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Welcome to Smokey's Cafe, where the DDL crowd gets the news.

I'll stop in regularly and try to be here around 6pm PDT. (9pm EDT)
4/29/2013 8:41 PM
Lol, I love it!
4/29/2013 8:46 PM
Assuming the list in the other forum is simply a list of teams and no draft slots have been assigned yet?
4/29/2013 10:22 PM
Smokey: (1) advise that you reserve the next 5-6 spots in the other forum thread for things like an alpha-list.

(2) I have no problem being pick 15, 1, 24 or whatever, but why did you put all the guys with a 2nd team at the bottom? There is NO WAY a random draw could have resulted in that outcome.
4/29/2013 10:36 PM

nate, the list in the "theme league" forum DDL Draft is the draft order list. The 2nd teams presented a problem, I didn't want second teams getting a pick before everybody had a 1st pick. So I put them last and in the reverse order the owners picked with their 1st pick. I think that this is the fairest way to handle the problem.

4/30/2013 12:47 AM
Sounds fair to me, but I'm not one of the guys with two teams, guess you'll have to hear their takes. When are you assigning divisions?
4/30/2013 12:59 AM
smokey are we going ABBA?  I'll go ahead and set it up with an alpha list if you like.
let me know. 
Doesn't bother me 2s' go last as long as we get appropriate lottery slots if we lose.
4/30/2013 1:15 AM
Yes, we are going ABBA, go ahead. Thanks alot. In season #2 I intended to go reverse w/l record on returning owners.
4/30/2013 1:46 AM
It's late but I have a few more minutes in me. I'd like to set the tone for this league; the tone is SoCal laid back. I want us all to remember we're here to play a game and have a good time doing it. I'm a very cooporative Commish, what I want most is for us all to be as happy with the situation as possible. As Commish in my NBA Style leagues I know that you have to make discisions based on what the majority wants, not each individual owners desires. In the end I'm sure it will be an overall great experience.

I have 10 DDL seasons planned, if we run 5 leagues a year that should be a comfortable pace. Plus I want us to get to the 10th season (2005-2014) just as the 2013-14 roster comes out.
WRT the draft, I've said 48hrs OTC, but if the draft moves along quickly I see no reason to go on the clock. If we need a clock we'll shedule the draft. I actually think it goes quicker OTC if we all cooporate.

Comments are always encouraged and welcome. This is our league, let's make it great!

Oh....and GL
4/30/2013 4:33 AM (edited)
Movies from the 80's
A View to a Kill                                     War Games                                      RoboCop
The Empire Strikes Back                   Risky Business                               Who Framed Roger Rabbit
Return of the Jedi                                Easy Money                                      Die Hard
Stir Crazy                                              The Big Chill                                      Dead Poet's Society
Licence to Kill                                      Top Gun                                              American Gigolo 
The Blue Brothers                               Ruthless People                              Octopussy
Urban Cowboy                                    Fatal Attraction                                 For Your Eyes Only
Caddyshack                                        Ferris Bueller's Day Off                  Predator
Pee-Wee's Big Adventure               Good Morning Viet Nam                  
Porky's                                                 Lethal Weapon
Wrath of Khan                                    The Untouchables
4/30/2013 12:54 PM
Classic's from the 80's
'86 Class of Nuke'Em High            '86 Redneck Zombies            '87 Surf Nazi's Must Die
'85 The Toxic Avengers                  '85 Ghoulies                              '83 The Evil Dead (not related to the Grateful Dead)
'82 Conan the Barbarian                '84 Conan the Destroyer        '81 Body Heat
'81 Raiders of the Lost Ark           '81 The Road Warrior              '86 Blue Velvet
'83 Thriller                                         '81 Excape from NY                  '81 Blade Runner
'88 Rain Man                                           Full Metal Jacket                       The Terminator
      Revenge of the Pink Panther       Revenge of the Nerd's             Porky's Revenge
      Slumber Party Massacre

For those who didn't see the post earlier, we are using 80's movies title to name our teams. Here's about 50 titles to help those not here in the 80's and those who were but forgot. Most of us that were here in the 80's are alittle fuzzy on that decade. If you could post your team name that would help with the book keeping. Thx
4/30/2013 1:35 PM (edited)
Well, here we go, thought Bird might make it back to me @ 7th. Fat chance, he went 3rd...crap!
4/30/2013 1:33 PM
smokey 1 - "Back to the Future"
smokey 2 - "Smokey & The Bandit"
sukow  1 - "Big Trouble in Little China"
sukow 2 - "Major League"
nate - "Bad Boy's"
coach - "Weird Science"
alecmcafee - "Spaceballs"
skypilot 1 - "Redneck Zombies"
husker - "Sudden Impact"
seapilots 1 - "The Naked Gun"
seapilots 2 - "Time Bandits"
cmcafeeky - "Blues Brothers"
thomcat - "The Big Chill"
kdforester - "Weekend at Bernie's"
5/5/2013 7:27 PM (edited)
Ok, I have to deal with the 2 team owners in the Division assignments. Thought I would randomize the five owners and the 1st goes in the Atlantic, 2nd in the Central, 3rd Atlantic, 4th Central & 5th Atlantic. Then repeat the process in the Midwest & Pacific. The remaining owners will randomly fill the Atlantic down though the Pacific.
4/30/2013 1:58 PM
I realize I took a long time to pick, but I think we should consider timing the draft at some point.  Perhaps after today give everyone a time slot.
4/30/2013 2:27 PM
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Smokey's DDL Cafe (closed for remodeling) Topic

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