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12 Players, 12 Seasons, Version 3
Must Choose an All-Star Season
$120M Salary Cap

This theme is essentially two seperate 12-team leagues, with seperate player pools and seperate drafts, but combined into one standard 24-team league. When you sign up, you must select which league (AL or NL) you want to play in.  There are no AL or NL player requirements or difference in rules.  From this point forward, all rules will be stated in terms on a 12-team league.

Each of the 12 owners will nominate 1 player that has played between 12-15 seasons* in their career. Each of the 12 owners will draft a different season of each player nominated to be on their team. So all 12 teams will own the same 12 players, but each with a different version of that player.

* Note that if a player played 11 seasons, but played for 2 different teams in one season, that counts as 12 seasons (you'll understand why after reading the remaining rules ). 

Of the 12 nomimated players chosen, we need 6 hitters and 6 pitchers.  The six hitters should cover 6 of the standard 8 positions (i.e., we don't want three SS nominated).  For players who played more than one position, there will be some leeway on which position you can nominate him at. 

Upon signup, list your player and site-mail me which of his seasons you are going to use*.
The season you select must be a season where the player made the All-Star teamSince I haven't made the playoffs in this league in forever, I will choose my player whenever I feel like it. Once all 12 players are chosen, I'll post the seasons selected and the draft order. We'll have an 11 round draft to select the other 11 seasons used for each player. Draft order for each round will be based on the cumulative salary going into that round (lowest salary drafts first).

Here's where it gets fun...
Your remaining 13 roster spots must be filled with teammates of your drafted/nominated player(s). They must be from the same season as your drafted/nomainted player. No Twisting. Players chosen in the draft are exclusive by season so they cannot be used as a teammate. If you draft a player season with 2+ teams, you choose which version of that season you want, partial or combined, and can only take teammates from that team (the version you don't take is off the board).  This is how a player with 11 seasons, including one multi-team season can be allowed. Or similarly, a player with 10 seasons, w/ two multi-team seasons is allowed, etc.  Unlike the 16x16 theme, you must roster at least one teammate per player drafted.  For the mathematically challenged, that means one of your players (either the guy you nominated or one of the drafted players may use 2 teammates).

Salary Cap = $120 million
Seasons - Any (but must use a season that the player made the all-star team)
No Trades
No Clones
No Injuries
No Live Play
*** Stadium must be the one your nominated player played in, during the season you use.
Random alignment, within the respective leagues

See blacklist below:
5/28/2013 4:46 PM (edited)
Sign up if interested...
Bold = nominated player's season site-mailed to me

Owner List (Green = NL, Red = AL)
1. schwarze (Don Drysdale)
2. mpitt76 (Hal Wagner)
3. marlowe (Ryne Duren)
4. Donburgh (Joe Dobson)
5. calhoop (Cliff Lee)
6. reddtrain (Jess Barfield)
7. BastanRedsox (Moises Alou)
8. mllama54 (Ron Cey)
9. AKlopp (Ugueth Urbina)
10. bbondsmvp (Mike Scott)
11. shysters3 (Larry Doby)
12. zephyr1949 (Jeff Montgomery)
13. njbigwig (Johnny Murphy)
14. pedrocerrano (Rocky Colavito)
15. scthallfan (Jeff Blauser)
16. good_beef (Cecil Cooper)
17. nocomm999 (Rico Petrocelli)
18. slainte (Juan Marichal)
19. dcmatcheck (Elston Howard)
20. bigfatjew (Denny Neagle)
21. horus_6 (Tommy Herr)
22. dvorr80 (Max Lanier)
23. schwarze (Phil Regan)
24. akira_hokuto (Dick Allen)

Wait List:

Site-Mail List
akira_hokuto; AKlopp; BastanRedsox; bbondsmvp; bigfatjew; calhoop; dcmatcheck; Donburgh; dvorr80; good_beef; horus_6; marlowe; mllama54; mpitt76; njbigwig; nocomm999; pedrocerrano; reddtrain; schwarze; scthallfan; shysters3; slainte; zephyr1949
5/21/2013 9:07 AM (edited)
These players can not be nominated (but they can be used as teammates)

C: Mickey Cochrane, Elston Howard, Charlie O'Brien, Jorge, Posada, Ossee Schreckengost, Hal Wagner

1B: Dick Allen, Dolph Camilli, Cecil Cooper,  Frank Howard

2B: Max Bishop, Bobby Doerr, Tom Herr

3B: Ron Cey, Chipper Jones, Tony Lazzeri, John McGraw, Pie Traynor

SS: Jeff Blauser, Lou Boudreau, Nomar Garciaparra, Rico Petrocelli, Arky Vaughan, Maury Wills

OF: Moises Alou, Tony Armas, Babe Herman, Jesse Barfield, Larry Doby, Fielder Jones,  Roger Maris, Ron Northey, Tony Oliva, Kirby Puckett, Tilly Walker, Ken Williams

P: Johnny Allen, Rod Beck, Jim Brewer, Norm Charlton, Ed Cicotte, Watty Clark, John Denny, Joe Dobson, Don Drysdale, Ryne Duren, Joe Gibbon, Left Gomez, Ron Guidry,  Harvey Haddix, Jim Hearn, Rick Helling, Joe Heving, Catfish Hunter, Brickyard Kennedy, Sandy Koufax, Max Lanier, Cliff Lee, Juan Marichal, Ramon Martinez, Sam McDowell, Jeff Montgomery, Johnny Murphy, Denny Neagle, Gene Nelson, Phil Regan, Allie Reynolds, Mike Scott, Clyde Shoun, Bob Stanley, John Tudor, Ugueth Urbina, Rube Walberg


5/7/2015 1:52 PM (edited)
Nominated Players List
(You do not have to nominate NL players to play in NL and vice versa)

National League
C Hal Wagner (12 seasons)
1B Dick Allen (14 seasons)
2B Tom Herr (15 seasons)
SS Rico Petrocelli (12 seasons)
OF Jesse Barfield (13 seasons)
OF Roger Maris (13 seasons)

P Cliff Lee (12 seasons)
P Mike Scott (12 seasons)
P Juan Marichal (15 seasons)
P Neagle Denny (14 seasons)
P Max Lanier (15 seasons)
P  Phil Regan (13 seasons)

American League
C Elston Howard (15 seasons)
1B Cecil Cooper (14 seasons)
3B Ron Cey (15 seasons)
SS Jeff Blauser (13 seasons)
OF Moises Alou (15 seasons)
OF Larry Doby (13 seasons)

P Joe Dobson (13 seasons)
P Don Drysdale (14 seasons)
P Ryne Duren (12 seasons)
P Ugueth Urbina (12 seasons)
P Johnny Murphy (12 seasons)
P Jeff Montgomery (12 seasons)
5/20/2013 10:18 PM (edited)
And for the record, you don't need to pick a player that has 12-15 all-star seasons. He can have as few as one all-star season (of course, you'd have to select that season).

To determine number of player seasons, choose Pos = ALL, Min Games = 0, Check "Include Secondary Positions" and set Season Type = Full/Combined (i.e., Rickey Handerson has 29 seasons for purposes of this league).
5/17/2013 3:58 PM
I'm in - player TBD
5/17/2013 4:26 PM
In - Joe Dobson P
5/17/2013 4:41 PM
calhoop is in with Cliff Lee
5/17/2013 4:58 PM
If you don't select a league to play in,  then I will assign you one.
5/17/2013 5:07 PM
I'm going to try Don Drysdale (14 seasons)
5/17/2013 5:17 PM
I'll try Jesse Barfield in the NL.
5/17/2013 5:36 PM
I'll try Moises Alou in the AL
5/17/2013 6:02 PM
I am back.  Player TBD.
5/17/2013 6:23 PM
I've always thought this league sounded fun. Now that you got me hooked on the silent auction league, I'll try this one as well. I'll pick a player soon. Thanks!
5/17/2013 6:41 PM
NL Mike Scott
5/17/2013 8:41 PM
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