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Remember, NO draft this weekend. The commish is burnt out, this draft fell right on the heels of the ODL draft and I could use a rest. While I regroup and work out wtf to do with my draft.   Enjoy your weekend! 
10/4/2013 1:16 PM
Tim HARDAWAY Can't site mail
10/4/2013 1:17 PM
I'll get it rubn
10/4/2013 1:18 PM
10/4/13 Fri.
9:00 cmcafeeky - Kevin Johnson
10:00 badja - Larry Bird
11:00 steelers - Buck Williams

12:00 kdforester - Dana Barros
1:00 rubnsly - Tim Hardaway
2:00 dskantor
3:00 smokey
4:00 skypilot
5:00 tanguma
6:00 longtallbrad
7:00 seapilots
8:00 thomcat

DDL #2..the 70's - Finals: ApocalypseNow / dh555 (2)   -vs-    Monty Pythons HG / cmac (2)
10/4/2013 1:19 PM
Reggie Miller
10/4/2013 1:40 PM
smokey, can you clarify...Why is there not an BAAB turnaround coming up in the draft?  Shouldn't seapilots have the first selection in the third round?
10/4/2013 1:50 PM
thomcat had the last pick in the 1st round so he should have the first pick in the 2nd and 3rd (and seapilots should be last in each round).  I think the schedule is right.
10/4/2013 2:14 PM
So seapilots will never pick twice in a row?  I guess I'm used to theme leagues relying on serpentine drafts (ABBAABBAA...) to create an even playing field.  This set-up seems to favor those picking later in the first round.  (And yes, it's occurring to me to whine because I picked early in that round...)
10/4/2013 2:19 PM

ABBABABABA is the draft sequence, the reason for the double BB is to equalize the teams, regardless of draft position. Nate & seapilots can explain the statistical reasoning better than I. Experience running these draft leagues tells me they're correct. In short, it keeps the luck of the draft order draw from determining the league winner.

10/4/2013 2:20 PM
So this is a different draft format from DDL#2, or the same?
10/4/2013 2:22 PM
The top 5 picks are so good that ABB is needed, I agree. Look at some of the guys that were first round picks here and compare where they'd go in the ODL
10/4/2013 2:27 PM
and now I'll take my SG - '99-00' Vince Carter
10/4/2013 2:40 PM (edited)
Posted by longtallbrad on 10/4/2013 2:23:00 PM (view original):
So this is a different draft format from DDL#2, or the same?
10/4/2013 2:39 PM
Sm sent
10/4/2013 2:42 PM
The DDL has used ABBAB in all 3 editions..
10/4/2013 2:43 PM
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DDL#3 - 1990's Draft (league#46043) Topic

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