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Welcome to all the recent signups!  Thanks guys...I hope you will find this a fun and enjoyable league.  

We are getting down to the nitty gritty.  From my experience, the final few spots fill very fast, so it could be a week at most until we are ready to go.  In the next few days, I will compile a sitemail list and let everyone know when we will get going.  I will also randomize the draft order soon, perhaps even before we fill, using the NY lottery quik pick.  The way I think I will do it is each owner will get the top of hour quik pick numbers for a specific day in the order everyone signed up.  In other words, I am the first name on the list so my numbers will be the quick draw at 12:00 am on that day.  Tpmuvoss signed up 2nd on the list and will get the 1:00 am numbers.  isacqbs58 signed up third and will get the 2:00 am numbers and so on.  The 24th name on the list will get the midnight spot the next day.  Once we have all the #'s, I will add up the first FIVE of those numbers....then lowest total gets the first pick, 2nd lowest gets the 2nd pick and so on.

Once I have the draft order set, I will complie a draft schedule, in half hour increments.  First pick for each day will be at ten am, and last pick each day will be ten pm.  You can pick before your draft time if you want, and are encouraged to do so so that we can stay ahead of the schedule each day.  Take it from me, there is always one yahoo that will wait til one minute before his draft slot expires, and slow everything down if we are hours ahead.  But thats the way it goes.  Be ready for it and try NOT to be that yahoo if you can help it.  If your pick is coming up soon and we are ahead of schedule, rather than wait for your scheduled pick time, send a proxy list of possible picks via sitemail to me or someone else in the league )preferably someone who has recently picked).

Thats about it for now.  I'll make the rest up as we go along lol.  Oh and I still could use a volunteer to help me take some proxy picks and post them for me during the morning and early afternoons.  I will handle the rest.  Anyone?  Anyone?

1/19/2014 3:01 AM
keymaster is taking on a 2nd team and says he has a friend who will take a team too.  I'm waiting to get his friends nickname before putting him on the list.  If only we could get a couple more, I will do the random draft order.

Pimp my league!
1/22/2014 4:55 PM
If you do the random draft order and the first pick ends up belonging to a team that hasnt joined yet you may get a handful of guys trying to jump in.
1/22/2014 5:44 PM
Yeah I know Gray.  I'm hoping to avoid that by having 24 owners before I do the draft order.  Are you interested in joining?
1/23/2014 3:27 AM
craig, will the league be "set up" an a theme league people need to join (enter a team) before the draft begins? 
1/23/2014 6:18 AM
No.  We will do the draft and somewhere in the 2nd half of the draft, probably after round six, I will post the league number.  I will also sitemail all league owners with the league number.

Once each owner finishes their eighth pick and their part of the "online draft" portion of their team is done, then they can go into the league number and start working on the rest of their team.  Of course they can't really pick their final guys until every other owner is done picking players in the 8th and final round, since each player picked is exclusive to that team and can't be picked by any other team after the draft portion.
1/24/2014 2:54 AM
Is there still room?  You can put me in....
1/24/2014 3:42 PM
Posted by amerk1180 on 1/23/2014 3:27:00 AM (view original):
Yeah I know Gray.  I'm hoping to avoid that by having 24 owners before I do the draft order.  Are you interested in joining?
Yes, I will take a team.
1/24/2014 4:01 PM
All right!  Excellent grayfoxx and gwhouse, welcome!  

Down to just TWO teams left and we can get going.  Pimp pimp pimp!
1/25/2014 2:57 AM
eh, what the hell. Haven't played the football SIM in years but I'll give it a try. Easy money for you guys.
1/25/2014 11:32 AM
Don't play the ol' "I'm a ouece if caje" tarheel,  You know your stuff.  Welcome aboard!
1/26/2014 3:12 AM (edited)
I'm going to do the draft order on Monday, regardless of whether we have a 24th.  If the 24th owner to sign up gets a lower draft slot than I do, I will switch with them to entice if necessary.  That being said, I really hope one measly person signs up and takes that last spot before Monday.  Again, NY Lottery Quik Draw will be used.  Here are the times everyone has for their numbers Monday:

12:00 am.  amerk1180
 1:00 am.  tonyvoss
 2:00 am.  isaacqbs58
 3 am. gencoimports
 4 am  coolmay_one
 5 am  tomhanrahan
 6 am. tyvegas
 7 am. glen87
 8 am.  kacyon
9 am. roadhouse19
10 am. rolltide46
11 am. glen87  (2nd team)
12:00 pm.  mark102857
1 pm.  Got_worms
2 pm.  jjohn45
3 pm.  specsman
4 pm.  keymaster
5 pm.  pg99
6 pm .  johnberlin
7 pm.  keymaster (2nd team)
8 pm.  gwhouse
9 pm.  grayfoxx
10 pm,  tarheel1991
11 pm

The first 5 numbers in each time slot will be added together and the lowest total wins the 1st pick.  2nd lowest total wins the 2nd pick and so  on.  Ties will be broken by the SIXTH number of tthe teams tied with the lowest geting the lower pick.  I will ppost the results and we will get going as soon as we get a 24th.

I will sitemail everyone all of this as well,


1/26/2014 4:39 AM
I'll take the last team (thank tyvegas for hounding me( lol
1/27/2014 9:14 AM
You got it eman.  I got your sitemail too.  Thanks to ty!
1/27/2014 7:56 PM
eman and tyvegas with an extra $15 million to spend on passing!!!!!!!! oh boy
1/28/2014 8:29 PM
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NFL DRAFT LEAGUE (FULL,.drafting/waitlist forming Topic

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