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Slip me some jiggy
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Until you redline
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Posted by rsp777 on 8/16/2019 8:07:00 PM (view original):
Posted by DougOut on 8/16/2019 4:56:00 PM (view original):
They can't ***** about TLaib and her bigoted views and racism and pure hatred of life. So sad.

Also her lies and throwing grandma under the bus. NO CHANCH this ***** gets re-elected.
You don't live in Michigan ********. I KNOW what her policies are. I live next to her district. You and Trump spew your bullshit rhetoric and have ZERO CLUE as to what the actual beliefs of the woman are. She is a FANTASTIC voice for the massive muslim population in the Detroit area. She knows her job and knows it VERY well and she sure has upset your apple cart. So much in fact that you, Limpdick and the Orange Disgrace all have to disparage her with LIE UPON LIE about her actual views and beliefs. You're ******* IGNORANT by CHOICE. You just HATE because she's a MUSLIM who thinks, like many others, that ISRAEL is generally full of **** and is tired of the Palestinians consistently being **** on in the ever debatable "HOLY LAND."

You live in fear. We live TOGETHER here in Michigan. Side by Side with the largest population of Muslims outside of the middle east...

YOU are absolute TRASH...


8/18/2019 7:22 PM
Anybody seen abc123 lately? I haven't.
8/19/2019 7:41 PM

Trump cancels visit with Denmark PM after she rebuffs 'absurd' idea of US buying Greenland

Don the Con is the Ultimate Snowflake.

Bear in mind that this meeting was scheduled weeks ago, before Donny ever mentioned buying Greenland
8/21/2019 1:40 AM
Too bad US political history shows a long-standing desire to buy Greenland. The first time was in 1867. Harry Truman made a firm offer of $100 million to Denmark to buy it. The Danes, probably high on dope or cocaine, refused because Greenland is where they build their government-subsidized retirement housing for worn-out Copenhagen prostitutes. This is yet another example of how the media is doing the democratic party a terrible injustice by trying to turn everything Trump does into a circus. **** Denmark, everybody else does when they visit.
8/21/2019 8:00 AM
Really? Humor aside, that's a kinda disgusting attack on another people/Country. Why? What have the Danes done to you?

Besides, Trump IS a clown and his admin. IS a circus. Greenland has nothing to do with that.
I realize folks elected the most obvious "UGLY American" caricature we could find--but does that mean we ALL have to act like Ugly Americans?

8/21/2019 8:30 AM
Posted by laramiebob on 8/21/2019 8:30:00 AM (view original):
Really? Humor aside, that's a kinda disgusting attack on another people/Country. Why? What have the Danes done to you?

Besides, Trump IS a clown and his admin. IS a circus. Greenland has nothing to do with that.
I realize folks elected the most obvious "UGLY American" caricature we could find--but does that mean we ALL have to act like Ugly Americans?

I'm using a bit of satire to make a point mostly against the US media but a smidge against Denmark. It's a tradition that goes all the way back to Horace from the Roman Empire and Arisophanes from Athens. I reserve the right and anyone who wants to be offended, OK. Satire is meant to be biting because there's just enough embedded truth to get under the skin of those directly targeted.
8/21/2019 8:47 AM
Posted by tangplay on 7/26/2019 10:09:00 PM (view original):
BTW, here are some receipts that back up my points, and I can provide more if you want...

A Port of Entry, or “POE” is a specific place where a person can lawfully enter a country. It is usually at a place like an international airport, railways, or ship docks, and at various highways along the national border.

Something that comes up when I write about immigration is the idea that the United States is somehow running short of capacity to absorb immigrants. I see no reason to believe that this is the case...
New Jersey, if you’ve been there, isn’t exactly a dystopian nightmare of overcrowding.... And yet if the whole land area of the non-Alaska, non-Hawaii United States were as dense on average as New Jersey it would hold 3.5 billion people... the point is simply that accommodating the people as such is not the issue. The fact that infrastructure can’t be built out instantly is a real issue, but we’ve had population growth rates 0.5–1 percentage point higher than we do now with no problem.

(The only other source I could find about US carrying capacity was from 2004, wasn't a reliable source, and projected it at 200 million which is just... lol)

In the 20th century, when countries like El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala were in
their formative modern periods and could have truly progressed, the United States opted
in every case not for the necessary land, government and political reforms but to support
military dictators and far-right candidates who kept Central America locked in the
hopeless despair that still drives tens of thousands of them to El Norte...

The most sobering reality for Americans is that, in almost every case and at almost every
moment when productive change in these small societies could have taken place,
Washington moved decisively to stop it... <-- Really good and simple look at the USA supporting dictatorships by country...

Judges are denying a growing share of asylum claims. In the five-year period ending in FY 2017, asylum denials jumped to 61.8 percent from 44.5 percent...

Claims by applicants from Mexico saw the highest denial rate among the 10 nationalities with the most asylum cases: 88 percent of claims were rejected. The three Central American countries referred to as the Northern Triangle, which saw a five-fold increase of asylum seekers between 2012 and 2017, also had very high denial rates: El Salvador (79.2 percent), Honduras (78.1 percent) and Guatemala (74.7 percent)...

The Trump administration wants to enforce border security with a combination of a physical wall and natural barriers that would protect the estimated 1,933 miles-long border between the United States and Mexico. Many different cost estimates have been thrown around, from as little as $8 billion to as much as $70 billion, with anywhere from $150 million per year to $750 million per year in maintenance....

In total, the actual physical cost of the wall would be about $25 billion.

The Alliance for Prosperity Plan aims to reduce migrants' incentives to leave their countries by prioritizing a cause-based approach to address illegal immigration. The plan was first introduced by Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador in November 2014 and has been partially subsidized through funds allocated for U.S. foreign assistance in the region...

In December 2015, the U.S. Congress allocated $750 million in the 2016 budget for development assistance for Central America within the Alliance for Prosperity Plan. In FY 2017, Congress included a reduced amount of $655 million, and the Trump administration's FY 2018 budget request further reduces the amount to $460 million.

Highlights of U.S. assistance to Central America include:

Declining Homicide Rates: Homicide rates dropped by 42% in El Salvador, 13% in Guatemala, and 23% in Honduras from 2015 to 2017 with even higher declines of up to 66% in El Salvador and 78% in Honduras in at risk neighborhoods where USAID and the State Department targeted their programs.

Fighting Corruption: The United States supports the Mission to Support the Fight Against Corruption and Impunity in Honduras (MACCIH), an independent, international anti-corruption body that has enabled the work of anti-corruption judges, prosecutors, and investigators.

Creating Economic Development: In the Western Highlands region of Guatemala, an area especially prone to migration based on data from U.S. Customs and Border Protection, USAID agricultural programming helped increase rural farmers’ sales by 51% and created 20,000 jobs in agriculture.

In El Paso, Texas, a march is planned to protest the deployment this weekend. In Laredo, the city's mayor released a statement referring to the deployment as "false efforts" that will "harm morale and damage the economy of our region."

"Even though our communities are all very different and diverse, we all experience the same thing, which are the effects of militarization at the border," said Juan, who was one of several speakers at a news conference in Phoenix on Thursday. "Having an increased presence of military is scary, you know. It's scary."...

"I find the fact that the military is being deployed absolutely terrifying. The amount of militarization that we already experience on a daily basis and that we are currently living under is like living in a waking nightmare," said Eva Lewis, a resident of the small town of Arivaca just north of the U.S.-Mexico border.

“Having the military here is a disaster,” Anzaldua said. “Or more likely a tragedy. They are trained for war. They shouldn’t be here. But it’s not their fault.”...

They didn’t feel safer, only under occupation, he said, and people were suffering on the other side of the river, too. “They’re supposed to take in asylum-seekers and vet them to see whether they’re eligible to stay or not,” Anzaldua said. “A lot of those folks are families with children, and they’re suffering from the elements, and there’s no telling whether they’re getting food or water. It’s inhumane what they are doing.”

People arriving at the U.S. border have the right to request asylum without being criminalized, turned back, or separated from their children.

Seeking asylum is legal. Asylum seekers must be in the U.S. or at a port of entry to apply for, or request the opportunity to apply for, asylum. "There’s no way to ask for a visa or any type of authorization in advance for the purpose of seeking asylum,” says the International Rescue Committee’s director of immigration, Olga Byrne. “You just have to show up."

"While the administration is saying people should come here legally and follow a legal process, it's making it impossible to do so,” says Byrne. “So many individuals and families have been trying to follow a legal process, but instead they’ve been stranded in Tijuana or other northern Mexico towns because they have been denied access to any U.S. official.”

More receipts coming soon, specifically in regard to immigrants and the economy. I have a lot there.

To have a true a post that resonates you need to provide point and counterpoint. The below point is crazy. Alaska's weather and infrastructure would never support that and why would we want that many people in the country and for the country to be so dense. Part of the allure is wide open spaces. Aren't you pro environment. What you need to do is take one point at a time and debate it like that with point and counterpoint.

And yet if the whole land area of the non-Alaska, non-Hawaii United States were as dense on average as New Jersey it would hold 3.5 billion people

8/21/2019 9:22 AM
Many of these do have point/counterpoint. I just cut them up to get to the meat of the article and make your reading as easy as possible.

I think you missed the point of the last article. I'm not saying that the USA should hold 3.5 billion. I'm saying that that's our carrying capacity. And we are only at 9% of that currently. So the USA can hold wayyy more people. Overpopulation is not an issue.

Did you learn something? Read the stuff about immigration and the economy?
8/21/2019 10:11 AM
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