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Migrants break barriers and rush border guards in shocking scene at El Paso

Now That’s What I Call Biden! (Vol. 1)

An historic compilation of your favorite songs about your least favorite president, Joe Biden, sometimes referred to as Sleepy Joe.

6/5/2024 9:23 PM (edited)
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GET INFORMED!!! Or SHUT UP!! The "Visibility Day" declaration is an annual event that occurs every March 31st since 2009 or 2010!! (I can't remember exactly)

Biden didn't start it and during Trump's "reign" He did it, too!!!

We can always count on you for misinformation, can't we Canuck.
Can't even Vote but can SURE be a loudmouth misinformed cretin!!

GOOGLE could be your friend, IF you had a lick of sense!!
4/14/2024 9:13 AM
"He is a pervert. period" You must be referring to your hero Chump here. You know, the convicted rapist and soon to be convicted for his attempted coup, and soon to be convicted for fraud.

Question for ya? How many Canucks does it take to conclude that when over 2 dozen women accuse the same guy of abuse, he MIGHT be an evil pervert???

Apparently more than one!!

4/14/2024 9:22 AM
"Convicted rapist". LOL
He'd be in prison if that were true.
Talk about loudmouth misinformed cretin.
4/14/2024 2:40 PM
Argue all you want--that is precisely the language used by the Presiding Judicial official. Unwanted penetration it was.
4/14/2024 3:38 PM
From a Newsweek article:

"However, the lawsuit's conclusion appears to have led some to believe that Trump has been convicted of rape and used that understanding to attack him on social media".

"Although understanding the distinction between civil and criminal procedure is quite simple, some of the terminology used in the reporting and commentary surrounding the case has not been as easy".

"Among the [Article] 130 claims are rape, sexual abuse and forcible touching," he said. "Therefore, in order for Ms. Carroll to prevail on the statute of limitations, she needed to prove [by a preponderance of the evidence] that she was the victim of rape or sexual abuse or forcible touching.
"Any one of the three would have sufficed. The jury found two of the three applied, but not rape."
4/14/2024 4:09 PM
True I do believe But the JUDGE clearly used the word rape in his concluding remarks. AND he's been accused of the same act by somewheres upwards of 2 dozen women. So, it appears to the sane world that he is indeed a pervert and a genuine creep. And old. AND a LOSER!
4/14/2024 6:49 PM

Nancy Pelosi: ‘I Take Responsibility’ for January 6 Security Failures

Donald Trump has often pinned the blame for the Capitol Riot on Nancy Pelosi for her failure to provide security, and now, new video released by House GOP investigators proves he was right.

"The footage completely undermines the narrative that Democrats have been pushing for three years. Democrats have long claimed that Trump was responsible for the security failures that day, even though he has said repeatedly that he had requested more National Guardsmen to be on hand that day and was rejected. Turns out Trump was telling the truth and Pelosi and the Democrats have been knowingly lying all along."

Pelosi Has Desperate 'Revisionist' Response to Bombshell J6 Video, Former Capitol Police Chief Wrecks Her

Pelosi was surprised we didn’t have National Guard on Jan6?? I was denied National Guard support multiple times before January 6, and repeatedly for 71 minutes ON January 6.MY STORY HASN’T CHANGED!!

Turley Weighs in on How Pelosi's Admissions Highlight Credibility Issues of J6 Committee

ICE Arrests 8 Suspected Terrorists Released by Biden Admin

El Savador Illegal Immigrant Charged With Rape, Murdering a Mother of Five
6/16/2024 3:57 PM (edited)
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