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yea...i was wrong about that one...youre a 4 star team bordering on 5

i wouldnt worry about my team taking the division...im beyond bad on the road...been getting blown out left and right...of course then i blow out teams at home so my stats normalize..its driving me nuts

surprised about slys team...but i guess i was a bit blinded by the dwight/amare combo

6/13/2013 6:30 PM
yes to lotto and div draft
6/13/2013 8:05 PM
Thanks dh, 5* at home by design, but barely 3* on the road.

Aside from def rebounds which has the highest correlation with overall wins in the data I have analyzed, I found that efg has the highest correlation with Home wins and team D the highest with Road wins. I think Vance nailed it that Daugherty's low D would not be adequately covered up by my 90D guys, hence IMO that plays a significant role in my 9-10 road record atm. But his high efg at that usage rate combined with a decent tov% and an elite draw/pf ratio is a critical reason I'm 16-3 at home. If I had it to do all over again I'd still stick with Daugherty, because IMO he is a net positive.

Working on a possible rotation adjustment for my upcoming road games, but in the meantime this team balances out to a low 4* IMO, but the potential to go south in a hurry still looms because of the strength of our division.

6/13/2013 8:34 PM
yes and yes

6/13/2013 8:56 PM
my votes: no, no & no
6/13/2013 10:53 PM
Posted by ashamael on 6/13/2013 10:53:00 PM (view original):
my votes: no, no & no
So now when ash finishes in the top-4 for the next 10 seasons or so in a row and drafts himself the "perfect" division each time he can always point back and say "don't blame me, I voted against that." You KNOW you are going to LOVE drafting your own division ash, and you also know you'll likely have the chance in the near future, how many times in a row did you win this league anyway?
6/14/2013 1:41 AM
It's not a big deal to me anymore one way or the other, but my vote stays no.

I've repeated & three-peated.  Overall I've played in 10 odls; won 6 of them.
6/14/2013 4:22 PM
Always good to have some dissent ash.  Not a big deal for me either.  random draft order is easier for the commish.
6/14/2013 4:28 PM
Is this a go or do we need a few more people to vote?
6/20/2013 12:20 PM

ODL Season XLIII div. draft
The four teams would be:


Atlantic: Theyard2

Central: Coachcroft


Midwest: Felonius

Pacific: Eleibowitz

The other 20 teams would then be ranked by the four people drafting the divisions, with #1 being the team you WANT to have in your division. The draft order would go:

Theyard2: 1,8,9,16,17

Felonius: 2,7,10,15,18

Eleibowitz: 3,6,11,14,19

Coachcroft: 4,5,12,13,20


1.     Theyard2 (league champs)

2.     Felonius (runner-up)

3.     Eleibowitz (final-4; 49 wins)

4.     Coachcroft (final-4; 45 wins)

6/27/2013 1:23 PM (edited)
Cool, looks like we are going with the draft as originally planned. I'll create a new thread in a minute. I am updating everyone about my RL situation on the evals thread as well. I can help with this, should be able to complete it this weekend and I know it will be early in the week before some people are ready to input a team, so I don't think this will delay us any.
6/27/2013 1:36 PM
Eleibowitz passes, so Coach moves up and Vance replaces eliebowitz, waiting on the others to confirm, sent a sm to the group asking for lists by 5pm tomorrow so we can post results tomorrow night.

New order is:

1.     Theyard2 (league champs)

2.     Felonius (runner-up)

3.     Coachcroft (final-4; 45 wins)

4. Vancem (final-8; 52 wins)

6/27/2013 2:08 PM
list mailed
6/27/2013 8:13 PM
8/28/2013 11:26 PM
you use ast for that...right?
9/3/2013 5:58 PM
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