have any of you guys experienced this before?

8/2/2013 12:43 AM scudmissle
hey guys,

i'd like to get my exhibition team back. for some reason, it's gone. i need it to make regular season teams with it. thanks a bunch.

8/4/2013 9:07 PM scudmissle
any help on giving me my exhibition team back? still does not show on my teams page.

8/5/2013 11:48 AM Customer Support
Hi Vincent,

Once an exhibition team is removed from your account, you will no longer have the import option in the draft center. It cannot be returned.
8/5/2013 5:16 PM scudmissle
what? why not? how can i build teams and draft in the theme leagues? you guys have never done this before in all the years i have been here!

i really need an exhibition team! why are you guys being like this? and why did you remove my exhibition team? i have been a loyal customer for years.

is this some kind of punsihment? please respond.
8/5/2013 10:45 PM

"You will no longer have the import option"????
all i did was make an exhibition team and enter it in an exhibition league. this is criminal? damn!

8/5/2013 10:47 PM
Welcome back bro!

Somethings never change.
8/5/2013 11:16 PM
Heh, your name is Vincent
8/5/2013 11:16 PM
in all seriousness is the exhibition season still in session?
8/5/2013 11:17 PM
hey, malone! yeah, maybe back... maybe not.

hey monk, exhibition season ended 2 weeks ago. league no longer shows up on my teams page... and neither does the exhibition team. yeah, my name is, vincent. haha
8/6/2013 1:51 AM
I think admin doesn't understand your question. I believe they took it as you wanted to see your exhibition team that you ran.  I think you need to update your ticket to say "I cannot build an exhibition team. I ran one which ended 2 weeks ago, I can no longer see that team and now I do not have the option to make a new exhibition team."
8/6/2013 9:48 AM
I think you have to wait 30 days before you can start another one?
8/6/2013 12:30 PM
yeah, after some searching I believe sly is right. I didn't find it in the hoops rules.. but it is in the hockey rules. So just wait a couple weeks scud.
8/6/2013 12:36 PM
thanks for the info sly and logain, will wait a little longer, but always had the team returned right after a 10 game season ended. hmm.
8/6/2013 2:42 PM
just finished an exhibition season and got the standings e-mail from WIS.   I'll keep track of when I can start a new one and how long the old roster remains 
8/7/2013 3:06 AM
In baseball, if you have an active team, you can start a new one as soon as the old one's season is gone. If you don't, it's thirty days.
8/7/2013 5:24 AM
the baseball sim gets special treatment, the nba sim gets the opposite
8/7/2013 11:53 AM
hey scud..good to hear from you...you chunk o' fishbait.
8/8/2013 8:02 PM
I'm assuming you keep an exxy team on que to draft a squad and import into a dream team for play test or an actual open or theme league? that happened to me to I had an exxy team on que for so long with out ever hitting "submit roster" . All I had to do was create another and it was no problem.    

all else fails, and your like me and accidently hit submit, then use a mule. for team build. just more time consumption.

8/11/2013 12:53 PM
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