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Van, Gin resurrected that in the Parallel Progressive League (PPL). I really want to force the teams to use around 25% of the available players. Most all leagues use the top 5-10% of the player pool. I think that using a larger  percentage of the available player pool makes the league harder, I think it takes more skill also. That's really why I started this league. My favorite league is the ATBA prog. league, we pick 288 out of about 400, or so. That tough...
4/11/2013 3:35 AM
Your right dh, I was just thinking about it and wrote it down. I'm out shamelessly promoting this league. I'm not at all above begging, if needed. I think we'll fill quickly. If necessary I'll allow two teams per owner, but first let's see if it fills @ 1 team/owner. Should be alot of fun though.
4/11/2013 3:44 AM
I'm in.
4/11/2013 1:02 PM
You can count me IN
4/11/2013 2:52 PM

Vance has an interesting idea. If someone wanted 2 teams that would really be interesting. Count me in. Hope it takes

4/12/2013 4:24 PM
I'll wait til Tue 4/16, then open it up to 2 teams per owner.
4/12/2013 5:11 PM
Bernardo: so what are the official rules? and We are in just for the sake of kicking Smoke's team behind :)
4/12/2013 8:36 PM
Bernardo, I just finished updating the original post, it has the rules. Pretty much the same as the ODL, with a smaller available player pool. But this is DDL #1, the only chance to get a good draft position without having to eat dirt the prior season..cool huh.
4/12/2013 11:20 PM
NOTICE - I've had time to think about this league abit and have updated the original post. It now hopefully contains all the 411 you need. Owners already in should check it out again.
4/12/2013 11:40 PM
I've been working on my draft list, it's scary. The draft is going to be more complex than ever. You can kiss that +53% eFG on 6 players goodbye. I'll most likely see my defensive wall go dancing off with my eFG%. MJ, both Malone's, Rodman, Dr J, Bird, Magic and Stockton....then it gets really hard. I had a donimating Jabbar team beat in the 7th game of the final, by Willis Reed & Co. in a 70's league, so one never know in this type of format. Hope it fills soon, can't wait.
4/13/2013 12:02 AM
Smokey the format is fine but ABAA draft puts the B (24th\25 th pick) at a disadvantage.
ABAA will go A= 1,48,49,73 B= 24,25,72,96
for a full 12 rd. draft most leagues use ABBA with one pick throughout entire 12 rds. 
 Rd. 1   2    3    4       5      6      7      8     (repeat ABBA through last 4 rds.)
A=   1  48,  72, 73,   97,  144, 168, 169,    Rd. 9 A starts with pick 193.
B= 24, 25, 49,  96,  120, 121, 145, 192,

This has been the traditional 12 rd. format and I think it's the fairest for all 24 teams
ABAB is what ODL uses with the 6 rd. draft for a 7 player roster + 5 undrafted.
4/13/2013 1:21 AM
OK, I'll change it.
4/13/2013 3:17 AM
It's now ABBA though 12 rounds
4/13/2013 3:46 AM
Posted by smokey57 on 4/13/2013 3:46:00 AM (view original):
It's now ABBA though 12 rounds
To speed the draft up you can make two picks for rds. 9 & 10.
It will have pretty much the same outcome especially with a cap
4/13/2013 11:06 AM
4/13/2013 3:34 PM
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DDL #1 - It's the 80's (full / waiting list) Topic

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