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Late once again, sorry.  I was out downing whiskey all day, celebrating Wooster's third win of the season.  Going into the conference season, we have 10 undefeated teams and 13 winless teams.

Last Night
#2 Johnson and Wales 82   #4 Susquehanna 75
At the end of a fairly close first half, J&W went on a little run to go into the break with a 41-33 lead.  They nursed that lead most of the second half until Susquehanna finally got back in front on a 3ptr with just under five minutes remaining.  J&W quickly answered back with 6 unanswered and the spider monkeys were able to close out the game after that with a couple defensive stops and enough made free throws.  J&W and spasticity were led by Bryan Davis' 23 points and they move up to take Susquehanna's spot in the rankings.  Susquehanna and zeuspole taste defeat for the first time this season and slide down two spots.

Also considered: #1 Piedmont remained unstoppable with a 75-58 win over #10 Emory, #13 Lynchburg held on for the three point home win over #15 Wittenberg 63-30, #17 Rivier got past #18 Penn St. Altoona 68-60, and #20 Christopher Newport downed #25 S. Vermont 76-70.

Sim blowout watch: Anderson had no trouble covering against #16 New York U. 60-86.

Enjoy the off night, conference games start tomorrow night.

9/1/2013 10:42 PM
The conference season begins tonight, good luck to everyone the rest of the way.  Especially Wooster.

#6 Ozarks (9-1)(spike101) at #5 Millsaps (8-2)(brianxavier)
We start off the conference season with a top six battle in the University conference.  With five ranked teams, two more in the others receiving votes section, and the top conference RPI in the nation it looks like yet another brutal season in the University.  So it's important to get off to a good start and this cross-divisional battle would be a big win for either team.  brian leads the series between these two 5-3 but the visitors are favored by 1 point.

Also considered: Trinity at #8 Dallas, St Joseph's at #17 Rivier, #21 W. New England at Emmanuel, and Louisiana at #22 Hendrix

Sim blowout watch: La Roche are getting 46 as they visit #4 Susquehanna and Texas, Tyler is a 41 point home dog against #23 Colorado

Whitworth (8-2)(tim_buggie) at E. Oregon (9-1)(ldhope)
We kick off a new season in the "It Took a Little Research but Here's Another Game of the Night" section with the first of two divisional matchups between these two Northwest conference foes.  Both had solid non-conference runs and both are in good position in the projection report, right around the lock/bubble border.  ldhope leads this long-standing series 22-16 but the visitors are favored by 1 point tonight.
9/2/2013 10:04 AM
Congrats to the fortunate ones who got through the non-conference season unblemished...Piedmont (bunkerbuster), Lynchburg (googs04), New York U. (ajlillie), Emory & Henry (godsize), St. Josephs (kodiak6640), Vassar (theriddler), Dubuque (Sim AI), Emerson (matthewb1), Ramapo (pgj930) and CMHMS (Sim AI). Two from the GNE, two from the ODAC.

Good luck as conference play starts and I hope folks get an opportunity to relax and enjoy Labor Day some here in the states.
9/2/2013 10:47 AM
thanks as always pseudo.... truth be told I had no idea the Millsaps vs. Penn. St. Altoona game was so wacky.  I just now read your report.... I had not looked at the play by play.  Kind of preoccupied with big home project and my D2 team that is currently at the Elite 8 (yeah that's right, I'm patting my self on the back - it only took like 20 seasons for me as the coach of Limestone but finally made it to Elite 8!)....

Anyhow, I guess my team had a hang over effect, losing to Ramapo the next night.  I thought I would show him a thing or two.  Instead, I was the one that came away shocked for the second night in a row.  Hats off to pgj930, coach of Ramapo for the solid win.  Things don't look good after the night off, facing Ozarks, perhaps the second best team behind bunkerbuster's squad.

Good luck everyone in conference. 

9/2/2013 4:16 PM
Both undefeated GNE teams go down on opening night.
9/3/2013 11:12 AM
Wow, I'm seriously a slacker.  I could make up some silly excuse for why I didn't get the writeup posted yesterday but that would.... wait a second.  That's exactly what I should do.  So yeah, sorry I didn't get the writeup posted yesterday but I was in a massive all-day strategy brainstorming meeting with my coaching and scouting staffs to work on a game plan for Wooster's huge clash with ranked Wittenberg last night.  Considering Wooster lost by 10, that's sixteen hours of my life that I'll never get back.

Anyway, here's the writeup for yesterday.  Feel free to pretend you're reading this yesterday if you'd like to make it more realistic.  Today's writeup will be in a separate post later today.

Last Night
#4 Ozarks 70   #7 Millsaps 59
The two teams traded leads in the first half with Millsaps having a 4 point lead at the break.  The second half was more of the same as it was anyone's game until Ozarks made a quick 9-0 run around the five minute mark to seize control.  They didn't trail the rest of the way and made enough free throws at the end to make the score look more lopsided than it really was.  Ozarks and spike got off to a great start in conference with a clutch road win and moved up a couple spots in the rankings.  Millsaps and brian slipped a couple spots down the rankings and look to rebound quickly.

Also considered: Trinity got a rejected dunk attempt with two seconds on the clock to preserve a two point road upset over #25 Dallas 66-64, #13 Rivier got a go-ahead layup with sixteen seconds left and held on for the 58-57 win over St. Joseph's, #12 W. New England didn't need any drama in there 74-59 win over Emmanuel, and Hendrix defended their home court against Louisiana 60-57.

Sim blowout watch: La Roche became our latest official blowout victim by falling to #5 Susquehanna 56-111 while Texas, Tyler covered the spread against #21 Colorado 52-89.

ITaLRbHAGotN: Everyone's favorite terribly named daily feature got off to a heck of a start to the season last night as Whitworth and E. Oregon needed extra time to decide things.  E. Oregon led pretty much the entire first half but Whitworth made a run near the end to cut the lead to just 1 point as the score at the break was 39-38.  E. Oregon tried to pull away again in the second but from the ten minute mark on the game was extremely close with no lead getting higher than 3 points.  The last minute of regulation was depressing for the home fans as the teams traded free throws, with only Whitworth making all of theirs.  The last two makes tied the game with two seconds left, a halfcourt shot fell short, and we went to overtime.  The free throw momentum carried over and Whitworth turned up the defense to outscore E. Oregon by 10 in overtime to claim the 93-83 road win.

#15 Suffolk (10-1)(chichisteve) at #17 W. New England (9-2)(rednu)
Night two of the conference season and we move over to the GNE.  Both these teams won their first conference game and this one will be the first of many big games when it comes to deciding the west division title.  The home team is only favored by 1 but call it a gut feeling, I'm thinking WNE is going to pull this one out.  I'm seeing maybe... 9 or 10 point win?  Again, just a hunch I have.

Also considered: #14 Dallas at #7 Emory, Louisiana at #5 Ozarks, #23 Whittier at CSU Eastbay, and #24 Wittenberg at Wooster (sad face)

Sim blowout watch: Averett is getting a silly 97 points (new record!) as they host #1 Piedmont and Albright is a much-more-sensible 59 point home dog against #4 Susquehanna.

Tufts (10-1)(zmark513) at Worcester St. (9-2)(SimAI)
Here we have an early-season division battle in the NESCAC between the clear front-runners in the south division.  The other four teams in their division are 200+ RPI so this is a crucial road test for zmark's team if they're going to claim the division.  The visitors are favored by 1 point and as above I have a good feeling about the favored team.  In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if this one was another 9 or 10 point game.
9/4/2013 3:54 PM
Two games into the conference season, we're down to 6 undefeated teams (1 sim) and 8 winless teams (6 sims).

Last Night
#24 Suffolk 54   #12 W. New England 64
10 point victory for W. New England, my prediction totally nailed it!  The home team had a good run early in the first half to get out to a lead but Suffolk was able to counter with a run of their own and the first half ended with WNE leading by just 2.  After the break, WNE once again got on a roll to extend the lead but this time Suffolk couldn't get back into the game and the counter punch never came.  WNE and rednu had four players in double figures in the win which moved them up to just outside the top ten in the rankings.  Suffolk and steve were led by Steven Sherman's 18 points and the loss pushes them down a few rankings spots.

Also considered: #6 Emory ran away from #25 Dallas in the second half to win 85-56, #4 Ozarks barely survived Louisiana 77-76 thanks to a missed free throw with just seconds to play, #20 Whittier outshot CSU Eastbay in overtime to win 94-84, and once again #22 Wittenberg sadly resorted to blatant cheating, referee payoffs, and drugging opposition players to beat Wooster 59-49.

Sim blowout watch: Not surprisingly, Averett covered the massive spread against #1 Piedmont 52-115 while Albright became #4 Susquehanna's second straight blowout victim by losing 42-108.

ITaLRbHAGotN: Another 10 point victory by the favored team and another eerily correct prediction by me.  My powers of prognostication are simply amazing.  Tufts scored an important early road win against Worcester St. by taking the lead halfway into the first and never giving it up.  The visitors shot 48% from the floor including 6-17 from 3pt.  But let's be honest here, the real key to victory was Tufts' mascot: Jumbo.  Yes, their mascot is Jumbo the Elephant from the old P.T. Barnum circus since Barnum was apparently an original trustee of the school.  From Wikipedia: "Jumbo's stuffed skin was donated to the school, and was displayed until a 1975 fire destroyed the body, except for the tail, which had been removed for conservation work. Now, a statue of the elephant is a prominent landmark on the quad, near Barnum Hall, the Biology building."  What I want to know, is where is the tail now?  If it's still on display, that's certainly worth a special trip to Medford MA.  The Tufts Jumbos.  The Lancers never had a chance.

#1 Piedmont (12-0)(bunkerbuster) at #10 Palm Beach Atlantic (11-1)(osgonlz)
The Sailfish of PBA are next in line to try and stop the Piedmont steamroller this season.  Both teams are in the top ten and both won their first two conference games, the winner here will have an early step up for the division crown.  osgonlz has a 7-6 series advantage over bunker but the visitors are favored by 7 points in this one.

Also considered: #25 Dallas at #4 Ozarks, #13 Rivier at #24 Suffolk, and Newbury at #12 W. New England

Sim blowout watch: Muhlenberg is a big 74 point road dog as the pay a visit to #15 Ursinus and Case Western is getting 65 points when they host #14 New York U.

Wentworth Tech (5-7)(chewchad) at Gordon (7-4)(jlrunruh)
It's a cross-divisional war between the Leopards of Wentworth Tech and the Fighting Scots of Gordon, as the two humans in the Commonwealth Coast prepare to do battle.  chewchad won the previous game between these two and his visitors are favored by 2 points tonight.
9/4/2013 4:58 PM
No change at the top of the rankings or in the number of lossless/winless teams.  Also no change in how awesome Wooster's schedule strength is.  Just making an observation.

Last Night
#1 Piedmont 82   #13 Palm Beach Atlantic 72
Piedmont attempted 37 3pt shots in this game.  They are averaging about 29 attempts per game and are currently shooting 42% from 3pt land.  That's not very fair.  If you have Piedmont coming up on your schedule, may I make a recommendation that you set your defense to +infinity.  Anyway, Piedmont bombed away again and led most of the game ending up with a solid 10 point conference road win.  Piedmont and bunker had five players in double figures and continued their season-long dominating run.  PBA and osgonlz took their first conference loss and slipped a couple spots down in the rankings.

Also considered: #19 Dallas controlled the overtime period to get past #7 Ozarks 85-74, #20 Suffolk took out #23 Rivier 65-57, and Newbury got a clutch offensive rebound and follow up shot with five seconds left to nip #21 W. New England 56-55.  I won't mention the blown layup by WNE as time expired out of respect for rednu's sanity.  Oh, wait... sorry.

Sim blowout watch: Muhlenberg didn't score much but easily covered against #17 Ursinus 38-73 and Case Western also covered vs #14 New York U. 55-78.

ITaLRbHAGotN: Well that was not a close game.  Wentworth Tech dispelled any doubt that they're the class of the Commonwealth Coast with a 86-57 beat down on the poor Gordon Fighting Scots.  Wentworth Tech and chewchad controlled the game most of the way, without taking a single 3pt shot.  They go to 3-0 in conference and look set to have another dominating conference run.  Gordon and jhrunruh suffered their first conference loss and will look to rebound against the division sims.

#24 Whittier (11-2)(windixies) at #22 Colorado (10-3)(bdpoor)
We have a huge battle in the Southern California conference tonight between two ranked teams tied at 3-0 atop the south division.  The Poets of Whittier go on the road for the first of two showdowns with the Colorado Tigers.  After discovering the Poets team name I was disappointed to see that Whittier runs the Flex offense, ruining my chance at a terrible "poetry in motion offense" joke.  Quite the shame.  Instead I'll point out that these two coaches are tied in their all-time series, 12-12, so the winner tonight will take a slim one game lead.  The odd-makers have the visitors as a 1 point favorite.

Also considered: #3 Greensboro at #1 Piedmont, #21 W. New England at #11 S. Vermont, #7 Ozarks at Trinity, Emory and Henry at #10 Lynchburg, and #20 Suffolk at St. Joseph's.

Sim blowout watch: Messiah is a big 74 point road dog as they visit #4 Susquehanna and (not Kelly) Clarkson is getting 45 points at home against #14 New York U.

Capital (12-1)(SimAI) at John Carroll (8-5)(whit6r)
We go to the Ohio conference for this game and it's another matchup between 3-0 teams at the top of the divisional standings.  These two teams are clearly the class of the north division so this will be a critical game in deciding the divisional winner.  The odds-makers have it as an even pick so it should be a solidly exciting game.
9/5/2013 3:41 PM
I could see that one coming. Glad to see us in the ITaLRbHAGotN. Hey, I misspell you're username, you misspell mine.
9/5/2013 4:45 PM
But, It was a ''moral victory'' for us as we proved slightly competitive by being mentioned. Big leaps forward. 
9/5/2013 4:47 PM
It's okay pseudo...I only compared losing on a blown layup at the buzzer to hammering nails through my scrotum in the coaches' chat. It's not like I was at all bitter over it or anything...

That West division is just crazy. I have to shake that loss off and prep for No. 11 in the nation tonight.
9/5/2013 5:13 PM
The last undefeated sim bowed out last night so we're down to 5 undefeated teams, still 8 winless teams.

Last Night
Whittier 58   #14 Colorado 87
Well there was pretty much nothing at all poetic about Whittier's performance last night as they shot 26% from the field in the first half to score a mere 19 points.  The home team took advantage to lead by 21 at the half and maintained that lead throughout the second half.  Colorado and bdpoor remained perfect in conference play and jumped up a few spots in the rankings while Whitter falls to the others receiving votes section.

Also considered: #1 Piedmont shot #3 Greensboro out of the gym 111-65, #11 S. Vermont got a big second half to get by W. New England 58-52, #7 Ozarks got a nice road win over Trinity 73-60, #10 Lynchburg handled both Emory and Henry 58-48, and #16 Suffolk got past St. Joseph's 79-72.

Sim blowout watch: Messiah lost big but still managed to cover against #5 Susquehanna 47-110 while Clarkson was 'stronger' against #21 New York U 63-86.  They certainly did stand a little taller.

ITaLRbHAGotN: John Carroll was down by 3 at the break but they exploded in the second half for 48 points to score the clutch 69-53 home victory over Capital.  John Carroll and whit6r ended with four players in double figures while Capital relied on the bench for scoring with two subs being the only players in double digits.

#8 Oglethorpe (13-1)(getiguy) at #12 Palm Beach Atlantic (12-2)(osgonlz)
Back to the USA South for the first of two games between the non-Piedmont ranked teams in the west division.  Oglethorpe is perfect so far in conference while PBA's only loss was to Piedmont, so this will most likely be an important game for divisional standings.  osgonlz owns the advantage in previous matchups 5-1 but this one is an even pick according to the odd-makers.

Also considered: Sewanee at #4 Millsaps, #11 S. Vermont at Emerson, #14 Colorado at CSU Eastbay, and #24 Rivier at Newbury

Sim blowout watch: We have three road dogs getting big points tonight: Kean with 71 points at #19 Ramapo, Averett with 65 at #3 Greensboro, and Albertus Magnus getting 63 at #2 Johnson and Wales.

Hamline (9-4)(foofighter13) at Concordia Moorhead (9-5)(kookie52)
Here's a key divisional matchup in the Minnesota conference as the Pipers of Hamline pay a visit to the Cobbers of Concordia Moorhead.  That's right, their mascot is an ear of corn with an angry face and maroon sports jersey.  Or according to the university website: "The Cobber logo is represented as a snarling (though friendly) ear of corn, wearing a handsome maroon sweater and green husks for trousers."  There's so much to love there.  Snarling, though friendly.  Awesome.  foofighter has won both previous games and his team is favored by 2 on the road in this one.  Should be a handsome game.
9/6/2013 3:37 PM
Last Night
#8 Oglethorpe 72   #20 Palm Beach Atlantic 61
This game was a tale of two halves.  PBA led most of the first half and went into the break with a solid 8 point lead.  Oglethorpe must have gotten a tongue-lashing from the coaching staff in the locker room since they started off the second half on fire, scoring the first 9 points of the half to take the lead.  PBA battled back to retake the lead but with about eight minutes left in the game the visitors made another run to go in front for good.  They grinded out the rest of the game, making their free throws to seal it.  Oglethorpe and getiguy stay perfect in conference play while PBA and osgonlz get their second loss and are now two games off the divisional lead.

Also considered: #3 Millsaps held off a late run by Sewanee to win 66-61, #11 S. Vermont handled Emerson 85-74, CSU Eastbay upset #24 Colorado 82-73, and Newbury got the big home win over Rivier 61-54.

Sim blowout watch: Two of the road dogs easily covered their big spreads: Kean fell to #21 Ramapo 45-87 and Averett lost to #5 Greensboro 63-110.  The third underdog covered by two puny points: Albertus Magnus was defeated soundly by #2 Johnson and Wales 68-129.

ITaLRbHAGotN: After being down by 9 points at the halfway mark, Hamline exploded in the second half to more than double up Concordia Moorhead in the second frame and ended up winning 93-68.  Hamline and foofighter stayed undefeated in conference play and if they can duplicate that second half, I don't see them losing anytime soon.  Concordia Moorhead suffered their second conference loss and now have some work to do to get back into the divisional race.

#14 Christopher Newport (11-3)(mroylanc) at #5 Greensboro (12-2)(tilldog28)
Yet another great USA South battle as the top two teams in the east division meet for the first of two games this season.  CNU is having a great season so far and this is the first time I can remember seeing them in the rankings.  They're also perfect in conference play and have a one game lead on Greensboro.  Did you know that it's named after Christopher Newport, who was a privateer and captain of the Susan Constant, the largest of three ships that carried settlers for the Virginia Company in 1607 on the way to find the settlement at Jamestown in the Virginia Colony?  You do now.  The GotN is so educational, helping you get your learn on.  Anyway, tilldog has a huge 24-3 lead over mroylanc in their all-time series so I'd guess the Captains will be looking for some payback as they visit the Pride.  The home team is favored by 1 point.

Also considered: #8 Oglethorpe at #1 Piedmont, #3 Millsaps at Louisiana, Emmanuel at #13 Suffolk, and #23 W. New England at Rivier

Sim blowout watch: New Jersey City is a 57 point road dog at #21 Ramapo and Schreiner is getting 55 points at home hosting #25 Hardin-Simmons.

Wooster (7-8)(pseudochamp) at Ohio Wesleyan (8-7)(otownaron)
Hold on to your kilts and your mitres, it's a huge clash in the North Coast as the Wooster Fighting Scots pay a not-so-friendly visit to the Battling Bishops of Ohio Wesleyan.  Those cheaters at Wittenberg are clearly the class of the conference but these two teams are going to be fighting/battling for second place in the division and the other conference tournament bye.  Wooster has a one game lead on OWes in the standings and a win here would be a pretty solid boost to either team's spot in the projection report.  The home team is favored by 1 point, should be a great one.
9/7/2013 9:54 PM
Wow, I have seriously been a slacker lately with the writeups and a really poor role model for my players.  Thankfully they're not following my poor example in dedication and effort, Wooster is on a five game winning streak.  Hmmmmm, maybe me being a slacker is helping...

(Once again, pretend you're reading this yesterday)

Last Night
#21 Christopher Newport 74   #4 Greensboro 104
This game was tied at 30 with under six minutes left to play in first half, then Greensboro decided that they weren't going to mess around anymore and went on a 23-9 run to end the half.  The momentum carried over to the second half as the home team only extended the lead after the break to end up with a 30 point victory.  30 was apparently the magic number since the leading scorer on each team notched 30 points: Corey Peterson for CNU and Wesley Wilson for Greensboro.  Greensboro and tilldog improved to 4-1 in conference and moved up a spot in the rankings.   CNU and mryolanc lost for the first time in conference and next get the extreme pleasure of playing #1 Piedmont.

Also considered: #1 Piedmont kept rolling with a 87-66 win over #11 Oglethorpe, #3 Millsaps handled Louisiana 79-68, #23 Rivier tied the game with twelve seconds left in regulation and then held on in OT to down #25 W. New England 84-79, and in the game of the night Emmanuel got a 3pt shot with two seconds left to send it to OT, #19 Suffolk sent it to double OT with a 3ptr of their own with just 1 second on the clock in OT, and then Emmanuel iced the upset win with free throws 76-70 in double overtime.

Sim blowout watch: New Jersey City covered with ease against #20 Ramapo 61-88 but there was nothing easy for Schreiner as they became yet another blowout victim this season with a 58-121 defeat at the hands of #25 Hardin-Simmons.

ITaLRbHAGotN: It was another OT thriller on the night as Wooster's Eugene Berry drilled a 3ptr with ten seconds left in regulation to tie the game.  Then his teammate Andrew Dagostino got a huge block of a potential Ohio Wesleyan winner and we went to overtime.  The Fighting Scots then locked down the defense in the extra session and held on for a critical 95-90 road conference win.  Wooster and their slacker coach had four starters in double figures and improved to 5-1 in conference.  OWes and otownaron had two starters with 20+ points but still suffered their third conference loss.

#3 Millsaps (13-3)(brianxavier) at #6 Emory (13-2)(phalla)
A key divisional battle here in the University conference as the top two teams in the east division have the first of their two battles.  Millsaps has just one conference loss while Emory is perfect so far, and the home team is favored by just 1 point.

Also considered: #21 Christopher Newport at #1 Piedmont, #19 Suffolk at #9 S. Vermont, and Hendrix at #12 Dallas

Sim blowout watch: Juniata is a 59 point road dog as they visit #5 Susquehanna.
9/9/2013 12:38 PM
Last Night
#3 Millsaps 67   #8 Emory 61
I'm going to be honest with you, not many exciting things happened in this game.  Millsaps took a small lead early in the first half and they were able to maintain that lead throughout.  Neither team shot particularly well or poorly.  There weren't any terribly interesting stats.  Even the injury suffered in the first half wasn't too important since it was a freshman off the bench who's averaging six minutes a game for Emory so far.  So yeah, Millsaps and brianxavier won and now they have a half game lead on Emory and phalla for the divisional lead.  I think I speak for everyone when I hope that the second game between these two later this season is much more exciting and interesting than this one.

Also considered: Shockingly #1 Piedmont won again 101-72 over Christopher Newport, #17 Suffolk outlasted #12 S. Vermont 77-72, and #11 Dallas survived two overtime sessions to fend off the upset by Hendrix 77-67.

Sim blowout watch: Juniata just covered by seven points against #6 Susquehanna 57-109.

#4 Greensboro (14-2)(tilldog28) at #10 Oglethorpe (15-2)(getiguy)
Once again we're back in the USA South with a cross-divisional meeting between the only one-loss teams in the conference.  Both teams fell to #1 Piedmont in the last few games but both rebounded with wins.  Greensboro will be looking to stay on top of the east division while the Stormy Petrels of Oglethorpe need the win to stay within striking distance of Piedmont.  tilldog leads the series 3-1 and the odds-makers have this game as an even pick.

Also considered: #8 Emory at Sewanee, #11 Dallas at Trinity, Newbury at #12 S. Vermont, and E. Oregon at #13 Whitworth

Sim blowout watch: MacMuray are getting a seemingly low 48 points as they visit the #7 Webster Gorloks.  Come on, fear and confusion caused by facing a Gorlok has to be worth 20 to 30 points just by itself.

Wisconsin Platteville (13-4)(SimAI) at Concordia (12-5)(hoboman)
Concordia has rebounded from a loss in the first week of Wisconsin conference play with six straight wins to open up a two game lead in their division.  A win here against the other divisional leader would set them up nicely for a divisional title run.  The home team is favored by just 1, should be a solid battle between the Pioneers and the Falcons.
9/9/2013 1:24 PM
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