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I can't update practice plans on chrome.  Any idea why?
I haven't had that issue. Are you on a chromebook, or just the chrome browser?
Browser.  IE works fine for updating practice, Chrome just sits there and thinks until forever.
I updated my practice plan this morning using the Chrome browser on my laptop. I got the "Success" message in a snap.

Chrome isn't the issue; I have yet to find a site I can't use with Chrome.

Strongly considering purchasing chromebook pixel. Nice piece of hardware.
its a shame it took 20 years for the chromebooks to actually come out, i think they were one hell of an idea, 20 years ago. but i guess the internet was too small, microsoft too evil. thing is, today you can get a regular laptop for a few hundred, so why do you need a browser-only box? save on software? 

even 10 years ago, i think the internet was big enough, and laptops expensive enough, for a browser based OS to make major headway in the laptop market. but i think today, i just dont see the mass penetration that was possible back then.
I think the market it is going for - of which I am a part - is the person who is torn between a laptop and a tablet. For a comparable price to many tablets, the chromebook (with real keyboard) allows for more than just content consumption, because the full keyboard allows for (easier) content generation.

The largest drawback (to me) was the lack of compatibility with Netflix. Now that is no longer and issue, and I think the chromebook serves a nice role, especially as a second machine.
4/22/2013 7:42 AM
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DAMN 1300 bucks for a chromebook pixel? well ****, i thought that would be like, the 350 dollar big brother to the 250 dollar regular chromebook. it seems pretty far fetched to be able to sell large quantities of those, when you can get a full featured high end laptop instead. i mean, im rooting for them all the way, but still...
I bought the pixel over a month ago. love it. better screen than macbook pro w/ retina screen which is this laptops greatest feature. i use the touchscreen all the time surprisingly especially when viewing photos (to enlarge and shrink) or to watch a show on hbogo. fast as all hell (start up & internet browsing) and has built in LTE from verizon so no need to always be on wifi. Came with 1 TB of google drive for 3 years as well ($1800 value). No more annoying security updates or windows updates. Like a tablet/ipad this thing goes from sleep to ready to use in less than 1 second. amazing. Paid $900 off craigslist (brand new).

The only thing I dislike is they have citrix for the chrome OS but my employer isn't set up to work with chrome OS so I have to use my old POS laptop for that.

Also as a side note I just ordered the $35 chromecast so I can relay everything I do in the chrome browser to my TV (especially videos/photos). Seems simple to use (especially with the pixel) which is more my preference as I get older ;)

Oh... and wis works on my chromebook - just so I can stay on topic lol .
8/3/2013 11:24 PM
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