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It makes me sick to see the democrats run to the microphones. They politicize everything. SICK.

Except when the mass shooting was directed against United States elected officials - REPUBLICAN.

8/7/2019 6:57 PM
It makes me sad to see these shootings. It really disturbs me. I'd like a solution.

The solutions I have in mind would never be accepted by some of the posters above.

But I do have a question. And I hate to ask it but you will never know if I don't ask it.

Fake news will never ask it. Democrat leaders will never ask it. But I will.






That's right. They are nowhere to be seen. That's why they are not journalists. That's why they are FAKE NEWS.

correct ans: Chicago - 50
8/7/2019 7:09 PM (edited)
your points are duly noted.
8/7/2019 7:14 PM
And then we move on? Bash Trump at every turn? Racist. White Supremacy.

But I got duly noted. I got duly ****.

Here's what I know.

You'll bash Trump at every turn for no reason.

You'll continue to give lip service to all the problems Clinton and Obama and Dems have promised to fix.

Democrat controlled cities will continue to mimic the graft and corruption of Puerto Rico.

You will continue to attack but never fix. You should read some of your posts.

8/7/2019 7:27 PM
Posted by dino27 on 8/7/2019 3:22:00 PM (view original):
President Biden delivered an absolute stem winder of a speech today.
one of the truly great speeches i have ever heard.
What did he say?
8/7/2019 8:21 PM
Posted by tangplay on 8/6/2019 2:29:00 PM (view original):
Posted by dahsdebater on 8/6/2019 12:13:00 PM (view original):
Posted by tangplay on 8/6/2019 10:14:00 AM (view original):
Posted by dahsdebater on 8/6/2019 12:44:00 AM (view original):
Every time we have a multiple shooting we have to deal with this absurd period of the political cycle being dominated by what frankly remains a very minor issue. Don't get me wrong, I've never been opposed to some basic gun control, starting with a reasonable assault weapons ban. But it's not the kind of priority that people try to make it. This is probably the most egregious example right now of the media controlling political priorities and pushing them away from more significant problems.

The reality is that mass murders are still only a small fraction of homicides in the United States. And murders lag comfortably behind auto accidents and suicides among causes of death - to say nothing of heart attack, stroke, and cancer. Similarly, how many people do you think died in school shootings in the past year? I'll give you a hint - you can count them on one hand. How much money has been spent nationally protesting against school violence, defending against it, etc. Close to 3000 school-age and younger children die each year in auto accidents. 350 drown. What do you think is a better allocation of resources - a few million for an informational campaign on the risk of drowning in backyard pools, or billions nationwide to combat school shootings? A 1% drop in drownings would have saved more lives this year than a 75% reduction in school shootings. A 1% drop in drunk driving - about 500 minor fatalities per year IIRC - would blow away stopping all the school shootings.

It's not that it's not a tragedy. I'm not trying to argue that. I am trying to argue that the media presentation of mass murders and school shootings clouds the relative significance of such events as a real threat to the American people. There is much lower-hanging fruit if we want to save some lives.
I completely agree dahs... At the same time, I don't necessarily see a tradeoff between those policies. And Republicans have been blocking other gun reform to stop suicides, such as Red Flag laws.
I'm not trying to make a "Republicans are better" argument. What I am suggesting is that the money and effort being directed towards gun control could probably be better spent. Again, I'd be in favor of an assault weapons ban, but at the same time skeptical of its effectiveness.

I guess tangentially I'm also suggesting that the media are having a distinctly negative social impact here. I know it's slightly off-topic, but closely related, and I'm going to refer back to school shootings here. I haven't seen anybody in the media pointing out that only 4 people died in school shootings during the 2017-18 school year. Not even Fox News. We have kids saying - on TV and in their homes - that they don't feel safe going to school.

In an average year, 450 kids in the United States are murdered by their own parents. About 3000 minor children die in car accidents. Another 8000-10000 die in accidents in the home. Even in the worst school shooting year ever, school is the safest place for our kids to be, statistically-speaking. Much safer than home. Much safer than the commute. Given the importance of school, and of a learning environment that feels safe and comfortable (plenty of research backs this up) I think it's clear that the negative impact of making millions of kids afraid to be at school is the biggest negative impact here. And it's based on an obvious deception generated and perpetuated by the media - that school is a dangerous place to be. It's easy for anybody with an internet connection and 15 minutes to convince themself that school is, in fact, statistically very safe. But not a lot of students and parents are actually fact-checking the media.
I again, agree, although it is still a problem that can and should be solved. People died in Parkland, Sandy Hook, Columbine, etc. Those people should be alive.

Is the US government pending money on gun control? How much? I thought it was activists who were dedicating time to gun control.
The government is not spending money on gun control at the moment. Whether or not that is relevant depends on what perspective you take.

From a political perspective, it does matter whether the government is directly spending taxpayer money on inefficient programs. Gun control presumably wouldn't have to be expensive in any case. One could argue that some politicians have periodically wasted political capital on gun control issues with no success, but this is still only government time, not taxpayer dollars.

On the other hand, from a social perspective, it actually makes very little difference. There is a finite amount of money and time that people are willing to donate to political causes. There may be some flexibility in the amount depending on circumstances, but it's far from unlimited. In an era where our political system is increasingly dominated by wealthy corporate interests, it matters where individual donors put their money and what issues they press. And I'd be willing to bet that by far and away the biggest pool of individual contributions to issues-oriented (as opposed to campaign-oriented) political funds go to one side or the other of the gun debate. If I were ranking the most important political issues in our country today, guns would not be at the top of the list. Or even close to it. Immigration issues, education issues, healthcare, military spending, corporate regulation, environmental issues - what about more political activism in these areas? I'm not saying there's no activism on these issues, but I bet it lags behind guns. Or what if everyone who donated money to pro-gun or pro-gun control organizations, or spent it to travel to or organize a march oriented around gun issues, donated that money instead to research on any of the 15+ varieties of cancer that kill more Americans every year than assault weapons? How many lives might that money then save? I have to believe there are solutions to pancreatic cancer that could improve the 5-year survival from the sub-20% number we've been stuck at forever.
8/9/2019 12:19 AM
You don't get a voice here dummy.
8/9/2019 10:31 AM
Wow, another Liberal loon now redlining simply because they don't like content and/or the poster. That probably means this too will disappear, even though it certainly is 100% relative to the thread's title.

How is it that many of the same people outraged that Trump has done nothing about gun laws 1) said absolutely nothing while Obama did nothing about gun laws and 2) think movies where despicable are hunted down and shot are "funny"?
8/9/2019 10:48 AM
all3, that is the typical Trump supporter response. Whenever anyone says anything negative regarding Trump, it is always "but what about....". I expected better of you. What Obama did or didn't do while he was POTUS doesn't matter anymore. He is not POTUS anymore. Mr Trump is, so he has an opportunity to do something, regardless of whether Obama took advantage of that same opportunity or not. People are dying needlessly and instead of the country uniting to do something about it, I keep seeing Trump supporters asking why Obama didn't do anything. Who the hell cares? Something needs to be done, and Obama is not in a position to do anything. Trump is.
8/9/2019 11:48 AM
All that is true wylie, but why can't you and others simply admit to the hypocrisy of such actions? If it's bad now, it was bad then, and if you want it changed now, you should have wanted it changed then. Altering your level of objection to something simply because of who, or what Party, is in the WH shows nothing but the pettiness, Partisanship, and overall Political game-playing BS that are all slowing dragging this Country down the sheitter.
8/9/2019 11:56 AM
All3 assumes that all of us have no problem with Obama not enacting gun reform as if I have never criticized Obama in my life.

Yes, I wish Obama had enacted gun reform. Yes, I wish Obama wasn't such an immigration hardliner.
8/9/2019 12:07 PM
anyone that says obama did nothing has brain damage...he actually cried tears.....he begged the republican controlled senate to pass laws...they REFUSED.
he begged for assault weapon ban.

you disregard facts and history.
thats dangerous.
8/9/2019 12:08 PM
Says the guy who called me some very unpleasant things for putting gun control into a factual statistical context...
8/9/2019 12:16 PM
he called me a loon about 100 times before i decided to speak to him the same as he speaks to me....this is a nasty playground.
thats just the way it is.
to be honest...i should not have called you names but to me you are like nails on a chalk board.
8/9/2019 12:19 PM
Posted by dino27 on 8/9/2019 12:08:00 PM (view original):
anyone that says obama did nothing has brain damage...he actually cried tears.....he begged the republican controlled senate to pass laws...they REFUSED.
he begged for assault weapon ban.

you disregard facts and history.
thats dangerous.
You use selective bits of your own view of history to support your ideas.

That's dangerous too.

Fact is, it's a failure of the process in BOTH parties that we don't have a ban on assault weapons. We have gun lobbies that control our politicians with money disproportionate to their actual numbers of adherents... because that's ALL THEY CARE ABOUT. We have politicians that put personal power and monetary gain above the collective domestic safety of the citizens. We have hypocritical liberals that try to vilify Trump for not fixing an issue that is decades old...

It's not fixable by a President. If you think it is, you're the one ignoring history.

There have been Democratic presidents... no gun control. There have been Democratic-controlled legislatures... no gun control. There have been Democratic-controlled Supreme Courts... no gun control.
8/9/2019 12:29 PM
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