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Pfattkatt has been missing for over a week now. I sent him a sitemail a week ago Friday that has not been opened. A follow up has also not been opened. Does anyone know anything? I just hope he's OK.
12/8/2013 1:56 PM
I am in a league with him.  A few weeks ago he mentioned he was having cataract surgery on 11/29.  Hopefully, is just recovering from that.
12/8/2013 2:13 PM
A lot of health issues going on.  He has posted in at least one other league that he would have limited WIS availability, and we have an owner who is making draft picks on his behalf.
12/8/2013 2:15 PM
Yes, he is active in a league I run, but did make clear that for a little while he would not be able to see well enough to post or participate and another owner who is leaving volunteered to make his draft picks for him. 

So he might be missing for another week or so but so far as we know there is no reason to think he won't return soon.
12/8/2013 5:46 PM
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Thanks for the info. Not sure why he took care of other leagues and didn't inform us. At least I don't recall him saying anything.
12/9/2013 2:10 PM
I just heard today in TBill's Forum Talk league that Pfattkat has passed away.  He was a really good guy and I'll miss him. 
1/5/2014 2:09 PM
Ah man....RIP Pfattkat.  damn.
1/5/2014 2:19 PM
Does anyone have any of pfattkatt's personal info?  I would like to send a card or flowers or something.  Very sad.
1/5/2014 3:01 PM
Posted by The Taint on 1/5/2014 2:19:00 PM (view original):
Ah man....RIP Pfattkat.  damn.
1/5/2014 6:25 PM
Feel the loss. Remember his courage.
1/5/2014 6:25 PM
He was a friend, and I am sorry to hear this terrible news. He knew it was coming though I think and handled the whole illness for years now with amazing equilibrium and courage. Goodbye and RIP pfattkatt.
1/5/2014 6:42 PM
pfattkatt was a real mentor for me along with others i got to talk with him a few times in the last few months he started to go down hill after thanksgiving the last time i talked to him was 12-15 and he was hurting but upbeat we talked for 45 min about life and baseball i want to share a story he told me about when he was a kid growing up in brooklyn. so he was a dodger fan in the fifties and when they moved he later switched to the mets but sometimes he and his friends would go to yankee games one time there were hanging out in the players parking lot waiting for autographs when he overheard tony oliva asking another guy aboutthe street he lived on (i dont remember the street name) well he spoke up to tony and said i live on the street and it turned out that tony's cousin was a neighbor of his so tony and the guy he was with asked him if he would show them where it was so kyle got in there car and rode with tony oliva to his neighborhood talking baseball all the way this was in 1964 when kyle was 13. i am gonna miss talking baseball with him
1/5/2014 6:47 PM
Here are two old posts by pfattkatt about himself: 

1.I grew up in a very urban area of Flatbush, in Brooklyn, NY. In those days, people had kids, families of less than 4 were a rarity. My neighborhood was working class, all apartment houses, and back then "rent control" was the order of the day, so nobody moved, and you got to know all your neighbors. My parents owned some land in Delaware Co., NY, and that was very rural, the nearest house was a mile and a half away, the nearest town about 3 miles. For easter, 1960, when I was 7, my father bought me a rabbit, just a little, cute bunny, to "teach me what it is like to care for another living creature." We lived on the 4th floor of a walk up apt., not the prototypical rabbit environment, but I was pumped to get this cute little bunny. I used to make deliveries for the "Grand fruit Market." a little mom and pop size store, and I had an inexhaustible supply of the remnants from every box of lettuce, and any other leafy produce, along with the carrot, cucumber, potato, and any other kind of peel you can imagine. The rabbit grew rapidly, eventually he got to big for any scale we were aware of, the highest weight we actually recorded was 38 pounds, and he grew to be nearly 2x that size. One thing about rabbits, is you cannot housebreak them, so a good part of my daily routine was sweeping rabbit pellets from the floor. Some people in the neighborhood had little gardens, and they wanted the pellets for fertilizer, so I saved the pellets for them. One elderly Italian gent made wine from virtually anything that grew out of the ground, and he was very generous about distributing that wine to those of us who wished to drink it, and, of course, he would drink with us. One afternoon, I stopped by with a bag of pellets, and he had a relative from "the old country" visiting him. They had a good head start with the wine, but I was welcomed, and joined in. I put the pellets down, and this vistor popped one into his mouth. I started to say something, but the wine maker stopped me, and let his relation feast on those scrumptious delicacies. This continued daily, until the relative returned home. One afternoon, I was called on to make a delivery to that same house, and the vintners wife, who I rarely ever got to see, accepted the delivery, and tipped me. She then asked me this question: Do you know why my brother always had diarrhea while he was here? I couldn't help laughing, and, while I didn't spill the beans, she knew what treasures I brought for her husband, and figured the rest out. She went to my mother, got a few pounds of pellets for herself, and cooked them into her husbands dinner. He liked it!!! and thereafter, once a week, she made a rabbit pellet pie for him. The rabbit lived about 7 years, eventually succumbing to old age, and is buried alongside Jimmy Hoffa in a secret grave.


I go back into the hospital Monday, 7/9, for a 2nd bone marrow transplant. Please let me thank all of you who have been so supportive during my illness. I will be in the hospita for 2-3 weeks. The worst of it is nights in the hospital. The nurses come around just about every time we fall soundly asleep to check vitals, administer meds, and such. The bmt itself isn't as bad as it sounds, I felt like I had a bad hangover for about a month and a half. Not nice, but it could be worse. All things considered, I really have no complaints. I'll by 59 Aug 5th, and aside from this cancer, I have been healthy, sickeningly healthy my whole life. This, despite the fact that I have not lived a healthy lifestyle. I started smoking when i was 11, as a trucker, almost everything I ate was dripping with grease, I've overindulged with alcohol, drugs and women, and now, other than cancer, I am in good health. My heart lungs, kidneys, prostate, liver, etc., all in good shape. I have a 2 mile route I walk with my dogs 4-5 times a day, and frequently, in hot weather, I'll walk another 5 miles without the dogs,, because it gets too hot for them. If anyone has an extra team they don't want and would like to donate it, that would be awesome. My phone number is 484-788-8186, anyone who would like to call, 24/7, I would love to hear from you. Please remember me in your prayers, I am certain many prayers have been answered in my behalf, and I thank you for them. Ultimately, nothing matters, other than God, our friends, and the people we love. I hope I can leave that as my legacy.
1/5/2014 7:13 PM
PK and I went through chemo at about the same time - his first round of treatments; for me, so far, the only time.  We talked a lot about what we were going through, and it was surprisingly comforting to have someone like PK to talk to: not a close friend or family member, someone I had to deal with every day; but someone with whom I had a connection (through this site) yet couldn't pick out of a lineup.  A friendly anonymity, I guess.  His attitude through it all was amazing.  You'll be missed, pfatty.
1/5/2014 7:19 PM
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