Follow up to my post yesterday regarding Redline Topic

Good day everyone,

My post yesterday has nothing to do with censorship, it has to do with intended function of the tool and the overall safety of the site and people. The misuse of the Redline/Report function is just as much WIS fault for neglecting the queue and allowing it to be used to permanently delete posts because we didn't attend to a queue that was close to 4 years long (which a couple other people and myself, burned through in about 8 hours yesterday). In addition, it also it just as much the fault of people who continued to post the same stuff over and over to bait the redline as much as the red liner themselves. That is why I wasn't going to punish anyone for what has happened.

This forum is an unique place on the internet where folks can have conversations just about any topic given the climate of the world these places are far and few between and I don't want to discourage that. The same rules apply to the forum and I am not saying don't use the redline function. I will gladly review posts. Really what I don't want is the targeting of specific people not allowing them to post on YOUR thread because you don't like them, additionally if you get redlined, don't just keep posting the same stuff and escalate, we will be checking the queue now. For not seeing people's posts there are plenty of tools to avoid seeing their posts I would much rather you do that instead, (upvoting/down voting/ blocking/ etc).

Additionally, I will gladly review posts where you feel targeted, or if people are trying to deter conversations, not stay on subject, etc .

If you have any questions please reach out to CS or me.


12/20/2020 1:51 PM
Because we tend to act like children as opposed to adults, I am going to address this..... AGAIN. Please re-read the post from Adam above. We again have a queue of hundreds of redlined posts from the last few weeks. 99.9% are examples of what is described above as using "redlining" as a tool to silence people you simply dislike or disagree with. This takes away from its true use, and diminishes the seriousness of true harassment or violation of our terms. I have again needed to divert my attention from further developing our products today, to baby-sit and review redlines, deleting forum posts, and temporarily suspending users....again. Take this as a final warning, if you are any of the individuals involved in this, the next step is permanent removal from forums.

I think these users need to look in the mirror and grow up.

Our staff routinely field harassment complaints, follow with a formal investigation, just to find that the accuser is exhibiting the same behavior of the accused. Again, just like redlining, this takes away from actual development and updates of our games, because we always take the time and due-diligence. The worst part is these time consuming tasks are 0% related to our games and bettering our services.

Please reach out via CS if you have questions or concerns, and of course please continue to sue the redline for its TRUE purpose.

6/24/2021 2:16 PM
Follow up to my post yesterday regarding Redline Topic

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