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This will be the forum for the Phelan Ivy League.
The league has grown by leaps and bounds and is the strongest it has ever been.

Hopefully this will become an annual recruiting recap, preseason previews and season recap.
5/21/2013 8:05 PM
Season 60 Preseason Prognostication

While the East Division is wide open, the preseason favorites appear to be Princeton, Fordham and Brown.
The West Division will be a battle between Harvard and Duquesne.

The strength of the Ivy has increased dramatically over the last three seasons.
5/25/2013 12:20 PM (edited)
Brown Bears
Coach: ixolabrat
Offense: Motion
Defense: Zone
Starting Five
PG: Yong Shih (So)
SG: Jonathon York (Sr)
SG: Floyd Thomas (Jr)
SF: Carl Taylor (Jr)
PF: Raymond Brown (Sr)
Key Bench
PG: John Neubauer (Sr)
SG: William Honey (So)
PF: Anthony Coniglio (So)
Key Additions
SG: William Schindler – academic ineligible
SF: Dikembe Africa – R/S Freshman
PF: Charles Draper - Recruit
Team Outlook
Led by Ivy POY candidate Carl Taylor, Brown University looks to rebound from a mild rebuilding year. The Bears look to challenge for the East Division title in what appears to be the most competitive division in Ivy history. Brown returns two full and two part-time starters full of promise. Ball handlers Yong Shih and John Neubauer will be able to handle pressing defense and distribute the ball to a multitude of promising wing shooters, all with 3pt abilities. Sharpshooters York, Honey and Schindler are complemented by Floyd Thomas’ added driving dimension. The frontcourt for the Bears is anchored by Carl Taylor who presents matchup problems for most of the players who will guard him by possessing deadly scoring ability down low as he does from 15 feet away. Bolstering the frontcourt is forwards is Senior Raymond Brown and the very talented sophomore Anthony Coniglio, both of whom possess excellent perimeter abilities for big men. Able to play this season is talented shooter William Schindler and redshirt freshman Dikembe Africa, while incoming recruit Charles Draper has accepted a redshirt and will spend the season concentrating on academics and improving his conditioning, footwork and low post skills. The major challenges facing the Bears are the overall lack of size and very average defensive abilities, which will cause major problems on the boards and shutting down elite scorers. The Bears may very well have to outgun teams, since they will not be shutting down any defensively. Hopefully the Zone Defensive schemes will limit the teams defensive liabilities.
Pos Player ATH SP REB DEF BLK LP PER BH P WE ST DUR Overall Projected
PF Charles Draper 47 44 47 33 35 31 29 37 24 82 61 63 523 820+

Recruit Charles Draper could be a special player. Possessing outstanding work ethic and high-high potential in everyone of his high categories, Chas may very well turn out to be one of the best signings in Coach ixo's tenure. Fingers are crossed for a couple of 40+ growth attributes.
Season Goals
Coach ixo is looking for a solid campaign in which the squad is competitive in everygame. The coaches goals are 8-2 from a challenging non conference slate that includes five BCS teams, and 10-6 in the ultra wide open Ivy East Division. A PIT berth is anticipated.
5/23/2013 10:27 AM (edited)
Boston Terriers
Coach: gvsujulius
Offense: Triangle
Defense: Zone
Starting Five
PG: Dennis Dustin
SG: Robert Blackwell
SF: Edward Wingo
PF: Edward Barnhill
C: Edward Provencal (True Freshman)
Key Bench
PG: Paul Stevenson
PG: Trent Meridia
PF: Douglass Mitchell
Key Additions
C: Edward Provencal - Recruit
PG: Trent Merida - RS Freshman
SG: Alex Waller - Recruit
C : Raymond Whitbeck - Recruit
Team Outlook
The Terriers are coming off a 16-12 season in which they didn't reach either the NT or the PIT. The team lost a number a starters from last year and the coaching staff is hoping that this team will be competitive in the increasingly difficult IVY league. The school is hoping that increased scouting and recruiting dollars will help turn around the lackluster recruiting classes of the past few years. The staff is taking 1 walk-on as they felt it was more important to get high quality guys and revisit the available recruits next off-season.  
Provencal is the star of this class and could start from day 1. It is anticipated the staff may offer him a redshirt in the hopes he accepts it. With the extra development he could be a star.

Waller should be a good SG/SF and has plenty of room for growth. He should try and fill the void left by 850+ overall SF Goiun from last season.

Whitbeck is a quality big man who will contribute little in his FR season.

Season Goals
With only 4 upperclassmen on the roster this group will struggle to hit 8-8 in conference play and might reach 14 wins on the season. Anything beyond that is a huge success.
5/22/2013 11:27 AM
Duquesne Dukes
Coach: skinzfan36
Offense: Motion
Defense: Man

Fab Five:

PG - Robert Tabarez (Jr.)
SG - Larry Scott (So.)
SF - Andrew Melvin (Sr.)
PF - Kenneth Wilson (Sr.)
C - Ronnie Chavira (Sr.)

Key reserves:

SF - Erik Jennings (Sr.)
SF - Thomas Houtz (Sr.)
PG - Rene Greco (Jr.)
SF - Mike Gabbard (So.)


SF - William Chidester - Recruit

Potential     Current
Athleticism 60 Average   Perimeter 29 High
Speed 61 High   Ball Handling 50 High
Rebounding 30 High   Passing 41 High
Defense 38 High   Stamina 66 High
Shot Blocking 21 Low   Durability 41 High
Low-post 17 High   FT Shooting   High

This lone ranger recruit has enormous upside but will need to accept a RS from the coach if he ever intends to get close to realizing his full potential. Being high-high in nearly every category this guy has the potential to be a big-time contributor in his junior and senior seasons. Only time will tell.

Team Outlook

The Dukes enter their 4th season under the questionable tactics of coach skinzfan36. The team has yet to make a NT or PIT but showed progress in year 2 before stalling out last year. However, coach's original recruiting class of 5 player enters their senior season looking to leave their mark by sending Duquesne to the post-season for the 1st time in over 40 SEASONS!

Harvard looks to be a tough test within their own division but a regular season divisional crown is not out of the question. Some fantastic off-season improvement by our younger guys will really provide great depth for this team. The backcourt is kind of thin but the 2 starters are turning into stars and have lots of room to grow still.


Anything less than a postseason appearance would be extremely disappointing. A NT bid would be great and that is the expectations of the coaching staff at this point. The school really needs the boost in prestige for next year's recruiting which will feature 6 openings and alot of resources will be spent by the administration to secure a dominant class for the program's future.

Season Recap

An extremely successful season for Duquesne, a long time coming for a program that hadn't seen the postseason since season 19 (no NT appearances since season 18). That certainly changed as the Dukes won the West Division conference championship, over favorite Harvard. In the CT Harvard got revenge up-ending Duquesne in the CT Final. However, skinzfan36 and Duquesne still did enough to impress the committee and earn an at-large birth. The matchup was against a tough Ole Miss squad, who was too overpowering. Overall, a fantastic 25-5 season, 3rd most wins in school history, and the least amount of losses ever! Sr. Kenneth Wilson was also named as a HM All-American and skinzfan36 took home IVY League COY Honors. Several other players also were named to the various All-Conference teams. Prestige rocketed from D+ to a C after the NT appearance.

6/22/2013 6:14 PM (edited)

Fordham Rams

Last 3 Years
16-12   7-9
6-22     3-13
3-24     2-14

Coach: chapelhillne
Offense: Motion
Defense: Zone

Starting Five:
PG - Willie Cummins (Jr.) - 6'4" - Newtown Square, PA
SG - Joe Harmon (Sr.) - 6'2" - Port Jefferson, NY
SF - Matthew Berry (Sr) - 6'9" - Framingham, MA
PF - Jeremy Baker (Sr.) - 6'10" - Cooperstown, NY
C - William Jones (Sr.) - 6'11" - Lansdale, PA

PG - Stephen Davis (Jr) - 6'3" - Reading, PA
SG - Michael Hamel (Jr) - 6'6" - Worcester, MA
SF - Willie Sommers (Jr.) - 6'4" - Bronx, NY
C - Anthony Fries - (Sr) - 6'11" - Wilmington, DE
C - Chad Reagan - (So) - 6'10" - Brooklyn, NY

New Additions:
PF - Edmond Busby - (Fr) - 6'11" - New Rochelle, NY
PF - Salvatore Esposito - (Fr) - 6'7" - Benedetto, Italy

Team Outlook:
After 10 straight losing seasons, the Fordham Rams finally emerged as a competitive team in the Ivy league last year with a 16-12 record.  Because the team returns all of its starters this year expectations are high, and the campus is buzzing about a possible conference championship, which has not happened in 28 years, and post season play for the first time in over 15 years.  The high expectations are also rooted in the fact that the team has 5 seniors and 4 juniors, so the team has a lot of experience in playing as a unit. The seniors are the first class that will have played all 4 years under coach chapelhillne. They have bitter memories of their first two years, when they were battling to avoid the cellar. Now they want to battle for the championship.

Junior Point Guard Willie Cummins is expected to be a scoring machine, and to improve upon his 17.5 points a game as a sophomore. He is expected to leave next year as the team's all-time leading scorer. The team is expected to lead the Ivy League, and once again be one of the top teams in the country in rebounding as well, with 6 players listed at 6'9" and above. In fact, at the start of the season, the team had an average rebounding rating of 60, which was tied for 2nd best in all of Division 1, just behind NCAA leading Michigan State which had a rating of 61.

Not much is expected of the two Freshmen this year, but they are needed to replace the low post players that are leaving this year. This year coach Chapelhillne discovered Salvatore Esposito from the Benedetto Amateur Basketball Club in Italy, and after a few scouting trips he has become very high on him. He should be one of the anchors of the team beginning next year. After some discussions with the new player, through a translator, he decided to take a redshirt year to develop his basketball and english skills further.

The schedule will be more difficult this year than in past years, including two "Big 6" opponents Iowa State and Oregon. Coach chapelhillne wanted a tougher schedule because he felt that the team could have made a post season appearance last year had they been able to demonstrate that they could beat solid teams in the non-conference.

Season Goals:
The goals for the season are very lofty -  to win 20 games, win the regular season Conference Championship, win the Conference Tournament championship and make the National Tournament. 

Season Recap:
The season ended as a success, though it did not result in a National Tournament appearance. The Rams did however advance to the Elite 8 in the PIT, where they were eliminated by a tough Winthrop team. Willie Cummins led the team with a 15.8 ppg scoring average, and moved up to 5th on the all-time sccoring list, with one year to go, in addition to earning First Team all conference as PG. The team finished at 22-9, and finished behind Princeton in the conference standings, with an 11-5 record. Fordham was 2nd in the nation in Blocks, with 6.5 per game, and 9th in rebounding with 38.3. The coaching staff is seriously discussing going with an aggressive, swarming full court press defense beginning this year, since the team loses 5 players this year.

6/17/2013 6:32 PM (edited)
Cornell "The Big Red"
Season 60

Coach:  hughesjr
Offense:  Triangle
Defense:  Zone


PG  John Guth (SR)
SG  Aaron Surette (FR)
SF  Billy Ricketts (JR*)
PF  Warren Gilford (SR)
C   Dennis Huber (JR*)

* JUCO players in their 1st Season


PG Ralph Wood (SR) - PG/SG
PG Gordon Liao (SO) - PG/SG
PG James Robinson (FR) - PG/SG
SF Steven Solorzano (SR) - SF/PF/C
SF Jackie Slaughter (SO) - SF/PF
C  Daniel Harney (FR) - C/PF

Red Shirt:
PF  Fred Swiney

Team Outlook:

The Big Red are starting their first season with hughesjr as their coach and they had six spots on the roster to fill in the recruiting for season 60.  Coach hughesjr began ranting on day one that the days of all offense and matador defense were over at Cornell.  He proved his point to the team by recruiting 6 players who all have a very high Defensive potential.

Cornell will start three new comers, freshman SG Aaron Surette and JUCO juniors SF Billy Ricketts and C Denis Hubner.  All 3 are starting because of the defense they bring to the table, while PG Ralph Wood, SF Jackie Slaughter, and SF Steven Solorzano will come off the bench primarily because of their lacking defense.

The team should be lead in scoring by senior PG John Guth, freshman SG Aaron Surette, and Senior PF Warren Gilford with lots of points coming from the bench.

The Non Conference schedule of the Big Red is very hit and miss this year, with 4 games against Big 6 competition and one difficult Mountain West opponent.  The other five games are against bottom feeders and a realistic goal is 5-5 for the Non Conference period.

The Ivy League part of the schedule will be wall to wall competition and a .500 record is about all that is possible.

Coach hughesjr expects the defensive intensity to increase as the season progresses and by Conference Tournament time he expects the team to be able to play much better than they will start the season.

Season Goals:

The goal for this season is to finish Non Conference and Conference play at .500 and to get much better on defense ... And one win in the Conference Tournament at the end of the year.

Results for Season 60:

Came very close to meeting the team goals ...

The team finished Non-Conference at 4-6 and the In-Conference at 7-9.  The Big Red did win one game in the Conference Tournament.

The team is much better defensively now than at the beginning of the the season and all 3 new starters progressed well.

So, one win from the Non-Conference and one win from the Conference goals.  Team Prestige remained at C-.

6/18/2013 2:41 PM (edited)
Harvard Crimson
Coach: Madpat78
Offense: Motion
Defense: Zone

Starting Five:

PG - Thomas Watt (Jr.)
SG - Caleb Whaley (Sr.)
SF - Joseph Hoffman (Sr.)
PF - Timothy Joseph (Sr.)
C - Bert Greenwood (Sr.)

Key reserves:

PG - James Ash (Sr.)
PG - Eric Coldwell (Jr.)
SF - Alfred Tope (Sr.)
C - Chad Moore (Jr.)
C - Eric Anglin (So.)


PF - David Jones - Recruit

Recruiting went poorly for the Crimson for the second straight season. Having pulled in only 1 recruit out of 4 open spots. David Jones, brought in this season has some great potential, however, it will probably never be realized, as his work ethic is in serious need of an adjustment. He did agree to a redshirt but I am not convinced it would be worth it. Two approaches could be taken with him. First, RS him and then start him all 4 of his remaining seasons, hoping to raise his WE to a usable point. Second, stick him on the bench and leave him there as a career backup, without worying if he might transfer. Only time will tell what Jones's roll with this team will be.

Team Outlook

The Crimson return all 5 starters and their top 5 backups for last seasons Western Division Champions, so the outlook is very high. With all the returning talent it will be the job of Madpad78 to try and not get in the way of the talent assembled in Cambridge. This team is expected to be high flying as there are scoring threats all over the floor. Teams caught sagging to low will get killed from the outsied sharpshooters, and anyone trying to stop the perimeter shot will allow the Bigs to bang in low and score almost at will. With 4 preseason ranked teams on the non-conference schedule we will quickly find out just how good this team can be.

Caleb Whaley: Last seasons top scorer, at 13 points per game, will again be counted on to provide a scoring punch from the perimeter. He prowess from 3 point range (career 39.8% shooter) will be instrumental to spreading out oposing defenses.

Thomas Watt will be counted upon to continue his growth, and dish out assists in buckets as the offense is expected to be high flying thise season.

James Ash will be the killer off the bench. His perimeter shot (41.8% from 3 point range) will mean that opposing defenses must continue to play even when the backups are on the floor.

Joseph Hoffman and Alfred Tope are both very solid SF's and will round out the team very nicely. 

Timothy Joseph and Bert Greenwood will provide the inside scoring and combine that with solid rebounding and defense to give Harvard arguable the top starting front court in the league.

Continued growth from Moore and Anglin is expected to provide some much needed depth inside.


1. Win the West
2. Win the CT
3. Make the NT (a given if #2 happens)
4. Win a NT game
If things fall right all the goals are achievable. Anything less than an NT berth will be considered a failure with the talent on this team.
5/23/2013 12:33 PM
Yale Bulldogs
Coach: psuarva
Offense: Triangle
Defense: Zone

Starting Five:

PG - Warren Pearson (Sr.)
SG - Shilin Sun (So.)
SF - Gustavo Lombardi (Sr.)
PF - Shawn Fay (Sr.)
C - Kelly Rhodes (So.)

Key reserves:

PG - Michael Perras (Fr.)
PG - Ernest Middleton (So.)
PF - Donald Douglas (Fr.)
PF - Wendell Shively (So.)
PF - Burton Mann (Jr.)

New Additions

PG - Michael Perras (New Milford, CT)
SG - Thomas Vidal (East Lyme, CT)
PF - Donald Douglas (Providence, RI)
C - George Ahlers (Providence, RI)

Team Outlook
Yale is likely to take a step back from last year's 9-7 showing in the Ivy League.  Yale lost multiple 1000 pt scorers to graduation, and other players will need to take huge steps forward this season if Yale expects to compete for the West division title.  One sure bright spot is Warren Pearson, who has all conference potential and will be asked to carry a heavy load.  But Pearson can't do it all himself, and fellow senior PF Shawn Fay will need to step up his game.  Senior Gustavo Lombardi is also expected to start at SF, but the word in New Haven is that several underclassmen are rapidly closing the gap with him.  It would not be surprising to see someone else starting at SF by the time conference play starts.  Yale's coaching staff continues to be excited about the seemingly unlimited potential of sophomore SG Shilin Sun, and he is expected to start.  But it will probably be another season before Sun is really ready to take over games.  

After mixed recruiting results over the past three seasons, Yale's coaching staff has to be pleased with this year's class, which brings with it the potential for some much needed defensive improvements.  

Yale's step back from last season won't be made any easier by an out-of-conference schedule which sees #11 Miami and #12 Utah visit New Haven, and includes difficult trips to New Mexico, Kentucky and Georgia.

Other than Pearson, this team does not really have any upperclassmen who will be able to take over a game.  And the roster is loaded with freshmen and sophomores.  Yale's next shot at the postseason may be a few years away.  It would have to be considered a major achievement if this team could finish .500 overall.  Pearson will win a few games for them, and maybe by the end of the season Sun will be playing closer to his enormous potential.  Realistically, 5-11 in the Ivy League with a top 175 RPI is about as much as this team can hope for.
5/23/2013 2:28 PM
Preseason Prognostication
Season 60

East Division
The East Division will be a very wide open affair as the division is pretty balanced. Defending home court will be key.
Princeton, Fordham and Brown will content for the crown, and all three are post season caliber squads.

West Division
The West Division is a little more defined as Harvard appears to be the team to beat. Duquesne is a close second.

Princeton (East), Harvard (West) - Princeton over Harvard to win the CT.

NT Berth: Harvard, Princeton
PIT Berth: Duquesne, Fordham, Brown
5/26/2013 2:24 PM (edited)
Posted by ixolabrat on 5/26/2013 2:24:00 PM (view original):
Preseason Prognostication
Season 60

East Division
The East Division will be a very wide open affair as the division is pretty balanced. Defending home court will be key.
Princeton, Fordham and Brown will content for the crown, and all three are post season caliber squads.

West Division
The West Division is a little more defined as Harvard appears to be the team to beat. Duquesne is a close second.

Princeton (East), Harvard (West) - Princeton over Harvard to win the CT.

NT Berth: Harvard, Princeton
PIT Berth: Duquesne, Fordham, Brown
You had this pretty close, it appears. Duquesne may win the West and make the NT.
6/6/2013 4:12 PM
Projected CT Semi's of Harvard @Princeton and Fordham @Duquesne look to be tough matchups. The winner of the Ivy CT will have had at least two tough games to win it. 
6/7/2013 8:30 PM
Well, 3 out of 4 goals attained, only failed at winning the West. I am very pleased with my season. Anything more will be gravy. Can't wait to see what hapens to my Prestige. Hoping to see a B. That will mae all my openings next season that much better to fill.
6/11/2013 10:23 AM
Harvard Crimson
Coach: Madpat78
Offense: Motion
Defense: Zone

Starting Five:

PG - Thomas Watt (Jr.)
SG - Caleb Whaley (Sr.)
SF - Joseph Hoffman (Sr.)
PF - Timothy Joseph (Sr.)
C - Bert Greenwood (Sr.)

Key reserves:

PG - James Ash (Sr.)
PG - Eric Coldwell (Jr.)
SF - Alfred Tope (Sr.)
C - Chad Moore (Jr.)
C - Eric Anglin (So.)

Season Recap

1. Win the West - Not Accomplished
2. Win the CT - Accomplished
3. Make the NT (a given if #2 happens) - Accomplished
4. Win a NT game - Accomplished
The Crimson achieved 3 out of 4 of its preseason goals, by winning the CT, making the NT and winning a favorable first round matchup with SimAI West Virginia. Only capturing the West Division crown eluded Coach Madpad78, due to two defeats to champion Duquesne, but turning around and beating them in the CT final was sweet revenge.

The Crimson was tested early and often in the preseason. The first 3 games were all against top 25 teams. Even though a valiant effort was put forth in all 3 games the Crimson was still looking for it's first W, and left coach Madpad78 wondering if his team was as good as he hoped it could be. All questions were answered during the teams 6 game winning streak, and finishing non conference play at 6-4, and at a 47 on the projection report. 

During conference play the Crimson went 13-3 losing twice to Duquesne and once to Penn. After the loss to Penn coach Madpad78 made a switch at PG benching Watt because of his pension for turnovers in big games, bringing in Ash in his place. The change led to the Crimson realing off 6 straight wins heading into the CT. With a chip on their shoulders, their hot play continued as they beat Brown and Princeton on the way to a rematch in the CT finals against Duquesne, a team quickly becoming a fierce rival. This time however, Madpad78's team had the answers and pervailed with the CT trophy in hand and the automatic NT bid.

National Tournament
The draw came up very favorable as Harvard drew a 9 seed and faced an 8 seed SimAI West Virginia team. With a surprisingly easy 18 point victory, a non-conference rematch with #1 seed LSU was looming. A 12 point loss in non-conference play was looking like a tough hill to overcome, and it was indeed the end of the line for the Crimson, as LSU prevailed by 10.

Caleb Whaley: Had a big season averaging 17.2 points per game, 2.5 Rebounds, 3.1 assists, and 0.9 steels per game while shooting 46.4% from the field, 42.9% from 3 and 80.6% from the FT line in route to being named first team All Conference and CPOY.

The supporting cast was very strong and performed in much the manner coach Madpad78 was hoping.

Recruit Progress
PF - David Jones - Recruit
With a work ethic of mearly 8 not much growth was expected from Jones but a ni ce 12 points was gained going from 590OVR to 602OVR, the question will be what hapens over the summer. Jones should get plenty of PT next season.

Next Season Outlook

Key returning players

C - Chad Moore - Sr 
C - Chad Anglin - Jr
SG - Thomas Watt - Sr
PG - Edward Coldwell - Sr

With a trip to the 2nd round of the NT, Harvard's prestige should rise to at least a B-, hopefully a B. Which would be very significant giving that we will have 7 available schollarships. There will be plenty of PT available to be handed out during recruiting and possibly even a promised start or two if circumstances warrent.
Pressure will really be on Coach Madpad78 to show just how good of a coach he is. It could b a long season for the Crimson.

6/13/2013 1:18 PM
Season 60 End of season Prestiges
Princeton B sa1t 18-10
Harvard B- madpad78 23-8
Brown C ixolabrat 15-13
Duquesne C skinzfan36 25-5
Cornell C- hughesjr 12-16
Pennsylvania C- wholck 12-15
Boston U. C- gvsujulius 11-18
Fordham C- chapelhillne 22-9
Yale D psuarva 2-25
Bucknell D toknowpepsi 18-10
Dartmouth D- jdog1997 3-24
Columbia D- amoebaman78 6-21
6/14/2013 5:53 AM (edited)
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