The Ultimate Baseball Season XXXVII(Full Waitlist) Topic

Blacklisted seasons: 1901, 1910, 1912, 1914, 1915, 1920, 1964,1981*, 1985, 1992,1999

Blacklisted Stadiums: Astrodome*, Colt, Dodger, Griffth Park, Olympic, Oriole Park IV, Palace of the Fans, Polo Grounds V, Safeco, Shibe, Sportsman Park III

*Temporarily blacklisted

Past Champions:
season I: 1998-Cinergy (theHabu)
season II: 2000-Jacobs Field (5pointtoss)
season III: 1981-Astrodome (Heavy_PRB)
season IV: 1920-Sportsman Park III (finn2030)
season V: 2004-Great American Ballpark (River_Rats)
season VI: 1910-South Side Park III (bbondsmvp)
season VII: 1927-Wrigley-IL (tau1624)
season VIII: 1930-Navin (moneybonn)-GC
season IX: 1985-Olympic (jbohrman)-GC
season X: 1912-Griffth Park (tau1624)-GC
season XI: 1977-Riverfront (auggieward)-GC
season XII: 1915-Comiskey I (finn2030)-GC
season XIII: 1923-Redland (River_Rats)-GC
season XIV: 1999-Safeco (tau1624)-GC
season XV: 1916-League Park II (moneybonn)-GC
season XVI: 1946-Crosley (Marlowe)-GC
season XVII: 1994-Oakland (alston)-GC
season XVIII: 2003-Qualcomm (moneybonn)- GC
season XIX: 1901-Oriole Park IV (ybjsports)- GC
season XX: 1919-Baker Bowl (ybjsports)-GC
season XXI: 1905-Exposition Park III (rmalone)-GC
season XXII: 1980-Busch I (socali)-GC
season XXIII: 1902-South End Grounds III (wmays)-GC
season XXIV: 1972-Anaheim Stadium (DarthDurron)-GC
season XXV (TOC I): 1999-Safeco (tau1624)-GC
season XXVI: 1992-County (DarthDurron)-GC
season XXVII: 1915-Polo Grounds V (wmays) -GC
season XXVIII: 1969-Candlestick (DarthDurron)-GC
season XXIX (TOC II): 1985-Olympic (jbohrman)-GC
season XXX: 1930-Navin (ybjsports)-GC
season XXXI: 1905-Exposition Park III (rmalone) GC
season XXXII: 1992-Dodger (DarthDurron) GC
season XXXIII: 1914-Shibe (tau1624) GC earned
season XXXIV: (TOC III) 1999-Safeco (tau1624) GC earmed
season XXXV: 1910-Palace of the Fans-jbohrman GC earned
season XXXVI: 1964-Colt-celticus GC earned


First Round
1906/South End Grounds (0) vs 1995/Busch (3)
2004/Angel (2) vs 1964/Colt (3)
1909/Exposition Park III (3) vs 1928/Redland (1)
1946/Ebbetts (3) vs 1996/Oriole Park  (2)

League Championship
1995/Busch (1)  vs 1964/Colt (4)
1909/Exposition Park III (1)  vs 1946/Ebbetts (4)

World Series
1964/Colt (4)  vs 1946/Ebbetts (1)

5/13/2013 6:20 PM (edited)
Pick any baseball season that is not BLACKLISTED. Select ONLY players who played during that season. The season is EXCLUSIVE.
  • Pick a ball park that is not BLACKLISTED and was used in the season you pick; however, ball park is EXCLUSIVE league wide.
  • For the initial declaration of seasons/stadiums, returning owners from the previous season MUST select a different season/stadium that they just used. (aka "1912" Rule). The ONLY exception is if AFTER the initial declaration of seasons/stadiums have been completed. Then a returning owner may reclaim that season or stadium for the upcoming season.
  • $120M salary cap.
  • No Clones, No DH, No WW.
  • Average AAA (6/2).
  • Trades of AAA players ONLY.
  • Team name MUST include season you pick (i.e. All-Stars of 1980).
  • Teams will be realigned randomly once.
  • Two team limit per owner. However, the second team will be placed on the waitlist upon declaration. The reason the second team is placed on the waitlist is because I want to give as many owners the opportunity to qualify for The ultimate baseball season Tournament of Champions. If the league is NOT filled at the time the World Series is completed, any owner who declared a second team will be able to fill the spot.
  • $10 GC awarded to WS season winner. This will be provided by WIS Admin or myself after every fifth season starting from Season XXVIII.
4/21/2013 1:54 AM
1. Heavy_PRB-1972-Riverfront
2. wmays-1946-Fenway
3. DarthDurron-1969-Crosley
4. mattyberk-1993-Skydome
5. tau1624-2004-Petco
6. winterhawk-1931-Forbes
7. antoncresten-1988-Veterans
8. hogger0223-1921-Braves Field
9. gees51-2012-Yankee III
10. celticus-1909-Exposition
11. jbohrman-1945-Ebbetts
12. alice-1994-Shea
13. good_beef-1975-Jarry
14. fatboydad54-1943-Comiskey I
15. finn2030-1924-Cubs Park
16. eschwartz67-2011-Network Associates
17. River_Rats-1927-Redlands
18. jbohrman-1916-League Park II
19. bmagnan-2000-Wrigley
20. ybjsports-1998-Tiger
21. BLCROW-1984-Royals
22. tau1624-1977-Metropolitan
23. sjh0825-1995-Coors
24. Heavy_PRB-1987-Metrodome

1.  crackatoeha-1906-TBD
5/21/2013 11:58 PM (edited)
4/21/2013 3:01 AM
I am in. Season and stadium TBD.
4/21/2013 6:56 AM
1993 and Skydome
4/21/2013 10:23 AM
2004/Petco Park and please waitlist for 2nd team.
4/21/2013 12:04 PM
In - season and park TBD
4/21/2013 5:01 PM
4/21/2013 5:26 PM
1931-  Forbes Field  
4/21/2013 6:22 PM (edited)
1921 for me please polo grounds v
4/21/2013 7:20 PM (edited)
i will try 1946 and Comiskey II

want to give rapid  robert a trot out there

4/22/2013 10:59 AM (edited)
4/23/2013 8:47:00 AM
RE: The Ultimate Baseball Season League Records
I am in with 2012
4/23/2013 2:00 PM
4/23/2013 2:44:00 PM
RE: The Ultimate Baseball Season League Records
thank you I will play in yankee stadium
4/23/2013 7:01 PM
Posted by wmays on 4/21/2013 3:01:00 AM (view original):
Welcome back.
4/23/2013 8:22 PM
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The Ultimate Baseball Season XXXVII(Full Waitlist) Topic

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