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This is a great world. Join now.
7/8/2013 1:26 AM
Our peerless commissioner,  palet99,  has now returned from various Real World distractions;  so our world should fill pretty quickly now.  The former New Orleans and Seattle franchises,  both ready made,  post season teams,  will probably be snapped up soon.  If that's what you're in the market for take a good look at those two franchises.
7/8/2013 12:00 PM
Our very best,  no pressure,  re-builing project (Santa Fe,  54-108 last season) just got gobbled up by a courageous and ambitious newcomer.  They're going like hotcakes.  Hop on the Roy Hobbs train before it leaves the station.
7/8/2013 6:45 PM
I always pick teams like Santa Fe because there are no expectations and it's harder to accuse me of wrecking something that already was. If others want a prospect team,Minnesota's record(70-92) isn't great but may be better than they looked,especially after some off season adjustments.
7/8/2013 10:51 PM
Yes.  Minnesota underachieved last season.  The owner probably lost interest toward the end of the season.  The team is quite a bit better than its 70-92 record.
7/9/2013 5:02 AM
my office at work doesn't have AC right now - join our league
7/9/2013 7:41 PM
My office at work doesn't have ME in it right now!  Join up tonight.
7/9/2013 9:14 PM
Quit that job immediately! It's interfering with IMPORTANT stuff like joining this league.
7/10/2013 1:42 AM

Have you people not cottoned to the fact that conversations regarding HVAC systems are,  year in and year out,  ranked among the top 10 most boring conversations known to mankind?  HVAC conversations are not quite as boring as conversations about one's vacation trip to the Grand Canyon or (worse) swimming with dolphins off Cape Hatteras,  but they are nearly as boring.  HVAC conversations are almost  as boring as conversations (complete with cell phone pictures) of one's grandchildren or one's hip replacement (mercifully,  usually without cellphone pictures).

Stop it!  You'll scare off the customers.

Attention HBD Shoppers:  It is important you know that in Roy Hobbs World it is always 72 degrees with 15% humidity.  In Roy Hobbs World soft sea breezes continiously waft   scents of jasmine,  honey and insense while  gently bending the gleaming green palms and ruffling the leafs of the majestic oaks.  In Roy Hobbs World the air is perpetually filled with the soft, lulling songs of lovely mermaids,  sea nymphs and Arcadian shepherdesses.

7/10/2013 10:55 AM
Those scents are present to mask the presence of B.S. in the environment. Maintaining a healthy level of B.S. is essential to the well being of the league as a whole.
7/10/2013 11:44 AM
More importantly, in Hobbs, all the player cards have pictures of naked porn stars instead of computer generated cartoon figures.
7/10/2013 1:02 PM
I suppose we can even get naked male porn star pictures if you insist.  (Not that there is anything wrong with that.)
7/10/2013 1:04 PM
In Moonlight Graham they only get naked pictures of Larry the Cable Guy.
7/10/2013 1:50 PM
If your looking for a League (as i was recently) This Is the one for you. Active owners, Active chat, Great blog and this is all coming from the new guy. I can only imagine what it will be like when we roll. 

P.S. Plead the 5th on the smell and naked pics. Come see for yourself. 
7/10/2013 7:01 PM
You are scaring off all of the people.  Where are all the people?  Join the league.
7/11/2013 12:01 AM
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ROY HOBBS 1 spot left. Good Team. Great Blog. Topic

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