glad you and szczubelek are in!!  i expect a few more to pop in before today is over, and maybe we can get this thing running before too long.
2/26/2013 11:43 AM
to insure that we have enough stamina & innings for each team, we will run with AAA (average ability, normal #) as well.
2/26/2013 11:57 AM
I'm interested. What's the league number?
2/26/2013 12:18 PM
Guess I'll build Target field. I'll place it just outside of Minneapolis, in Wichita.
2/26/2013 12:18 PM
bnicarlson - very happy to have you involved!  league # not released yet as I'm still playing with the settings.  But we are going to have a draft to start things out before the teams are placed.  Players will be exclusive, so if you draft Cy Young, you will be the only one with him.  League will start at season 1901 and go from there.  After season 1901 is over, a draft of new players who debut in 1902 will proceed the 1902 season.  Philosophies will probably include the win now approach vs the build a franchise approach.  Hoping all the owners are in for the long haul.
2/26/2013 1:18 PM
Owners list + City + Stadium.  Stadiums are exclusive.

1. cardsfan + Witchita + Target Field
2. bullmoose + Sunnydale Demons + Dodger Stadium
3. szczubelek + Mackinaw Island + Comerica Park
4. bnicarlson + TBA + Comisky Park (I)
5. topkat + Richmand Spiders + Minute Maid Park
6. dspahlinger + Charlotte Hornets + Sportsmen Park
7. deafheaven + Sudbury Nutrinos + Nationals Park
8. stlnathan + St. Louis Browns + Wrigley Field
9. blueorange + TBA +TBA
10. btoy1975 + Bay CIty Brawlers + TBA
11. danidon + Portland Sea Dogs + Fenway Park
12.  gigrant + Port City Pirates + Palace of the Fans

3/11/2013 1:07 AM (edited)
GI count me in.....I never...and I mean haven't even looked stats.....but always on lookout for something new to try.  I will be the Sunnydale Demons and use Dodger Stadium.
2/26/2013 5:21 PM
i'll help you out as needed Bull.  it's actually not too revolutionary.  For example, the career version of Mike Schmidt was a .268 hitter, OB% .381 & Slg% .528, and he averaged 28 doubles, 4 triples & 37 hrs a year at the price of $6.57m per year.  So once we get to the mid 70's, someone could draft Schmidt and expect similar numbers until his retirement.  Obviously ballparks and competition can have a effect on these numbers/expectations.

basically, the career version assigns a value based upon that player's average season, and uses that ave in the sim engine (much like an open league uses the chosen season).

in this league, we will run with career versions and players will be elgible starting in their rookie years until they retire.  WW2 will be cancelled, so players will continue playing during the war IF they played before & after it in real life.  it's a way to honor guys like Feller & Williams once we get that far.  even though i love Shoeless Joe, the Black Sox will remained banned after 1920.  It's just a fresh take on the Progressive League ideas.  A new challenge!!  I might prove to be more accurate as it guards against crazy stastical abnormalies.  We will see........
2/26/2013 5:58 PM
We will take Comerica Park and put it on a flatbed time machine and head up north to Mackinaw Island.
Team nickname TBD
2/26/2013 7:11 PM
I am not interested in joining, though nothing against the league or the idea. But I wanted to ask something: since the career stats are exactly as gigrant explains, won't that mean that players will have the same "season" (the average one of their career) every season from their rookie year till retirement ? 

Granted, a combination of normal standard deviation and slight variations (some new players in the league each season) will mean there will be variations in their performance from season to season, but even so, all 20 some odd seasons of Ty Cobb will have him batting .367 etc. 

So won't the lack of variety in player performance - players don't wear down as time goes on, so Babe Ruth or Willie Mays will be just as good toward the end of their careers as in their peak seasons - mean little incentive to make roster changes ? No need to drop players who have slowed down in performance, meaning that teams, except when players actually retire, will merely replace one career player with a better one or else have no incentive to draft new ones ? 

Am I missing something here ? After a short time the result will be All-Star teams it seems: you have the same players as last season - none have declined, and so you draft some player who also has no rookie season and needs no time to develop, so the team gets stronger and so do your opponents' teams, with only the occasional retirement putting a dent in the overall upward trend. 

This might be something a lot of people like, but it seems like it deserves mention as a likely outcome, since part of the attraction of progressive leagues is that players change and develop over time. These players won't. 
2/26/2013 7:45 PM
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Progressive Keeper League using Career Setting Topic

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