When is jfootball88 going to start a campaign to have a world named after him? jfootball88 is the "Ron Zook of WIS" after all. 
4/11/2014 3:41 PM
I still anxiously await.
4/14/2014 4:32 PM
I have to keep this at the top of the forum.....
4/15/2014 11:43 AM
Posted by jfootball88 on 4/7/2014 2:41:00 PM (view original):
Hmm D(ouche)-Dingo. Lets see I took over the lowly, terrible, bottom feeder called San Jose State competed with CAL and Stanford plus everyone in the WAC for top recruits and now in season 3 with the SIMS mostly off my team am able to throw the way I want to. Not to mention you're going to lose this year to me no big deal. We have the same record at this point in the season. Moron...Go find your own forum cause we know no one sitemails your d*[email protected]*** for anything other than to say Good game after they whooped your @*** in a bowl game!
ddingo's Fresno St 41
jf's San Jose St 28

Was a solid second half passing after getting down for jfootball, but he did not take over the conference just yet.

4/16/2014 3:51 PM
Getting sleepy waiting......
4/17/2014 8:39 PM
High unintentional comedy level in this thread.  CRICKETS?
4/18/2014 12:13 PM
Posted by jfootball88 on 4/9/2014 1:51:00 PM (view original):
CO-Coaching with Jibe at Florida has been a lot better but it's only been one season will see how it turns out this year.
Florida in Warner?
4/18/2014 2:35 PM
Has to be...same bad offense and same poor showing in D1 ;-)

4/18/2014 4:43 PM
All shotgun offense seems to work well.  I have seen it used differently than Jfootball and it still worked well against human opponents in div 3.   
4/18/2014 6:49 PM (edited)
Posted by samson75 on 4/18/2014 6:49:00 PM (view original):
All shotgun offense seems to work well.  I have seen it used differently than Jfootball and it still worked well against human opponents in div 3.   
"In D3" being the key phrase.

I'm not saying D3 is less of a challenge than the higher levels... But it's less of a challenge than the higher levels. Talent gap is the main reason why, and as gimmick offenses crash and burn in D1, they win championships in D3.

When offenses like this are applied to different situations with different coaches at different levels with different players, guess what? You're going to have different results.
4/18/2014 8:53 PM
Sure!  Makes sense Caesari.  That is why I clarified it being Div 3.  Most coaches asking about the benefits of certain offenses are not winning div 1 national championships.  They are generally new coaches, or coaches who are struggling.  I assume coaches in the div 1 ranks have their own ideas about how to win, or at least why they are losing.   
4/18/2014 10:52 PM
Let me ask though, how much of a talent gap is there in division 3 deep in the playoffs?  Presumably the final 4-8 teams are fairly close in terms of talent.  This is not an argument as much as a question.  I really don't know how much of a spread of talent there would be in div 1 vs div 3 for the top 10 teams.  What do the guess reports show? 
4/18/2014 11:17 PM
At D3, you can have relatively equal overall talent (deep in the playoffs), but still have "gaps" in individual areas.  Example:  one team may have what amounts to a significant advantage in TECH, or ATH, or GI.  Most teams will be pretty equal when it comes to STR on STR, BLK on TKL, and SPD on SPD.

The higher you go, the "individual attribute gaps" begin to disappear.  Those other factors of ATH, TECH, GI and FIQ begin to "count more" in the mathematical equations.
4/19/2014 8:48 AM
If you look at JF's Colorado teams over the last few seasons, he had a monster WR that he was forcing the ball to and that was the talent gap.  Even at the highest level, his last two WR's were typically head and shoulders above all other WR's at D3 (both close to 70 or above GUESS rating) and even further ahead of the DB's trying to cover them.  The rest of his team was elite or near elite but he was typically exploiting this mismatch and doing it well.  At higher levels of competition, where the talent gap is smaller he hasn't been able to replicate this.
4/19/2014 9:11 AM
jf has indeed been running the offense for my Florida (Warner) team. That has however come to an end.

I have nothing bad to say about jf, he is trustworthy, had access to my account, and believes in what he's doing. However with Florida the offense just wasn't clicking. One can try to surmise as to why, perhaps the form IQ wasn't good enough. It is low in the SG yet. Perhaps the QB's aren't good enough. This season they aren't great QB's. I do believe they are better than they have performed and I believe in a more balanced O that the performance level will improve.

My own belief of why the team has struggled is that personnally I believe at 1A the talent level is just too close and that a one dimensional Offense will be overcome by game planning by the opponent. You know whats coming and when talent is equal its just a matter of setting the GP to stop it and as most know guessing right in the GP in this engine is huge. But I don't believe now that an all pass SG O will work at 1A. If jf proves me wrong at San Jose I will have no problem tipping my hat to him. But at this point in time I was left with no choice but to put an end to the airraid at Florida. I need to have a respectful showing in the final 3 games and get the best bowl I can now and hopefully win it.

Again there is no hard feelings between jfootball and myself. We move on. I ignore these forums for the most part now but felt a need to respond here.

4/19/2014 9:44 AM
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