Page : Help Manual
Location : Admin Office - Help/FAQ

General Description - From this page, you may view all of the help pages from throughout the game in their entirety. Clicking on the yellow 'Help' icon on any page, will bring up the page specific help in the current window. To view a Help page from the manual, please click on the office on the left in which the page resides. Then, click on the corresponding page on the right. The help file will appear exactly as it does on the page in the box below. However, you cannot view the page from the Manual, nor can you move the Help text to another location on the screen as you usually may. The page does not include links to the Player Stats, Player Ratings and GM Basics glossaries as those can viewed individually by clicking on Glossaries and the specific page name. Clicking 'View All' will return every help page in the game and allow you to print every Help page.

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