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World In Progress
American League
National League
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Bisons purplehaze54 4 267
T-Rex georgejd 3 46
Thunder njcomet 2 192
WANNABEES alebear 1 311
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Poison Frogs Rohockey10 0 19
Red Stockings LosGatos 0 2
Straights jonkiley 9 100
Swiss Cheese bmsetterstro 0 54
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Chihuahuas uncleslam 0 6
Colt 45's tsmith43210 1 44
Killerwhales wrlore 7 179
ROOKIES mrx39 2 151
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Iron Horses aumackenzie 10 95
Navigators oakman310 10 169
Screaming Eagles karwai 0 34
Symphonie des Grauens nosferatu 5 167
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Frozen Tundra ka163508 0 13
Liberty Wing jkenned 10 152
Madness cruzich 0 9
Tom Cody's austincda 2 35
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Hillbillies clark9jhu 0 36
Reds gtnotes 0 134
Southerns billhowell75 15 616
Surf Riders POKEYSAN 20 372
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Crazy Loons rileyf1 1 193
Diablos Gatos zeustis01 10 151
Porkers urbanjman 0 0
Sawgrass amccarron 0 75
Franchise Owner Titles Season
Halos eric1214 1 175
Joe Mauer mcbellows 0 95
LA Dodgers dreed115 0 42
Storm obiewon777 13 221
World Chat
Rick Aubrey (C) still available as a free agent if anyone is interested ( overall rating). time ML All Star at bargain basement price of less than M for yrs.
I’m going to impart on you the title “Minor League Juggernaut”
...and my minor league system thanks you
Why are there so few minor league coaches available?
You know that feeling when you realize you forgot to re-sign your minor league free agents? #ThatHappened
Ok, I finally have this team where I want it. I put some guys on the trading block, looking for relief pitching I return.
Carlos Feliz (P) is on the waiver wire.
Designate him for assignment and put him on the waiver wire that way if someone picks him up they will pay his salary
Carlos Feliz (P) Free to good home. I need to free up salary for next season. Take a look.
Mid rotation starters Albert Astacio (P), Ryne Maxwell (P) and top line closer Nick Swann are available.

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