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Anyone watch the ABC debate last night? Care to opine? Please do so! I'll kick it off with the obvious, the viewers and most Americans were the clear losers! I'll give my individual perspective and break down of the debate later on. You guys feel free to let loose first.
9/13/2019 1:17 PM
No. Glad I didn't watch. That is my opinion.
9/13/2019 3:32 PM
although I guess it is not an opinion that I am glad I didn't watch. It is a fact.
9/13/2019 3:32 PM
9/13/2019 4:56 PM
I watched it all, although I glazed over a bit during hour 3.

Buttigieg - Well spoken as per usual. Smart. Great story about serving under don't ask, don't tell. Was the most convincing out of the candidates on healthcare.
Castro - He was correct in attacking Biden and called him out repeatedly.
Klobuchar - If/When Biden implodes, she's setting herself up to be a nice alternative.
Sanders - Weak for most of the night, but a great answer to the healthcare question.
Yang - He came out as a Patriots hater. Earned my support.

Beto (he stands out on guns, but he's blah everywhere else)

Harris - Couldn't stop laughing at her jokes, horrible answer to the question on her criminal record, and focused too much on Trump and weak quips.
Biden - Still gaffe-proned.
DNC - #wheresTulsi
9/13/2019 7:01 PM
TY for your view Tangy!! I was away from home for the last week. Thus I was able to watch the debate. Unfortunately. It's horrid to waste such amount of time when you're in Vegas. I was the loser for doing it. Likely saved some $$ though.

I agree with your comments too Tangy, in general. The DNC, and most importantly any of us CITIZENS and voters who thirst for a REAL leader and an opportunity to turn the orange conman OUT of the W.H. lost BIG TIME!

My views are so negative they bum (even) me out!! Depressing to the extreme IF this is what we have to choose from!!
I hesitate to do an individual analysis because my Mama DID teach me when you haven't got anything nice to say to .......well, you know!

I will point out that I did NOT agree with or appreciate the post analysis SPIN done by the major media attempting to legitimize Amy K's presence and explain away Biden's (nearly) incoherent and completely inane rambling!!

Maybe later when I calm down a bit, but at the moment I'm completely depressed by the dem party!!
9/16/2019 12:33 PM
I'm still holding out the specific debate analysis hoping for some other participants.

However, speaking just for ME, one individual voter, I can state the following:

A few folks who participated on stage that COMPLETELY (in MY view) disqualified themselves from the office are:

1. Biden
2. Amy K.
3. Yang, although he's funny!!
4. Harris
5. Bernie

That's HALF the field, in ONE debate. And I ain't claiming the other half that I didn't (personally) disqualify are much better!!
This is a disaster!

Bring on the other half of the field. They CAN'T be any worse!
9/16/2019 2:43 PM
Bob, so you think Beto didn't DQ himself? He is all for reparations, which to me is insanity. Neither I nor my ancestors owned slaves, why would I pay anything? Please explain. They need to run Tulsi and forget about the rest of them. Castro beat down Mayor Pete pretty decisively.
9/16/2019 2:46 PM
Well no, IF you make me answer. At least Beto was honest. Direct. And I agree with him on the AK - 47, AR 15 types of weapons.
Reparations is a red herring IMO. It can't really happen. Who would get it and who wouldn't? It's ridiculous to waste time arguing about.

But as for the 2nd amendment and GUNS. I only ask one question of those who say we can't ban AK -47's?

You don't get to own a Tommy Machine gun.
I don't get to possess my bazooka.
How come he/she gets to have an AK -47??
9/16/2019 3:11 PM
And YES, FCS!!, where was TULSI?? The whole thing was a farce!
9/16/2019 3:13 PM
How did Castro beat down on Pete?
9/16/2019 3:23 PM
Pete was the big winner IMO. Honestly I want him debating Pence. What a moment that would be.
9/16/2019 3:29 PM
I do agree that Pete is a great VP Pick............. if ONLY the Dems could find a decent head of the ticket!!
9/16/2019 4:03 PM
So, a few comments centered around one main question for any Dem. voters around here. Last Thursday night I SAW this!

During the debate Biden was asked a rather long worded question that was immediately recognizable as heading at Biden's record on Civil rights and Black policies (by the female questioner). After initially sneering when he recognized where the question was headed, he caught himself and attempted to launch into a response highlighting his "record" of support and policy success on civil rights wherein he blamed black parents for poor parenting skills and suggested/endorsed a policy of sending "social workers" into black folks homes (presumably) at night to teach them proper parenting skills, help 'em "turn on the TV, excuse Me, the record player..." before petering out into incoherent mumbling and a trainwreck finish. I saw this happen with my own 2 eyes when Biden was put under the slightest pressure to defend his record. My question is: (to ANY Biden supporter)

How in the hell can you NOT disqualify Him based on his performance thus far and particularly his debate performance on that one simple question on race??

For this single independent voter I can easily disqualify the following as candidates for MY vote for POTUS:

1. Biden
2. Sanders
3. Amy (vote for Me because I'm from the midwest, and short) Klobachar.
4. Ying. (Funny, but really? C'mon man sell me your vote?? LOL)
5. Kamala Harris (Smug, arrogant, thinks She's funnier than She is, and also thinks She's smarter than everyone else. Don't we already HAVE one of those??)
6. Booker. I haven't got a THING against him except that He'd lose to Trump in a landslide!!)
7. Williamson. Same as Booker, except also, that I couldn't vote for anyone who was good friends with Oprah. LOL.

9/17/2019 12:23 PM
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