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Um, yes, please stop that.

And my team is killing me.  Can't get up to 19,500 minutes.  Fatigue will be fun.

8/27/2013 8:19 PM
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So in a nutshell, I can choose any season of any player who
A.  At some point played with one of my three players;

B.  Is not one of the 69 others who form trios.

Oooooh.  Man.  I have made this way to complicated on myself.  I was under the assumption that if I used say, 67-68 Wilt, I could only use players from the 67-68 76ers.  That is not the case?
right what he is saying is if you pick 67-68 wilt because he was with the 76ers you can only use people that played with him from 64-65 to 67-68 his years with the 76ers..

so your best bet if possible is to use the Lakers or the SF/Phily Warriors season

I dont think that is it.

He could use Wilt from any year, and use any teammate of Wilt from anytime in his career.  So he could use 60-61 Wilt and use Pat Riley who he played with the year he retired in 72-73 and choose the 75-76 season when he was in Phoenix.
This is the way I am understanding it and doing it now.  I built a spreadsheet with each player season in which that season of that player was on a team with one of my three guys and using that as my pool.  This is correct, right?
This is correct. I guess I didn't make things initially clear enough. Sorry if I caused any confusion to owners.

Using what Malone9975 did as an example,

If my big three were Kobe, Paul Pierce, and Kevin Mchale I can select players from the following seasons:

96-97 to 12-13 Lakers
98-99 to 12-13 Celtics 
80-81 to 92-93 Celtics

I hope that clears things up.
I get what your saying but what Malone is saying because Wilt played with Pat Riley in 72-73 that gives him the ok to use the 1975 Riley who was on the Suns
No, I don't think so.  The only seasons available are the ones in which they co-existed with one or more of big three as a teammate.
Simpler yet (I think):

Any season in which they played together on the same team is OK. So, any season in which a prospective draft pick played with Kobe would be an acceptable season. If that prospective draft pick did not play with Kobe in a given season, that season is off limits.
I think we are saying the same thing?
Thank God!
what post?
8/27/2013 8:32 PM
Posted by benjihall on 8/27/2013 8:05:00 PM (view original):
Can some more people respond that ridiculously long post so I can continue to scroll into infinity? 
8/27/2013 8:41 PM
League Number?

I can't wait to see this hunk of crap go.  I thought this was kind of a twist league...I would have rather seen this around 47 Mil since the twist isn't an option.
8/27/2013 10:50 PM
Posted by longtallbrad on 8/27/2013 9:54:00 AM (view original):
benji, coachcroft, dh, supperrob and thomcat are among those favored by fortune.

I've got too much usage and too little rebounding to contend with.  At least all three of my dudes play defense and get to the line.  This will be interesting.

Benji and coachcroft should both get to 70 wins.

This is going to be a mess and I love it. I hope we all plan on returning for season 2.
8/28/2013 12:26 AM
What is the ruling on crap players? Is it wide open or do they have to be teammates. I'd like a long
8/28/2013 3:07 AM
:) Looks like my team is going to be old school.  Not sure how I can make it work but on the plus side I have 3 distinct positions.

Hope I can find some 3s which might be tough considering my newest year anyone played is 82-83.
8/28/2013 8:32 AM
20,106 minutes with LeBron, Elvin Hayes, Scottie Pippen and the rest of the gang . . . .Still working on it!
8/28/2013 8:47 AM
Posted by benjihall on 8/28/2013 3:07:00 AM (view original):
What is the ruling on crap players? Is it wide open or do they have to be teammates. I'd like a long
Ask and you shall receive:

Teammates chosen must be from a season in which they played with one of your big three. NO TWISTING.
Scrubs still need to have been teammates of one of your big three.
I will have the league number tomorrow.

I think the rest of the rules are pretty clear on the league page, but let me know if you have any other questions.
8/28/2013 8:59 AM
Posted by longtallbrad on 8/27/2013 7:41:00 PM (view original):
Glad to hear others are struggling with this because it seems like my team is going to blow.
My starting PG is Andy Phillip is that makes you feel better.
8/28/2013 10:16 AM
Posted by robusk on 8/28/2013 10:16:00 AM (view original):
Posted by longtallbrad on 8/27/2013 7:41:00 PM (view original):
Glad to hear others are struggling with this because it seems like my team is going to blow.
My starting PG is Andy Phillip is that makes you feel better.
I have Gilbert Arenas and George McGinnis on one of my teams, if that makes everyone feel better.
8/28/2013 10:28 AM
My ranking of teams will be put in groups of 6

Top Tier
eleibowitz - should be tops in rebounding and will have a great choice of low cast threes thanks to playing with Shaq...can play D as well - i envision Nash/Erving/Scott/Lanier/Shaq
thomcat - Dear God the humanity...Threes/Rebounding/eFG and Dwight clogging the middle...sucks for us thinking something like KJ/Peja/Barkley/Anderson/Dwight
malone9975 - We can play D, pass, score, rebound (some...my SF is going to hurt rebounding a little) and launch the threes...have fun boys.
superrobb420 - No one rebounds against these guys.  D is nice only problem I see is that everything will have to be based on Payton teammates..whic isn't terrible considering he played everywhere...it would have been cool for you if he didn't get traded for Ray Allen tho.
benjihall - Well assists should be great...lol since EVERYONE PASSES.  The biggest thing I can think of is picking the right Kareem and Magic, the wrong one of either is going to put you in the playoff mix instead of the championship mix
coachcroft - You need a PG...I was thinking Ainge/Bird/Rodman/Parish/Beaty...rebounding should be plentiful

Second Tier
dh555 - Close to top tier...rebounding could be a question.  Yao is available tho right?  Rudy can rebound the 3 well and score reasonably well, but TMac will take care of all the scoring here, and Penny is a nice addition, you just got to find a way to stop us from going +2 on you
longtallbrad - Brad all of our subs are going to suck unless you are playing with eariler era players...that said Mailman and Dirk will be awesome to watch as long as Dirk doesn't take too much away.  Hondo isn't great, but he isn't bad either and in this league he is giving tons of minutes that are better than scrub level for sure.  I like what you have.
foghat - Another close to top tier...Harden/Durant/AD/Ibaka/Ewing  That is enough D to cover up for AD's lack of it.  There are lacking pieces and you may have to go with either Mark Jackson/Derek Harper/Charlie Ward  at PG, but in this league having Harden and Ibaka would be huge.  You are going to have quite the task determining how many assists you need vs how many quality minutes you can put players out there...tough decisions abound
poppapomp - This would be top tier if not for Elvin Hayes and the fact that he will steal possessions from better players and then will likely run around and foul anyone he can.  This is one of the best rebounding squads...James/Pip/Kukoc/Hayes/Varejao...I guess I am just spit balling here, but still a really nice team that will defend very well
onslaught - MJ and Garnett are awesome.  Pettit is an albatross his usage is high, his efficiency not so much.  You are not going to be left with much when you play these three guys because they demand a lot in salary and if you can't use the low cost Pettit and get above 25 Mil..sorry sucks to be you.  That said you should still be able to get this defensive team in the playoffs with the solid rebounding you have.  MJ/Allen/KG/Pettit/Haywood sounds interesting.
gerryred - Rondo/Pierce/Mullin/Odom/Gasol sounds about right...I worry about rebounding and defense tho, but you are a super savvy owner and one of the guys I respect most in the sim...if anyone can get this team into the playoffs it is you.  You have threes and some passing.  Reasonable eFG and taking advantage of the era these guys play in over the older era players will earn you extra wins.

Third Tier
coolmay_one - McAdoo solid..the other two ugh.  One brings defense and ruin on offense.  One brings offense and ruin on defense.  Plus you got screwed by the era.  Is Nixon a viable option for this team?  Cooper?  English?  I don't know. (Lever, Dunn, Natt maybe hell I need a drink)
dcates - Look its not sim AIDS, but there isn't a lot of rebounding.  These are good players, but you need threes and rebounding.  I see a Stockton/Frazier/Harpring/Brand/Eaton lineup.  Its good, not scary.  Not anywhere in that lineup am I afraid.  May sneak into the playoffs...MAY
mrseptember - Malone is awesome one of the favs in the sim.  Barry has one of my favorite short minutes seasons, but you can't use it...sorry oh yeah and Rick Barry is a dick. That doesn't matter in the sim, but I am contractually obligated to mention that.  Iverson is sim AIDS.  If you had one of the two morons you would be ok, but having two screws you.  Sorry....but the basketball nazi says NO PLAYOFFS FOR YOU.
thisredbox - this is a good team that could sneak into the playoffs.  It has a lot to do with which versions you use.  Wade will shoot you in and out of games as will West.  Rebounding is the big issue here I see West/Wade/Wallace/Chandler/Haslem, and then everyone goes +2 on you
robusk - Wilt yeah!  Lucas yeah!  You are going to get screwed by Johnston and the era with something so big an elephant could feel it.  Can you ride Wilt to the playoffs.  Will you go with the 66-67 and try improve those around Wilt with the assists, will you go with the 60-61 that never has to be pulled from the game and can score while getting quad teamed, or will you go off book?  Can you survive getting -2 ed all season?
jhuskow - Possible playoff team, but tough.  Mainly because of Dream.  He is my favorite player ever, but he is a pain in the butt.  He fouls...a lot.  He is also doesn't get to the line enough for the usage.  Your down low D is historically great.  A lineup of Oscar/Manu/Horry/Duncan/Dream would be kinda cool.  If you pick the right seasons of these guys you could be sitting in the cat bird seat of this group, and if the divisions break favorably you would be in awesome shape.  If you fall into a group of death you are in some trouble.

Thanks for the donation Tier
foghat II - Gilmore with Arenas and McGinnis.  Gilmore great.  Top end Arenas not bad fouls and turns the ball over a lot.  McGinnis is the human turnover and foul machine.  This team almost has to go up tempo which is like giving Aaron Hernandez Walter White Meth and an unlimited cache of weapons when you have McGinnis and Arenas in the lineup.  I see a lineup of Arenas/ A Young Priest/ An Old Priest/McGinnis/Gilmore
onslaught II - The rule is...if there is a II next to your name the team is bad.  Sikma ugh.  Hill is poison.  The stats look fine, but he WILL screw you.  Aldridge will get explioting in this league.  Rebounding is ok, but I think your lineup is something like Nash/Hill/Aldridge/Camby/Sikma...which isn't bad, and maybe a third tier team, but my years of experience tell me Hill will hurt you.  You are definately the class of the group.  Like it has been said Good News:  You won the gold medal in the Special Olympics...Bad News:  You still have problems
knearns - Hey did you order fouls?  You got them.  The Hawk is nice, but Cowens has all the fouls of Olajuwon without all of the good things Dream brings.  Actually he fouls more than Olajuwon.  Baylor, an all-time top 20 player, is an all-time member of the sim AIDS team.  You are screwed.  Your team should be in porn.
ivnabru - Holy crap.  Fouls anyone.  How about a side of turnovers?  How about screwed by the era?  Archibald's best season is still almost unusable by many in the sim.  Haywood's top season is the same.  It is too expensive and doesn't give enough.  Reed is good, but fouls like Olajuwon.  YUCK.
dcates II - The only way this gets better is a lineup of Nash/Terry/Arizin/Marion/Bellamy....and Arizin still screws you.  Bells won't do enough and everything you want Marion to bring will be stolen by Arizin.  No wonder why Wilt was so hard to get along with.
brider212 - It looks good because of Kidd and McHale, and you may be able to hide Thurmond, but not so fast. The only usable seasons of Kidd aren't available due to the 25 Mil restriction, and you can't hide Thurmond even tho he isn't a huge usage problem. McHale is solid, but you are going to need to find usage somewhere (Ainge maybe). I just think Kidd and Thurmond make this team a bridge too far.

8/28/2013 2:50 PM (edited)
Awesome write up malone.  I am attempting to use the most expensive Wilt and and Lucas seasons to keep my Johnston one down to the 2 million version and still hit my 25.  The rest of the teammates are really crappy (low eFG, mediocre defense, don't do anything especially well types).  I got to 20k minutes barely though.  We will see how it goes.
8/28/2013 12:33 PM
League number has been posted.
8/28/2013 12:48 PM
I can't seem to get beyond 19,500 minutes and am just going to have to live with fatigue problems. 
8/28/2013 1:17 PM
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