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If Doug actually answered my question (which I highly doubt) can someone let me know.
1/13/2024 7:48 PM

1/13/2024 8:01 PM

1/13/2024 10:55 PM
the mad don

grabbed her by the *****

and paid for it!

now he's out another $80M

will he ever learn to shut his mouth


right now i bet he's tirading again

what a moroon
1/26/2024 7:19 PM
a vote for trump is a vote for stupidy idity

a vote for a three year old to run the country

get woke. yawn. stretch. here comes the sun

supply ukraine. kill putin

be the arsenal of democracy

we won WWII for a reason
1/29/2024 1:28 AM
hey guess what

that fat sack o bejeejee known as trump

got his *** handed to him today

why does he keep on losing?

cause he's a loser

sh*t bird chiselin innkeeper

bars is what he needs

bars i say
2/6/2024 10:16 PM
his mouthpiece tucker carlson just flew back from moscow

boy are his arms tired!

prolly sportin a hero of the soviet union medal

way to sabotage american power, insurrectionist
2/8/2024 10:29 AM
motherhumpin repus cain even count votes

john boehner paul ryan must be laughin their *** off at the utter incompetentcy

maga is a clown car
2/8/2024 10:30 AM
and Trump is the head clown.
2/8/2024 8:08 PM
Posted by wylie715 on 2/8/2024 8:08:00 PM (view original):
and Trump is the head clown.
He leads almost everywhere and he WILL be elected this fall.

Biden is the worst you have ever had. 10 thousand illegals into the country every day, but hjey don't elect Trump because he will stop that.

the only one who cares and you guys trash on him. Joe is the very worst in US history, followed by O bum a

READ THE NUMBERS. COLiving has doubled under him
2/10/2024 7:56 AM
Those are all your opinions. All the polls said Trump would lose against HRC, and look what happened. Biden is nowhere close to the worst president we ever had. Just off the top of my head, both Bushes were worse, Nixon was worse, Reagan was worse, and of course Trump is much worse. Anyone who thinks Trump cares about anyone besides Trump is not thinking too clearly. Trump incited an insurrection. Trump has been convicted of raping a woman (and there are lots of other woman who say he raped them). Trump has 91 indictments against him. Anyone else would be in jail until his trial, but Trump is free to threaten the judges. Trump has made many racists comments. Trump has made many sexist comments. Trump has cheated on every wife he ever had (and where is Melania these days?) and paid a porn start to keep quiet about his affair with her. Trump has made fun of a handicapped man. He has absolutely no redeeming qualities.
By the way, are you okay? Haven't seen you around here in a while.
2/10/2024 5:29 PM
cost of living and the border and russia and the emoluments don


jobs and abortion and ukraine and the dodderin ol gramps

it's gonna be quite a tussle
2/11/2024 12:23 PM

Jan 6 Protesters Request To Be Called 'Undocumented Tourists'
U.S.· Mar 11, 2024 ·

U.S. — Alleged January 6 protesters have reportedly reached out to the White House, asking to no longer be called rioters or insurrectionists but rather "undocumented tourists."

"I am sick of people using derogatory names to describe tourists like me," said would-be insurrectionist Raymond Stone. "And all I did was take a bunch of selfies for my scrapbook. Didn't even upset the velvet ropes set up in the Capitol rotunda. I shouldn't be punished for entering the Capitol grounds....or the country for that matter...without the proper paperwork."

He added, "I am an undocumented tourist. As such, I deserve a free bus trip to the city of my choice. And don't forget free housing, food stamps and money." The President has thus far dismissed the pleas of the January 6 participants, instead directing the DOJ to detain them for several years without trial until the Supreme Court makes him let them go.

"Come on, man!" said President Biden in a formal written statement released to the public.

Former President Donald Trump has voiced support for January 6 undocumented tourists. "This is a group of people who have been treated badly, very badly, by Sleepy Joe," said Trump to reporters. "These are great Americans who were just looking for election asylum and they were treated very badly by this president. We need to use terms, good terms, much better terms to describe these incredible people who did absolutely nothing wrong. They are undocumented tourists, but they are so much more than that. They are really terrific people."

At publishing time, a lower court briefly authorized the use of the term "undocumented tourists" before the higher District of Columbia court struck it down, renaming those involved in January 6 "violent Democracy killers."

‘I Don’t Have Anything’

It's true. She has absolutely NOTHING!

MARCH 11, 2024

Biden’s SOTU in Five Minutes

If you’ve seen one of Joe Biden’s State of the Union addresses, you’ve seen them all.

"Lincoln Riley"


FDNY wants hecklers that chanted 'Trump,' booed NY AG Letitia James to 'come forward'

Letitia James Issues $355 Million Fine To Firefighters For Booing Her
U.S.· Mar 11, 2024 ·

NEW YORK, NY — After being viciously booed at an FDNY promotion ceremony last week, New York AG Letitia James has announced she will be issuing $355 million-dollar fines to the perpetrators.

"Last week, I was cruelly assaulted and insurrected by racist Trump supporters," said the Attorney General in a statement. "Our democracy is no place for firefighters to express their displeasure with the weaponization of the justice system against their preferred candidate. I will not rest until every guilty party has been tracked down and brought to justice. With a $355 million-dollar fine. And maybe also prison. And we'll seize their property. I have a lot of people I wanna take care of. Call it reparations. Thank you."

Sources say that after James had taken the stage to speak at the ceremony, a large group of attendees booed and chanted Trump's name with full malice aforethought. "I've never been so filled with righteous anger," said Letitia James after the incident. "This was a sacred ceremony, and it was stained by the savage voices of those who are not pleased with the way I'm doing my job."To make matters worse, sources close to the firemen claim they have refused to apologize. When reached for a response, one of the perpetrators simply said: "WOOOOOOO! MAGA! I LOVE TRUMP!" with no remorse or apology to the Attorney General.

At publishing time, the firefighters had been further punished with 3 months of NY subway duty.

3/13/2024 3:42 PM (edited)
hey guess what

that fat sack o bejeejee known as trump

got his *** handed to him again today

why does he keep on losing?

cause he's a loser

sh*t bird chiselin innkeeper

bars is what he needs

bars i say
2/17/2024 5:57 AM
it don matter though

$80M one week, $350M the next

he ain payin it

he never pays his bills

MAGA will pay it

losers trailin losers like cattle headed to caldwell

red hats for trump

$50 a head
2/17/2024 6:22 AM
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