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dh555: (1 - 23) Marion(10), (2 - 26) Kidd(8)


smokey007: (1 - 7) Bird(14), (2 - 35) Haywood(N/A) 


eleibowitz: (1 - 18) Walace, B.,(2) (2 - 31) Ginobili(12)


mcdarsh: (1 - 2) James(2), (2 - 47) Lanier(N/A)


jhsukow: (1 - 5) Abdul-Jabbar(4), (2 - 44) Ibaka(0)


ashamael: (1 - 10) O'neal, S.(1)





felonius: (1 - 22) Russel(4), (2 - 27) Pippen(0)


natenoy: (1 - 15) Paul(4), (2 - 34) Lucas(7)


tarheel: (1 -14) Durant, (2 - 42) Grant (13)


theyard: (1 - 16) Barkley(1), (2 - 33) Camby(7)


jkaye: (1 - 3) Rodman(3), (2 - 46) Ewing(87)


jcred: (1 -11) Johnson, Mag.(12), (2 - 40) Walton(2)


4/17/2014 7:55 PM
4/17/2014 9:19 PM
yeah, really, what more did you need than like a two-day delay?
4/17/2014 10:25 PM
I stink. I apologize, apologize, apologize. I didn't realize how time consuming this would be when I agreed to it and seeing as how we're already almost done with round 5, I'm not promising I'm going to catch up. If anyone wants to take it over - that's awesome, if not, again, I apologize. We all have things we do outside of WIS and sometimes those take precedent over stuff on here. Again, I apologize. Take it out on me in the SIM if you must. I might till get something up before it's over, but I can't say how lengthy or in-depth it may be.

4/18/2014 12:06 AM
Everybody can do a review of their own team, right?

What I like about my team: rebounds great, steals great, assists great, efg ok, usage just right

What is mediocre: defense, too many fouls, A|T ratio not what my teams usually manage.

what I hate: way short of 3's, need 6000 bench minutes. (But have $11 mil to buy it.) Love's 30 defense.

4/18/2014 9:39 AM (edited)
dh555 (23): S. Marion, J. Kidd, T. McGrady, B. Williams

With little research, this seems right. Easy to like what these 4 can do together, but waiting on a center this late could be what dooms this team. I have a couple of ideas and will be interesting to see where you go with this. As of right now, Shaq and Kareem have their calenders circled.

smokey (7): L. Bird, S. Haywood, W. Frazier, AC Green, M. Williams

What can be said. Not a lot of threes, but we are used to that. What really surprised me is not as much defense as we are used to seeing from a smokey team. No 100's and a 66 from Spencer. 

eleibowitz (18): B. Wallace, M. Ginobili, A. Bynum, J. West, A.Igudola

When do those Manu/Bynum minutes come? Such dynamic players, but with limited minutes the sim could mess that up for you.

mcdarsh (2): L. James, B. Lanier, R. Parish, T. Brandon, D. Buse

I think between the Lanier/Haywood battle of players not drafted last season, McDarsh got the better player. I'd like to see more 3's. I was thinking Buse myself, but feel good about McMillan. 

jhsukow (5): K. Abdul-Jabbar, S. Ibaka, M. Daniels, W. Person, N. McMillan

Terrible. One of the worst owners in the league. Not sure what this guy is thinking. A welcomed respite for all the other owners in what should be a tough division. A clear choice for #1 pick next season.

ashamael (10): S. O'Neal, D. Harper, V. Carter, J. Moon, R. Tarpley

Really like Moon on a team with Shaq and Vince. Not as familiar with Harper and Tarpley's work in the sim, but Ash knows what he is doing.He also just added Nelson. That's a great season and a player I was really hoping for.

4/18/2014 10:22 AM
Here the team and yes jhsukow does have a point.  But we will see what the 6th round gives to me

Name Team Pos Usage% 2pt%# 3pt%# eFG% OReb% DReb% Ast% Stl% Blk% D
Jerry West 70-71 Lakers PG 25.5 52.6 35.1 52.3 2.6 7.2 24.3 1.9 0.3 90
Manu Ginobili 07-08 Spurs SG 29.2 49.7 39.8 54 3.1 14.2 19.7 2.3 0.9 74
Andre Iguodala 10-11 76ers SF 19.3 47.7 33.5 48.6 2.7 14.5 21.8 1.9 0.9 80
Ben Wallace 02-03 Pistons PF 10.3 48.8 16.7 48.2 11.3 32.7 6.2 1.8 5.1 100
Andrew Bynum 11-12 Lakers C 23.9 56 28.6 55.8 10.1 24.5 5.3 0.6 3.1 59

4/18/2014 11:21 AM
Posted by thisredbox on 4/18/2014 12:06:00 AM (view original):
I stink. I apologize, apologize, apologize. I didn't realize how time consuming this would be when I agreed to it and seeing as how we're already almost done with round 5, I'm not promising I'm going to catch up. If anyone wants to take it over - that's awesome, if not, again, I apologize. We all have things we do outside of WIS and sometimes those take precedent over stuff on here. Again, I apologize. Take it out on me in the SIM if you must. I might till get something up before it's over, but I can't say how lengthy or in-depth it may be.

lol, we ain't mad at you. Some advice - don't try to do it so nearly in depth. This "moving up" vs "moving down" stuff, multiple paragraphs about picks...don't worry about that. Just bang out a 3-6 sentence summary about everyone's team and then you can do all the bells and whistles later if you want.
4/18/2014 1:23 PM
dh555 (23): S. Marion, J. Kidd, T. McGrady, B. Williams

With little research, this seems right. Easy to like what these 4 can do together, but waiting on a center this late could be what dooms this team. I have a couple of ideas and will be interesting to see where you go with this. As of right now, Shaq and Kareem have their calenders circled.

Then he nabs Gasol. AWESOME starting 5.
4/18/2014 2:31 PM

Because I have no idea how to format a post; I present, my team:


4/19/2014 12:23 PM
I am willing to offer my unqualified analysis of everybody's teams in trb's absence.

Please notify me via sitemail of player-season you plan on using so I can offer a more accurate commentary.
4/19/2014 1:41 PM

krishnaman: J. Stockton, T. Chandler, A. Mourning, C. Drexler, A. Sabonis, P. Millsap, J.R. Smith

This team definitely has some potential. I'm assuming that your starting lineup goes Stockton- Drexler- Millsap- Mourning- Chandler. This lineup will play good defense. Stockton almost single-handedly gets you to the ast% assumed minimum, and Drexler pitches in his decent share of dimes. The problem with going 3 bigs is that usually you don't end up with enough 3's. However, your backups will address this. Sabonis is a good shooter, and one season of Smith's (the one everybody uses) is my 3rd-favorite backup in the sim, because he's such an explosive scorer.
Playoffs?: YES

seapilots: D. Howard, G. Payton, A. Mason, A. Kirilenko, C. Weatherspoon, L. Smith, T. Hardaway

Defense was an obvious priority for the first 5 rounds. After that, seapilots grabbed guys to fill out specific roles. The starting lineup lacks a strong rebounder outside of Howard, but the other four are good rebounders for the positions they're playing (this assumes AK is starting over Hardaway). The efg is also weak when excluding Howard, and none of these guys can consistently hit treys, but I think the above-average defense and balanced rebounding will keep the games closer than they should/could be.
Playoffs?: YES

scudmissle: M. Jordan, C. Billups, L. Nance, C. Oakley, S. Nater, W. Williams, N. Thurmond

Thank you for paring my boy Mr. Big Shot with His Airness. This makes for an extremely dynamic backcourt. Surrounding said backcourt with great rebounding and good (2 of 3 at least) defense makes this team extremely tempting to pick for a first-round bye when I'm not even halfway done with this conference's evals yet. Enough ast%, solid defense, good rebounding, sufficient amount of treys, and a star. Not to mention that Thurmond can cover for Nater's abysmal D, and corral a similar number of boards.
Playoffs?: YES

postage: J. Erving, E. Brand, S. Curry, L. Sanders, J. Tinsley, M. Bol, R. Wallace

Interesting. I am going to assume the starting lineup is Curry, Dr. J, Brand, Wallace, Sanders. In any case, your defense is crazy good. However, your usage will most likely be fluxuating like crazy, which may lead to fg% problems.. Also, your ast% whenever Bol is on the floor will most likely look hideous.
Playoffs?: NO

amerk: D. Wade, H. Olajuwon, R. Rondo, W. Unseld, L. Odom, W. Tisdale, D. Barros 

Amerk says he loves his team, and I have to agree that it looks really good. Rondo and Wade cover dimes with Odom pitching in a few, and Olajuwon and Unseld cover boards, with Odom pitching in a few. The lineup (given the right Unseld and Odom) will play great defense. However, neither the Wade nor the Olajuwon that you are most likely using have great efg%. Also, nobody in your starting lineup can really knock down treys. Barros can, but he's going to have a hard time finding minutes in that backcourt, especially since putting him in sacrifices a lot defensively. The Tisdale pick is confusing. He's a poor rebounder, and awful defensively. And again, he's not going to get a lot of minutes. Except this time its a good thing.
Playoffs?: NO

banditone: W. Chamberlain, R. Allen, M. Blaylock, D. Majerle, P. Silas, D. Collins, M. Miller

This actually makes me want to cry. Just because Wilt is one of the best rebounders in the game does not mean that you don't need to draft anymore good rebounders. You in essence drafted one big man, two PGs, and four wings. There are going to be games where Wilt grabs more boards than the rest of your team combined, and still come up with less than 30 team boards. Please apologize to the big man.
Playoffs?: NO

4/20/2014 12:45 PM (edited)

mikee: M. MaloneK. McHale, S. Nash, J. Harden, S. Dalembert, L. Powe, M. Landsberger

I'm a firm believer in the philosphy of "there's never too many rebounds", but I feel like you may have made some sacrifices that you shouldn't have made in the name of rebounds and efg%. Your overall defense just seems a bit too weak. Sure McHale is a 90, and Malone is an 80, but your other 3 starters range from bad to so-so. It doesn't improve when your backups are in either. Also, while Nash is a great ast% building block, he can't do it single-handed. Yes, I know Harden chips in, but it doesn't seem to be enough, and there's a lot of time when Harden won't be on the floor. For that matter, Nash doesn't play all that much either. Still, the fact that you accumulated a lot of good shooters and a lot of boards won't be denied.
Playoffs?: YES

superrobb: K. Malone, O. Robertson, D. Marshall, B. Bridges, D. Christie, G. Hill, K. Hughes

Marshall in the third is a steal in my opinion. Shoots treys (and makes them), play great defense, and will usually have a rebounding advantage at SF. Overall, your team plays solid D, will grab its share of boards, and hit 3s. Your bench seems a bit weak, especially when in Hughes' best reb/fg%/def season, he has more pfs than points. Yikes.
Playoffs?: NO

benhoidal: T. Duncan, A. Hardaway, T. Boerwinkle, B. Barry, C. Mullin, J. Przybilla, B. Davis

This team is hard to get a read on without knowing which Duncan and Mullin he plans on using. In any case, this team ought board well, though not necessarily win the battle of the boards overall, play adequate defense, and score buckets. Barry gives you 3s, Mullin may help with that. This is one of the first teams I've seen with ast% close to my comfort level, thanks to contributions from all members of the starting 5. One concern would be Boerwinkle's lack of long minutes, but Przybilla ought to cover that niche well.
Playoffs?: YES

iccoachb: D. Mutombo, S. Kemp, M. Cheeks, P. Pierce, R. Bell, J. Dumars, C. Andersen

I feel like this team has the potential to be great, if the seasons were selected with care. However, keeping in mind coachb's rep for messing these things up... he probably has another lottery season coming. Who knows though, he might surprise us all. Wait... coachb... Coach B... is this Mike Brown? Never mind, he'll be stuck in the lottery for the forseeable future.
Playoffs?: NO

robocoach: D. Robinson, K. Love, B. Jones, F. Lever, J. Calderon, S. Novak, A. Robertson

Love and Calderon are two of my favorite current RL players. While their defense is spotty, they make up for it in other ways. The team also will help cover the defensive weaknesses. This team should dominate the boards. While the addition of Novak gives the team some needed 3's, I think some cover for the 2700 missing minutes in the post was a lot more needed.
Playoffs?: MAYBE

thisredbox: A. Gilmore, K. Garnett, K. Bryant, M. Cooper, G.T. Johnson, H. Catchings, J. High

I think the seasons you select for Gilmore and Kobe could make or break your season. Putting Coop at the point is gutsy, but it might pay off. You should have enough ast% anyway to make it flow. Like any good redbox team, it plays stingy defense, but not as much as seasons past. A dearth of 3s might be a problem, but there are still 5 players we don't know about. Maybe they can dig something up.
Playoffs?: MAYBE

4/20/2014 1:19 PM (edited)

dh555: S. Marion, J. Kidd, T. McGrady, B. Williams, P. Gasol, K. Humphries, C. Anthony

It looks like TMac is in a position to really do some damage. The lineup has enough usage and ast% to keep his numbers from dipping, but he will definitely be getting the lion's share of the shots. The team will play good defense, and Humphries' court time will lead to an uptick in boards. Unfortunately, I think that you will be outrebounded more often than not. In the end, this team will live and die by how McGrady shoots.
Playoffs?: NO

smokey:  L. Bird, S. Haywood, W. Frazier, AC Green, M. Williams, R. Strickland, L. Green

Sorry smokey, you're going to get smoked. While Haywood is better than I gave him credit for, your team is still screwed on the boards. For Haywood being your second fiddle, he doesn't shoot very well. Your 2 point guard approach might give that a boost, but probably not. And your starting lineup is hella expensive. Expensive starters=bad bench.
Playoffs?: NO

eleibowitz:  B. Wallace, M. Ginobili, A. Bynum, J. West, A. Iguodala, C. Boozer, T. Kukoc

I am going to assume that you are using the 1200 minute Boozer and the 600 minute Kukoc, and the other 5 are the same as you posted earlier. Your team will have some trouble on the offensive boards, but that might not matter, given the good efg% of your 3 highest usage starters. The defensive boards, however, should be yours to claim. I agree with jhsukow's diagnosis that Bynum and Ginobili might get screwed over by the sim for their low minutes. However, the backups you brought in to help shore up those worries should help a lot. Everything necessary for a winning team is here, but I feel uneasy about declaring it a winner right now.
Playoffs?: YES

mcdarsh: L. James, B. Lanier, R. Parish, T. Brandon, D. Buse, $. Battier, J. Posey

So there's one way I would use these players, then there's multiple other ways that seem to be a gigantic waste of talent. I hope you do the right thing. James is the second-best all around player in the sim (to 66-67 Wilt), and he gives you your primary scorer, a major plus defensively, and a good start on boards and dimes. Lanier and Parish give a large share of the boards. Brandon and Buse add to the dimes. Battier and Posey knock down treys. Everybody (except maybe Parish) play good defense. Very nice.
Playoffs?: YES

jhsukow: K. Abdul-Jabbar, S. Ibaka, M. Daniels, W. Person, N. McMillan, R. Horry, D. Harris

The ring king was a nice addition in the 6th. If used correctly (which may be difficult, given the rest of your team), he can give you boards, dimes, treys, and D. I never have really liked using KAJ, but I know that he can really light it up. Ibaka is a very useful player. Everybody here can body up to a certain degree, and the boards and 3s seem to be adequate. It passes the eye test, but whether it will stand up in competition remains to be seen.
Playoffs?: NO

ashamael: S. O'Neal, D. Harper, V. Carter, C. Ray, J. Moon, R. Tarpley, J. Nelson

Ash does it again. Shaq is one of the best primary scorers in the sim, because unlike many of the other players with more than 30% usage, I rarely see him shoot under 50% from the floor. The free throw line is a different story. Harper is incredibly clean. Carter has some efg% issues, but should prove a good second fiddle to the Shaqman. Ray and Tarpley form a great tandem at the 4. Fouls may be an issue for them, but their positives outweigh that negative. Moon is a Marion-lite. Nelson is one of the great super-subs. Ash is like the Spurs: he's been winning for so long, he's forgotten how to lose.
Playoffs?: YES

4/20/2014 4:14 PM (edited)

felonius: B. Russell, S. Pippen, Mq. Johnson, B. McAdoo, M. Conley, M. James, R. Anderson

I really like this team. The starting lineup, which logs plenty of minutes, is tough defensively. It also will grab its share of boards. Having Pippen as the highest usage player kind of turns me off, since I usually see him underperforming in the points category. Assists might be an issue, especially when Anderson is on the floor, but that's a minor concern. Getting 3's is a problem felon trying adressing in round 6, but still doesn't seem to be enough.
Playoffs?: YES

natenoy: C. Paul, J. Lucas, T. Rollins, M. Price, K. Faried, K. Irving, D. Green 

I don't think you took this team in the right direction. I mean, you have plenty of 3s, good defense and the assist levels are high, but I think you're going to be outrebounded more often than not, especially given some of the teams in your division. Rollins has a season where he can actually rebound well (I didn't know that at first) but he doesn't play many minutes, and when he is on the floor, he's hacking like crazy. It will be a roller-coaster season.
Playoffs?: NO

tarheel:  K. Durant, H. Grant, G. Wallace, J. Noah, D. Armstrong, W. Perdue, J. Rose

I agree with everything tarheel wrote on the next page. Durant will probably put up good-looking numbers and the starting lineup's defense is solid, but a lack of adequate boards and some problems with to's will likely doom this squad. Unfortunately, Jalen won't be giving the people what they want.
Playoffs?: NO

theyard: C. Barkley, M. Camby, A. Stoudemire, T. Porter, N. Anderson, K. Thomas, C. Gatling

Sweet. This looks promising. Your division is pretty board-heavy, but this team has the tools to win some of those tougher battles. It will be interesting to see which Barkley, Stoudemire, and Camby seasons he chooses. Usually I don't recommend going with 3 bigs who can't shoot well behind the arc, but Porter and Anderson balance out the situation. Defense may be an issue going forward, but I believe the offense should be able to overcome those difficulties.
Playoffs?: YES

jkaye: D. Rodman, P. Ewing, D. Nowitzki, C. Ward, E. Jones, A. Varejao, C. Haskins

Ahh, Dirk. Somehow I have never gotten him to succeed for me. But that doesn't make him any less of a player. Rodman balances out the oreb deficiencies of Dirk and Ewing quite well. Ward and Jones make for a stingy pair in the backcourt. Varejao is a great rebounder for the 11 to 12 minutes he can stay on the court for. Haskins made me wonder if you were going crazy, until I found him. Daayummm man.
Playoffs?: YES

jcred: Mg. Johnson, B. Walton, D. Williams, E. Okafor, A. Drummond, P. George, C. Webber

As much as I liked jhsukow's 6th round snag of "ring king" Robert Horry, Webber was by far the best steal of the draft. And you definitely needed him. Webber and George give you two strong candidates for the starting SF job, while the other does super-sub duty. This team will be playing some nasty defense, and will win most of its board battles. The lack of minutes for most of your players concerns me, but Drummond and Webber/George ought to provide some cover on that front.
Playoffs?: NO

4/20/2014 4:17 PM (edited)
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