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I'd absolutely be down for a double redshirt, yeah.
12/14/2013 10:40 AM
Pretty much botched recruiting, especially compared to my conference brethren. The Summit did very well as a conference in recruiting. I think Reinsel, JP, and and Corn crushed it as I'd say most everyone aside from me, has some decent potential or some Summit-esque impact guys now. I waited to long and spent good money on players who were never going to come to a D- prestige school. I should've spent more early to pull them down perhaps instead of putting on a bit at a time. To be fair though, I got exactly the guys I went after, save a few who inexplicably SEC teams went after. I will rank the conference recruits once recruiting is done. In the meantime, I believe I have set myself back another season or two with my lackluster effort combined with the great jobs others did in my conference....well deserved kudos to them!
12/14/2013 5:01 PM
They aren't the prettiest set of recruits...but I believe a few will be good on offense and a few good on defense while the others...what you do expect with D- prestige and a coach who messed up :)

Carl Childs C 2.55 51.2 62.2 66 14 73 62 57 49 1 15 31 57 67 81 573
William Dysart C 2.98 35.7 54.5 68 27 69 60 52 21 31 42 15 37 65 14 501
Robert Null C 2.07 61.3 72.9 47 12 78 42 76 76 1 11 5 70 48 40 506
James Ragsdale SF 3.46 46.2 61.5 45 47 46 50 38 19 25 42 22 83 58 72 547
Larry Soria PF 2.17 70.0 61.4 70 37 57 67 53 79 12 24 32 48 75 61 615
John Weaver PF 2.75 58.4 66.1 49 36 54 68 53 52 10 31 51 37 80 27 548
12/14/2013 9:50 PM
Below are the newest batch of Campbell Camels.  We're gonna be a little light on offense, but we should be able to play solid D all around.  
Jacob Knox PG 3.62 39.5 67.7 64 66 10 59 1 13 48 75 57 31 63 70 557
Jason Parks PG 2.61 47.6 68.7 57 54 12 53 10 11 54 57 49 33 73 35 498
William Bland SF 3.25 51.9 62.2 64 47 28 46 7 44 26 28 30 46 64 72 502
William Gayle PF 3.49 44.7 65.7 54 35 50 56 37 26 15 11 13 48 66 47 458
Scott Pinnock C 3.09 61.9 63.4 73 19 77 52 78 24 17 29 47 28 50 70 564
Anthony Rutherford C 2.98 70.0 60.2 63 32 64 54 60 69 12 29 26 68 54 76 607

Knox is h/h in def, per, st
Parks is h/h in def, lp, bh, p...l/h in ath, and unknown high in sp
Bland is h/h in def, lp, bh, p and l/h sp and per; looking at him now, I'm not nearly as thrilled as I initially was with him.  Ah well.
Gayle is redshirting and is h/h in ath, sp, def, reb, lp, per, and bh
Pinnock is h/h in def and lp and l/h in sp, reb, sb and st; avg ath
Rutherford is a JUCO-2 and all his highs are unknown; high in sp, reb, def, sb, per, st; avg ath.

I'd also like to add I love that Google Chrome will automatically color code my compare list when I copy/paste it into here.  Thanks, Google!
12/15/2013 9:45 AM (edited)
Dammit.  I take back my "thanks," Google.  It's color coded when I type the message, but not when I send it.  Curses.
12/15/2013 9:44 AM
Nice recruiting start for the Summit overall...

#7 overall conference with 67 recruits (by far the most)...

Early Pre-Season Predictions:

POY: Aaron Horne- C- Centenary
FOY: John Amado- SG-IUPUI, Runner Up- Rex Ward- C- Western Illinois (I believe I shortchanged IUPUI in my recruit analysis...very nice class)
DPOY: Carl Pilgrim- SF- Chicago State
Division Winners- Oral Roberts (South) and Chicago State (North)
Tourney Bound- 1 NT- Oral Roberts

Predictions for my team...Mercer Bears:

Non-Conference 3-7
Conference- 5-11
Overall 8-18...just a lack of talent and coaching are going to keep us down...that and a terrible defense. 

12/16/2013 5:40 AM
great plan guys. should be a great experiment. I belive coach will triumph over prestige. GOOD LUCK.
12/16/2013 8:22 PM
Goal was to somehow get to .500 this season and raise prestige from a D- to D (baby steps). Started off 4-6 in non-conference against 8 sims and 2 humans...needed at least 5-5 for this to work as asking for 10-6 with a bad team in a conference full of great coaches (with admittedly lesser teams than they will have in a few seasons) . Improvement has been slow with most minutes put into iq and sbf recruits and poor coaching. I have no idea who will win conference as it is very tight now. I need 5 more wins in the next 9 games.....can't say I love our chances...but at least there is a chance...for now.
1/6/2014 12:45 AM (edited)
19-11 in the first season for Mercer...MUCH better than expected. Won the division title and the conference tournament and then was first round fodder for ffblake and his powerhouse at USC. I went from a D- to a D+ prestige and considering that was the goal for season three...we are ahead of schedule. We did encounter our first hiccup though as a conference when reinsel pulled a Benedict Arnold and went back to the Big 12 and cupcake darling Colorado. To each their own and I certainly see the fun in winning with ease, recruiting five stars, and playing for the national title most years. That being said, I am hoping someone will step up to the challenge and embrace trying to make this league a top-10 league, though it won't be easy to replace someone with the coaching acumen of reinsel. We finished 26th in conference RPI (up from 27th a year ago)....so we are trending upward. I'd like to see us at 20 in two seasons and top ten without ten.  Recruiting should be interesting as a conference as most teams cut the dead-weight last year and signed a bunch of freshman. With precious little tournament money and most teams maintaining or losing prestige, it should make for difficult times in recruiting players to help lead the Summit out of the cellar. 
1/28/2014 9:59 AM
Up to the #8 RPI conference in our second year with a handful of regular season games to go...not a bad start. 
3/1/2014 11:19 AM
I love this experiment. WTG to all of the coaches who are pulling it off.     
3/7/2014 9:58 AM
Thanks Artie....nice of you to say. We had one unexpected opening this past season so hopefully another great coach will join us.
3/15/2014 8:06 AM
Good luck to all in the Summit League from the Mo Valley.  We too have a full slate of human coaches and are looking to duplicate Conf USA success.
4/2/2014 3:23 PM
Thanks palyak...I seen an impending Summit/Mo Valley challenge in a few years. This year should be interesting as we had a number of teams make the post-season and also a bunch carry-over full money with no recruiting to do. 
5/15/2014 2:32 PM
2/3 the way through our 4th season in this experiment and we have the #2 conference RPI behind the all-powerful ACC. Now, there's no way we are as good as the ACC, Big 12, Pac-10, etc...but it's fun to be there and we should get between 5-7 in the big dance and a few more in the PIT...not bad only four seasons in, especially with the fact that we have had turnover and unclaimed teams in most seasons. 
6/3/2014 2:06 PM
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Power conference to the Summit...why not? Topic

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