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Rookies (8):

P Baker, Jason  Iowa $1,509,750
P Colquitt, Dustin  Tennessee  $1,000,875
P Frost, Derrick  Northern Iowa  $1,133,625
P Graham, Ben  Deakin (Australia) $1,576,125
P Hodges, Reggie  Ball State $735,375
P Kluwe, Chris  UCLA $1,620,375
P Koenen, Michael  Western Washington  $1,377,000
P Sander, B.J.  Ohio State $978,750

5/16/2013 9:07 AM (edited)

Cuts (7):

P Araguz, Leo  NFL Cut $1,111,500
P Gardocki, Chris NFL Cut $1,332,750
P Harris, Nick  NFL Cut $1,554,000
P Johnson, Dirk  NFL Cut $1,266,375
P Richardson, Kyle  NFL Cut $1,177,875
P Rouen, Tom  NFL Cut $1,288,500
P Stanley, Chad  NFL Cut $912,375

5/16/2013 9:07 AM (edited)
Extra Players Lists (EXPs) - The following final season players can be used by any team during the 2005 season only.  Every team will take 2 Extra Players.
4/18/2013 1:29 PM (edited)
Extra Players (EXPs):

Quarterbacks (6):

QB Bouman, Todd  EXP $325,000
QB Hasselbeck, Tim  EXP $325,000
QB Maddox, Tommy  EXP $325,000
QB McMahon, Mike  EXP $325,000
QB Pickett, Cody  EXP $325,000
QB Ramsey, Patrick EXP $325,000

5/18/2013 9:35 AM (edited)
Extra Players (EXPs):

Running Backs (13):

RB Cloud, Mike  EXP $442,376
RB Finn, Jim  EXP $647,363
RB Fleming, Troy  EXP $571,182
RB Green, Justin  EXP $463,050
RB Hedgecock, Madison  EXP $551,654
RB Johnson, Jeremi  EXP $627,717
RB Johnson, Kyle  EXP $825,353
RB Mahe, Reno  EXP $949,828
RB Parry, Josh  EXP $640,657
RB Payton, Jarrett  EXP $793,248
RB Robertson, Jamal  EXP $414,406
RB Shelton, Daimon  EXP $648,492
RB Williams, Moe  EXP $535,337

5/18/2013 9:36 AM (edited)
Extra Players (EXPs):

Wide Recievers (24):

WR Amey, Otis  EXP $325,000
WR Armstrong, Derick  EXP $325,000
WR Berlin, Eddie  EXP $325,000
WR Boston, David  EXP $325,000
WR Brown, Antonio  EXP $325,000
WR Devoe, Todd  EXP $325,000
WR Farris, Jimmy  EXP $325,000
WR Ford, Carl  EXP $325,000
WR Howry, Keenan  EXP $325,000
WR Johnson, Patrick  EXP $325,000
WR Marshall, Rasheed  EXP $325,000
WR Mathis, Jerome  EXP $325,000
WR McAddley, Jason  EXP $325,000
WR McCants, Darnerien  EXP $325,000
WR Pathon, Jerome  EXP $325,000
WR Perry, Tab  EXP $325,000
WR Poole, Nate  EXP $325,000
WR Ridgeway, Dante  EXP $325,000
WR Smith, Jonathan  EXP $325,000
WR Swinton, Reggie  EXP $325,000
WR Taylor, Jamaar  EXP $325,000
WR Thurman, Andrae  EXP $325,000
WR Watts, Darius  EXP $325,000
WR White, Dez  EXP $325,000

5/18/2013 9:36 AM (edited)
Extra Players (EXPs):

Tight Ends (16):

TE Berton, Sean  EXP $325,000
TE Diamond, Lorenzo  EXP $325,000
TE Flemister, Zeron  EXP $325,000
TE Guenther, Gregg  EXP $325,000
TE Hall, Lamont  EXP $325,000
TE Holmes, Alex  EXP $325,000
TE Johnson, Teyo  EXP $325,000
TE Jones, Brian  EXP $325,000
TE Kozlowski, Brian  EXP $325,000
TE Kranchick, Matt  EXP $325,000
TE Lewis, Chad  EXP $325,000
TE Murphy, Matt  EXP $325,000
TE Perry, Ed  EXP $325,000
TE Pierce, Brett  EXP $325,000
TE Smith, Trent  EXP $325,000
TE Williams, Roland  EXP $325,000

5/18/2013 9:36 AM (edited)
The Cuts have been updated for 22 of 24 Keepers Lists.  I also corrected Rookie Punters.

I will update EXPs in the next couple of days.

4/29/2013 8:53 PM
I have made updates to most of the Cuts and also the EXP lists with all 24 teams submitted.

The EXPs will be finalized during the draft but look pretty good.  I've removed any players that are current Keepers on a roster.

5/2/2013 11:30 AM
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