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Below is a snapshot of what makes HBD the #1 baseball simulation game on any device.
World In Progress
American League
National League
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Bisons purplehaze54 4 313
Cleveland Wahoos seanrm 0 0
T-Rex georgejd 3 55
Thunder njcomet 2 212
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Poison Frogs Rohockey10 1 32
Red Stockings LosGatos 0 11
Straights jonkiley 9 108
Swiss Cheese bmsetterstro 0 72
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Chicks TedsFrozenHe 0 1
Colt 45's tsmith43210 1 55
Killerwhales wrlore 8 194
PowerPlayers Booyah2011 0 0
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Iron Horses aumackenzie 10 121
Javelina cjwolf 0 1
Navigators oakman310 16 210
Screaming Eagles karwai 0 52
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Frozen Tundra ka163508 0 35
Liberty Wing jkenned 10 171
Madness cruzich 0 22
Tom Cody's austincda 2 39
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Avengers gtnotes 3 160
Hillbillies clark9jhu 0 63
Southerns billhowell75 16 690
Surf Riders POKEYSAN 22 424
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Biscuits NotoriousJ 1 95
CHEWS alebear 1 347
Sawgrass amccarron 0 94
Spiders Seventy_77 2 86
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Academy flbarons 0 173
Halos eric1214 1 218
Joe Mauer mcbellows 1 126
West Coast Bombers dreed115 0 62
World Chat
Well, he is a 19 year old rookie, so he will have a lot of seasons to progress towards those projections.
Believe he means the players potential went up by 34 points. How close he will ever get to that potential is always the question though.
Graham Ledee (LF) +??? Sorry frozen, i dont get it
Had two - both went from horrendous to just terrible.. Big improvement. ;)
Only had one, and after DITR he might be AAA quality. That's it.
one that may make AAA and one that could make AA after the diamond treatment...waste of time
I had 3. One a 14th rounder this year +34
Anyone get a shiny diamond?
mcbellows, that is the kiss of karma You have called...a pitcher with a top of 39 is goes to 59... a jump of 20 and still useless lol
Come on simmy! Give me some good DITR's!!

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