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I considered it a joke not a lie. Didn't figure there was anyone so daft as to think Biden would actually switch parties.

But, I'll own it. My Bad!!
Once again I under-estimated how dense/clownish right wing doofusses are these days. TOTAL snowflakes!
I blame it on the Blue Glow!
1/17/2023 4:18 PM

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TAX CHEAT? Did Joe Biden Fail to Report the $50,000/Month in Rent Hunter Claimed He Paid?

UPDATE: We’ve learned that it’s possible Joe wasn’t underreporting his rent and that Hunter may have been even more stoned than we thought. Turns out, he may have reported his quarterly office rent as his monthly home rent, and that’s pretty druggy.

ORIGINAL ARTICLE: It looks like somebody might be a tax cheat, and the question is whether it’s Presidentish Joe Biden, his son Hunter Biden — or both.

On the Schedule E portion of his 2017 tax forms, Joe Biden reported $19,800 in “rents received,” and none in 2018, according to information reported on Sunday by Breitbart’s Wendell Husebø.

But when filling out a background check, Hunter Biden claimed to pay a specific $49,910 rent each month to his dad from March 2017 to February 2018. This is the same home where classified documents were recently found stacked in the garage. Biden the Younger spent about a year — during part of his drugged-out times — renting (?) Biden the Elder’s Wilmington, Del., home following his divorce from Kathleen Biden.

Kathleen filed for divorce after learning that (among other women, including an Arkansas stripper who gave birth to Hunter’s unacknowledged daughter in 2018) Hunter was having an affair with his dead brother Beau’s widow, Hallie.

No, this is not an episode of Dynasty. This is the family life of the Most Powerful Man in the World™. The whole clan is so wrapped up in a nasty web of sex, money, and inappropriate showers between Père and his “hyper-sexualized” young daughter that it’s easy to get lost.

We were talking about Joe Biden’s tax problem, weren’t we? Here’s the form Hunter filled out:

You should know that Joe Biden’s Wilmington home “is currently valued at $1,380,800 by real estate website” and has an estimated rental value of about $7,600 per month.

If you’re thinking, “Hunter must have been on drugs to pay six and a half times what that place is worth!” And, of course, Hunter was on drugs.

But at the same time Hunter Biden was self-documenting his antics with various drugs and Russian prostitutes, he was being paid about $50,000 per month by Burisma, the corrupt Ukraine energy giant.

Maybe the board at Burisma mistook Hunter for a productive employee in the same way Hunter once mistook a small piece of parmesan cheese for a crack rock and tried to smoke it. Or, more likely, Hunter Biden was a convenient conduit to Joe Biden.

There’s more than one way to kick back 10% to “the Big Guy,” and making vastly inflated rent payments is certainly one of them.

If a son wants to pay his dad too much rent — for any reason — that’s one thing. But if dad doesn’t report those earnings to the IRS, that’s a very different thing. It’s called “being a tax cheat.”

It’s entirely possible that Hunter lied on the screening form about the rent he paid. Although if ApplyCheck had asked for receipts, that would have brought to a screeching halt whatever Hunter was trying to do with them.

The mainstream media was awfully interested in President Donald Trump’s tax returns, right up until we learned that he paid a lot of taxes when he made a lot of money and didn’t pay much in taxes when he lost money. That’s when the long-simmering story was suddenly neglected like yesterday’s cold oatmeal.

There’s a lot more meat on the bones of the Biden Dynasty Chronicles. Let’s see if the press digs its teeth in or not.

1/19/2023 6:15 PM (edited)
Posted by bruceleefan on 1/17/2023 4:10:00 PM (view original):
Posted by wylie715 on 1/17/2023 3:26:00 PM (view original):
you mean like the over 30,000 Trump told while in office?
Ooooh, burn!
I love the deflection.
Y'all are getting good at that huh?

no I was actually talking about how bob chided doug for posting memes and how he should grow up, yada yada, only to "retort" with a lie and deflection.
Because THAT'S how grown ups do it!!

politicians's part of the job description. Biden lies, Trump lied (although he did take it to extremes), Clinton lied, the Bushes lied, Kennedy lied. Anyone who thinks politicians are honest is an idiot. Like I often say, show me an honest politician, I'll show you a failed politician.

I may be a clown but at least I never voted for the biggest clown of all, Donald trump.
1/17/2023 11:10 PM

1/25/2023 7:01 PM
FEC out, Justice Department in for Santos probe
JAZZ SHAW 8:31 AM on January 28, 2023

It feels like we’ve been saying this from the moment that George Santos’ name popped up in the headlines after winning a seat in Congress, but it definitely seems like the wheels of justice are closing in on the notorious liar. We already knew that the Federal Election Commission was investigating his campaign finance records for potential improprieties, to put it mildly. But yesterday, the Department of Justice stepped in and asked the FEC to hold off on its investigation. They also asked for any of Santos’ campaign finance records to be turned over to them. This is a significant development because it signals a potential shift from allegations of breaking FEC rules to actual violations of the law.

The Department of Justice has told the Federal Election Commission to hold off on any enforcement action against Rep. George Santos (R-N.Y.) in the DOJ’s clearest signal yet that it’s conducting its own criminal investigation into Santos’ campaign finances, The Washington Post reported Friday.

The Justice Department also asked the FEC to provide any relevant documents for an investigation, sources told the Post.

Santos has issued a plethora of lies about his heritage, family, education and work experience. He has ignored calls for his resignation and has claimed he merely “embellished” his résumé.

The development that finally spurred the Justice Department to get involved was probably the fact that Santos’ campaign amended his campaign finance filings earlier this week. The major sticking point in those filings are the two supposedly “personal loans” he gave to his campaign, one for $80,000 and the other for $500,000.

There is a box to be checked on the FEC forms if the money was a “personal loan.” Santos’ forms are now inconsistent, with some forms having the box checked and others where it is left blank. This will need to be cleared up. If that was his own money, he needs to be able to show where he got it. If it came from someone else, the FEC will have to be able to identify the source.

For the record, Santos is insisting that he didn’t amend the forms himself. He claims that he “hired a fiduciary” to take care of them. If that’s the case, he probably didn’t hire a very good one. But with the Justice Department now being involved, it sounds like there may have been one or more violations of the law taking place.

A conviction of any kind resulting from this investigation would be sufficient to have the House remove him from office, triggering a special election in his home district. That would no doubt be a relief for Kevin McCarthy and the new House GOP majority. Santos became an albatross around their necks as soon as he showed up, and Democrats and their legacy media stenographers have been enjoying a field day, pointing to Santos as a symbol of Republican corruption and dishonesty. How Santos has continued to ignore the calls for his voluntary resignation remains a mystery, but the man apparently has no sense of shame.
1/28/2023 9:47 AM
"...the man apparently has no sense of shame."

TY for the news article Doug!
I had to go read it after noticing the line quoted above. I originally thought you were posting about Trump................
But actually, on second thought, the article could have been about (roughly) 2/3 of the Republican members of Congress.
reality and justice come slow for some folks. One cretin at a time is prolly all we can ask for.
Who's Next?? Gym Jordan?
1/28/2023 11:51 AM

Tyre Nichols Did Not Deserve to Die

By Jeff Charles | 12:45 PM on January 28, 2023

Footage showing five law enforcement officers beating Tyre Nichols, a 29-year-old black man, was released on Friday, in what will likely be another high-profile story related to police brutality. The video spread all over social media, with many expressing outrage by the senseless act of violence that took an American citizen’s life.

The incident began when officers pulled Nichols over for allegedly driving recklessly. Bodycam footage shows officers rushing to his car with guns drawn, yelling for him to get out of the car. One of the officers opens the door and drags him out, while Nichols says “I didn’t do anything.”

The officers get Nichols on the ground, while Nichols tries to calm them down. “You guys are doing a lot right now,” he pleaded. “I’m just trying to get home.”

After a struggle, one of the officers tases Nichols, as he runs away.

Later, the officers caught up with Nichols, and another confrontation ensued. Bodycam and nearby security footage show the officers punching and kicking Nichols while he is on the ground. At another point, one of the officers stands him up and holds him from behind, as the other officers take turns punching him in the face. One of the other officers brandishes a baton and hits Nichols with it repeatedly. Nichols had already been placed in handcuffs when the officers assaulted him.

Nichols was originally from Sacramento, California, and was an avid skateboarder who enjoyed photography. He was on his way home from taking pictures of the sunset at a local park, before he was accosted by the officers. He moved to Memphis, Tennessee, just before the pandemic and worked for FedEx. He leaves behind a four-year-old son. He had no criminal record.

Yes, there are plenty of officers who would never mete out this type of treatment on a civilian. I’ve spoken to some who were appalled by what they saw in that video.

The officers who killed Tyre Nichols were arrested swiftly, which is a positive sign. But many more corrupt officials will get away with overstepping their Constitutional boundaries, if there remains a culture lacking accountability. In the end, Nichols lost his life because five corrupt officers felt justified in beating him to death. It is yet another tragedy for the victim and his family, but also the nation.

1/28/2023 1:12 PM
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