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It's been a year or two since I hosted one of my random leagues.  The time is right to do it again.

For those new to the process, each owner is assigned 12 pages from the "random page" feature of www.baseball-reference.com .  For each page you're assigned, you are required to choose two players for your roster.  The 25th man is a wild card -- it can be anyone you want in order to fill your salary cap, though we will limit it to non-Hall of Famers, so that not everyone rosters Babe Ruth.  Other details:

League # MLB106283
Salary cap = $90 million
Trades OK up to Game 120
6/2 average AAA - only used if you draw a player with no sim-eligible seasons
no WW, injuries on [why not?  it's random]
no DH
stadium must have been home field for one of your 25 players, but you can always use the wild card player to get a stadium you really want

The pages vary.  The majority will be either player pages [in which case, you choose one season of that player and any of his teammates from the season you choose [no twisting]],  or team pages [in which case you must choose two players from that team-season ... sometimes limited to pitchers or hitters if your page is "1929 New York Yankees Pitching"].  Sometimes you'll draw a box score of a game, in which case you can take any two players who appeared in that game, in that season only.  But occasionally you'll draw something really weird and fun, such as "31 players died in Nevada", which actually includes two Hall of Famers.

As an example, here's my final roster and how it was arrived at:

1.  1B-OF Carlos Ponce 1985
     C  Bill Schroeder, 1985 Brewers

2.  1907 MLB pitchers
     P  Christy Mathewson 1907
     P  Jack Pfiester 1907

3.  * P  Dee Sanders 1945
     P  Nels Potter, 1945 Browns
     P  Paul Abbott 2002  -  200k replacement to be sent down for AAA

4.  1995 Houston Astros
     2B  Craig Biggio 1995
     OF  Mike Simms 1995

5.  2006 Boston Red Sox
     DH-1B  David Ortiz 2006
     DH-C  Javy Lopez 2006

6.  1897 MLB pitching
     P  Doc Amole 1897
     P  Henry Clarke 1897

7.  * OF  Dean Look 1961
     C  Sherm Lollar 1961 White Sox
     OF  Bob Cerv 1961 - 200k replacement to be sent down for AAA

8.  1954 Washington Senators
     3B  Eddie Yost 1954
     OF  Roy Sievers 1954

9.  P  Jesse Litsch  2007-11  (2011 season)
     P  Casey Janssen 2011

10.  OF  Eric Davis 1984-2011  (1987 season)
     OF  Kal Daniels 1987

11.  P  Al Gettel 1945-55  (1947 season)
     SS  Lou Boudreau 1947

12.  1981 American League Player Value
     P  Rich Gossage 1981
     P  Dave Stewart 1981

13.  Wild Card
      UT  Harry Rice 1924

*  Notice that two of the players I was assigned had no sim-eligible seasons.  In that case, I must use one of their real-life teammates, and then roster a $200k player who I will replace before opening day with the corresponding player from my AAA draw -- in this case I can choose either pitcher to represent Dee Sanders, and the OF to represent Dean Look.  AAA players should be renamed to the random player before the start of the season.

I don't have much sympathy for guys who whine about their bad draw.  With teammates as half your roster, plus the wild card, nearly everyone has a chance to come up with a competitive club.  Please don't sign up and then bail on us because you didn't like your draw; but we'll sign up two or three players after we've filled the league, because it always happens. 

Owner list:  sevenfifty5; daddyzander; dlchow; dodgebob; bggie1982; pmars2001; 2chair; kentol; razorclams; zephyr1949; mulder; shysters3; bigfatjew; pinotfan; Rattlers; specsman; eastonest; reddtrain; dippedncrack; houseofbayne; simisox; Big_T; buckyblues
8/3/2013 10:46 AM (edited)
This amuses me.  I'll play.

In the case of odd pages like the players who died in Nevada is it safe to assume we can choose any season of the two players we choose?

7/26/2013 7:26 PM
sevenfifty5:  Welcome!  Here are your 12 random pages:

1.  INF  Otis Miller 1927-32
2.  2007 MLB pitching  (choose any two pitchers in their 2007 season)
3.  OF-1B  Mike Lum 1967-81
4.  P  Norm Branch 1941-42

5.  P  Trever Miller 1996-2011
6.  * P  Earl Reid 1946
7.  * OF  Pat French 1917
8.  OF  Harry Lumley 1904-10

9.  INF  Bobby Rhawn 1947-49
10.  1993 California Angels (any two players)
11.  Tampa Bay Rays Yearly Starters (this page lists the guy who started the most games at each position year-by-year, pitchers not included; you can take any two players listed in any year they're listed)
12.  manager Trey Hillman  2008-10  (take any two players who played for Hillman on the Royals)

To your question, I will try to detail eligibility rules in case of odd pages, as I've done above.  Generally, yes, you can take any two players listed on a page ... if it lists their career accomplishments then you get to choose what year, but if it's "2007 MLB pitching", you can only use 2007 player-seasons.  

You also have the honor of randomizing a team for me, if you so choose.
7/26/2013 7:35 PM (edited)
this looks like it will be fun to put together, im in
7/26/2013 8:04 PM
daddyzander:  Welcome aboard!  Here are your 12 random pages:

1.  P  Scott Holman 1980-83
2.  P  Aurelio Monteagudo 1963-73
3.  1913 American League standings (use any two players in their 1913 seasons)
4.  Wayne State University Warriors (produced two major leaguers, so you use them both)

5.  Players Born on July 26 (use any season of their career)
6.  * 3B  Mike Bell 2000
7.  P  Mike Rowland 1980-81
8.  * P  Armando Roche 1945

9.  P  Wilbur Wood 1961-78
10.  1980 Major League Baseball Left Field  (lists 206 players who played a game in LF that year, choose any two in that season)
11.  1913 Major League Baseball New Debuts (lists 201 players who played their first game in 1913, choose any two in that season)
12.  C  George Hale 1914-18
7/26/2013 8:15 PM
tdoak, here are your 12 random pages:

1. 1B/OF Carlos Ponce 1985
2. 1907 Major League Baseball Pitcher
3. * P Dee Sanders 1945
4. 1995 Houston Astros

5. 2006 Boston Red Sox
6. 1897 Major League Baseball Neutralized Pitching
7. * OF Dean Look 1961
8. 1954 Washington Senators Trades and Transactions (not sure what you want to do with this)

9. P Jesse Litsch 2007-11
10. OF Eric Davis 1984-2001
11. P Al Gettel 1945-55
12. 1981 American League Player Value

Let me know if I've botched this in any way and I'll fix it.
7/26/2013 9:16 PM
Thanks, sevenfifty5.  I have been just listing the team page when a "trades and transactions" page comes up -- they are a bit limiting, and confusing also, since the listed trades go into the next off-season and then you'd have to figure out what season you were allowed.  I don't think this will make much difference for the 1954 Senators!

I will start to compile my own roster, and when finished, will post it on the first thread in the manner I'd like all rosters submitted for approval, so it is easy to check compliance.
7/26/2013 9:48 PM
I'm a Mickey Vernon fan in the sim; he always does well for me.  I recommend you give him a look on that '54 Senators squad.  It's not his '46 season, which is my favorite, but his '54 season is respectable.  
7/26/2013 9:58 PM
in please
7/26/2013 10:34 PM
This is my all-time favorite random league. I hate it. I love it. So much fun. So frustrating. Please give me a crappy roll of the 12-sided die. I hate me for getting me into this again. So happy to join.

7/26/2013 10:46 PM
dlchow:  Welcome aboard!  Here are your 12 random pages:

1.  OF  Brett Gardner 2008-12
2.  * SS  Rudy Rufer 1949-50
3.  OF  Billy Cowan 1963-72
4.  1B  Bill Terry 1923-36

5.  2B  Keith Lockhart 1994-2003
6.  P  Don Brennan 1933-37
7.  SS  Troy Tulowitzki 2006-2012
8.  P  Jeff Mutis 1991-94

9.  OF  Jerry Mumphrey 1974-88
10.  1954 Washington Senators pitching
11.  P  Chuck Smith 2000-01
12.  * OF  Garland Lawing 1946
7/26/2013 10:57 PM
I'd like to get in, if possible.
7/26/2013 11:01 PM
dodgebob:  Welcome back for another run :)  Here are your 12 pages:

1.  OF  Pete Woodruff 1899
2.  * P  Jordan De Jong 2007
3.  1924 American League fielding leaders [any two players from the 1924 A.L., including pitchers]
4.  1931 Brooklyn Robins

5.  OF  Ed Mensor 1912-14
6.  OF-2B  Gid Gardner 1885-88
7.  Monmouth University Hawks  [only one MLB player - Ed Halicki - so you can also use a teammate from the season you choose]
8.  P  Harry Weaver 1915-19

9.  OF  Rick Leach 1981-90
10.  P  Kirk McCaskill 1985-96
11.  1993 National League Second Base [any two players who played at least one game there - 63 players total]
12.  INF  Cody Ransom 2001-12

It's bedtime for me ... I will get back to randomizing in the morning!

7/26/2013 11:03 PM
sign me up...
7/27/2013 12:02 AM
bggie1982:  Welcome!  Your 12 random pages:

1.  2003 New York Mets batting
2.  P  Curt Schilling 1988-2007
3.  1977 American League pitching leaders
4.  1986 Cleveland Indians lineups & defense [anyone who started a game for them, but not pitchers]

5.  Boston Reds Player Career Batting Records [all players from Boston Reds, 1890-91, including pitchers]
6.  OF  Cuckoo Christensen 1926-27
7.  1968 Houston Astros
8.  OF  Reggie Sanders 1991-2007

9.  * P  Abe White 1937
10.  * P  Walter Murphy 1931
11.  1977 San Diego Padres
12.  INF  Dick Cole 1951-57
7/27/2013 8:03 AM
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