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Spasticity, I ran Mark White through the recruit value tool, after seeing what you wrote about his potentials. He's currently a 102.4 and the tool estimates he could make it to 110 if he had the time. I'll guess he still finishes around a 108 SS. Where do you find these guys?
6/27/2014 3:05 PM
Posted by spasticity on 6/27/2014 2:18:00 PM (view original):
fwiw Mark White is still black/average in Reb, Def, LP, Per, BH, and FTs.  Beast of a player.  And of course he's fouled out in over half our games.

Not unrelated, J&W is switching back to Flex offense for next season.  It was a fun experiment for a while, but kind of tired of playing the foul game that is FB/FCP.
Spas, if you're bailing on FB already, what am I supposed to do?  You were the one who encouraged me towards FB/FCP in the first place!  I guess as a thank you I will just have to destroy you in our non-conference game next season... ;) 
6/27/2014 4:39 PM
I second that motion. Spasticity has betrayed us all.
6/27/2014 10:38 PM
Starr Scores have been updated. I might have some more work to do on the D-scores formula though, I don't entirely agree with the rankings.
6/28/2014 10:39 AM
Ok, last night of conference play, let's recap some games and enjoy the night off.

Last Night
#4 Millsaps 75   #22 Babson 62
Visiting Millsaps was down by 4 at the half but they exploded in the second half for 45 points while holding Babson to just 28.  Both teams had very similar stats in this one and both were led in scoring by their starting point guard and a player off the bench.  Unfortunately for the home team, the similarity did not extend to second half scoring and Millsaps pulled away for the double digit road win.  Millsaps and brian moved up a spot in the rankings with the victory while Babson and oldave fell six spots.

Also considered: #3 Dickinson built a huge lead in the first half and held on for the 85-75 win over #23 Emory, #13 US Merchant Marines ran away from Palm Beach Atlantic in the second half to win 90-73, Christopher Newport scored the upset over #8 Willamette 81-77, Wentworth Tech knocked Johnson and Wales out of the rankings with a 70-61 home win, #17 Louisiana used a last-minute 3ptr to beat Penn St. Altoona 63-60.

Sim blowout watch: Plymouth St. didn't keep it close but still covered at #9 Whittier 41-79.
6/28/2014 11:10 PM
And so begins another conference season.  Good luck everyone.

#7 S. Vermont (9-1)(funngun10) at #9 Emmanuel (10-0)(bananajacobs)
We head over to the Great Northeast conference to kick things off with a tasty cross-divisional matchup between top ten teams.  S. Vermont's only loss was a tough one at Millsaps and they've won eight straight since, while Emmanuel looks to keep rolling when their difficulty factor jumps up thanks to conference play.  bananajacobs leads the series 13-11 and his team is favored by a point at home.

Also considered: #6 Chapman at #8 Willamette, Trinity at #4 Millsaps, Bridgewater at #5 Lynchburg, #15 Ohio Wesleyan at Earlham, Wooster at #20 Wittenberg, and #23 Emory at Rhodes

Sim blowout watch: You can always count on conference play to offer up some nice big spreads.  Poor winless Keuka is a huge 70 point road dog as they head over to #11 Vassar.
6/29/2014 11:44 PM
anyone know what's up with bunkerbuster @ Piedmont? his team is uncharacteristically weak this season.
6/30/2014 12:55 PM
Not sure about bunker, brian.  I did notice that he dropped out of Allen D1 last week and didn't take another job.  Hopefully he's not leaving Rupp as well, that would be a bummer.
6/30/2014 3:34 PM
Alright, one day into the conference seasons and we're down to eight undefeated teams and thirteen winless teams.

Last Night
#10 S. Vermont 51   #7 Emmanuel 62
Emmanuel stayed undefeated by opening up a 10 point lead at the break and then nursing that lead the rest of the way.  Visiting S. Vermont made several runs at a comeback but the closest they got was 3 points a couple times, after which Emmanuel again extended the lead.  They pulled away for good with a few minutes left in the game and finished off a solid double-digit win.  Emmanuel and bananajacobs jumped up two spots in the rankings with the win while S.Vermont and funngun started off conference play on the wrong foot and dropped three rankings places.

Also considered: #6 Willamette pulled away for a 71-53 win over #12 Chapman, #3 Millsaps downed Trinity at home 70-54, #5 Lynchburg got past Bridgewater 65-56, #13 Ohio Wesleyan edged Earlham on the road 69-63, Wooster upset Wittenberg in overtime 73-71 (much to the delight of pretty much everyone), and #17 Emory cruised past Rhodes 83-64.

Sim blowout watch: Keuka just kept the opposition to double-figures and got the cover against #14 Vassar 59-97.

ITaLRbHAGotN: Completely forgot to pick a second featured game yesterday, my bad.

#1 Kenyon (11-0)(jsajsa) at Wittenberg (8-3)(darnoc29099)
Over to the N.Coast for night two of the conference season where our undefeated top-ranked team goes on the road for a cross-divisional battle.  Kenyon has been cruising all season and will look to continue their winning streak.  Wittenberg needs to rebound from a heart-breaker overtime loss to open the season, a home upset here would be huge.  darnoc leads the series 3-1 but the visitors are favored by 10.

Also considered: #3 Millsaps at Hendrix, #7 Emmanuel at Emerson, Whitworth at #12 Chapman, and #20 Hiram at Earlham

Sim blowout watch: Pittsburgh Bradford is getting 68 points as they visit #2 Susquehanna while Thiel is a 53 point road dog at #13 Ohio Wesleyan.

#9 Webster (9-2)(mschulte24) at Aurora (7-4)(jbra12)
An important early-season divisional game in the St. Louis conference.  Both teams won their opener and now will meet to see who gets the early lead in the west division standings.  mschulte has a big lead in the all-time series and his team is favored by 10 on the road.  And of course... Gorloks.
6/30/2014 4:31 PM
I hope you're all taking this afternoon off to watch the US-Belgium World Cup game.  I believe.

Last Night
#1 Kenyon 74   Wittenberg 54
Wittenberg was looking good for the upset for long stretches of the game and they held a 34-27 lead at the half.  Kenyon was able to close the gap shortly after the break and both teams swapped the lead a couple times from then on.  And then with about seven minutes left on the clock, the visitors decided they had had enough and went on a long 22-3 streak to finish the game.  They locked down the defensive gates and stayed perfect on the season with an impressive double-digit road victory.

Also considered: #2 Millsaps cruised past Hendrix 74-50, #6 Emmanuel won a close one against Emerson 61-56, #11 Chapman were victors at home against Whitworth 61-48, and #17 Hiram pulled away from Earlham to win 82-69.

Sim blowout watch: Pittsburgh Bradford covered with relative ease at #3 Susquehanna 55-93 but it was much closer for Thiel but they still managed the cover against #16 Ohio Wesleyan 56-102.

ITaLRbHAGotN: #9 Webster were their normal Gorlok selves as they out-Gorloked Aurora on the road 65-53.

Penn St. Altoona (7-5)(frankgrimes1) at #4 Susquehanna (12-0)(zeuspole)
Next up on the menu is part one of the annual home-and-home between the Commonwealth conference rivals.  Susquehanna has opened the season undefeated and a successful defense of the home court would give them a big advantage in this year's divisional race.  PSA played a really tough non-conference schedule and took their lumps but they're still looking great for the post-season.  A road upset would be huge.  frank leads the series 48-29 but the home team is favored by 9.

Also considered: W. New England at #13 S.Vermont, Grove City at #16 Ohio Wesleyan, and Hendrix at #18 Emory

Sim blowout watch: You have no idea how happy this game makes me.  Poor, winless Lincoln is getting an incredible 99 points as they visit #3 Dickinson.  Hopefully no one gets hurt.
7/1/2014 1:00 PM
I'm still recovering from the US defeat yesterday and Wooster's two game losing streak isn't helping.  I should make sure that no one on Wooster is taking shooting advice from Chris Wondolowski.

Last Night
Penn St. Altoona 47   #3 Susquehanna 49
PSA was so close to pulling off the upset in this one.  The visitors were down by 3 at the half but kept it close and actually led by as much as 8 during the second half but Susquehanna recovered to come back.  PSA's offense failed them in the final 3 minutes where they failed to score over their last three possessions, including two Susquehanna blocked shots and two missed free throws.  The home team was able to take advantage and stayed undefeated by sinking two free throws of their own with just two seconds on the clock, much to the relief of the local fans.  Now we all get to look forward to the rematch later in the season to see if PSA can get revenge.

Also considered: #11 S.Vermont took care of W. New England at home 74-61, #14 Ohio Wesleyan cruised past Grove City 79-58, and #17 Emory made it a sweep for the ranked teams by downing Hendrix 65-55.

Sim blowout watch: I know you're all shocked but Lincoln managed to avoid the blowout and covered the generous 99 point spread by only getting blown out by #4 Dickinson 50-122.

Greensboro (10-3)(tilldog28) at #22 Christopher Newport (11-2)(mroylanc)
We have a nice one in the USA South conference as these two teams are both 3-0 in conference play and tied atop the east division.  They also have similar RPI and projection report numbers so the winner here will move ahead on several lists.  tilldog has a hefty lead in the series and the odds-makers have it as an even pick.

Also considered: #1 Kenyon at Earlham, #11 S.Vermont at Newbury, #13 Menlo at Whitworth, #14 Ohio Wesleyan at Wabash, Ozarks at #16 Sewanee, #18 Hiram at Allegheny, #19 Hardin-Simmons at Austin, and Trinity at #23 Louisiana

Sim blowout watch: Another winless sim, another big spread.  Concordia is a 78 point road dog as they travel to the Gorlok den at Webster.

7/3/2014 2:52 PM (edited)
Four games into the conference season and we're down to four undefeated squads and seven sad teams without a victory.  Poor little dudes.

Last Night
Greensboro 89   Christopher Newport 66
Hmm, looks like the Greensboro players were insulted this game was an even pick and decided to go on a rampage.  The visitors were up by 8 at the half and kept extending the lead the rest of the way to finish off the impressive 23 point road victory.  Greensboro and tilldog now have a one game lead in the standings while CNU and mroylanc will have to regroup for the rematch later in the season.

Also considered: #1 Kenyon blew the game open in the second half to beat Earlham 77-47, #9 S.Vermont took care of Newbury on the road 77-62, #12 Menlo got a late 3ptr to force overtime where they held on to edge Whitworth 76-73, #10 Ohio Wesleyan got past Wabash 68-60, #15 Sewanee got the home win over Ozarks 72-53, Allegheny made a single free throw with four seconds left to upset #23 Hiram 51-50, #18 Hardin-Simmons downed Austin 68-58, and Trinity knocked Louisiana from the rankings 68-59.

Sim blowout watch: Concordia got doubled up but they still covered the spread against #13 Webster 41-90.

#15 Sewanee (12-1)(madpad78) at #16 Emory (11-2)(jojoe)
Huge game over in the University conference tonight since these two are tied with Millsaps at 3-0 in the east division.  Whoever claims the victory here keeps pace for a divisional title as well as getting a buffer before the gauntlet of playing Millsaps twice.  madpad has won all three previous meetings but the home team is favored by 1.

Also considered: #24 Johnson and Wales at #9 S. Vermont, #14 Chapman at #12 Menlo, Suffolk at #6 Emmanuel, Wooster at #10 Ohio Wesleyan, #17 US Merchant Marines at Mount St. Mary, Bridgewater at #20 Emory and Henry, Greensboro at #22 Palm Beach Atlantic, and Wabash at #23 Hiram

Sim blowout watch: Another hefty spread as Thiel, who has "rebounded" from two straight winless seasons, is getting 82 points while hosting #1 Kenyon.
7/3/2014 3:13 PM
CactusRose is still playing and doing well in Iba. I think he made the Final 4 this past season. I ran all the teams through the tool and that league does not seem very competitive, the best team score was 95.6 I think (but got knocked out in the 2nd round) and the second best was 93.8. Anyone else play in Iba? I don't plan to go, but it seems like an easier path to get free seasons :) Congrats Millsaps on keeping the highest team score so far since I've been recording. I'm going to try my best to beat it in Crum next season. I'm sure Jsa will be gunning for it too, he'll be returning some great players.

I'm going on vacation on the 5th to Cape Cod with my awesome family. I thought I might go to Provincetown while I'm there and hold hands with the guys. j/k. I'll still have some internet so I'll be able to see if anyone is making fun of me while I'm gone. When I come back, I'll be bringing coach scores to a new world, so get your votes in. I also want to do a free season giveaway game (it's time) but not too many ideas right now. If you guys have any, sitemail me.
7/3/2014 10:23 PM

I should have a better shot at Brian in two seasons in Crum. My 7 underclassmen project to ridiculous.

I am proud to say I have an IBA resume! I played one season there just to remember how to play the game when I came back to the site. Had to be ready take back my destination job (DVC) and run with it!

Make sure you game plan while on this vacation, Starr! I want to see an all Freedom final for Sunday morning!!!

7/4/2014 7:32 AM
Oh I'll definitely be game planning. Would take a miracle to get past tarvolon, but USA v USSR 1980 right? =SE said I was going to lose and he's been right about 95% of the time but I happen to know his creator is an idiot ;)

I updated the Starr Scores in the night but something glitched somehow, so I'll have that fixed probably within the hour. Scores won't be accurate until you see there are no teams or conferences with negative scores.
7/4/2014 10:17 AM
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