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Posted by dacj501 on 4/28/2013 3:53:00 AM (view original):
I did not play the game before potential, although now that you have clearly spelled it out for me it seems like something that I should have reasonably been able to intuit myself. I too am confused then how one could exchange info that did not apparently exist. Thank you for point out my error. 

ETA: That sounds pretty boring actually, and I am glad they changed it...
Sorry to come across as a smartass, it's late and I'm tired.  I really do think (at least I hope) that CBG meant that sarcastically.  If he didn't, then I'M the one who is confused.  Apologies again for the "tone" of my post.
One could read sarcasm into my first response I suppose as well. I could just as clearly gone with "Scouting trips?" and avoided any misunderstanding. I didn't give it enough thought. No worries! 
Fair enough, we'll call it even!  It's late, I'm off to get some sleep, gotta work early in the morning.  Take care, no hard feelings here.
4/28/2013 4:01 AM
you know, when you think about it, it really seems like almost the same thing, only with potential you get occasional high high guys with outrageous growth. In both it seems like you must pore over pages of search results to identify the best targets for growth (or those with simply outstanding starting values) and then fight for them with other coaches during recruiting based on perceived value, only now not everything grows, and the degree of growth is more restrictive as far as player control unless you spend even more time on the searching and sorting, and coaches must now trade off recruiting dollars for the ability to see all the basic limits, but this situation creates issues regarding sharing of information. Its almost like if the sharing of information is the biggest dishonesty issue that no  potential or even colonels beloved freeFSS would be solutions to the multiple team issue. I don't personally think info sharing is but a small part of the issues with multiple teams, but I don't remember if this is a multiple team thread or not, so I won't elaborate. 
4/28/2013 4:07 AM
So if Free FSS isn't the only problem with multiple-teamed users in the same world, what the hell are people actually griping about?

There is NO WAY that having 2 schools 10 miles apart could even get you a recruit for either school.  The only things you can do are buy FSS with one team and use it for both or knock a recruit out of contention from another can't "tag team" to win a recruit (do people get this because I'm not sure) except for what happened to dshook30 (which is wrong and is/should be outlawed), and even that wasn't so much "tag teaming" as picking which school wanted which recruit.  The guilty cheater/poacher wasn't using 2 schools on the same recruit...just 1 on one and 1 on the other.

4/28/2013 1:18 PM
Posted by gillispie1 on 4/28/2013 1:59:00 AM (view original):
the reality is that these same coaches were accused of using multiple teams to share scouting info and thus, to win championships, since before potential even existed. so tbird does kind of have you there.
yeah, this was sarcastic... i thought that was pretty obvious, especially to those who played before, and realize there was nothing to share -- sorry for any confusion! just was a follow up to angmar's "what about guys with 1 team/world, clearly they dont just win through FSS sharing", a lot of the coaches with multiple teams now had those same IDs in those same worlds before potential, and were just as (if not more) successful then.
4/30/2013 6:00 PM (edited)
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