Decade draft league)--50s & 60s (ONLY NEED ONE!!!) Topic

The WIS Decade Draft League -
The Unrevised / Unlimited / Unforgiving Edition

DDL #22 - 19950s.& 60s..,(primarily WHITE GUYS IN SHORT SHOTS)

"Players that were great in their day..are great again in the WIS Decade Draft League"

The DDL explores the history of 'Professional Basketball' one unique decade at a time. This season, amerk & the 'WayBack Machine' will travel back to the 1950's & 60's to witness the era of the inside game, Wilt and short shorts.

Commissioner: amerk1180
League Established by consensus - 5/2013
Founder: smokey57
Format: Single season league,, forum draft, decade player pool, Single Instance Exclusive Players
Forum Draft Sequence - ABABBABABA. A 1-24. B 24-1. Rounds 9 + 10... two selections per round. Prescheduled 30 minute player selection intervals, 1 selection/day rounds#1- 8 and 2 selections/day rounds# 9 -10
Random Draft Order: Random Draw (by you feeling lucky punk!
Random Division Assignment: Before the draft begins, divisions will be chosen using, assigned and posted. Division assignments may not be traded.
Era: 1951-52 to 19568-69 (changes each DDL)
Available player pool: WIS player seasons: 1951-52 thru 1968-69 (set your filter).
Required minimum team minutes >19,680 minutes
Salary Cap...Unlimited $$$ (build your beast)

No clones
No Waiver Wire
No Rookies
No Net

No Whining
No ******* in the Commissioners Corn Flakes

***Notice - In this league the draft is scheduled in 30 minute intervals. You, or a proxy, may make your selection at any time during your scheduled interval.

Missed interval - a player selection may be made anytime after the missed pick.
The draft listing will be updated at the end of each round.

It is the team owners responsibility to know if a player is unavailable. Using the draft listing and the "Find in Page" function is quick and works well. (right hand corner, 3 dot pull-down menu)

In this particular season, anyone drafting Wilt Chamberlain cannot use any Wilt season over $11 million

DDL Championships - The harder I work, the luckier I get"...
DL#1 (80's) - badja
DDL#2 (70's) - dh555
DDL#3 (90's) - 98average
DDL#4 (50/60's) - cmcafeeky
DDL#5 (3rd millennium) - tanguma44
DDL#6 (80's) - maglor1
DDL #7 (70's)....carbonjones
DDL #8 (the 90's)....robusk
DDL #9 (50/60's)...98average
DDL #10 (The 3rd millenium)...carbonjones
DDL #11 (80's)....amerk1180
DDL #12 (the 70's)...bmbigdog44
DDL #13 (the 90's)...uptowngbv
DDL #14 (the 50's & 60's)...bmbigdog44
DDL #15 (the CURRENT decade)...jkaye24
DDL #16 (the 80's)....gerryred
DDL #17 (The New Millenium)....???
DDL #18 (the CURRENT decade)...gerryred
DDL #19 (the 70's)...pexetera

DDL #20 (the90's)...pexetera
DDL #21 (2010 tp present)...pexetera
7/30/2019 3:40 AM (edited)
Sign up list

1. amerk1180
2. ronsouth1
3. gerryred
4. thomcat
5. mptrey
6. redbooda
7. dBKC
8. cmcafeeky
9. 6544
10. maglor1
11. coachcroft
12. coolmay_one
13. smokey63
14. pexetera
15. poppapomp
16. jpevans31
17. HDS1
18. samuelyork93
19. Mojo_alpha
20. mptrey (2)
21. redbooda (2)
22. smokey63 (2)
23. 6544 (2)
24. cmcafeeky (2)

SM list: ronsouth1; mptrey; gerryred; thomcat; dBKC; cmcafeeky; 6544; maglor1; coachcroft; coolmay_one; smokey63; pexetera; poppapomp; jpevans31; HDS1; samuelyork93; Mojo_alpha
8/23/2019 12:26 AM (edited)
7/7/2019 3:46 AM
7/7/2019 7:56 AM
7/7/2019 9:14 AM
just to confirm your sm i am in and thank you
7/7/2019 10:17 AM
I’m in
7/7/2019 12:18 PM
Can I assume Wilt is banned?
7/7/2019 6:48 PM
I guess I’m in
7/7/2019 7:00 PM
7/7/2019 7:55 PM
wilt needs to be banned - (in this theme)

and WILT is easily the all time greatest player in basketball -

I mean, afer all, who else would need to be banned for being so overwhelimingly dominant?
7/7/2019 7:57 PM
In. No opinion about banning Wilt.
7/7/2019 10:04 PM
Wilt has never been "banned" in this league....HOWEVER, any season of Wilt OVER $11 million dollars cannot be used. That is the usual way we handle it.
7/8/2019 1:24 AM
Posted by amerk1180 on 7/8/2019 1:24:00 AM (view original):
Wilt has never been "banned" in this league....HOWEVER, any season of Wilt OVER $11 million dollars cannot be used. That is the usual way we handle it.
that may be right - I remember something about a limit or ban...
7/8/2019 9:33 AM
7/8/2019 1:57 PM
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Decade draft league)--50s & 60s (ONLY NEED ONE!!!) Topic

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