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Some may think the P. Pressey pick was too early, but look at it this way. Pressey plays 100% @ PG, SG & SF and has high def. I would have taken him later any way and I didn't pass on anyone in particular. This leaves me a great deal of flexiblity in future draft picks. Then I took T. Porter (PG) now I still have flexibilty wrt a SG or SF with future picks. In a limited player pool this stratagy is working out pretty well.
5/7/2013 10:02 AM
Damn, I was ALL about Byron Scott this round, alas two slots too late............
5/7/2013 11:50 AM
Scott was a good pick. I think owners are starting to look at their usage. Seems usage in the 80's in a bit low, on the whole.
5/7/2013 1:00 PM
NOTICE - I've seen no "nay" votes on the "trades" matter, so it looks like we should incorporate "trades" into the league. See the rules in the earlier post on page 7.
5/7/2013 9:34 PM (edited)
What page/ forum is the trade info on, smoke?
5/7/2013 1:26 PM
page 7
5/7/2013 2:44 PM
I see trades this way, say you have a high usage starter and I have a low usage starter in similar positions (forward/forward), we may be able to work a trade to balance our usage. Mostly, I think mid-level players will get traded to fine tune teams. This is what I was thinking when introduced trades into the league.
5/7/2013 11:39 PM
When do you suppose the last time Bill Laimbeer, Fat Lever & Sleepy Boy Floyd got cyberwood time This league should make SIM just plain giddy.
5/8/2013 3:05 PM
I'm IN
5/8/2013 9:15 PM
smokey the 98. pick for cj is a head stratcher.  don't think he fits.  But I'm still
wondering why I chose Reggie King over Kermit?
I will play King (99%) at SF for his rebs.  but Washington at SF (97%) probably
would have been better w/ 80 D.  Oh Well................
5/9/2013 3:59 PM
CJ originally sent me a sm saying he had work come up and wouldn't be able to pick, he take scrub's and would fix it later. I sm back saying I would pick for him, no matter what my pick was it would be better than the scrub's. Then CJ sm with proxy picks and I read it, then had a senior moment and totally forgot the 2nd sm. I assume I over extended myself. Without remembering the 2nd sm, the reason I didn't take Kermit was Kermits 11% usage. No amount of talent would cover for a team going into low usage penalty. If I had the time to load CJ's team into my board I might have seen he could afford the 11% usage, but I didn't. When I checked back on my sm's who do you think was the first choice, right Kermit. In short I let CJ down and I'm really bummed out by my failure.
5/9/2013 7:18 PM
I didn't take Kermit for myself for the same reason (11%usage), if I had I could at least trade him to CJ. But I didn't and now things are just screwed up!
5/9/2013 7:25 PM
How my teams are going Smokey!
5/9/2013 7:30 PM
Also, fellas The 2012-2013 players league is open for business!
5/9/2013 7:31 PM
and we friends stick cough, cough Smokey, Sky, Seapilots, cough cough lol
5/9/2013 7:33 PM
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Smokey's DDL Cafe (closed for remodeling) Topic

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