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Am here about that 4th gift certificate...

Who's late ???
8/16/2013 5:15 PM
No one is late...

My text said 2:30...

8/16/2013 5:26 PM

No, because eye still gotta' announce a "4th" G'Cert here...

Tuff 2 decide...

The 'Goalie's' here are just gonna' get absolutely hammer'd
& tater'd, & pummel'd, too... &, yet there's only 1 G'Cert for the
'Goalie' category... &, it's decided by WiS-SiM votes...

Not exactly a true mathematical science...

So, was leaning toward the IDEA of awarding the '4th' G'Cert
to BOTH TOP GOALIE'S, according to the 'vote'...

Seems 2 me that'd increase odds that a "krappy" goalie CAN
win an owner a free team... Even 2 owners...

Any other ideas that any 1 would like 2 type about ???...


8/16/2013 7:17 PM
Finally picking-up where we left-off @ yesterday...


8/16/2013 7:20 PM
The 'Gift Certificate' OFFICIAL PAY-OUT, for this league :
  • (1) The 'Forward' (C, LW, RW) with the highest point total; combined goals & assists...
  • (2) The 'Defenseman' with the highest point total; combined goals & assists...
  • (3) The 'Vezina' Trophy winner for the 'Best Goalie'; by the total WiS-SiM votes...
  • (4) The 'Vezina' Trophy runner-up as the 2nd 'Best Goalie'; by the total WiS-SiM votes...
In the 'rare' case of a 'tie' in any of the above 4 categories, the G'Cert winners will be decided
by the 'TEAM' record of the individual skaters involved; the 'TEAM' with the highest point total...

We have 4 remaining openings for the chance @ winning these $10.00 Gift Certificates !!!...
8/17/2013 10:54 AM
these asspen characters ARE A BUNCH OF ..........
8/18/2013 10:43 PM
hi. a text from aspens slingbox asks me to tell everyone that the league will start after the burning man and sturgis events this year. that those who know this is his single busiest time of the year. and thank u for your patience. he also said that chuck needs time to win number 125. have a nice day all.
8/24/2013 4:57 PM
1 last weekend 2 go... Will return 2 assembling this league,
on Tuesday, the 10th, ---just as NHL camps get underway... 

Have another nice summer weekend !!!
9/5/2013 11:40 AM
This entire thread is hilarious!!!  You've made an art out of logging in, posting, logging out, logging in under an alias, posting a response to your other self, logging out, etc. etc. etc.

All that trouble for a league that will never get off the ground because YOU will bail on it (5X)
9/6/2013 10:05 AM
very odd
9/6/2013 12:00 PM
What can eye help U with, Poddy ??? --->>> Am on the road,
making it difficult 2 access certain features... Post your OWN
question for me, or site-mail... Have always been fair & also
forthright with U, 4 as long as U have been here...

The league is for "chuckinrlp"... Others have intruded, 2 shut
down this league... Those others claim 2 sit on committees
here @ WiS, this complaint factory, the result of committees
has been to determine which owners are worthy, which of the
usernames who are free to establish leagues 4 any purpose
& they foolishly claimed anyone starting a thread must ALSO
play in that league with the same username they used 2 start
the league...

They're either WiS cops & security guards & bouncers, or ???

Imagine that, so neccessary in a league tribute to Chuck ???...

Please address any questions about this league with me, as
a courtesy, & as a gentleman... Stay in touch, & welcome !!!...
9/6/2013 11:42 PM (edited)
Back @ U, Poddy... Am the same person, -who knows of
your fondness for the San Diego franchise, in the W.H.A.

That was SaKBAKbRg, who1st posted that he was again
in committee with the big WiS cheese here, & decided '2'
post in the Forums, that W.H.A. skaters were coming here
2 WiS... So, eye took his b*llsh*t to the test...

Eye started a whole WiS Tournament themed on the WHA,
& that's when that San Diego team, came 2 light...

SaKBAkbRg then did everything he could 2 shut-down that
tournament, as well... All the wonderful pages of the W.H.A.
stats, & teams, & skaters, & he would not relent on his own
personal demands that those threaded pages were KNOT
supposed 2 B there...

This is a tribute 2 the Chuckster... My assoc. w/ him here is
almost 13 years long... Typed in the presence of both God
& Chuck, that eye post assuredly, that eye also did ''found''
& start Chuck's 75th Cup Trib, wherein both steveajolie, -&-
chuckinrlp were CO-Commi$$ioners, with both making-up
the rules... It was about Chuck mandating every team that
played, had to have Andy Bathgate... Great league...

Done for Chuck... His 50th Cup (eye only do this every ''25''
Cups), was a clonefest, & another memorable league...

That's me, Poddy... The WiS committee/9-1-1 emergencies
came into this thread a couple of weeks ago, trying to also
say that leagues like this are supposed to be accomplished
by owners who have played with Chuck...

Fly-swatter heaven around here, sometimes...

This is a league for Chuck... U have good taste in picking &
choosing leagues... Your choice here, is evidence...

Eye also play WiS-MLB w/ U personally, under a completely
different username, & have done so, for many years...

Glad to have U, Poddy... U got a right 2 B here... Take Care !
9/7/2013 1:05 AM (edited)

.                CincinnatiStingersNewEnglandWhalersVancouverBlazersChicagoCougars 
.        SanDiegoMarinersBirminghamBullsAlbertaOilersBaltimoreBladesCalgaryCowboys
EdmontonOilers                                                                                        OttawaCivicsTorontoToros 
HoustonAeros                                                                                                           ClevelandCrusaders
.DenverSpurs                                YUPPP, (ON THE 'SANITY' THINGY)                        NewJerseyKnights
MichiganStags                                                                                                      PhiladelphiaBlazers
.     CalgaryBroncos                                                                                    MiamiScreamingEagles
.                                                                                                         MinnesotaFightingSaints
.                                                                                         WinnipegJetsDaytonArrows
.                                                                            NewYorkGoldenBlades
.                                                                  PhoenixRoadrunners
.                                                             SanFranciscoSharks
.                                                                   IndianapolisRacers
.                                                                             OttawaNationals
.                                                                       TheRead'Em&Weep
.                                                                       Wi$SkaterDatabase

............( VERY OBVIOUS THAT SOME POSTS ARE "FULL-OF-IT" )............

9/7/2013 1:10 AM (edited)
This was my posted reply, when 'yzermans4' commented
on how truly crazy things turned out...
9/7/2013 1:01 AM (edited)
I will try another team. Lets get this going Aspen.
9/7/2013 9:59 PM
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