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Welcome to the Hardball Dynasty World Center
The first decision to make is whether to join an Open world or a Private world. Open worlds use the default game rules. Private worlds require a password to join, may use custom rules and are run by a commissioner.

What's a world, you ask? The HBD universe is comprised of worlds with 32 franchises each. Worlds never collide, meaning each is unique with its own set of players, records, etc. When a season of HBD concludes, the world rolls over to the next season.

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Private Worlds with Openings
World Season Commissioner Blog Openings Action
California Penal League 2 sermonauthor -- 11 Contact
Long Haul R Us 29 raidersfan View 3 Contact
Jose Can U C 27 shepdawg14 -- 3 Contact
Ichiro 34 heinzkill View 1 Contact
Alexander 31 rhyno026 View 5 Contact
Camp 33 e_mandat View 2 Contact
1530 Homer 34 batgecko View 14 Contact
Warning Track 26 tmfran View 16 Contact
Stargell @ Monument Park 23 douglasdao View 4 Contact
Kenny Powers 18 alogman1 View 0
Josh Gibson 17 mjdato View 8 Contact
For Life 13 italianajt View 16 Contact
Please contact the commissioner of the world for details. Note: private worlds may have unique rules.
Private Worlds
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