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12 Tears of Hell League

The basic idea is to use 80% of the player pool in the draft. We start by developing 12 groups (tier) of players, each tier of similar talent level. There should be 30 players in each tier. The first 5 Tiers are by position, the following 7 tiers a mix of positions. After the first 5 tiers, each following tier should be made up of players of decending talent level thru the 12th tier, the 10-12th tier players should be single dimensional players. Then we use a randomized draft and each round uses 1 tier to draft from, so we'll have 30 players for 24 picks. The 6 unpicked player will then move to the next tier down and be available for drafting

If your interested we need to work out the players in each of the 12 tiers, that's the hard part. Once the tiers are in place we can use them forever, because the draft will make sure no team gets brought twice. Especially if it wins...
I'd like to start this league by mid July...any input is surely welcome.
5/14/2013 1:28 PM (edited)
The league/draft rules will be the same as the DDL & SDL, they were developed by consensus and there's no need to rehash them.
5/14/2013 10:50 AM

Commish - smokey57 (for now, will probably be voted out of office by SDL #2)
Format: Single season, Forum Draft, Tier Limited, Single Instance player availabilty
Forum Draft: randomized order, ABBA draft sequence followed by ABAB (will, likely change to reverse w/l order for returning owners to "12 Tear's of Hell" #2)
Random Division Assignment: Divisions are randomly assigned prior to the beginning of the draft. This allows for competative drafting wrt division.
Trades: Players may be traded for 48 hours after the completion of the draft, prior to finalizing rosters. Players picked T1-6 may be traded within Tier, not across.
Designated Scrub's: 3 league wide designated scrub's will be available for drafting in rounds# 10-12. (optional)
Salery capNo need (build a beast)
No clones 
No Waiver Wire
No Rookies
No Net
No Whining
  (well..maybe alittle, but only during the draft) 
5/14/2013 1:35 PM (edited)
Salery might be the key to Tier assignment, like, T1-6 unlimited salery, T7 - $7.5-6.6M, T8 - $6.5-5.6M, T9 - $5.5-4.6M and so on. Or something like that...
5/14/2013 11:36 AM
There are 30 players for 24 picks in each round, the 6 unpicked players will then poputate the next draft tier. this will increase pick options with each round and allow for developing draft stratagies.
5/14/2013 12:18 PM
Proposals for Tier 1 - 5 (sorted by salery)

Centers                Power Forwards                    Small Forwards              Shooting gaurds                 Point Gaurds
option A
W. Chamberlian       S. Hayward                            L. James                             M. Jordan                           O. Robertson
K. Jabbar                  K. Garnett                             J. Erving                             K. Bryant                             N. Archibald
M. Malone                C. Barkley                              K. Durant                            D. Wade                              C. Paul
A. Gilmore                J. Lucas                                 L. Bird                                A. Iverson                            G. Payton
H. Olajuwon             S. Marion                               E. Baylor                            C. Drexler                            J. Kidd
D. Robinson             E. Hayes                                 J. Havlicek                          M. Johnson                          J. West
B. McAdoo               E. Brand                                 P. Arizin                              R. Allen                              G. Arenas
S. O'Neal                 D. Rodman                              A. Dantley                          J. Harden                            W. Frasier
W. Bellamy               D. Nowitski                              G. Hill                                R. Miller                               A. Hardaway
P. Ewing                   C. Hawkins                              P. Pierce                            A. Roberson                         J. Stockton
D. Howard                 P. Gasol                                  C. Mullins                          M. Finley                             S. Frances
N. Johnston               A. Mason                                 G. Wallace                        G. Gervin                             D. Rose
B. Russell                  G. McGinnis                            T. McGrady                        R. Guerin                            M. Cheeks 
B. Lanier                   L. Aldrich                                R. Tomjanovich                  R. Blackman                        B. Davis
N. Thurmond             A. McDyess                             B. Cunningham                  M. Richmond                       S. Marbury
W. Reed                    B. Griffin                                 P. Stojakovic                       R. Harper                            M. Blaylock
D. Cowens                 B. Bridges                                R. Berry                              H. Hawkins                           L. Wilkens
B. Pettit                     B. Williams                              D. Wilkins                           L. Jones                               K. Johnson
M. Daniels                 T. Robiinson                            C. Maxwell                        D. Majerle                            A. Clark
J. Sikma                    E. Macualey                            W. Wise                              D. Ellis                                 S. Curry
T. Duncan                 V. Baker                                   R. A. Brown                       M. Redd                                R. Westbrook
Z. Beatty                   S. Abdur-Rahim                       V. Carter                             J. Johnson                            D. Harper
D. Mutombo              D. Lee                                      B. Love                              R. Boone                              D. Buse
J. Ruland                   L. Johnsom                              A. English                          E. Jones                               B. Cousy 
A. Mourning              H. Gallatin                                A. Iguodala                        B. Roy                                  L. Dampier
D. Issel                                   (finish later)
A. Stoudemire
G. Mikan
W. Unsel
B. Wallace
option B, ban top 3, then add,
R. Parish
A. Jefferson
M. Thompson
5/14/2013 9:19 PM (edited)
Another thought, I will radmonnize the 5 positions and determine the order wrt draft rounds. In other words, !st pick may be for SG, not necessarily Center. That will level the playing field some...
5/14/2013 12:41 PM
Clarification on the 6 unpicked players - The 6 unpicked Tier1 players move to round2, but not to round3. The 6 unpicked Tier 2 players move to round3. What do you think? Or, should we let the pool increase by 6 unpicked player with each round? This will cause pretty big pools in the 10-12 rounds???
5/14/2013 12:49 PM (edited)
Team Stratagy would like to announce a trade of their second letter a to

Team Salery

in exchange for the letter e.

5/14/2013 2:34 PM
Now there's input I can take to the bank... 
5/14/2013 2:47 PM
5/14/2013 2:54 PM
I offer the following input from almost a decade creating themes on this site..

1. Don't create and advertise multiple themes at the same time. Focus on making the DDL work. I think the issue with the SDL is it's not really different enough from the DDL to draw many people but I get where you are going with it. Adding a 3rd league.. and yet another draft league.. so fast is just moving way too fast. History here has shown that we struggle to run any more than 2 draft leagues consistently. If you get the DDL going and keep it going that will be a major achievement. You could probably just morph the DDL to include the possibility of split decades down the road.. and maybe you can keep that league interesting that way. I understand you are bubbling with ideas. I have trouble restraining myself from posting a new theme every week. In fact.. if you are quick you might catch logain themes posted for 5 minutes at midnight twice a week.. until I think better and delete them. 

2. Posting half-baked ideas and asking for input almost never works. People want well thought out leagues that are ready to go. If you want to have discussions, send sitemails to owners you trust, and discuss things that way before posting. If you do that..and start the league with those people behind you, it will have a much better chance to succeed.

3. I personally just don't like this particular idea as I think it's a bit overcomplicated.. and takes a bit of the fun out of the draft of maybe overdrafting a guy for need. It should also be noted that a positional draft ran several times with scudmissle as commissioner.
5/14/2013 2:57 PM
Posted by smokey57 on 5/14/2013 2:54:00 PM (view original):
Again, I also thank you for your wonderful feedback. 

However, to be on point, correctly spelled ads are a good step in filling leagues too :P
5/14/2013 2:58 PM
Thx, that's useful input, alittle harsh, but useful. This is a somewhat distant goal. The DDL was created with input from many experienced owers and is going great. The SDL is only a twist on the DDL, to give a different era to play in, to some degree it's for owners who like the DDL. 6 of the 7 owners signed up for the SDL are from the DDL, that may say something about how much they like the DDL.
5/14/2013 3:10 PM
Logain, you are welcome to join either the SDL or 12 Tears leagues. Our differences aside, I designed these leagues for owners like you, who are experienced players looking for a high level of competition.
5/14/2013 3:13 PM
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