Be the GM and Manager of your

own Hardball Dynasty Franchise

Hardball Dynasty (HBD) is an incredibly realistic, multiplayer fantasy baseball simulation game that puts you in charge of a franchise. Since its launch in 2006, HBD has built a very loyal following of passionate owners. Below is a sample of their views on the game.

If you love baseball, you'll really love hardball dynasty. -- mdonegan
As part of owning your own team, you also have the opportunity to join a community and make new friends. you are able to draft players you think will flourish in your system, sign high dollar free agents or drop those under performing high dollar free agent primadonnas. join hbd for a great expierence. -- pville
HBD is the most realistic and thorough simulation of life as an mlb general manager you will find anywhere. thoroughly addicting! -- mrintegrity
I tell all my friends to just try one season and you'll be hooked. And it never fails. -- rdierkers
The depth of the hardball dynasty experience, and the challenge of building a successful organization, simply cannot be matched. i would recommend it to any serious baseball fan. you will enjoy competing against 31 other dedicated owners, and, if you are anything like me, learn a bit more about baseball while you're at it. -- spacecoyote
a very intricate game with all the details needed to make the user feel like a real baseball gm. -- knoxzone
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A great escape for baseball stat geeks. my girlfriend hates it. -- camden68
The absolute best baseball simulation available. it is the closest thing you can get to being a real gm without actually entering a ballpark. -- gman981981
I've played plenty of traditional fantasy sports games over the years but have never found one as addictive and fun as HBD. The more you play, the more enjoyable it is and you really develop a loyalty and connection with your players and other owners in the league. It's a great deal of fun. -- cincybang
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