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Posted by tarheel1991 on 7/23/2013 11:17:00 AM (view original):
malone is flaunting league rules in the draft thread by revealing my potential 2nd round pick and I believe he should be penalized by losing his 2nd round pick.

or he should be forced to have Michael Ray Richardson on his team, which is admittedly a much harsher penalty, but one that may be needed to curb his devil-may-care, rulebreaking ways.

I guess it could have been worse.  I could have been forced to take Tiny Archibald or Olajuwon in the first round.
7/23/2013 10:06 PM
Here is where I will provide (possibly) round by round commentary.

Please be patient, I am working too much these days.  I will do the best I can.  I make no guarantee of insightful analysis, witty repartee or scathing criticism.  None of this is intended to offend.  Here we go...

banditone - 
LeBron James, Terry Porter, Connie Hawkins, Ryan Anderson, Caldwell Jones, Chandler Parsons, Kermit Washington I can see the rationale, the 12-13 season of LeBron is pretty simgasmic, but I don't agree. 48 mpg (or damn close) of 43.4 creb%, no fouls, elite 2-guard level ast%, elite EFG, above average D, and a track record of THREE IN A ROW (and four of the last five) in this league...the Dipper is my 1st pick. LeBron is second. Minute quality matters with this much salary, and if I can get my first pick on the court ten more mins a game than his next closest competitor (3728 vs 2877), I want that to happen.  I'm sure many of you guys will disagree, but that's why we write these things right? While I think the LeBron pick was a miss, I definitely look forward to how you are going to build your team.  12-13 is a monster season, and if surrounded by the right players, can be a total juggernaut.  I think you can do it. Round 2: Terry Porter is a great pick, but it forces Lebron to the 2, diminishing some of his power.  Very few turnovers in that backcourt, ludicrously efficient too.  Good paid, but we need to see the MEAT! Round 3: Connie Hawkins is not meat.  Are you playing him at SF? 52% EFG at 21% usg means he takes shots from Porter (never a good idea) and doesn't rebound well.  If you wanted the Hawk, he would've been there in round 5...maybe 6.  Need you to recover after that one.  Round 4: Ryan Anderson is an interesting choice, given that his oreb% and 3's and EFG are all solid. Horrid D. If he's your 4, you're out of the playoffs- the guy will be a turnstile with no hope of stopping.  Round 5:  Why? There must be ten better 4/5's out there to fill out this squad.  After how you started I loved it.  After the 3rd round, I thought you'd hit the water without being able to eject.  Is Round 6 your parachute? Round 6: 'Chute failure. Brace for impact.  I don't think either player added what you needed.  

natenoy - Wilt Chamberlain, Kevin Love, Kyle Korver, Nate McMillan, Darrell Walker, Bo Outlaw, Muggsy Bogues   This is where I stand on Nate: Intensely analytical, for the greater good. Selfless in his time analyzing and writing predictions. Can and often will over-discuss his own team's individual performance in league forums. Talking about your sim team is kind of like talking about that fantasy football game you lost three weeks ago because a catch was ruled as a 9 yards and not 10, costing you that extra point...does anyone care other than you? I kid, I kid, Nate. I look forward to how you build around Wiltzilla. It takes $10 worth of balls to "buck the trend" and go with a different version than the proven winner. I am sorry to see my KAJ scoring record in this league die, but I respect that you'll do it by capturing our sim imaginations with the greatest scoring season in professional sports history. I know you'll tell us all about it!  Round 2: I like this Love pick, Nate.  Huge creb%, clean player, has some 3PA's to his credit, MAKES free throws (Wilt doesn't, if anyone hasn't heard), and will be a nice inside presence with Wilt. Round 3: Korver will be your sentry gun on the 3 pt arc, firing at will.  I'm betting you'll add another 3PT bomber and you'll get your spacing right for Wiltzilla.  Cool start.  Round 4: Defense, rebounding, passing and not many shot attempts, looks like you got what you needed in Nate.  Round 5: I guess if you are trying to break the scoring record, Wilt will need guys to get him the ball, rebound, and not shoot.  I don't know if Walker is the floor general you'll need to get in to the tournament though.  I don't think he is.  Round 6:  Not sure where you are headed here other than on the outside looking in come berth-time.  I don't see it, Nate, but I bet you'll break my KAJ scoring record.

tricky24 - Dennis Rodman, Buck Williams, Gary Payton, Dirk Nowitzki, Reggie Miller, Tim Hardaway, Otto Moore  I've never used Jordan in a draft league, but I would imagine he and Kareem would be the only people I'd consider over Rodman here. 41 or so MPG of elite rebounding and defense, will surprise with the occassional scoring outburst, will take about 100 3PA, doesn't take much off the table. If you can find a scorer of 1st or 2nd round efficiency, you're set with Rodman. My ODL team couldn't, so I'm outrebounding folks by 7 boards per game, but can't score for sh*t. That team name is "F*CK YO COUCH" but I should just rename it "F*CK THIS TEAM" after screwing over the Worm like I did. Let that be your lesson. Nice pick, don't give it the Mikee treatment! Round 2: You added more rebounding when I'm not certain Buck was the best available.  Rodman gives you so many options, I'm not sure I would've taken Buck here.  That being said, he doesn't SCREW you.  Round 3: The Glove carried me through the playoffs to a championship.  Plays a ton of minutes in that 3/13 reb% season.  He's definitely not the most efficient scorer, but he's a solid addition.  Round 4: Dirk was an interesting pick.  With his limited rebounding, if you averaged Dirk and Rodman, they'd be 10.5/25, which on the court for a combined 80 mins at the 3 and 4 isn't so horrid that it's considered a blown pick. I have wanted to try Dirk in the ODL for a while, as I think his TS% would be an interesting challenge to maximize.   Round 5: Reggie has a few seasons that are very strong for round 5 of this league.  What has this done to your defense though? Round 6: As far as backups go, there weren't better options?  I guess you are matching tiers, but this doesn't look promising. Looks like a few games over .500, potentially IN.

iccoachb - Michael Jordan, Shawn Kemp, Robert Parish, Michael Ray Richardson, James Worthy, Mo Cheeks, Terry Tyler Jordan's best season is steps below LeBron's now, in my opinion. That being said, the guy is an efficient, elite defender of three positions, a FTA buzzsaw and gives you TONS of quality Alpha-dog minutes on your squad. That being said, 44 MPG of Kareem shooting 57+% from down low is unattainable from any other position. This is a choice of personal preference. Build outside in, or inside out. Round 2: Interesting pick, I think Kemp supports Jordan nicely.  Fouls a ton, turns over a ton though, and won't get you many minutes.  Round 3: Parish is very solid supporter of Jordan here.  Lots of EFG, nice rebounding compliment so far.  Round 4: Don't draft MRR.  There are sooo many more PG's that I'd rather have.  Can't name them here now, but there had to be 10 instead of MRR.  Round 5: Worthy wasn't a great pick.  He was a very good player, but his game doesn't translate to sim success.  This team might be able to survive Worthy, but MRR was the killing blow in round 4. Round 6: I'd start the best Mo Cheeks season and apologize to the rest of the team by using MRR as a backup.  I don't know why I'm giving you that tip, because I'd love to play you 8 times and help you get MRR to over 400 turnovers! Out of the playoffs, because I'm in, and you're in my division.  Nice start, faded fast.  

thomcat - Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Willis Reed, Steve Nash, Derek Harper, Josh Smith, Trooper Washington, Brian Winters Kareem is a monster. He does not discriminate. He scores anywhere from 28 to 50+ points in any game he pleases. If given a supporting scorer of legitimate caliber, you are now in the playoffs as long as you don't take anyone nutty to fill out your starting five. I've had him in the ODL and in the $52, and in both he was intensely pleasurable to own. He was the best player available, and you grabbed him. That's a great first step. Round 2: The Captain! Feels early for him, you'll be light on oreb%, but you'll have an insider to help KAJ and some interior defense to make up for the big guy.  Round 3:  Nash seems like a decent choice.  He turns it over too much for a KAJ point though, so right here before factoring in Reed I'd bet between the two of them you are looking at just over 8 TO/g.  Round 4: Safer running mate in Derek Harper, will pass, stretch it a little for Kareem, and cover Nash's guy on D. Not a bad pick by any means.  Round 5: Josh Smith is one of those guys who at the 3 seems like he could be servicable. I hate his pro game in reality so much that I'd be unable to get over that hurdle! Round 6 will be crucial to putting you in the playoff hunt.  Round 6: A 7 car pile up. Even as backups, those guys weren't getting drafted.  In retrospect, I hate the Josh Smith pick.  That guy is a chucker. You are in what I am labeling "The Group of Death" that Ash drafted- you will be dead early.  

eleibowitz - Shaquille O'Neal, Marcus Camby, Donyell Marshall, Chris Mullin, Jason Terry, Jamaal Tinsley, Andrew Bogut Leibo is one of a handful of owners I follow in these draft leagues for insight. Was Shaq the best player available? I think he fit what Leibo wanted this draft after his last 52 team didn't meet his standards. I'm guessing you were looking for better eFG, and a drop in FP48 and TOV given your last team lost both of those battles. That being said, Shaq is superior to Moses in two of those ways. A better fit. Cool pick. I don't want you in my division.  Round 2: I definitely don't want you in my division.  Front court is clean, they compliment each other, great pairing.  Round 3: Donyell will add 3's, D, and rebounding.  Enviable pick.  Perfect that he fell here to you.  Round 4: Mullin's a compliment to what you have, and what you needed.  Round 5: Terry and Mullin's outside efficiency compliment the Diesel in a big way.  Great start.  This team so far is in my top 4. Round 6: Backups that fit the team, interesting! You're in the playoffs, and getting a bye. This is the most balanced team in your division.

98average - Moses Malone, Alonzo Mourning, Brent Barry, Terrell Brandon, Andrei Kirilenko, Antonio Daniels, Oliver Miller Moses is a great start.  These picks are a matter of preference, which KD12-13 kind of throws a wrench into.  In the 52, I think you made the right choice.  I don't see you screwing up a Moses team, and even with minor help you'll be in the possession game through his rebounding alone.  FTA monster as well, although with his usage it will be tough to get the most of his FTA48.  Will be interesting to see where you go with the next few picks, given your preference for high DEF players. Round 2: Interesting mix with Mo/Zo.  Not sure I love it, given that TO's will be insane in your front court, but it's a formidable pair.  Round 3: Brent Barry was a great pick here, as he gives you the flexibility you needed going forward.  Round 4: Brandon flies under the radar.  I had him pegged as my 5th round PG if he fell and I didn't get one I wanted.  Round 5: AK47- there he is! Signature defensive 98 specialist. Round 6: Neither backup seems to fit.  This team will be in the hunt, certainly.  I am interested to see it put together. 

coachcroft - Kevin Durant, Elton Brand, Deron Williams, Carlos Boozer, Andre Drummond, Tree Rollins, Derrick Rose The right set up around this guy's 12-13 is going to be a monster.  I think Coach flies under the radar and has made some really tricky teams, and I think this is the start of a matchup nightmare.  I'm looking forward to seeing what kind of 3PA/3PT% and FTA splits this season is capable of.  KD at the 2 gives you a rebounding edge, EFG edge, Ast% edge- he's a great cornerstone scorer.  Good luck. Round 2: Played at SF, I think Brand defends for you, rebounds for you, and fills it up a bit.  I think there were better picks if you wanted to address SF early (good idea to in my book with Durant at the 2), but the Brand pick isn't a bad one.  Round 3: Deron Williams can be a turnover machine.  He'll chuck it away often enough he'll lose you games, but will support an offense and stretch it at the PG spot for you.  Round 4: I think Boozer is often overlooked, but in round 4 is a nice pick.  He'll score inside with Brand and support the possession game.  Round 5: Drummond is a backup monster, I'm loving him in the ODL.  I can't wait for this guy to develop and have a full season in the SIM, just to see what he does.  Round 6: I don't like the backup Rose, but Tree is a solid addition, although he is an absolute butcher. This team is probably in the playoffs.  

dh555 - Karl Malone, Tyson Chandler, Clyde Drexler, Jose Calderon, AC Green, Brent Price, Ed Davis  The Mailman.  DH needs no advice as to which season to use- he'll maximize the benefits.  I'd use 96-97, let the guy hammer the other team's best interior defender with FTA's, surround the guy with rebounding and funnel the ball into this dude.  If you haven't ever heard of Karl's run in with Kobe's wife, here it is: Vanessa Bryant reportedly asked Karl (who was in a cowboy get-up), "Hey cowboy, what are you hunting?" to which (the married) Malone replied, "I'm hunting little Mexican girls." Round 2: Tyson covers the Mailman on the boards, plays some D, doesn't turn it over- nice pick.  Round 3: Drexler adds more rebounding, shoots a little 3, covers your second scorer.  I liked this choice.  Round 4: Sh*t.  Most any Calderon season will make this team hum.  Doesn't matter than he doesn't generate FTA, he supports the offense, nails a great percentage of 3's, and keeps the ball in play for his own team.  I guess his downside is D? Round 5: Your small forward adds more rebounding, a clean game, a hint of more scoring, and is a solid defender to boot.  Good pick, this team is looking very good, I fear your round 6 for the rest of the league.  Round 6: Efficiency match for Calderon, and position flexible rebounding with Davis.  You'd be a lock anywhere else.  In the Group of Death? We shall see.

seapilots - Chris Paul, Dikembe Mutombo, Amare Stoudemire, Anderson Varejao, Danny Green, Kevin Porter, Roy Tarpley Love this guy.  Get an inside scorer and Paul elevates him.  I prefer the 07-08 over 08-09, but I can see it either way.  That being said, I'd have taken The Admiral, Dwight, Barkley, and maybe more over CP3.  Can't compete in this league without rebounding advantages, and as we've seen more recently in the sim, more DEF stacking up inside helps win the tight ones.  CP3 doesn't take anything off the board at the PG spot (maybe light on 3's), and he's a great building block who will make the box scores fun. Round 2: Was Mutombo the BPA? Possibly.  Best Paul compliment, probably not.  I don't like being forced to choose between elite rebounder or strong rebounder with elite defense.  His seasons seem illogical for Mt. Mutombo.  I heard a story once about him, where he walked into a party when he was with Philly, and said to a group of female onlookers, "Who's going to sex Mutombo?" Round 3: Amare is a cool pick for this team.  Even cooler, is if you have the stones to play him at the 3.  Round 4: Varejao might not have been the best choice.  Round 5: Danny Green is a great piece to the puzzle.  Does he support the modern sim engine? Yes.  Round 6 is crucial for you, determines if you're in the hunt or not.  Round 6:  I don't love those choices! A turnover machine and a butcher.  I don't see you in the playoffs.

felonius - David Robinson, Bill Walton, Walt Frazier, Kenneth Faried, Nick Anderson, Delonte West, Marcin Gortat The Admiral offers a complex mix of great things.  His highest usage season isn't terribly efficient, doesn't rebound well, but will get to the line and live there, and score in bunches.  His next seasons by salary are more efficient, and bump up the rebounding.  I think I'd tackle Howard's issues first, but in felon's hands the Admiral will run a great show.  Interesting pick.  I want to hear why him over Howard.
Round 2: I like the Walton pick, I just have to get over his lack of minutes right after I get impressed with the rest of his numbers.  Cool beginning.  Anyone going to beat your interior D? I doubt it.  Round 3: Didn't expect the Clyde pick, but I can see what he does for you going foward- flexibility.  Round 4: Faried in Round 4 is a sad day, no more getting lucky and pulling him in Round 5.  Speaking of which, Nick Anderson? Great compliment to your starting 5.  Inside and Outside, no obscene holes on D.  This team will be very solid. Round 6:  Solid additions to the core, they support what you're moving towards.  Enjoy the Group of Death, as this team, like DH's, would be a lock anywhere else.

longtallbrad - Dwight Howard, Chauncey Billups, Horace Grant, Sidney Moncrief, Troy Murphy, Larry Sanders, JR Smith What's funny about Howard is that he has the elite usage and elite EFG, but since so many of his possessions end in a pair of FTA's, he won't push over 25 points too often.  LTB will need to set this team up to take advantage of Dwight's interior presence with an exterior attack, and with Dwight's rebounding anchoring the possession battle, this team could go places.  Middle rounds will make up the destiny. Round 2: Chauncey is a fun player to have.  I love the FTA/3PA splits, he doesn't turn the ball over, and he pushes the scoring to the extremes: to the arc, and into the basket for FTA's.  Round 3: Horace was a great compliment.  Solid D, Oreb%, I like it.  Round 4; Moncrief I've never used.  I don't see the appeal in the modern sim.  I like the rebounding and D, but no 3's to speak of.  You said you wanted to use the sim throwback, so I guess it was sentimental.  Round 5 will be critical, as this team could go either direction.  Round 5: If this was an ODL lineup, I'd love it with Murph at the 4.  In the 52, I don't like him.  Round 6: Sanders and JR were great picks, they'll support the 2nd unit and keep you competitive for 48.  In the playoffs, potentially competing for a bye.

theyard2 - Larry Bird, Manu Ginobili, Pau Gasol, Sam Dalembert, Clarence Weatherspoon, Vince Carter, Bill Bridges Love the Legend.  I wish I could make a successful team of my own with him on it.  If you put this guy at the 2, he's an elite rebounder, efficient scorer, great secondary passer, and a true compliment to your team.  At the 3 he's very difficult to build around.  I wish the Legend had played a few more seasons where the 3 was more prevalent, as he'd be a total monster if he had a few more seasons of over 200 3PA's.  I wish he was 97% in 87-88.  One of my all time favorites, and I'd love the challenge of building around him again. Round 2: Might not be two players I'd rather see together in this league in real life than Manu and the Legend.  Good pick, as Manu sets up some flexibility.  Round 3: Pau! Cool pick, although now I hope you are playing Manu at PG, Larry at SG, Pau at PF.  Otherwise you don't have enough rebounding if Larry is your SF and you are waiting to fill PG/C.  Round 4: Good move.  I think Dalembert pushes you in the right direction.  You can see here now what that Manu pick gives you flexibility wise going into round 5.  Round 5: There is only one Clarence, but this one is a tricky SG nowadays. Cool pick.  Round 6: VC is a solid backup to that high voltage Bird-Manu combo, and Bill Bridges will fill in some meat down low.  Not sure you are in, but it will be cool to watch the box scores. One more link, same vibe- but this is a real bone-chiller.

badja - Scottie Pippen, John Stockton, Andrew Bynum, Emeka Okafor, Arvydas Sabonis, Blake Griffin, Kosta Koufos Badja said it best, "everyone's favorite second rounder"- taken at 14.  The guy adds a lot of great things to the mix.  He also turns it over more than I'd like, isn't very efficient, and needs help scoring, passing, etc.  Major rebounding advantage at the 2, which is fantastic, and a versatile defender.  I want to hear from you as well as to why you grabbed Pippen, I'd love your insight.  I'd have taken Chuck, his FTA buzzsaw and 60+% FG.  I'll deal with the flaws in game because he's an offensive force at the SF position.  I wish Scottie got more of a bump in the sim, as he was an outstanding player in a tough decade in the NBA.  Had he played outside of Jordan's shadow, I think his alpha-status would have developed and he'd be better recognized as a prime player.  Round 2: Stockton was a great pair with Pippen, will push Pip's efficiency higher into elite status.  Round 3: Bynum's will be stellar given his support from the backcourt.  Bynum fouls so little I get shocked everytime I look at his best season.  Round 4: Okafor was a solid pick as well.  I'll be interested to see who you go with on the 5th choice.  Round 5: Saba's efficiency and rebounding make him a great platoon member, I like this.  Round 6:  Is Blake the 3!? I hope so. Koufos backing up, solid.  Trot out Stockton/Pippen/Blake/Bynum/Okafor and that will be interesting!  I hate to say that, because you drafted our division and I'd rather you be interesting somewhere else!

chris_snid - Artis Gilmore, Anfernee Hardaway, Paul Pierce, Cedric Maxwell, Zelmo Beatty, Roddy Beaubois, Mark Landsberger Gilmore is a minutes-beast of huge rebounding proportions.  If the guy's fouls don't get in the way, you're almost definitely ahead in the C vs C rebounding battle for the majority of your game.  Take what I've said about Barkley, because I think he's the pick here as well, but Gilmore is a real force who is a great foundation to support your team going forward.  You'll need another paint scorer, but that person can be a bit lighter on the boards which will give you more efficient options.  Cool pick, looking forward to the rest of the build.  Round 2: Looks like Penny has been finally getting his due recently.  Moving into 2nd and 3rd round consistently.  Great set up with Artis so far.  Round 3: I had Pierce last season, I couldn't maximize his game, and it seemed like he fouled out waaay too often, but I think you have a better mix around him than I did.  Round 4:  Cornbread! Interesting pick.  I hope he doesn't turn it over a ton and dump possessions out of your key players' hands.  Solid start, not sure where it will end up.  Round 5:  So so pick. I get that you needed a pair to A-Train, but this wasn't the BPA.  Round 6:  Usage gunner fits your guards, Landsberger is a good fill in off the bench for glass cleaning purposes.  You're in the playoffs if you are in my side of the league, but you're in the Group of Death- hope you drafted some minutes for 27 OT games!

malone9975 - Charles Barkley, Steph Curry, Mel Daniels, Gerald Wallace, Mark Price, Joel Przybilla, Reggie Evans
Grand Theft Chuck Wagon.  Assuming you use 87-88, 14.4 FTA48 is immense, and at 75% is an added bonus.  60% from the field, paint powered scoring, and this guy needs only a smidge of offensive support to make this team scream.  His rebounding advantage at the 3 is exacerbated by foul trouble the opponent's defender will get into.  Great pick, I think it was an easy one to make, and I think you'll make him a nightmare matchup. Round 2: I think Curry could be an elite scorer in the ODL, but in the 52 he's not as good as Ray Allen.  Ray and Chuck usually doesn't work well, so I am afraid that this pair will meet the same demise.  Round 3: Mel Daniels was a nice addition, as he's a tremendous rebounder capable of great things.  Round 4: Gerald Wallace is confusing.  Is steph your PG, Wallace your 2, Chuck your 3? I worry about assists. Round 5: Here's your point guard, I think.  Forces Wallace to the 3 though, where he won't shine.  Round 6: Joel Prz and Evans are rebounders for sure, so they fit your needs off the bench.  Playoff hunt.

pennsylvania - Nate Archibald, Bob McAdoo, Elvin Hayes, Billy Cunningham, Rudy Tomjanovich, Mitch Kupchak, Walt Szczerbiak Pennsylvania, you're new to the league so I'll keep this short:
The Good: Nate plays alot of minutes.  It's nice to have your first pick on the court for a ton of the game.  He doesn't foul much, he will get to the line a ton, and at 27 ast% he'll support other players (while robbing them of shots).
The Bad: Not efficient.  That's not alot of threes for 3700 F'n minutes. Low defense at 50.  
The Ugly: 383 turnovers. He'll be the worst rebounder at the PG position in the league.
My advice to you: Read over past evaluations, see who won with what mix, and ask questions.
Round 2: Good player.  Scores inside, defends, not a rebounding cast-off either.
Round 3: Not good.  Wouldn't draft him.
Round 4: See round 3, but emphasize the point.
Round 5: Rudy T won't get drafted next 52 unless you draft him again, but you won't want to.
Round 6: Repeat Round 5!

mikee1 - Tim Duncan, Jerry Lucas, Mookie Blaylock, Kobe Bryant, Charles Oakley, Charlie Ward, Swen Nater Mike, what a great pick!  Duncan can be a lead dog or a support player.  Picking him here gives you the flexibility going forward to adjust with the flow of the draft.
Haha I can't evaluate this anymore. Round 2: Thought Lucas set me up for front court rebounding, and I haven't used him, so I pulled the trigger.  Round 3: Wanted to get some perimeter support, defense and assists going, so I called for Mookie.  Round 4: I had a decent list of players but I wanted to make sure I added assists, 3's, FTA's, and defense, and I kept coming back to the compliment Kobe brings.  I fear his EFG will overshadow Duncan, but I think I have enough parts so far to keep me in the playoff hunt.  Not doing this!

ashamael - Bill Russell, Oscar Robertson, Serge Ibaka, Tracy McGrady, Clifford Ray, Dan Gadzuric, Chris Andersen  Bill is an elite rebounder with a ton of minutes.  The guy doesn't foul, and in almost every season chips in with great ast% for a PF/C.  Great start by a dangerous owner.  45 MPG of 44+ creb%, doesn't foul and his biggest negative is negated because he doesn't shoot? Sign me up this late in the first.  Shocking that he sometimes goes in the 2nd. Round 2: Oscar will give you flexibility, and the kitchen sink at the PG position.  Round 3: Serge was an interesting choice for you.  Didn't seem like one of your guys.  I think he doesn't play enough to warrant a 3rd round choice given he's mostly a D and rebounding guy with low usage.  Round 4: There you go, T-Mac will be supported, covered, and assisted.  Your rebounding at every position is strong.  Definitely in the playoff hunt.  Round 5:  A rebounder/distributor who can defend- cool pick next to Bill.  Round 6:  Rebounding and D. You got two good ones here.  I don't see much inside scoring, and I think you're betting you can find 3's in the undrafted pool, but this looks solid.  You collected a variety of dangers, put them into a pit, and dove into it headfirst.  The Group of Death is your baby now, Ash!

vancem - Magic Johnson, Jason Kidd, Patrick Ewing, Anthony Mason, James Harden, Erick Dampier, David Lee Earvin "Magic" Johnson has a variety of seasons- with 3's, with more usage, with more rebounding, and some where he is more of a distributor than others.  Magic gives you a ton of options.  He turns the ball over, but how many possessions will he gain from his rebounding? Has a few seasons where he is elite at getting to the line for a PG, has over 52% efg and nearly 20 creb%.  That's pretty nasty for a point guard.  It's a matter of preference here for Magic vs Ben Wallace.  I'd say you can stack up rebounding a bit easier than find a replacement, and there's only one MAGIC.  Vancem starts Showtime with this pick.  Nice. Round 2: Interesting! I love the Kidd pick, they'll help each other out and no backcourt will outrebound you.  Round 3: Ewing will get a kick in the *** (eFG) and be in the top 10 scorers in the league.  Interior defense is hard to come by, and you've got a great start on that too.  Round 4: I called you a snake for picking my guy already, I was hoping to ride Mase at the 3 spot back to the finals! Mase is underrated.  As a later round SF, he's got an interesting compliment if your scorers are set up already.  Round 5: Loving the Harden pick.  Dampier and Lee will rebound, if I'm right about what you are doing with David Lee I like it quite a bit.  This team goes as far as Ewing can carry them. 

slymonium - Ben Wallace, Shawn Marion, Ray Allen, Tom Boerwinkle, Kevin Johnson, JaVale McGee, Jameer Nelson Ben Wallace, if you want a defensive monster and board lord, is your guy.  100 DEF, great creb%, low fouls, non-existent turnovers.  That's the plus side.  The downside, is that you aren't getting a ton of minutes out of him. Only one season over 3000 minutes, and you'd be nuts to use it.  Zero offensive contribution across the board, other than solid oreb%.  If you can add an inside scorer and some extra usage on the perimeter, you're in the hunt.  I think Ben was the BPA (Best Player Available).  Good pick. Round 2: Another supportish player, I wanted to pair Duncan with Marion to see where I could go.  It will be interesting to see where you try to play him.  Round 3: Ray in round 3, nice pick.  Round 4: Boerwinkle will help Ben dominate the defensive glass, and get some more assists on the floor.  Round 5: KJ runs the show, turns it over, scores and gets to the line.  I wish he shot more 3's in his career, because visualizing him attacking the basket like he did makes him fun to use- more 3's would make him more effective.  Sly I like where you are going, but who do I need to cover in the paint? Anyone? Round 6: Solid backups- Rare that anyone says this, but I think if you nail your undrafted player pool you could really elevate this another division.  Group of Death also-ran.

tarheel1991 - Kevin Garnett, Dwayne Wade, Bobby Jones, Wes Unseld, Jon Barry,  Brandon Rush, Brandan Wright KG is one of those players I wish the sim made it easier for.  Great rebounder, especially at SF, and a great addition to the passing game.  I haven't seen a Garnett-led team be outstanding, but tarheel is crafty and can come up with it.  Interesting to see who surrounds him.  Surprised you didn't take D-Wade or Kidd.  Bang- there you go, D-Wade in the 2nd.  Ultra-steal. Round 3: Bobby Jones is heavy on eFG, DEF, decent on the glass, and has that ugly combo of lower usage and more TO's than you'd like.  Picking Jones opens up Garnett for you, as you won't feel pigeonholed to put Garnett at the 3.  Round 4:  Wes will support the process, nice choice.  Round 5: Barry is a nice compliment to the core.  Round 6: More complimentary players, I think Rush is still undervalued.  I don't know where I see this team going yet, but I know I'll be enjoying our race for the bye in Badja's division.

steelers821(from natenoy) - Julius Erving, Kevin McHale, Marques Johnson, Rajon Rondo, Joakim Noah, Kris Humphries, Joe Dumars I never really looked into Dr. J before, I guess because I never saw a contender with him on it.  81-82 looks good at the 2, but no 3PA's to speak of.  Dr. J wasn't the best player available in the current sim.  Round 2: I wanted McHale badly.  I think he was the BPA, and I think that you have a good start.  Round 3: Marques was a solid pick.  Kind of a logjam around 2/3/4 though.  Who's who?  Round 4: I don't like Rondo for two reasons: 3PA and turnovers.  I think you have better options still undrafted as I write this mid round 5.  Round 5: Noah is a good sim player, but where does he fit? Round 6: Humphries definitely rebounds. Steelers your defense looks good, but what stops me from clogging the paint?  Round 6: I think you posted that you added 3's with Joe D, but that's like adding an extinguisher once the structure is already lit up.  This team was either rated middle of the pack, or elite by the others.  I don't see it.  I think you're a .500 team, maybe in a push for the playoffs, but it depends on what seasons you pick.

maglor1 - Larry Nance, Hakeem Olajuwon, Wesley Person, Jerry West, Bob Lanier, Michael Cooper, Cedric Ceballos Picking last gets you the turn around, and makes Nance seem early in the 1st, and early even if you are picking him in the first half of the 2nd.  He's not an outstanding rebounder at the 3, although his negatives are limited.  I'd like to see where you go after this, then BANG goes Olajuwon.  Missed the playoffs, here- hate to tell you.  Nance is a great pick, way too early, and Olajuwon is what some folks in the WIS community call "sim poison"...It'll take a miracle. Round 3: Wesley Person is a good pick, feels early, but he'll support an efficient attack that will be needed to get this squad on track. Round 4: I like Jerry West, I'm now convinced though that you'll be short on assists, and between West and Hakeem and progress you made on mitigating turnovers with Nance and Person is nullified.  No Playoffs in the future here.  Round 5: Lanier was a snag in the 5th, good grab.  Don't see how Ceballos helps you because he can't play PG, and his usage match is behind West...who is your PG. Out of the playoffs early.

8/5/2013 1:21 AM (edited)
    Julius Erving 81-82 76ers SF 28.1 54.3 28.7 54.7 9.3 12.9 12.6 2.4 2.8
    Kevin McHale 86-87 Celtics PF 24.1
100 and 90 def also
like my oreb for the 2 and 3 spots already i guess ill have to get most of my 3s from the bench.
7/23/2013 11:31 PM
Nice start
7/24/2013 12:51 PM
So I would like some honest analysis of who I drafted.

I have used Stephen Curry in one league so far, and I did very well with him, BUT I don't know if second round was a reach or not.  In this league it is sometimes difficult to understand where the new guys fit in (except of course for the godlike LeBron and Durant seasons).  I felt that with taking a board hoarder like Barkley when I did it gave me the freedom to draft a three point shooter, and I feel like the mix of 3pt fgm and efg make him a very solid pick (even more so than Ray Allen when you factor in things like assists).  

I wanted to grab Curry and I felt certain he wouldn't be there the next time I picked...or I am a delusional moron.
7/24/2013 4:32 PM
I think it was kind of reachy - 45% on 600 3pas is nice and he plays a clean game but he's kind of light in other areas
7/24/2013 5:59 PM

"Reachy" is a great word.  I think you just added a new term to the working vocabulary of WISNBA draft leagues.

7/24/2013 6:14 PM
thanks wouldn't be the first time (pats self on back)
7/24/2013 6:49 PM
how do you guys like my first to picks i really wanted to add camby to team but im sure ill figure someone else out to help team
7/24/2013 7:14 PM
like I said, nice start
7/24/2013 7:26 PM
Well steelers if you use those 2 seasons and get the rest of the team dialed in you should beat natenoy very easily. But if you mess up the "money rounds" as 98average calls them it will be a mediocre season. Every round here is important and one bad draft pick can keep a team out of the playoffs.  
7/24/2013 7:56 PM
thanks guys i think i got a plan
7/24/2013 8:45 PM
banditone - LeBron James, Terry Porter, Connie Hawkins, Ryan Anderson, Caldwell Jones

natenoy - Wilt Chamberlain, Kevin Love, Kyle Korver

tricky24 - Dennis Rodman, Buck Williams, Gary Payton, Dirk Nowitzki, Reggie Miller

iccoachb - Michael Jordan, Shawn Kemp, Robert Parish, Michael Ray Richardson, James Worthy

thomcat - Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Willis Reed, Steve Nash, Derek Harper, Josh Smith

eleibowitz - Shaquille O'Neal, Marcus Camby, Donyell Marshall, Chris Mullin, Jason Terry

98average - Moses Malone, Zo Mourning, Brent Barry, Terrell Brandon, Andrei Kirilenko

coachcroft - Kevin Durant, Elton Brand, Deron Williams, Carlos Boozer, Andre Drummond

dh555 - Karl Malone, Tyson Chandler, Clyde Drexler, Jose Calderon, A.C. Green

seapilots - Chris Paul, Dikembe Mutombo, Amare Stoudamire, Danny Green, Anderson Varejao

felonius - David Robinson, Bill Walton, Walt Frazier, Kenneth Faried, Nick Anderson

longtallbrad - Dwight Howard, Chauncey Billups, Horace Grant, Sidney Moncrief,

theyard2 - Larry Bird, Manu Ginobili, Pau Gasol, Sam Dalembert

badja - Scottie Pippen, John Stockton, Andrew Bynum, Emeka Okafor

chris_snid - Artis Gilmore, Anfernee Hardaway, Paul Pierce, Cedric Maxwell

malone9975 - Charles Barkley, Steph Curry, Mel Daniels, Gerald Wallace

pennsylvania - Nate Archibald, Bob McAdoo, Elvin Hayes, Billy Cunningham

mikee1 - Tim Duncan, Jerry Lucas, Mookie Blaylock, Kobe Bryant

ashamael - Bill Russell, Oscar Robinson, Serge Ibaka, Tracy McGrady

vancem - Magic Johnson, Jason Kidd, Patrick Ewing, Anthony Mason

slymonium - Ben Wallace, Shawn Marion, Ray Allen, Tom Boerwinkle, Kevin Johnson

tarheel1991 - KG, Dwayne Wade, Bobby Jones, Wes Unseld

steelers821 - Dr. J, Kevin McHale, Marques Johnson, Rajon Rondo, Joakim Noah,
Kris Karda...Humphries

maglor1 -Larry Nance, Hakeem Olajuwon, Wesley Person, Jerry West

7/29/2013 10:43 PM (edited)
Lot of great combinations thus far.  Steelers has 2 of the next 4 picks, giving him 4 of the top 50 picks.
7/25/2013 10:01 AM
SteeIers is sitting pretty right now that trade was pretty much a robbery. 
7/25/2013 10:16 AM
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