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Cuppa Joe Twist IV is nearing the end of the playoffs... time to order up another venti four shot americano.

There have been well over 900 players in MLB history who have appeared in just one game... think Moonlight Graham. has that list of players with the years and dates of those games in their "Frivolities" section under Cups of Coffee.  I've played in various Coffee leagues here over the years and they're always fun to research.  This one will play out thusly:

We'll be using players who appeared in just one game from 1885-2012.  Select a player from the "Coffee" list and note the year, date & team of his one appearance.  Then go to that team's page (by year) and click on "Schedules & Results" to find out which team he appeared against on that date.  You can use both rosters for that year to make your team. Use any player that appears on either roster according to, twisted to any season. 

There will be 6/2 below average AAA and depending on whether your Cup of Coffee guy was a pitcher or hitter, each team will call up one (and only one) AAA player and rename them to your Coffee guy's actual name.  No other AAA moves can be made during the season.  Your Cup of Coffee AAA callup must remain on the big league roster all season and have at least 25IP or 50AB during the regular season for your team to qualify for the playoffs.  I will allow each team to draft ONE 200K player if there aren't any twistable low salary guys on your 2 rosters... this player MUST be sent down for your one Cup of Coffee callup.

Blacklist - The 96 Cup of Coffee players used in seasons I - IV are blacklisted.

When signing up, list your Coffee player's appearance date, year, team played for and against and stadium played in.

$110M salary cap
AAA - 6/2 below avg but only one may be called up
No WW, DH, clones, trades or live play
Injuries turned off
Use the stadium your Cup of Coffee guy played in
24 teams Random realignment


Pete Allen
Walter Alston
Rugger Ardizoa
Honey Barnes
Dick Bates
Lou Bauer
Ivan Bigler
Red Bird
Tyson Brummett
Rome Chambers
Travis Chapman
Chief Chouneau
Joe Cobb
Clint Compton
Earl Cook
Art Corcoran 
Ed Corey
Art Daney
Bob Daughters
Bob Davidson
Radhames Dyckhoff
Jake Eisenhart 
Rick Engle
Russ Ennis
Fred Eunick
Joe Fautsch
Ramon Fermin
Wilbur Fisher
Larry Fritz
Ralph Gagliano
Beiker Graterol 
Adam Greenberg
Lee Gronkiewicz
Mickey Harrington
Bob Hegman 
Greg Heydeman
Harley Hisner
Vern Holtgrave
Earl Howard
Jesse Hudson
Elvio Jimenez
Duke Kelleher - season 3 champ
Gary Lane
Razor Ledbetter
Corey Lee 
John LeRoy
John Lickert 
Clem Llewellyn
Steve Lomasney
Ramon Manon
Gary Martz
Bob Mavis
Doc McMahon
Phil Mudrock
Cy Neighbors
Floyd Newkirk
Johnny O'Connor 
Heinie Odom
Ernie Ovitz
John Paciorek
Mike Palagyi
Christian Parker
Kewpie Pennington
Tom Plodinec
Pete Rambo 
Leroy Reams
Ben Rochefort 
Jim Rutherford - season 1 champ
Jay Sborz
Ralph Shafer
Jeff Shaver
Ray Shook
Danny Silva
Dave Skeels
Roe Skidmore
Roger Slagle
Karl Spongberg 
Irv Stein
Steamboat Struss
Dick Thoenen 
Allan Travers
Bun Troy
Matt Tupman
Frank Verdi
Eduardo Villacis
Pedro Villarreal
George Washburn
Buck Washer - season 2 champ
Stefan Weaver
Terry Wilhusen
Shannon Withem - season 4 champ
George Yantz
Charles Yingling
Larry Yount
Bart Zeller
Charlie Zink

7/29/2013 9:46 PM (edited)
OWNER LIST - BOLD indicates team has been entered

01. finn2030 - Reeve McKay (P) 1915 Browns & White Sox @ Comiskey I
02. daddyzander - Skip Dowd (P) 1910 Cubs & Pirates @ Forbes Field
03. bixman51 - Flame Delhi (P) 1912 Tigers & White Sox @ Comiskey I
04. mulder - Art Johnson (P) 1927 Giants & Reds @ Redland Field
05. specsman - Garry Hill (P) 1969 Braves & Cubs @ Atlanta Fulton Co Stadium
06. Big_T - Jeff Stember (P) 1980 Astros & Giants @ Astrodome
07. dweigel - Bill Froats (P) 1955 Indians & Tigers @ Cleveland Stadium
08. dlchow - Scott Sobkowiak (P) 2001 Braves & Marlins @ Turner Field
09. DarthDurron - Frank Estrada (H) 1971 Expos & Mets @ Shea Stadium
10. cholatse - Rod Miller (H) 1957 Dodgers & Phillies @ Connie Mack Stadium
11. Drawdexer - Ray Brown (P) 1909 Cubs & Phillies @ Westside Grounds
12. toddcommish - John Kull (P) 1909 Athletics & Senators @ Shibe Park
13. 2chair - Chip Marshall (H) 1941 Cardinals & Dodgers @ Sportsman Park III
14. dodgebob - Joe Campbell (H) 1967 Braves & Cubs @ Atlanta Fulton Co Stadium
15. fatboydad54 - Pete Loos (P) 1901 Americans & Athletics @ Columbia Park
16. Chisock - Howard Armstrong (P) 1911 Athletics & Naps @ Shibe Park
17. eastonest - Newt Halliday (H) 1916 Pirates & Robins @ Forbes Field
18. gyrene - Richie Moloney (P) 1970 Twins & White Sox @ Comiskey I
19. doctorcc - Harvey Branch (P) 1962 Cardinals & Cubs @ Wrigley Field
20. malinowt - Lefty Atkinson (H) 1927 Browns & Senators @ Griffith Stadium
21. pinotfan - John Shea (P) 1928 Red Sox & Yankees @ Fenway Park
22. finn2030 - Joe Evers (H) 1913 Giants & Phillies @ Polo Grounds V
23. Drawdexer - Jim Callahan 1902 Giants & Orphans @ Westside Grounds
24. dvorr80 - Hersh Lyons - 1941 Cardinals & Reds @ Crosley Field

8/19/2013 11:33 AM (edited)
Rod Miller, Brooklyn Dodgers at  Philadelphia Phillies (Connie Mack Stadium)  9/28/1957

One at bat as a pinch hitter and Rod struck out.  He was 17 years old.

7/29/2013 9:34 PM
Congrats to Big_T, winner of season 4 with Shannon Withem.
7/29/2013 9:47 PM
I'd like to take pitcher Ray Brown, 9/29/1909 Cubs Vs Phils @ West Side Grounds
7/29/2013 9:52 PM

John Kull - Pitcher (Philadelphia A's vs. Washington Senators, October 2, 1909)

7/29/2013 10:12 PM
Welcome Drawdexer & toddcommish.
7/30/2013 11:06 AM
I will take Chip Marshall 1941 Dodgers/Cardinals at Sportsmans Park.
7/30/2013 12:49 PM
Jim Callahan. May 25th, 1902. NYG/CHC at West Side Grounds.
7/30/2013 1:32 PM
Posted by finn2030 on 7/29/2013 9:47:00 PM (view original):
Congrats to Big_T, winner of season 4 with Shannon Withem.
Thanks!  And thanks for continuing this great theme.   Now for some celebratory coffee...
7/30/2013 2:13 PM
Hey.  I just noticed that this league pushed me over the top.  I'm an Hall of Famer now!
7/30/2013 2:14 PM
I'd point out that you are a Hall of Fame GAMER but only a "Prospect" for the forums, but I am a forum "Rookie." I need to keep my mouth shut and try to learn something from you wise old veterans.
7/30/2013 2:52 PM
Welcome 2chair & dodgebob.
7/30/2013 5:09 PM
Pete Loos, RP 1901, Philadelphia Athletics vs Boston Americans

May 2, 1901 @ Columbia Park. Real pitchers duel. Boston won 23-12.

Loos pitched one inning . Faced nine batters. Walked four and gave up five runs. Never heard from again.
7/30/2013 6:10 PM
Welcome fatboydad54.
7/30/2013 9:44 PM
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