Long Ball at Coor's (the classic) (full) Topic

174 mil
AAA=no, WW=no, DH=no, no clones

use seasons 1930-2014

Each player must be 2.0 mil in value or more

Each position player including bench must have a BA of .340 or lower
Each position player including bench must have 15 HR's or more
One position player can have any BA and HR #'s, he is your one exception player he must still
be between the seasons 1930-2014

Each pitcher must have a HR/9 of 1.0 or higher and a WHIP of 1.0 or higher
One exception pitcher can have any values, but must have 70 IP/162 or less and he
must be between the seasons 1930-2014

The following is blacklisted
1. Barry Bonds

All teams use Coor's Field as home ballpark

this is a public league

the league number is MLB124806

1. Bluecrew2
2. celticus
3. brucel
4. thebubbaq
5. jtvaughey
6. House_Rules
7. frank_drebin
8. zephyr1949
9. rge464
10. midknight
11. nordawg
12. rbow923
14. rswift30
15. amycox67
16. jmcoombs1
17. braveharte
18. jballot
19. couchman
20. Humdogs
21. Rutherjay
22. Sonofodin52
23. tywebb004
24. isern

waiting list
1. moussopini23
6/5/2019 2:38 AM (edited)
this is a public league, and your name will be put above after you enter the league, hope to see you there, another good one
5/21/2019 2:40 PM
welcome celticus
5/22/2019 3:24 AM
welcome brucel
5/22/2019 1:02 PM
welcome thebubbaq
5/22/2019 5:05 PM
welcome jtvaughey and House_Rules
5/23/2019 3:03 AM
welcome frank_drebin
5/23/2019 1:34 PM
welcome zephyr1949
5/24/2019 8:02 PM
welcome rge464
5/25/2019 2:21 AM
I'm back
5/25/2019 10:07 AM
Arod can play but not Barry? No fair! 2001 Barry wants in!
5/25/2019 1:04 PM
Posted by jedijeff on 5/25/2019 1:04:00 PM (view original):
Arod can play but not Barry? No fair! 2001 Barry wants in!
yea, like Barry cares about what is "fair" , I let A-Rod in, but still think he knowingly took substances to enhance his play, not a fan of either. And I know he wasn't the only one, a sad era of baseball history
5/25/2019 4:12 PM
welcome midknight
5/25/2019 4:13 PM
welcome shesaid
5/25/2019 8:44 PM
welcome rbow923
5/26/2019 3:23 PM
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Long Ball at Coor's (the classic) (full) Topic

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