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8/31/2019 11:36 PM
What does any of this have to do with Mexican Water?
That is what shows as the topic of the thread (at least for now).
Maybe it should all be redlined for being off-topic.
9/1/2019 9:44 AM
There's a place in Utah called Mexican Hat. A rock too. Hot and dry there. I once walked nakkid in the desert in those parts. Ran right into a herd of sheep. Never saw the herder. Expect he/she was hiding. I'd have been terrified too. You ever seen a white man nakkid in the desert? Not a pretty site.
9/1/2019 12:29 PM
seeing a white man nakkid in the desert worked out fine and dandy for you? That is already more information than I need to know.
9/7/2019 7:14 PM
Posted by wylie715 on 9/7/2019 7:14:00 PM (view original):
seeing a white man nakkid in the desert worked out fine and dandy for you? That is already more information than I need to know.
He was leading the way to WAYNESTOCK!
9/12/2019 6:33 PM
9/12/2019 7:29 PM
Posted by dino27 on 9/16/2019 12:35:00 PM (view original):
i hold such fools to be self evident.
a flock of sea ghouls.
maniacal misery bores
president, guns and money
real to real cacophony
simple minds
tower of babel
too many gorkas spoil the soup
brain salad perjury
mayor of simpleton
freedom of screed
home home on de ranged
weak minded psycho killers
enema of the people
the enemy of my enemy is still my enemy
baboon o reilly
if i cant get what i want ikea.
im so bored with the usa
elvis ******* christ
sun kil moon
talk talk
jerry springer soundtrack album
mary's danish
souxie and the banshees
killing joke
the education of dr john
second coming of gotti
president gas
calamity don
additive inverse
brazil 666
canard in a coal mine
blah blah blah blah baaah
Vietnamese is the new Chinese
just gimme some trutth
old yellin - pow pow pow
chinese rock
so many enemies so little time
rock and roll and rest and relaxation and ranting and raving
let them eat snake
so much winning
cant live with him cant kill him
melvin is risen rejoice
pop go the weasels
shake hands with zoltar
bow wow wow
the stooges no fun
boast in hell
LOL every day before you brush your teeth
whenever possible laugh all the way to the bank
skip to the loo
bullshit in a china shop
veronica lake
veronica mars
veronica quartet
brazil 666
television - see no evil
evolution number 9
hill house comics
basta fazool
king of the final frontier
sebastion gorka makes me puke
clyde hatter
buster keaton vs charlie chaplin in 3 falls
impudent elitist snobs
from a monkey to a maggot
brazil 666
the cockroaches shall inherit the earth
circus maximus 7
xi loves me xi loves me not
yeah yeah yeah
animal kingdom
lana del rey
aldo ray
babbling brooks
dumb as bricks
one bright morning in the middle of the night
the nation's leader came out to fight
step by step he faced his self
and drew his sword and shot himself
soylent green
amazon crime
brazil 666
inverted curves 999
russian money....give me your paw
follow the rubles very closely
rosebud was not a sled
in the olden times if you were on the side of the russians against the usa you were considered a communist
eat kosher salami
putin on the ritz
country club before country
comfortably dumb
pandora's box
stump for (t)rump
army brats
excerpts from the book of trump
thou shalt not covet your neighbor - when you can actually swindle and steal from your neighbor
thou shalt not murder unless it is a journalist or done on my behalf
brazil 666
more excerpts from the book of trump
honor my father and my mother - especially my father
you shall have no other idols before me
thou shalt not steal but you shall donate your earnings and monies and savings to my holdings and my properties and show proper allegiance to your don always
thou shalt not bear false witness and thou shalt not respond as a witness to any subpoena regarding me and if thou doth testify in any court proceeding about me then and then and alone thou shall bear false witness if it favors me or any of the royal trump family and associates.
milo vance
uncle fester
gulden's mustard
sebastion cabot
mr. french vs sgt schultz in battle royale
sebastion gorka vs djt steel cage match for the flatulence championship of the world
hey dorian - could you land on mara lago
more excerpts from the book of trump -
thou shalt observe the election day in order to vote for me as often as possible or thou shalt not vote at all... if you prevent others from voting against me you shall be favored and prosper.
i am the truth....i am the right.....i am the trump.
brazil 666
billie eilish
the ballad of peter pumpkin head
home to monitor doral and maro lago....fema is ready
furor knows best
fathead newman
true colors
carter brown
red foxx
vida blue
jusice black
shecky green
milt jackson
scoop jackson
jackson benny
brazil 666
ed sullivan - number one shoe
sullivan's travels
old proverb - sometimes you dont realize how important you must be to others
the decline of western civilization
cry me a river
intelligence quotient and immaturity quotient
generosity quotient and anti social quotient
faux of a fake and a sham of a faux
pho king
janis joplin
cry like a baby
just when im out they try to draw me back in
do not project onto others in a way you would not want them to project onto you.
roman gabriel
brazil 666
ultraviolence deluxe
flip flop
slippery slop
highway 61 revisited again
tiffany is daughter of the year
category 5 goldfish
casino murder case
a. gorka - projectile vomit champion of the world
public enemy number one
tan suit scandal
gunner back
brazil 666
the nearness of you
i ony want to be with you
i cant last a day without you
james gang
peyote bill
otis redding
mother nature's son
get out of denver and get out of texas
dr. copper
little bohemia
the coasters
lets get ready to fumble
those who plunder do not blunder
ak7 - load it with fun
shaler halimon
hominid hominid hominid
landmark books
pho with dick and jane
louis lamour
dorothy lamour
the u.s. frogmen of world war ll
build the walmart
brazil 666
new york dolls
us - world trade imbalance since 016- boomer essiason
johnny thunders - sylvain sylvain
bleaker street
LiMu Emu and trump
only pay for what you need
universal exports
moscow *****
gilligan's island
breakfast with boris the spider
breakfast with tiffany
picture a little love nest down where the roses cling
stormy weather
looking down the barrel
machine gun kelly
duck and cover
bullet proof banana republic
national serial killer association
let them eat bullets
hide and go kill
heavy metal jacket
fundamental freedom to kill
cant kill animals with ak47 but can kill people
the nra needs a second amendment remedy
brazil 666
joe namath sounds so dumb it is embarrassing
all quiet on the western front
sharpie - gate
everyone lies about the weather but no one does anything about it.
talk to the animals
people call him forrest trump
forrest johnson
hair today and gone tomorrow
get back jojo
the parliaments
brexit of champions
trump's sharpie autograph collection - babe ruth....andrew jackson........herbert hoover........warren harding
fresh air
a very creative flair for lying
buyback votes
mandatory ownership of guns
when trump dies will he be allowed to lie in state
he lies everywhere else - stormy weather
brazil 666
carolina on my mind
lynyrd skynrd
old shep
sadie thompson
superstar billy graham
dane clark
susan hayward
gun control - who knew it could be so difficult - who knew ?
cape fear
alabama first
churchill returns
my stepsons gave me a vaper - cdc a month ago - i think they want to kill me
i said just give me the real thing
stay away from vape - dangerous
no smoting
smokey burgess
smoke on the water
smoke along with mitch
brazil 666
primaries theft
several far right 3rd party candidates in general ?
freddie boyd
eugene izzi
tyrone hill
patricia neal
aurora cars
titan books
hard case crime
the grifters
noaa and the ark
unjust enrichment
nuclear enrichment
dig that uranium
bowery boys
way to go trumpo
brazil 666
the age of trump - 6
sebastion cabot gorka inc and the pompous bores
of mice and men
james mason
dave mason
george mason
mason reese
roy cohn....cone of silence....roy moore - pillars of modern leadership
build the wallmart
the worse it gets the more it stays the same
crackerbox palace
be - trayed policy
miltary gunta
new mexico will pay for the wall
some people fell off of roofs trying to strengthen them and died in alabama worried about dorian - sad fact - thanx trumpo
sweet jane
sexie sadie
brazil 666
derek sanderson
rube waddell
carol baker
mexico will pay for the nachos
free trade war
hotel scotland
tea for the taliban
Linda Blair
cutie booty
it's my party and ill lie if i want to
bowery boys
give me literacy or give me deaf
detention for cheating on reports
the fortune cookie
unfit to be tied
unfit to be unfit
noaa and the arc
brazil 666
glorious philadelphia city hall is the backdrop for the current limu emu and trump commercial
home depot will be selling sharpies this winter for instant snow removal
separation of science and government
to preserve liberty university and the pursuit of happiness
is a warm gun
scene from camp david.....hey taliban lets take a break...i need to tweet about alabama and insult some celebrities
personality crisis
the great man
cowgirl in the sand
these days
the incredible shrinking man
gringo star
bolted - another one bites the dust and another and another and another
one step backwards and two steps backwards
knock some wentz into dc
walter mosley
dick shawn
clive barker books of blood
brazil 666
hibachi and meatballs
he must break china
nice work if you can get it
wanton soupy sales
trump and adams family values
make room for fatty
BYON - bring your own nukes
hoagie carmichael
i love sushi
fake news and fake science - we need him
infamous wrestling association
john dillinger vs pretty boy floyd
son of sam vs charles manson
alvin karpis and ma barker vs bonnie and clyde
ted bundy vs the zodiak killer
machine gun kelly vs db cooper
human barbie
brazil 666
sheikh rattle and roll
the whitehouse effect
combustible goods on the trade market
philip wylie
dave berg
[email protected]
marie curie
son of sham
from the ridiculous to the slime
breakfast with buddah
ali velshi
biden time
kit carson
eartha kitt
its a thing
andrea mitchell
brazil 666
premedicated murder
a sucker is born every minute
p.t. barnum
even a blind squirrel knows the forest from the trees
even the most trusting fish knows a dolphin from a shark
war of the wing - men
tour de horse
prince namor
hercules vs samson
waiting for treudeau
bloody and soiled
toast in hell
sheets and crackers
this will be our year
steal the bacon
dodge ball
brazil 666
duck and cover
stars fell on alabama
war on science
war on environment
montezuma's revenge
huntz hall
pick the best people and fire the best people
spy vs spy
mexico will pay for the wallmart
eu brexit eu buy it
spill the beans
ready to capitulate to iran....making a deal that was a deal.......
dealey plaza
realty tv
big bang moved up - universe more then 1 billion years from bar mitzvah
mexico will pay for the chachkas
brazil 666
the deficit is suddenly back to 2012 level and growing larger every day.......back to the future ?
danger.... will robinson...danger....
all the stuff thats fit to print
water bagel vs egg bagel
trump has ordered doj to take over mosquito trials
will trump visit poe house
trump's african american says no
repeal and replace trump
emboltoned - scorching book on horizon
scoldfinger.......dr no........trump casino royale.......trumpraker......
i dig a pony
one horse town
mr ed
horse manure
dog and pony show
trump promises that melania will twerk on 5th ave. if he wins election
my axe is cold
trump on bolton - he hate me
sceptic ulcer
brazil 666
mott the hoople
chitlins chow mein
campbell's junky soup
the songs of supertrump........... the illogical song..........dreamer.........brexit in america.......give a little bit........bloody well wrong
the trummps - dc inferno
englebert trumperdink........ after the lyin.......this moment in crime
why cant we be fiends
post in hell
play for the nfl
i find this perturbing
break bread
chew the fat
oil under the bridge
brazil 666
tweet to the beat
my morona
my corona
crocked and loaded
9/16/2019 2:19 PM
brazil 666
freddie boyd
famous monsters of filmland
the problem of thor bridge
8 years
nuts and boltons
a lot to dish on his plate
foggy mental breakdown
fatman and iran
at & t is one of the most fraudulent companies of all time
son of sham
brigid bazelon
day of the triffids
victor appleton ll
sugar twins
brazil 666
trump is trying to get the house to let mara - lago host the impeachment hearings.
make it fun
dueling banjos
vape fear
these lists should now be put into alphabetical order
sua sponte
rik osek
gary numen
at least el paso did not happen at a target
instead of debates let there be a contest between trump and sanders and biden and warren
who can eat the most caramel covered apples in 30 minutes
without losing any teeth or dentures.
inter - party debates.
only pay for what you need
brazil 666
barney google
why do russians believe in biological superiority like the nazis did
cotton mather
hello dali
hi coup
howdy doody
o henry
the ugly americans
warren justice
the outer limits
of a respectable society
birds of a feather flock together
great minds do not think alike
dont surround one's self with idiots
why do russians believe they are biologically superior like nazis
inconsistent use of sanctions
truth appears to those who seek it with open eyes
dueling banjos
toast in hell
urgent matter
supreme coates ?
traitor ?
jiminy crickets
firing squads
truthers -1984
stupid gets what stupid wants
brazil 666
the land of the indians and the home of the racists and morons
by the president...for the president....of the president
the american people are no longer entitled to truth - official
creatures from the black lagoon
the swamp thing
the blob
the slob
the intell inspector general was appointed in 2018.....sends up urgent concern within 3 months
simpering simpletons of single cell organisms
justice warren justice
dan coates for future attorney general
racist identities and identifying racists - the true priority
and why do so many russians believe like nazis that they are biologically superior
because they write 800 page books
condescending conned men of Conman contemplate convictions
do the continental
conway vs conway
kramer vs kramer
king kong vs godzilla
permission to be myself sir......granted but dont let anybody know.
brazil 666
dingas and dungas
which one of trump's wives or girlfriends once gave birth to a puppy ?
don martin
james gang
bang a gong
abuse of chowder
spooky truth
pinky and the brain
x ray spex
executive - in - chief warren
colt 86
why is it that so many people who say that they think being gay is wrong and sinful are actually in the closet common.
so often they cling to and hide behind the bible because they are ashamed which is a real shame.
the birdcage
i never promised you a rose garden
brazil 666
frame it wrong and you have garbage in and garbage out....
from now on you must stay in your burning house until the firemen get there or you will be arrested for felony loitering and possibly placed back into the burning house.
give all of the maniacs and crazies a blue tooth and if possible help them to congregate with each other......
if you are born tall you can choose to make yourself shorter - deprive yourself of enough food and nutrition and exercise over a sufficient amount of time...being tall is a can become shorter if you choose.........
return to manufacturer
god likes chicks with chicks......everyone does
slavery was ok with god.......and indentured servitude......sometimes if you were only half bad you could get a discount on how many stones the good people could throw at you......
they rocked me all night long
roll away the stone
the good lord - nice to meet you ...wouldnt want to be you.
[email protected] says the bibles are fake news.
onward and upward for warren - she has officially achieved lift off - 3 person race now.
justice for all and to all a good night.
brazil 666
some opinions are not equal to others and some are worse then ****
9/21/2019 2:36 PM (edited)
Hmm...I assume there is a line limit per post? I never knew that. I was going to mention that you have brazil 666 on your continuation twice until I realized it was intentional (and on the list 20+ times.)
9/17/2019 12:45 PM
use a fork for what?
9/19/2019 5:48 PM
the white house is now reporting despite previous denials that the president's brain was indeed stolen or misplaced during the white house easter egg hunt.
an extensive manhunt has been expanded......there was a possible brief sighting on ebay that is being investigated........anyone with information should contact the hotline.
$250.00 reward for information leading to the brain's return.
9/20/2019 7:41 AM (edited)
why would anyone want it back?
9/20/2019 11:43 AM
Posted by bronxcheer on 8/13/2019 2:34:00 PM (view original):
A good song is like porn----I know it when I hear it.

the ear test
10/2/2019 1:36 PM
what happens if pence should also be impeached and gop is persuaded.
the white ex officer created a tragedy for everyone and now in prison she becomes ex white.
huntz hall drank himself to death
the wolf man died like a *****.
shouldn't the native americans own at least 3 states like the 2 wyomings and montanna less then that territory.
will this be american history or an aberration
who will watch the watchers
shindig was erased for the dating game......the tv shows were filmed by someone who recorded his tv screen for each episode
the author of perks of a wallflower has a new book coming out this month.....horror story.
george the animal steele was a high school science teacher and very religious.......he had high cholesterol from eating too much fiber
the wu assassin.
10/2/2019 9:41 PM
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